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I dipped for a minute or two;  acting brand new!! thought I had the Last Laugh, I moved on!

…Thought I was on to the next level!!  I was through dealing with the next devil,  I could get my groove on!

What could I prove on this earth?  these earthlings weren’t really checking for me!! but the mothership lands me on this forsaken planet.

I was putting in work; blue collar was how I worked things!! but some of these peeps even took me for granted.

Flying high but crash landed like  SpaceX Falcon 9;  now hard times welcome me back.

Flagrant agents were flying!!! high off the latest designer drug?  they said they missed me!! they act like they were glad to see me!! so what’s next?   Atlanta canine influenza for O-Dog?  smoke and mirrors plus the fog welcome me back.

Flagrant agents were lying like Republican Presidential candidates!! understand it?  avian influenza prevents me from throwing eggs!! they cost too much, they’re too high!!

Flagrant agents were crying like Jared Fogle caught out there with child porn; now Subway will cut ties…

All rise was heard in Superior Court as your so called honor entered the courtroom; O-Dog’s dub will play in the background; something about being caught up in the system / matrix...

Eyes on the prize we’re soon blurred; abort my mission? naw!! I’m rocking a Fresh View / Fresh Vision! old dude down here in Atlanta told me to fake it until I make it!!

The wise and otherwise told me if I didn’t make it? I could go to San Francisco, where they wouldn’t deport me!

Not surprised hard times are back, I knew the devil was a lie!! I knew how complex the sport can be...


Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out this classic funk track from The Sunburst Band with Here Comes The Sunburst Band. It’s a nice way to kick off this Tuesday Evening, or you can listen to it whenever. Check out some of the key players and the funky track. Let’s Go!!

Bass – Horny Thomas  / Electric Piano [Rhodes], Synthesizer [Arp] – Jessica Lauren /Guitar – Tony Remy  /  Saxophone, Flute – Mike Parlet  /  Trumpet – Colin Graham  / Written-By – Joey Negro aka  Dave Lee


Check these clearance rack epiphanies;  it’s an after the holiday special.

…Right after Independence Day;  check out the fireworks, so how did some play in Chicago? damn!!  Spike Lee’s Chiraq lets you know how it go!! some people are real special.

Any defendants? sharks attacked in North Carolina!!  it was like a buy one get one free special.

The sonic defender named O-Dog barks up the wrong tree? please!! his game is good!!  they ask, what’s wrong with me? that outside the boxer O-Zone is real special!!

Attorney’s for the defendant object like Jamie Hood in Athens!! meanwhile others said that Confederate flag represented the heritage, but the truth hurts when smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors hide the reason for the season.

Pre Independence Day sales mentioned ISIS terror alerts that lead to issue skirts,  but an Edward Snowden type blurts out the reason for the treason.

Outback Chronicles were the reason for the seasoning of the meat that was sizzling on the grill.

I-20 Chronicles are always in season, as the hooptie keeps rolling out!!  O-Dizzle brings the funk while O-Zone’s good word will let you know the deal.

*You gots to chill* per EPMD,  no need to get belligerent like Donald Trump.

Plenty of these epiphanies on the clearance rack!!  the good word is dropped and the beats thump.

Questions that answer themselves stump the contestants, especially for those pimping like Bill Cosby..

Questions answer themselves when we put these epiphanies on the clearance rack, write that reality check after finding out what the cost will be!!


Digital Crate Digging Continues: there’s a lot of drama, chaos and confusion in the world!! I’m taking the advice of the Motor City Drum Ensemble and  Send A Prayer Pt.1    Let’s Go!!!

Sunday Jazz Continues, on this Sunday Night, as the Fourth of July Weekend comes to a close. I’ve been featuring some uptempo tracks;  soul jazz, house music. I’ve been “right there” blending genres, right at the borderline!!

Let’s check out Miguel Migs – with some soul jazz / house music, jazzdance, with a track called So Good (Deluxe Main Mix) PREVIEW. Let’s Go!!

Sunday Jazz Continues on this Sunday Night!! It’s the end of the Fourth of July Holiday Weekend!! We’re trying to keep it uptempo per this  Smooth Jazz Session Mix 59 Deep House /  Jazz Music  courtesy of Smooth Jazz Nation Power .  Check out the playlist and the mix. Let’s Go!!

Track List:
1.Deep & Underground House Music – Deep City Sound
2.DJ EQ – C Special (Original Mix) [Nu Disco]
3.Elia Vens – Ocean
4.Erykah Badu – Telephone (Louie Vega Remix)
5.Gregory Del Piero Feat. Billy Love – My Only Love
6.Island Groove – Sunlight
7.Jazzanova – I Can See
8.L’isha Project – Feel
9.Pano Manara – Tree Of Life
10.Portofino-Sunrise – I’m So in Love With You
11.SimGretina – This Beat is Gonna Get Me
12.Tony Lionni – Black Orchid

Sunday Jazz Continues on this Fourth of July Holiday Weekend; Most radio stations have their holiday mixes playing, so I guess I’ll give them some competition.

