At The End Of The Day? We’re Just Trying To Maintain (Part Eight)

Check us out as we drop this good word / insight on this Sunday morning; per the O-Dog track at the podcast? at the end of the day it’s got to be good!

We’re also taking our own medicine, at the end of the day? we’re just trying to maintain, out here trying to do some good!

We’re trying to walk it like we talk it, vibing with this Libra New Moon! just thinking about everything we are yet to be!

We’re not trying to balk on the pitchers mound at the end of the day we’re trying to put it down / do what we do / trying to maximize our unique personality.

But at the end of the day we’re also trying to maintain, that mind can start playing tricks on you like the Geto Boys! bitter memories can decrease confidence.

But I had to remind myself per Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday reflections; look where we are now, do you remember the worse circumstances?

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🍂 Chillhop Essentials · Fall 2022 [chill lofi hiphop / cozy beats]

Sunday Jazz Continues; we’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!!

  We’re chilling out, I told y’all earlier life is hectic!! per Sunday morning vibes earlier? I’m in the amen corner when the BeeGees were  talking about Staying Alive! staying alive is one of my missions; that’ll frighten an under achiever, somebody will understand a brotha!!

High voltage sounds? we’ll come with these but at the moment we’re chilling out!!  please believe me it’s no jive!! it’s going down like this!!

Chilled out / soulful sounds on a Sunday afternoon so we won’t spaz / swoon /   so we can get our minds right? it’s going down like this!!

We’re putting it down like this, coming through listening to Chillhop Essentials · Fall 2022 [chill lofi hiphop / cozy beats] courtesy of Chillhop Music!! 

It’s right on time as seasons change per the upcoming Fall Equinox!! check out the playlist and the mix!! we won’t quit / we won’t stop when we’re out in these streets!

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You Don’t Quit / You Don’t Stop!! (Part Ten)

On this Sunday morning? reflecting reveals just how far we’ve come even though we’ve got a long way to go! 

That “you don’t quit / you don’t stop” philosophy was followed! even though it got lonely out there we kept on running! veterans in the game “know how it go”. 

A “been there done that” attitude is exhibited, nothing was new under the Sun! winds of change blowing here in September? they led to the falling leaves.

Seasons / reasons change, per Trump insurrectionists? treason from those acting strange! from stolen secret documents to wannabe revolutionists it’ll test one who believes.

Seasons / reasons charge! the Fall Equinox will soon be here, while here in Atlanta it’s starting out as an overcast day; clouds drape the sky, it represents the vibe?

But with hope? we’re reunited, we didn’t quit / didn’t stop! now we’re out here uplifting the tribe.

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The Holding Pattern (Part Seven)

I mentioned earlier about being in a holding pattern, but on this Sunday morning I was  reminded of a positive aspect of that concept!

I’m reminded that per Isaiah 40:11  God is holding and keeping us, as the devil and his advocates are creeping up on us! we know what’s up with it!

While others are sleeping on us  / not checking for us the Lord said you are my joy, it’s easy for me to comfort your heart.

But He said we should be trying to show Him and our fellow earthlings some love / some kind of intimacy.

But as its always in life? us earthlings are out here trying to do our own things! they’re in their own kind of holding pattern! doubt will play its part.

Soon there’s no compromise!! from Trump Insurrectionists to the Russia vs Ukraine situation check out the wars and rumors of wars! O-Zone is not surprised by the inequity. 

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You Don’t Quit / You Don’t Stop!! (Part Three)

Doing the knowledge on this Sunday morning, the minister mentioned per the Book of Corinthians that we need to have faith in matters seen and unseen  

The Brotha O-Zone? mentioned this to the Brother Dre over in East Atlanta plus others will understand a brotha! the knowledge dropped on this zone mentioned you don’t quit and you don’t stop while that Brotha O-Dizzle his alter ego will drop this Sunday Jazz on the scene!

These brothas are seen and unseen on local / national / international and intergalactic fronts; our starship? spotted by the James Webb Space Telescope out by a black hole below the stellar void.

