Going In; But It’s Out Of Control ( Part Nine)

 Trying to be easy on this Sunday morning like the Commodores but haters will supposedly try to settle scores, so catch us in defense modes/ going in!

The devil and his advocates are back at it check the provocative behavior like China buzzing a US warship or vice versa the situation is out of control like attack zones in Ukraine hit up by Iranian drones so what’s going on? whats happening?

Is it a lot of shady dealing or just chilling hallucinations under the Full Moon in Sagittarius?

Going in but soon its out of control, I even felt the pressure! a sharp recrimination for prior actions playing out in front of me?

The apparatus will try to front on me and you! damn! they claim they found footage that caught me out there acting nefarious.

I had to admit like the train wreck in India my train of thought derailed but I prevailed! awakened! wise to the whole set up! no weapons formed by those schemers or scammers will work! their visions go from crowded to empty!

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Crisis Management (Part Eight)

On this Sunday morning we’re trying to move forward but you know how the devil and his advocates are, if you’re trying to move to the next level? if you do or don’t somebody will damn it!

Soon it’s like damn here we go again with the next level dramatics! catch us exercising crisis management!

Saturday night? like Newcleus we tried to Jam On It! back in the day old dude at the Checker Cab stand up in Louisville told us you need to find that party in your city!

He said don’t act brand new with us! per the DeBarge Rhythm Of The Night? you need to get caught up in the rhythm and flow!

You need to get caught up in the thrill of it! if not? issues will get the best of you can you deal with it? damn! it’s a pity!

The epitome of crisis management? advised to just release yourself and go for what you know!

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Crisis Management (Part Six)

Started writing this on a Sunday morning trying to be easy like the Commodores!

Soon? another crisis, ain’t nothing nice about this! the arch nemesis on the premises coming through these doors?

O-Dog mentioned entering attack zones like Russia in Ukraine trying to disable American supplied equipment!

O-Dog paid attention even though funds are low intelligence more than artificial equipped for this crisis management!

Rebuking a Fela Kuti Army Arrangement? out here trying to avoid a Trump style arraignment, out here doing the math after hearing a cynical laugh.

Independent, good word dropped and beats bumped check the style but the vibe is foul check the ongoing crisis; soon under the authority of an evil staff?

Dealing with it, jokers out here rolling like Tommy Tuberville but we know the deal from the dark toll of the bridge troll.

Told I need to pay to play by these gamblers out for a fast buck but am I stuck? Brotha O refused to relinquish control!

Cold world dynamics even though the temperature is rising! trying to keep a low profile as we drop this sound per Sunday jazz and write poetry where words whisper.

No slender volume? thought and fashion are loud though! some chalk this Brotha O poetry wayward.

These words? loud ones, part of this crisis management by bring positive, exuberant when we visit you?

The style crowded some during the ongoing crisis now some pay high prices! they can’t deal with the heft and weight of this!

Incognito– Black Rain (Instrumental Version)

Sunday Jazz Continues check out these menus!  of course that’s the type of business conducted..

Don’t get me wrong, we’re still out here getting breakbeat scientific!  next level business is conducted…

Don’t get me wrong; still peeping game, the next devil will corrupt it! back in the day? while up in Louisville / Newburg cats discussed it!! even Mr. Cole mentioned it’s a rat race / dog eat dog world!! others mentioned that the whole game is shady!!

Don’t get me wrong!!  not sleeping in the game!! ready to spaz, disgusted by what erupted based on my hood / ghetto / country / alley Louisville / Newburg default settings; it’s hard to get somebody to work with me!! 

How will the work be? there’s no telling!! listening to jazz / funk  / rock music / house music; went to Sunday morning earlier, I even held Wednesday Night Service  with the Gospel House Mix..

Who’ll work with me on this Sunday Jazz?  I’m back on the block again like Quincy Jones! all up in the mix!!

Who’ll work with me as I get  retro-futuristic with it? oh yes!! that style is O-Zone’s!! 

Who’ll work with me as I drop this Incognito track called  Black Rain (Instrumental Version)? excuse me, but I’m just doing my due diligence /  getting breakbeat scientific out here on I-20 in Atlanta swerving!  once again it’s on!!

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HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | April 30, 23

 Sunday Jazz Continues as a wet Sunday morning shifts into a sunny afternoon, we’re doing our due diligence!

The saga  / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on as we drop these weaponized beats and quotes fighting back like we were in Sudan so what’s up man?  my constituents know what the deal is!

Exercising diplomatic immunity from community notes administered by wannabe thought and fashion police while trudging through this valley that’s skin deep in death.

Quickening my pace through that community where jokers are shady “sideways judging” like a John Roberts, Clarence Thomas Supreme Court! my mission? I didn’t abort I’m dipping fast almost out of breath!

Dealing with jokers acting brand new with me, just lost souls of the damned who tried to connect.

Please! ignored those brokers with no customer service skills! I’ll be damned if I let that happen, I’m not next!

I’m just coming with the next, checking out this house music with jazz and soul music elements per these HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | April 30, 23 courtesy of beyond72!

Check us out! Sunday Jazzing and O-Dog Day Partying simultaneously, check out the playlist and the mix to see what the deal will be / what it do!!

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The Train Of Thought Derailed But We Prevailed (Part Four)

We went about the business of collecting scattered thoughts so we could get our minds right!

Soon the train of thought was rolling but life comes at you fast! it derailed like Norfolk Southern trains up in East Palestine Ohio, where they cry saying “yo that ain’t right”.

