Return On Our Investment (Part Seven)

We’re trying to play this like shady corporations, we’re looking for a ROI aka a return on our investment!

But we’re all about the truth, nothing shady! abort those operations we’re telling shade tree and bootleg mechanics with their shoddy workmanship that’ll try to stress it!

Check out what we’re working with; in the sport with this good word and the sound on this Fabulous Friday!

We’re also handling Flashback Friday business, looking for a return on our investment, retro futuristic is how we’ll play!

We’ll pray as we proceed and continue into the fray, per Flashback Friday there’s even a ceasefire with yesterday’s ghost!

As we proceed and continue with this we’re seeking serenity, previously? out in the darkness we were all lost!

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Chateau Flight / Auto-Power (4Hero Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues on a pleasant Sunday evening in Atlanta, you’ve caught a dude chilling out in this remote outpost!

Dropped the musings earlier, now we’ve got other work to do using the sound! we’re getting breakbeat scientific to the upmost!

Dropping this from coast to coast, from  Atlanta to Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg from Pluto to Mars!

Mentioned previously this is local / national / international / intergalactic recognizing no borders  / boundaries / bars!

Dropping this sound like we’re lounging, chilling in bars, listening to France’s Chateau Flight!

Their dropping this track called Auto- Power, remixed by 4 Hero! Alright?

Check this out at Chateau Flight / Auto-Power (4Hero Mix)

How Did We Move? (Part Nine)

As we proceed and continue on this Sunday morning the question is asked by inquiring minds; how did we move?

Breakbeat scientific is how the work will be, check us out as we broadcast live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta as we show and prove!

Life’s elevator? we’re trying to move up to the next level / trying to move forward now what’s next? per Betty Wright no pain no gain was the catch phrase, there’s no toil without tears!

How did we move? like the GOP voter suppression the next devil contributing to the toil and strife? check the history of tear stained pillows throughout the years!

How did we move? check it out, per the anniversary of the MLK I Have A Dream speech recognized by a March on Washington concerning voting rights no rest for the weary was the catch phrase!

No rest! O-Dizzle mentioned it got lonely out there but we kept running like a forest escape through the ongoing escapades!

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Vince Watson – Progress (Joe Claussell Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon, as we stand at the crossroads / intersection. 

Afternoon Jazzing or O-Dog Day Partying? might even do both, rocking your section!

It’s going down from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg to Pluto to Mars, the fronts can be local / national / international or intergalactic!

Your dude is representing Charlotte / Mecklenburg rocking a Charlotte Hornets shirt but broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta dropping these mathematics!

We’re back with this breakbeat science, moving forward now what’s next? like this track from Vince Watson it’s all about Progress!

Coming through with the Joe Claussell remix as we get our Afternoon Jazz and O-Dog Day Party fix with this jazzdance / house music as we make progress!

Check this out at Vince Watson – Progress (Joe Claussell Remix)

Juicy Tunes Mix Aug 2021

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we put it down on this Fabulous Friday!

Flashback Friday business is also handled, with fate some gambled but we’re still here, it’s a blessing! check us out as we broadcast live from a remote outpost out off of I-20..

…in Atlanta, hopefully somebody will understand the Brotha O-Zone as breakbeat science is dropped in this zone!

It consists of the good word while DJ O-Dizzle will adjust the bass treble and tone..

Once again it’s on as we come through listening to Juicy Tunes Mix Aug 2021.

It’s courtesy of DJ Steve Adams, check out the playlist and the mix this cat is jamming, we’re still O-Dog Day Partying; once again it’s on!

Check this out at Juicy Tunes Mix Aug 2021

Doug Willis – Spread Love (Joey Negro Club Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we put it down per this HumpDay Extravaganza!

The saga / struggle continues, check us out as we broadcast live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Check these menus as we provide this breakbeat scientific nutrition rebuking the ongoing attrition that’s trying to take our people out!

Twin pandemics are still going ballistic but in the mix DJ O- Dizzle will fix it trying to get my people’s minds right!

Check the sound and the insight, Doug Willis aka Dave Lee aka Joey Negro mentioned Spread Love. 

This is the Joey Negro Club Mix, appropriate for this O-Dog Day Party as we spread love!

Check this out at Doug Willis – Spread Love (Joey Negro Club Mix)

How Did We Move? (Part Seven)

Another Monday morning has pulled up on us but this science dropped is appropriate for any time frame!

How did we move? Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Music Monday check these menus as we provide the soundtrack for playing the game!

How did we move? poetic justice is served, out here on I-20 in Atlanta is where we swerved but fronts are local / national / international and intergalactic!

Showed / proved previously, injustices confronted as the apparatus deceived you and me per the policies of a fanatic. 

How did they move? acting erratic! some say blame it on that Full Moon that was in Aquarius!

Plus we’re now in Virgo Season, we’ve got work to do to combat the treason as some act nefarious!

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Still Carrying The Sword Of Truth (Part Five)

It’s going down on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; just being realistic, things can go either way!

We’re putting the work in to manifest a terrific outcome, in fact we’re pulling out the drum to let the music play!

Part of life’s celebration, it’s a blessing to be here but not blind to the facts, or truths in this world!

Still carrying the sword of truth, battling those providing misinformation they’re uncouth contributing to the confusion in this world!

The drama unfurled from here in America to the response to Covid 19 in places like Florida and Texas and to the confusion in Afghanistan!

High winds swirled here in Atlanta due to Tropical Storm Fred, winds of change blow some will be misled but your dude stayed the course, this breakbeat science is part of a bigger plan!

Check this out at Still Carrying The Sword Of Truth (Part Five)

How Did We Move? (Part Four)

The shape was an illusion, spotted while visualizing the sequence? was it an invisible shadow?

Peculiar, causing confusion! how were some moving? while we’re moving / showing / proving on to the next we spotted guilty smiles from a radical..

..agent acting flagrant; rolling with the devil and his advocates back at this! at our service? not!

Premises now vacant, even the arch nemesis moved on! the structure supposedly haunted due to the scheme / plot!

Mailbox sentiments even exhibited Infrastructure Bill issues per letters delivered!

Days at the lake at Chickasaw Park or along the Ohio River up in Cox Park in Louisville helped me get my mind right / eased the corruption back in the day, seeking the summer wind was mentioned..

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José James – Code (The Brooklyn Sessions) (Official Audio)

Sunday Jazz Continues check us out as we broadcast live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Sunday morning transitions into Sunday afternoon, we’re chilling out dropping this good word and a tune or two, check the vibe! somebody will understand a Brotha! 

Just trying to get our minds right check the insights plus the vibe we’re doing this for the tribe! just trying to boost the morale check the style as we try to provide inspiration!

Just trying to loose the chains of the foul as they try to amp up their instigation!

Rocking this nation, actually the universe as we reverse the curse coming through like Jose James with the Code!!

This is considered the Brooklyn Sessions, from Rainbow Blonde Records proudly presenting the 10th anniversary edition of José James’ seminal “Blackmagic.” project; please believe me it’s on code!!