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Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out this Chilled Hip Hop and Neo Soul Mix #8 courtesy of DJ Raphael. Nice and smooth for a Saturday Night or whenever!! Check out the playlist and the mix.
1. 00:00 / Ah Yeah (feat. Musiq Soulchild & Chrisette Michele) – Robert Glasper
2. 04:05 / Endlessly (Freddie Joachim Remix) – Clara Hill
3. 06:40 / Orange Moon (Collette Remix) – Collette
4. 10:25 / Cool Conversation – Dminor
5. 14:25 / Ladder of Success (feat. Phonte, Wordsworth, Masta Ace & K-Hill) – Beat Society & DJ K.O
6. 18:30 / Track 3 – MellaMayne
7. 20:25 / Candlelight – Freddie Joachim
8. 23:25 / Wake Up Now [feat. Rita J] – Tall Black Guy
9. 26:02 / Reminisce – MellaMayne
10. 27:58 / Against the World – A Tribe Called Quest
11. 31:05 / Potential (feat. Eric Roberson) – JSOUL
12. 35:30 / Sauced – Freddie Joachim
13. 37:15 / It Gets Good (feat. Frank Nitt, Moka Only & Claire Mortifee) – Potatohead People
14. 39:33 / Gonna Be Alright (F.T.B.) [feat. Ledisi] – Robert Glasper
15. 43:45 / Somebody Else (feat. Slakah the Beatchild) – Promise
16. 46:27 / Drawing Board – Terri Walker
17. 50:36 / Outro (Supreme) – Eric Lau
18. 51:28 / Heaven – Evil Needle
19. 54:16 / Be Cavalier Interlude – Freddie Joachim
20. 55:26 / 1nce Again (Nick Wisdom Remix) – A Tribe Called Quest

Once Again It’s On!! Damn!!  check out these Satellite Sation Transmissions!! this is part of  The Sonic Assault; check out the ongoing  *Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position*  When We Kick This!!

What were some on?   I’m out here in the Atlanta suburbs where neighbors put up white picket fences!!

Out In The Mainstream Of Mathematics AKA Reality?  check out the business from this conglomerate as we ignore busters and herbs when we remix this;  coming up with new equations…

Fanatics get dealt with per these Satellite Station Transmissions!! we’re scientific when we kick it!!  but the Process Is Natural unlike others going through transition like Bruce Jenner;  this is the real deal like Holyfield or  like the Deele; Babyface and them; it’s all love; “on more than two occasions”

Day and Night; as we *holla atcha*  we see some are caught up in unpleasant situations; what it do? here in Atlanta? we  see more people lose their homes to foreclosure..

They *aint right* who? so called powers that be as they increase the amount of casualties in spiritual warfare; devils advocates? as we come back with this we see  some are looking for closure….

They  *ain’t right* is heard as I abuse this English language;  some will say *he needs to pick up a book*

O-Zone?  a Veteran In The Game;  I was schooled during *The Taxi Cab Chronicles*  rolling in old school big bodied Checker Cabs; it wasn’t nothing to pick up a crook..

It was real in the Ville aka Louisville but now I’m in the ATL on some I-20 Chronicles type of business!!  plus I ran into shook ones like Mobb Deep talked about..

Beared witness to the realness; up in the Ville?  Sheppard Square and Park Hill Projects; plus Village West aka City View Apartments!! spotted fast ones getting crime scene taped and white chalked out..

Down I-65 In Cashville aka Nashville for a minute as  Country Music stars balled out of control!! player of the year  awards won by Brad Paisley and Kenny Chesney?

Some are high like the Catskills;  claiming they had skills, they’re trying to blow up like  Chile‘s Calbuco volcano!! rolling listening to Prince’s Purple Rain and Paisley Park; but I wasn’t waiting in the dark, I know the system is just trying to play me!!

Digital Crate Digging Continues during Jazz Appreciation Month!! we’re checking out some classic jazz funk / disco jazz from bassist Ron Carter – with a track called Big Fro. Check out the players and the track!!



Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Friday Night in the Big City!! We’re setting it off with this Deep House: Deep Club Mix by Pulsewidth. Check out the playlist and the mix.
0:00:00 Dirtytwo – Talkin 2 U | Local Talk, 2013
0:05:43 Leftwing & Kody – Deep In | Anjunadeep, 2013
0:10:23 Meramek – Maybe | Anjunadeep, 2013
0:14:32 Detroit Swindle – Under The Spell | Freerange Records, 2013
0:18:41 Softwar – One Day (Detroit Swindle Remix) | Club Mod, 2013
0:22:49 Cherie Lee – Love Me Or Leave Me (Oliver $ Remix) | Danse Club Records, 2012
0:26:11 Simon Doty – Flip That | Toolroom Records, 2013
0:31:53 Jay Lumen – Nobody | Off Recordings, 2013
0:37:04 Dave Mayer feat. Louis Hale – Sub Spectrum | Seamless, 2012
0:39:25 Stuffa feat. David A Tobin – Proof (FCL Remix) | Defected, 2011
0:45:18 Karol XVII & MB Valence – Jazzified | Loco Records, 2008
0:51:04 Johann Mentz – Make It Mine | Sesque Music, 2013
0:55:52 A1 Bassline – Jaguar Shark | Gruuv, 2013
1:01:34 Solution – Feels So Right (Lars Vegas Remix) | Toolroom Records, 2013
1:06:29 Fabien Kamb – Homelands (Ross Couch Remix) | Low Flow, 2009
1:11:09 Shadow Child & Doorly – Climbin’ (Piano Weapon) (Kry Wolf Remix) | Food Music, 2015

Digital Crate Digging Continues during Jazz Appreciation Month. We’re checking out this Stop and Go – Deep Jazzy House Mix courtesy of DJ Disma. Check out the playlist and the mix.