Check this insight; altered / cropped pictures? naw, that’s not what it do! I’m writing these cropped words. 

This good word a hot mess / hot scripture painting a picture? oh yes, that train of thought is rolling! once again it’s on per this Sunday morning shifting into the afternoon! we’re  live and direct from the rabbit hole…

…aka our remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta, somebody will understand a brotha!! Let’s Get It! Let’s Go! they had me geeked up / encouraged!

Accused of being a shadetree mechanic out here acting frantic, a bootleg mentalist? they laugh, said this train of thought will derail,  its how I roll.

Others say it’s all love, the synchronicity of us? as this Sunday Jazz Continues  it’s reflected in the day or even night rhythm.

Brotha O is deep into the sound that’s where the train of thought rolled but some wonder was I caught out there in the sea of love? a drowning man? 

Brotha O felt the pressure / the pain when the sonic assault was repelled and the train of thought derailed!! I left for awhile but I felt the music within. 

But now I’m back, your dude prevailed, a weakness detected?  naw, I had to utilize supreme courage and maximum strength!! I guess it’s part of the plan!

Oh yes, it’s part of a bigger plan!! that train of thought derailed but your dude prevailed!!

The mothership gets good mileage, so check us out!!  on through the universe it sailed!!

Still Collecting Scattered Thoughts (Part Eight)

Another Saturday Night Fever rolled up, so what’s up? y’all know how we do!! digital crate digging continues!!

A brotha’s motto? let the music play, so what’s up? soon Saturday Night rolled up on Sunday Morning, now we’re collecting scattered thoughts! it’s Easter Sunday a different venue!!

A brotha’s motto? the saga / struggle continues!! this good word and the music, especially the Sunday Jazz due to the time frame will be the fuel to keep the vehicle moving!!! 

Hitting the lotto in a spiritual nature? we’re not playing with ya, along with collecting these scattered thoughts we’re trying to keep you grooving!!

We kept it moving,  Sunday Jazzing later might even get into some Aqua Boogie like Parliament amphibious as I weave words between waves. 

Ambitious, instead of spazzing we’re getting into it / getting involved!! good trouble per John Lewis or even the Tennessee Three?  deep as I prowl with this poetry. 

Rambunctious like Trump Insurrectionists now taking over state legislatures hating on these players just naysayers say these are  restless melodies from one who misbehaves. 

 Underwater boogie, beats bump but some said were deep inside deep waters stumbling on our reflections while collecting these scattered thoughts; they must know me!! 

Act like you knew me, showing positivity as radiance abounds! thought and fashion police ask us are we under the influence?

Still collecting scattered thoughts but the arch nemesis was on the premises as bad memories drift in the currents, the conduits. 

Still collecting scattered thoughts but soon I heard echoes in the mirrored waters! damn!!  some  were brazen with their taunts!! 

 Soon the smoke cleared but haters were wet and dry snitching!! unsaturated shadows meddle, laughing at my stunts!!

I Guess It’s The Times We’re Living In (Part Six)

Check us out as we proceed and continue on this Sunday morning; it’s rough out here, I guess it’s the times we’re living in!

We’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta not having rallies like Trump out in Waco Texas at Branch Davidian memorials, that’s not how we’re living!

Out there! endorsements I’m receiving like Nijel Pack and the Miami Hurricanes! some say I was anointed by Sandman Lords Of Dreams! 

 Out there? oh yeah, the mothership still gets good mileage catch me taking mysttic voyages floating through waves of azure. 

 Out there! but damn! like the Chambers Brothers Time Has Come Today so how will I play?  I’m caught up in time’s cosmic sweep.

 It’s rough sliding through these portals / chambers but I refused to turn to the wild, like Ashford  and Simpson I found a cure

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HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | Feb 12, 23

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus as we come through with this soul food per this Sunday afternoon meal!

Usually served after the Sunday Morning service, check out how we swerve with this, this is what’s up / this is the real deal!

Oh yes, my people know the real deal per going through it / out here feeling some kind of way!! lights blink on the dashboard / instrument panel, I can understand another! in previous episodes while taking intergalactic journeys I was unable to control the mothership! 

Oh yes!! even scientists studied solar / soulful storms on the sun, check the timing,  unburnt eclipses? 

Lab techniques are utilized, are Scorpio moon-drawn wishes fulfilled? shady cards are dealt by gamblers out for a fast buck so access is denied! 

I’m not surprised, knowing the sport will go sideways as the apparatus updates it’s status my constituents cried. 

Check us out, as so called authority is defied even though we’re subject to it!! we’re back with this soul, house music with jazz elements per this  HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | Feb 12, 23 courtesy of beyond72!!

 Check out the playlist and the mix, you’ll be able to relax and O-Dog Day Party to this celebrating life!! this is what’s up / what it do!!

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Miles Davis Quintet – S’Posin’

Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out as we do our due diligence as a Sunday morning shifts into a Sunday afternoon!

The saga / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on, but success is attained real soon!

The saga / struggle continues as we do our due diligence from a breakbeat scientific perspective, we’re checking out this classic material cousin!!

Check out these menus as we come through listening to The Miles Davis Quintet with the classic cut  S’Posin’  

..This was supposedly the first quintet put together by Miles…these cats are working it out!! 

Check out the all star / hall of fame players and the swinging track as they go all out!


Miles Davis (Trumpet)  

John Coltrane (Tenor Saxophone) 

Paul Chambers (Bass)

Red Garland (Piano)

Philly Joe Jones (Drums)