Lights Were Blinking On The Instrument Panel (Part Nine)

We’re still out there on these Monday mornings taking these mystic voyages but sometimes reality discourages. 

Lights started blinking on the instrument panel of our endeavors, Full Moon in Leo illumination? we respond with these ruminations based on supreme courage…

…and maximum strength ready to go the length; but humility shown, I’m out here where some find there is no cure…

…to the ongoing madness; others didn’t change they doubled down, check their demeanor;  they kept their stone cold bone soul.  

As lights started blinking on the instrument panel we exercise power the Lord provided us with but some exercise futility, its a remote chance their intentions will be pure!

Some left  after thinking of a master plan like Eric B and Rakim in Paid In Full, a cascade of goodbyes was heard! like Kevin McCarthy in a GOP congress it was all about control…

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Lights Were Blinking On The Instrument Panel (Part Seven)

Another Monday morning has rolled up on us, actually its a bonus! it’s a blessing  to be here!

Dealing with rainy weather but we won’t let it cloud are judgment you know what I’m saying? even though lights are blinking on the instrument panel of society business is still handled, we’re still out here!

This Scorpion is still out here putting it down but not ruthless like the Scorpion Unit up in Memphis killing Tyre Nichols, damn! the darkness crept up on us there was no Sunday love…

…from yesterday; its more like Monday hate as the helpless go about their routines / rites and rituals per the dollar pursuit, check out how they push and shove.

I believe in Yesterday per the Beatles but I also know how the street does as lights blinked on the instrument panel like the robot on Lost In Space giving a warning to Will Robinson! Danger! Danger! seeds of pain were planted by nefarious ones!

Brotha O-Zone will run a play like Philadelphia Eagles or Kansas City Chiefs headed to the Super Bowl! they didn’t know we move mountains, we’re the real ones!

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Lights Were Blinking On The Instrument Panel (Part Four)

 I called myself getting away, local,  national, international and intergalactic frontiers were revisited!

But lights were blinking on the instrument panel in the mothership, I forgot Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is over but we’re still in the shadow period!

Plus I remember; random chaos? plans for being built or torn down are formulated in debatable circumstances; chaos? it blossoms in the shadow. 

Whats good? I see plush homes and skyscrapers going up in the hood even on local  / national  / international and intergalactic fronts as gentrification beneficiaries feast but famine’s touch is also related to this toil and strife. 

Whats good? even though lights blinked on the instrument panel I kept rolling on the mothership so knowledge was dropped related to this; damn! you just had to know!

But some didn’t like the ratio so they’ll either shoot or ignored the messenger; what you talking about Willis? they asked him, plus they told him to get a life! 

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Lights Were Blinking On The Instrument Panel (Part Two)

 I mentioned previously that the mothership gets good mileage, but I’m reminded of one vehicle I once dipped in down I-20 here in Atlanta!

Due to society’s nefarious ways a brotha was rolling against the wind like Bob Seger, a freedom seeker  in the old school  1990’s Toyota Camry favored by immigrants up in Chamblee and Doraville but due to a shady deal I was harassed by lights blinking on the instrument panel!

Who’ll work with me on this Monday morning or whenever? in the Lions Den like Daniel type of controversy is dealt with; after succumbing to the sweet temptation?

Of course, Human like the Human League or even Human Nature like Michael Jackson with drama / intrigue part of the action or tantalizing touches part of the equation!

Caught out there swerving now lights blinked on the instrument panel; the check engine light and tire pressure light on? now some of us are veering off course. 

But of course! dealing with temptation? please! feeling the pressure out here in this Babylon like nation?  its par for the course!

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Taking It Off The Top : The Train Of Thought Is Rolling (Part Seven)

The Train Of Thought Is Rolling!  on this Monday morning it just left the station!

Now I’m taking these thoughts off the top of my head like the Kangol hat I wore to Sunday service now I’m ready to swerve with this, check out the occasion!

Life goes on, now check out how we swerve with this! like our digital crate digging continues concept  catch us turning tables like the DJ..

..spinning CD’s and vinyl; conflicts final? oh! as long as we’re on this earth there’s always something so we’ll see.

Blessings overflow? yes they do, blessed and highly favored like the Clark Sisters! it seems you had it all I was told. 