We’re checking out this Smooth Jazz Session Mix 58 Deep House Jazz Music courtesy of  Smooth Jazz Nation Power.  It’s a nice mixture of deep house and jazz music, just like the title suggests. Perfect for today, or whenever!! Check out the playlist and the mix. Let’s Go!!

Track List:
1.Atjazz – All That.mp3
2.Brazilian Soul Crew – Brazilian Soul (Can7 & Henri Kohn Mix) DEEP HOUSE
3.Critical Point feat. Vikter Duplaix – Messages (Main Mix)
4.D-Reflection feat. Thor Dulay – Real Life Fantasy
5.Deep FM – Sax in space
6.Jaguar Paw feat Holi M-I Care(Dvine Brothers Vocal Mix)
7.Li’Sha Project – Feel (Miguel Migs Petalpusher Vocal)
8.Lisa Shaw – Honey (Mr. Moon Soul Deep Dub)
9.Lou Gorbea & Chris Perez feat. Nina – Babalu Aye (Lou2Chris Mix) DEEP HOUSE
10.Warm Days feat. Natalie Maddix – Selfish Skies (Atjazz Remix) DEEP HOUSE
11.Mobi Dixon ft Vuyo Tyolo – My Destination(Original Mix)
12.Ross Couch – Somebody Like You

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Friday Night. We’re all up in the house checking out some house music per  eXogroove and their Soul Deeper Vol. 12 (Deep & Soulful House Mix). Perfect for this Friday Night or whenever. Check out the playlist and the mix. Let’s Go!!

Miguel Migs – Moving Sound (Together Dub)
Kyodai feat. Gabriela Smith – Can You Hear The Beat (Spiritchaser Remix)
Jazzloungerz, Rainy Payne – Obsession (Jazzloungerz 2013 Mix)
Dana Weaver – I Got What You Need (SoulphoniX Miami 2013 Mix)
Yogi and Husky Ft. Natalie Conway – Lost Inside Your Eyes (Original Mix)
JoioDJ – Without You (Vocal Tribal Mix)
Jonathan Meyer, Billie Jean – Breathe (Abicah Soul Vocal Mix)
Aaron Ross – Fee My Love (Nightrhymes Remix)
Huxley & Shenoda – I Don’t Know (Extended Mix)
Full Intention – Octavia (Original Mix)
Terri Walker – He Loves Me (Yoruba Soul Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; In my last post I mentioned I was out here cashing these Reality Checks.

I went to a couple of places, realms, dimensions where my checks weren’t accepted. Maybe they were like this track by F.O.O.L. – Distorted Reality. Check it out!!

The Hot Message was delivered!!  like previous episodes at the Navy Yard per Aaron Alexis lessons are taught!! now we’re realizing that we’re worthy of better than this….

We shivered out in the cold per the polar vortex, realizing the sport is complex!!  now we go hard per the Spiritual Significance In This Operation, as we manifest that worthiness..

Opposition met as we cash these reality checks!! who’ll work with this? was going to chill out in North Carolina on the beach but there’s too many shark attacks!!  just in time for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel?

Opposition met as we cash these reality checks!! who’ll work with this? things are Out Of Control / but God Is In Control!! the Brotha O will roll on!! he told himself he’ll make it!! but soon lights blink on the instrument panel!!

Indicators on the panel say I’m stuck!! the mothership has landed!!  will we make it?  check out the Donald Trump reception due to the demographics..

Stressed about it? naw man!! we fight back!! O-Zone is writing code like he was computer programming and O-Dog is in funk mode he wasn’t slow jamming!! check the weapons used when dealing with these fanatics…

Out here!! In The Mainstream Of Mathematics aka Reality cashing these checks after receiving the *Hot Message* now check the mode of Transportation / Transformation…

Street and DaVinci Codes interpreted!!  Deja Vu like Denzil Washington?  some will overdose due to the overload of information..

Meanwhile we cash these reality checks just in time for Fourth of July!! Racing against the clock? check out the pace when we rock!! we roam the universe, moving at a High Velocity…

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, while some visit Confederate monuments in Stone Mountain fascinated by laser shows,  meanwhile due to laser like vision Dylann Roof types are spotted putting on shows!! who’s part of The Conspiracy?

Who’ll understand this brotha? O-Dog is in the lab!! he’ll pull tones, bass, treble, samples and other sonic tonics after the Hot Message was delivered!!

Reality checks are cashed!! that’s what we use!! O-Zone provides prime examples of the Ice Age after he shivered!!


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