Earthlings? per observing the scene they’re seen geeked up / smoked out or drunk, under the influence to help fill the void!

How did they work things? they didn’t quit / stop so soon they’re out of it, after the incoherent utterances.

Meanwhile we’re out there sailing through the galaxy taking mystic voyages! might even stop my the moon like Artemis 1, once again it;s on!! oh yeah going on with this!

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Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers – Anthenagin

 Sunday Jazz Continues as we broadcast live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta on an overcast Sunday evening!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; based on Sunday morning type of knowledge dropped I keep it moving; “I don’t believe he brought me this far to leave me” per James Cleveland! I keep believing and achieving!

Check these menus for the meals prepared, we were in a mood for some of that good old classic jazz!

Earlier? we were O-Dog Day Partying based on some jazz funk / jazzdance, our mindset we try to advance so we won’t spaz!

We kept it moving, as we advance to the next level per some of this Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers with a track called Anthenagin from his album of the same name!!

Check out the players and the track as we drop this message in the music!! we’re trying to stay ahead in the game!!

Bass – Mickey Bass

Congas – Tony Waters

Drums – Art Blakey

Electric Piano, Piano – Cedar Walton

Tenor Saxophone – Carter Jefferson

Trumpet – Woody Shaw

It Just Got Real (Part Seven)

Started writing this on a Saturday evening then  Sunday morning, it just got real! now I’m out there writing this like HP Lovecraft 2.0.

Ritualistic, but due to the Earth Wind and Fire ways of the world out here going ballistic? doing the math like it’s Lovecraft Country, down that path we’ll go!

Realistic byproduct!! dark symphonic thirsts satisfied with the City Country City track by War, the rhythm and melody?

O-Zone, a conductor that’ll corrupt you? I’m just following directions doing what the spirit of the night tells me. 

So what’s up with ya? I see things just got real for you too! bearing witness to when I told y’all it’s rough out here! 

Some of your constituents are out there with you in the smoke and mirrors; waiting on the smoke to clear?

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Exercising Power (Part Six)

It’s like we’re working out at your favorite gym, you can catch us exercising power that the Lord blessed us with!

We’re working it all out on this Sunday morning, exercising power rebuking the devil and his advocates / agents  and the agenda they stressed us with! 

They’re way way out here with us, they’re straight from the land of midnight dreamers.

They were making unreasonable demands, damn! even virgins request the definition of ecstasy!

Innocent, but the land lacked benevolence! like Trump insurrectionists it was full of plotters / schemers.

Overt and covert! the arch nemesis was on the premises! now some are left inebriated, mentally / physically / sensually!

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Part Of A Bigger Plan: The Concept Is Revisited (Part Five)

On this Sunday morning or actually any time you can catch us putting work in. 

This is all part of a bigger plan, that Brotha O-Zone? somebody will understand this breakbeat scientific work we’re putting in!

Diligence exhibited in this ongoing spiritual warfare, breakbeat scientific methods utilized when we jettison the wicked!

Efficacious with blazing glory! dropping the beat plus using this good word to tell the story when we kick it..

..or when we kick them and those to the curb; interlopers? they came in when the tide is high.

Stopped at the entrance, refusing to let the arch nemesis on the premises! I asked them, but, but why?

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Trying To Stay Ahead In The Game (Part Ten)

 Sunday is considered a day of rest but my mind was playing tricks on me like the Geto Boys track.

How will I play this? continue to put work in, your dude kicks this breakbeat science! check out how he’ll holla back!

Trying to stay ahead in the game, I did the math / did the knowledge; like crime scene tape and white chalk I traced the rough edges; it’s the sketch / preview..

The preview to what? the arch nemesis is on the premises! it’s the preview to drawing the whole picture of the suspect..

..some are gasping when they heard the noise from dude with the rasping voice that’ll continue to shift / sift through.. the wrong side of night; or even interrupting the flow of the daylight, like Trump with his Insurrection disturbing the ambiance? oh yeah, he’ll disrespect.

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