They didn’t know I was stressed; if its not one thing its another! it’s rough out here in these streets! ha! ha! damn, life is cold! 

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Character And Passion (Part Eight)

Monday morning has pulled up on us, it’s a blessing  / bonus so we kept on running out here even though it got lonely!

I guess it’s the stubborn character and the passion but out of character for what society is asking us to be so we kept clashing with thought, fashion and even the morality police so I realized it’s on me.. hold it down; so it’s going down,  character and passion is shown but it got rough out there I had to slow down like Loose Ends! I chilled out in a rose garden breathing zenfully.

Oh yes! it’s nice / refreshing! there was even a pleasant fragrance as those soft silken petals surround me.

Had to admit I was flagrant fouling earlier causing chaos and mayhem when supposedly showing character and passion! those honors and medals from questionable methods? they fooled me!

They had a brotha geeked up but due to information overload / overdose I freaked out and it provoked doubt; I told some Audi 5000 like that old school hip hop catch phrase / I’m out and they won’t find me.

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Character And Passion (Part Five)

Extending cordial greetings on this Monday morning, y’all should know it’s a blessing to be here!

But we know how the sport can go;  check out the ongoing drama / intrigue from the apparatus / league stressing us out here!

Don’t get me wrong, character and passion are shown but morale is low, your dude is witnessing cords of dark existence.

Doused in grief? due to this and that episode that goes sideways my constituents are feeling some kind of way but still showing persistence..

..with a belief that its all going to be alright! character and passion is shown believing there’s a better kismet.

Veterans in the game, old school and not feeling old, but bold! somewhat rejuvenated!

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Prepare Yourself / It’s Going Down (Part Ten)

Alas, another Monday morning has pulled up on us, retailers calculate the cost since this is Cyber Monday;  it’s a blessing / bonus , so get hype!  prepare yourself; its going down!

Brotha O? doing the damn thing!  some say acting a fool up in this piece when I’m all about peace, dropping this good word and the sound!

O-Dizzle? oh!! he’s the minister of defense in case something jumps off, weaponizing the sound teaching jokers a lesson with the Sonic Blackjack! check out how we “holla back” with  these sounds and words from the night aka the blue hours. 

The reign began with a drizzle check the paradigm shift out here; it’s going down even when I wrote this in those wee hours. 

So what’s the dizzle? prepare yourself, I keep telling y’all it’s rough out here! it’s easy to make a reckless decision. 

Positivity vs having cruel thoughts? we fight back with these sonic assaults! word to those asking how are we living!

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Life Is A Marathon / We Kept On Running PT. 7

 Blessed to see another Monday morning as it shits to the afternoon we’re still running this marathon!!  that’s what life is!

Stressed sometimes it’s not “all sweet”  / “it ain’t nothing nice” we can all bear witness to what toil and strife is!

Some feel there’s nowhere to run or hide from the sharks and piranhas; stranded  / ship wrecked out there in the sea of lost hopes. 

Understanding that it’s rough out here, one step forward and two steps back! the life that awaits is delayed. 

Abandoned , love don’t live here anymore per Rose Royce? tripping out like their on some ice/ meth / or even  mescaline, in a violet tinted kaleidoscope.

Toil and strife? mentioned before! its a beautiful struggle, but life is a marathon and we kept on running! the game is still played.

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Prepare Yourself / It’s Going Down Pt.3

On this Monday morning?  I was reminded of the advice received from Mr. Cole up in Louisville about this being a rat race / dog eat dog world.

He and the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville told me “prepare yourself” reality will reach ya, sometimes the drama will unfurl.

Prepare Yourself! it’s going down like an amusement park or carnival tilt-a-whirl you’re going in circles like the Gap Band! otherwise? bear witness to the Brotha O address as the written and spoken word serenade exposed the charade.

Prepare Yourself its going down!  now some who were doing wrong were shackled by his words, was it a dark omen?

Prepare Yourself its going down! a warning was issued as / breakbeat scientific/ infinite unconventional wisdom is dropped / sprayed!

The message was dropped then a dude dipped; the mothership aka the  Infiniti Q50 he was wheeling, it’s not in park waiting in the dark about to blackout  a brotha had a notion!

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