Check The Perspective: Life Is Hectic (Part Six)

Sunday morning? we’re reflecting, doing the knowledge; now check the perspective. 

“Buking and scorning”?  plenty of that from these earthlings, I jumped to the conclusion / recognized the pattern; life is hectic!

Don’t get me wrong, I respect it! I’m rolling like I’m following CDC guidelines; exercising an abundance of caution!

Like I’m trying to avoid the Omicron Variant, knowing these jokers won’t be fair with it! I know what they’re on!

O-Zone? perceptive, noticed some were out there now they’re gone; they built an elaborate fantasy / they’ll descend into the abyss..

Check the perspective in this zone; due to loss of character and dignity? there’s something amiss.

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Check The Perspective: Life Is Hectic! (Part Three)

Check the perspective, I mentioned peeping game like the James Webb Space Telescope.

Life is hectic, that’s the conclusion I jumped to after recognizing the pattern; it even seems my people have lost hope.

It’s going down from here in Atlanta to Pluto / Mars / Saturn, it’s happening on local / national / international and intergalactic frontiers.

We’re trying to play it like the Commodores, Easy like Sunday morning per are reflecting and pondering plus battling irrational fears.

Check the perspective, life is hectic! O-Zone steers the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor as hatred these earthlings harbor is exposed.

There’s a preponderance of evidence that there’s no benevolence as we exercise an abundance of caution like Covid 19 maneuvers, knowing the devil is opposed!

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The I-20 Chronicles (We Pulled Up On 2022; We’re Here)

We pulled up / We’re here!! still out here on I-20 in Atlanta,  blessed to see this first Sunday morning of 2022! churches will even conduct the  Holy Communion

Some services will be virtual due to the Omicron Variant, reality and it’s chaos agents not playing fair with it but here on earth it’s not something I was expecting!

O-Zone? collecting these scattered thoughts, trying to get my mind right for the New Moon In Capricorn!

In this zone?  naysayers battered  / battled my people during the ongoing spiritual warfare; going through it? they’ll tell you that’s not a storm. 

Tell that to my people up off of I-65 in Bowling Green and on over to Mayfield Kentucky. 

Telling my people we’re transmitting /  broadcasting live from our remote outpost out here off I-20 in Atlanta; that’s what’s up with me!

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On To The Next: But Dealing With The Aftermath (Part Three)

We had the workshop open yesterday, on Christmas Day and now it’s open on this Sunday morning. 

We’re putting work in but at the same time reflecting / contemplating due to dealing with these earthlings still hating / “buking and scorning”. 

Still scoring points though like NBA Christmas games in this last week of the year 2021, Lord willing the momentum will carry over into 2022…

…as we move on to the next, dealing with a lot of residue / aftermath from 2021 but we’ll proceed and continue.

Moving on to the next, dealing with the aftermath! I was told you are not alone, per the Michael Jackson song.

Doubts? I had them after peeping game like the James Webb Space Telescope noticing danger zone business is vigorous, like the Trump administration the crime family was strong!

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The Workshop (Part Five)

 This good word started on a Sunday, this breakbeat scientific business continues on the Sabbath: it never ended.

Lord forgive me for opening the workshop but this work is needed there’s spiritual significance in this operation! I didn’t play the fool the Main Ingredient mentioned, my honor defended.

Gatekeepers block the stairwell, was it on my behalf saying this won’t end well?

Hate won’t keep us, Blessed and Highly Favored per the Clark Sisters, I mentioned it earlier! that special justice won’t fail.

Haters try to creep up on us, stressing us while we’re in the workshop but they’ll have to catch me out on the edge of forever.

Haters sleep on us / they weren’t checking for us but will I face the music, similar to Michael Jackson’s Thriller?

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Answers Were Right In Front Of Me (Part Eight)

Your dude jumped to the conclusion after recognizing the pattern; oh! the answer was right in front of me!

Your dude jumped up, using this good word and the drum beat / pattern as weapons, battering those that tried to front on me…

…and you; this is frontline spiritual warfare business, appropriate for this Sunday morning!

What it do? fronting on mine was the business of the apparatus as they come through “buking and scorning”

This breakbeat scientific business? the inspiration started on a Sunday, but the apparatus was hoping by Monday it’s a wrap.

Answers were right in front of me, overcoming mage mutterings? they’re causing no delay, the devil is mad but now some are happy, they’ll clap!

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Paprika Soul – Sweetback

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus as we serve this Sunday afternoon meal.  

Soul food is served, the byproduct of when we swerved out on I-20 in Atlanta, now we’re in our remote outpost trying to chill. 

Soul food is served like Sunday morning services, we were back under the steeple for the first time since February 2020 when this pandemic was hitting heavy!

Souls swerved to the next level per their assignment while others had to wait on the Lord was the lesson so this dude comes through with this blessing, dropping these mathematics that are heavy…

…like a 60s / 70s /80s model Chevy Impala but check the style bro as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!

We’re coming through listening to this soul jazz / jazz funk from Paprika Soul with their version of Sweetback, written and originally done by Ivan Boogaloo Joe Jones! check out the players and the track, I know you can dig this!

Congas, Producer, Drum Programming – Alan Barnes

Guitar – Malcolm MacFarlane

Keyboards, Drum Programming, Producer – Andy Spiller

Saxophone – Pol Coussee

Songwriter – Ivan ‘Boogaloo’ Joe Jones

Answers Were Right In Front Of Me ( Part Five)

Like the January 6th Select Committee investigating the Trump insurrection we’re looking for answers. 

Society shows no respect, no pity from the street committee, even on this Sunday morning they’re a bunch of devil dancers. 

…Plus Mr. T said he’ll pity the fool, that didn’t follow the rules of the game, soon caught up in it. 

They’re caught up in the system / matrix, or the school of fake it until you make it? they soaked up game, or the lessons “taught up in it”. 

That’s where they got their answers from that aren’t the ones, realizations made when reality puts them to the test.

Reckless abandon shown as they try to advance, something about highly favored / blessed.

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Donald Byrd – Sky High

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus as brunch is served, due to this East Coast time frame.

Timing might be different in the zone you’re living in, it’s all a mind game…

…all that matters is, are you holding it down? are you staying in contact with your mind  “all up in the game” ; that’s word from Yusef Lateef and Art Farmer!

It’s almost like a short sermon provided by those brothers as Sunday morning transitions into Sunday afternoon; we’re clocking the harvest like a farmer!

Coming through on local, national, international and intergalactic fronts trying to ring the alarm for ya! like this track by Donald Byrd we’re flying Sky High!

Check out the players and the track; are they jamming? please! why ask why?

Answers Were Right In Front Of Me (Part Two)

I’m trying to visualize the sequence like scientists sequencing the Covid 19 Omicron variant. 

Looking or even waiting for answers? none provided from these devil dancers, y’all should know they won’t be fair with it!

Reality? some truth or dare it, I prefer to chill out or even dream; but in the so called paradise answers eluded me plus I spotted the arch nemesis on the premises, the hellish face.

Now the dream is a nightmare, it’s hard to advance I can’t keep pace

. ..with those running trying to getaway, check the Earth Wind and Fire reference but the apparatus tried to show me benevolence; the figure said I adore you!

They even tried to lock the door we came through! so what it do? the answer is I have no time / no room for chaos and confusion! I told them and those I would just bore you!

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