01 00:00 Vinga Vinga Guge – Inside Feat Alex Sviderskiy
02 06:45 Burning – Yann Fontaine
03 11:00 Blow Your Body (Deep Space Mix) – Herbest Moon
04 16:45 RISE and FALL – Steven Garc
05 22:45 Palms And Pearls (Chillhouse Mix) – Sunseeker
06 28:45 Surfing the Waves – Alex Cortiz
07 32:05 Palisade Park – Dennis Ferrer
08 37:45 Make Me Believe In You – Behind The Groove feat Jackie Green
09 45:40 Feelin Hypnotized (Kaskade Mix) – Colette
10 51:45 sax on the beach – demarkus lewis

Digital Crate Digging Continues during Jazz Appreciation Month!! we’re checking out this classic track from Grant Green ‎– with a track called  Fancy Free.  Check out the players and the track…

Bass – Wilton Felder
Congas, Percussion – Bobbye Hall
Drums – Greg Williams
Guitar – Grant Green
Organ – Shelton Laster
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Claude Bartee
Vibraphone – Gary Coleman

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! We’re checking out some drum and bass and other flavors  from  Ninja Ninja Drum & Bass featuring a Ninja Ninja Guest Mixfrom  Hydro. Check out the playlist and the mix. Let’s Go!!!

  1. Tink feat. Charlamagne Tha God – Around The Clock (Epic)
  2. Icicle – Mechanisms [Edit] (Shogun)
  3. >>> Hydro & Gamma – The High End Shit (dub)
  4. Hydro & Gamma – Deep Trap (dub)
  5. Clarity – Talk Back (Samurai)
  6. Hydro, War & Mateba – 87 (Utopia dub)
  7. KRS-One – It Appears (Front Page Entertainment)
  8. Roy Green & Protone – Warman (Demand)
  9. DLR – Django (Dispatch)
  10. Ivy Lab – Forex (Critical)
  11. Legion, Logam & NC17 – Trippin (New Playaz)
  12. Sunchase & Electrosoul System – Thing (Med School)
  13. ??? – ??? (dub)
  14. Clarity & Skeptical – Segment (Samurai)
  15. Photek – The Seven Samurai [Photek Remix] (Science)
  16. DLR – Los Angeles (Dispatch)
  17. War & Overlook – ??? (dub)
  18. Mako & Fields – The Gap (Metalheadz dub)
  19. Break & Hydro – Breathless (DNAudio)
  20. C4C & Fierce – Carrier (Quarantine)
  21. >>> Breakage & SP:MC – Digiboy Radio (Digital Soundboy)
  22. UFO! – My Personal Blackmail [Konflict’s Negative remix] (Skunkrock


Sunday Jazz Continues during this Jazz Appreciation Month. We’re checking out this jazz funk from drummer Bernard Purdie -with a track called  Hap’nin. Check out the players and the track…



Digital Crate Digging Continues; posted a version of Baker Street performed by Jon Faddis at my Sonic Assault site. It sounded so good I wanted to hear the original version performed by Gerry Rafferty. It has a jazz feel to it with that saxophone solo in it!! Check it out!!

In the compound? bass, treble and tone are adjusted; somebody told O-Dog to *Play On Player*

We come with the sound using it as a weapon, but  it’s like Yemen trouble is just around the corner waiting!!  so the brotha O-Zone will say a prayer..

Play On Player was what we heard!!  no bunting was what we were told by the coach;  plus hearing encouragement from the opposing teams fans? oh yeah!! at every pitch they said swing batter batter swing!!!

Play On Player!! that’s the catch phrase;   coach said we needed a win like the Toronto Raptors; we were told to do our thing…

Who will bring the drama? fascination was pronto!! attention captured!! like Iran moving warships towards Yemen!!

Who will bring the drama? reflecting on my Checker Cab days rolling through Louisville  in the Park-Hill projects?  wannabe gangsters tried to jack this man’s team!!

That’s why I don’t understand when one tells another to *Play On Player* geeking them up  like they were in New Hampshire at the Republican Leadership Summit, it’s easy to get set up….

Moving Forward these days like we were Golden State Warriors per our West Coasting out in Oakland; so what’s really going on?  *Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength*  is used; this brotha Can’t Let Up….

We Get Up to Get Down / bringing the sound; these brothas used things…

As we *Rebuke The Hostile Takeover;* we noticed that others were *Confused About Things*


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