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Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out Future Jazz, Downtempo, World Music, African Jazz from Abdullah Ibrahim -Did You Hear That Sound (Toshio Matsuura Remix).

Assistance for the remix was provided by the following;  piano – Mikio Endo  /  Programmed By, Mixed By – Pentagon     /   Trumpet – Shuichiro Sakaguchi

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out some jazz / house music courtesy of this Underground Resistance Presents Timeline | Boiler Room & Ballantine’s Stay True Scotland Live Set.

Timeline is the  live band of the Underground Resistance, led by co-founder Mike Banks on keys and  backed up by Jon Dixon, De’Shawn Jones and Mark Flash. No playlist, just these cats going in / getting it in. Check it out!! Let’s Go!!

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we’re checking out this smooth track from Michael Franks – called Summer in New York (Re-groove). This is the Blazing Encore El Barrio Re-Groove. Just in time for this Summer Sunday evening in NYC, Or whenever and wherever. Let’s Get It Y’all !!!

I was out there like the New Horizons just passing Pluto, the old school Baptist preacher told me; *you have to go for what you know* recognize the pattern..

So O-Zone is *Taking Care Of Business*  oh it’s surprising some!! we’re local, national, international and intergalactic!! Plutonian Martian Chronicles break it down!! we were all out there by Saturn!!

What’s really going on? we update this Captain’s Log to let you know what’s up!! we’ll put it down until it’s over / Handling Things…

Ecological Ignorance Will Not Alter The Fate!!!  we’re not like Antoine Walker out in  Vegas;  not *Gambling With Things*

Donald Trump type belligerence when rambling about things per these Random Thoughts /  The Sonic Assault?  this Captain’s Log is based on thoughts collected that were scattering….

Trying to make a difference but facing opposition!!!   damn!! the situation is out of control!!  gunshots were ear shattering…

Reckless abandon was used by these Dylann Roof and John Houser types, those jokers believed hypes instead of looking at the big picture…

Meanwhile we’re not playing the truth game with these jokers,  we’re focused on this scripture and mixture..

Per this Captain’s Log we’re providing proof in the game, but some won’t catch what they can’t understand!!

Through the smoke / fog  we were moving at a High Velocity!! technical difficulties occured, so on earth the mothership will land…

Updating this Captain’s Log, sometimes blues like Bobby Blue Bland, then sometimes I’m on top of the world…

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors led to horrors and terrors per Sandra Bland after the drama unfurled..

Sunday Jazz Continues; per Lou Donaldson Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky (From Now On). So Let’s Go!! Check out the players and the track..

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon. We’re all up in the house listening to this house music from Detroit Swindle – with a track called The Wrap Around. Let’s Go!!!

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out some house music / future jazz from Abdullah Ibrahim – with a track called Ishmaël (Stefan Rogall Remix). This is from  Re:Brahim (Abdullah Ibrahim Remixed). Check it out y’all!!

Afternoon Jazz in Conjunction with Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out this jazz / world music / afrobeat from Femi Kuti – with a track called Victim Of Life (AVDC Remix). Let’s Go!!

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some electro / house music from Hellberg and Deutgen vs Splitbreed -with a track called Collide. Some of y’all *already know* , if not get into and get involved!! Let’Go!!

Sunday Jazz, oh!! I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues; I was out of town per I-85 Chronicles / Carolina Cruising, so no jazz was dropped this past Sunday.

We’re checking out this Smooth Jazz Chill Session Mix 60 per Smooth Jazz Nation Power. Check out the playlist and the mix.

Track List:
1. Thumper – My My My
2.Gary Taylor – As If
3.Down To The Bone – Urban Jazz
4.Threestyle feat. Magdalena Chovancova – Just For Fun
5.Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness
6.Bernd Filz – Cooling Break
7.Analog Jazz Project – Light Show
8.Norman Brown – A Quite Place
9.Paul Brown & Boney James – As Clear As Day
10.Kid Coconutz – There’s No Jazzy Limit
11.Stanley Clarke & George Duke – Sweet Baby
12.The Rippingtons – Provence


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