Local National International Intergalactic (Part Seven)

We’re still out here doing what we do on what I refer to as a Fabulous Friday! it’s a blessing to be here!

Flashback Friday energy is also felt along with the pressure to succeed / survive; the struggle is real out here!

It’s going down on local, national, international and intergalactic frontiers! from here in Atlanta to Ukraine  to even out there in Pluto or Mars; my constituents can feel the pain. 

It’s no joke as irrational actors and actresses bring the next level dramatics, causing us to do the mathematics while out here in the mainstream; we’re trying to maintain!

What it do / what it does? that’s the question I asked some of my constituents when I came on the set; the scene was obscene per my observing the scene ; ready to roll after reading the room?

What it do / what it does? soon shadow boxing with demons or a carousel of shadows in the vestibule / waiting room!

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What It Do? We Still Felt The Pressure (Part Seven)

 What it do? on this Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here we still felt the pressure, it was just them that was feeling it but I am too. 

Changed the title to this thread from they to we, my constituents can see they know what it do!

Oh! we’re still retro futuristic with it on a Flashback Friday broadcasting live from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta but we’re out in the world! even though it’s rough out here with wars and rumors of wars per Matthew 24 : 6 but  it always feels like home, it’s all love.

I reciprocate, sounds are blasting plus returning the vibe felt with a bracelet of words, it’s all love!

Genuine / authentic not gold plated like flea market jewelry! but we felt the pressure some will act brand new with me saying we’re out of control chasing the wind.

Even chasing shadows, per the grey area scenarios out there where the lines blurred / blend.

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