Attack Zone Business (Part Nine)

Oh yeah, we already pulled up earlier on a Monday morning, catch us entering attack zones!

Naysayers were already firing on us will we need to launch a counter offensive like Ukraine? the sound will be O-Dizzle’s and this good word is O-Zone’s!

Writing a Strawberry Letter 23 like the Brothers Johnson?  as we enter these attack zones naysayers claim we were acting offensive, tripping out like Beatles walking into Strawberry Fields.

Artificial intelligence deep fakes / clones out here flipping out under the  Sagittarius Full Moon aka Strawberry Moon? the moon has now moved to Capricorn so once again it’s on so a dude passes / yields.

This art is official catch me dipping through, out there on I-20 in Atlanta my gateway to the universe! I  didn’t participate in the ongoing carnival!

The clown car left dipping through with its constituents supposedly running the attack zone but the driver was fragile! mad that I didn’t go with the flow!

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Attack Zone Business (Part Four)

Another Monday morning has rolled up on us it’s a bonus / blessing even though naysayers are stressing as we enter the fray.. 

..otherwise known as attack zones as artificial intelligence influenced deep fakes aka drones try to influence how we play!

We slide through these portals  / conduits blasting off from our runway to the universe from out here off of I-20 in Atlanta like its SpaceX in Cape Canaveral on deep space missions, we reign supreme shining like an aurora borealis!

Entering attack zones with supreme courage and maximum strength going the length! me and the team left the spiraling darkness!

Entering attack zones, fired on by perpetrators of American gun violence that’s spiraling out of control! who’s for or against us as we’re moving from Taurus to Gemini season?

Some school us with the behavior exhibited, they said its all love but we didn’t feel it after frozen embraces revealed treason.

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Attack Zone Business (Part Two)

Check us out on this Monday morning even though the science dropped is good for any time frame!  Mercury retrograde is over even though we’re still in the shadow period, I call this attack zone business!

We’re still under attack from the enemy, an evil entity all up in this spiritual warfare! by now y’all should know what the deal is!

Brotha O-Zone knows what the real is, just call it the struggle! catch me out here in our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta in the lab enhancing these techniques! in the middle of silence? the ink pen made noises.

Writing poetry, somebody might feel this more like Simon and Garfunkel Sounds of Silence! we even weaponize it accompanied by our digital crate digging byproducts per the synchronicity!

We’re moving at a high velocity with the speed you need but outcomes may be considered dysfunctional! melodies of love or the methods of madness validated per Brotha O losing his poise?

Thought and fashion police chalk the poetry wayward, like Twitter Community Notes saying the train of thought derailed / said I violated policy!

Now these zones are under attack like Sudan or even Ukraine out there dealing with the Wagner Group!

Clones per January 6th insurrectionists or drones hitting up different sections are all up in the game but some play it like Philadelphia 76ers forgetting how to hoop!

O-Zone is like an embedded war reporter giving you the scoop from this attack zone, peeping game! that breeze of footsteps? they’re far from melodies of love!

What’s really going on? Isley Brothers Footsteps In The Dark? more like cryptic footsteps from those with no love!

Damn!  they’re entering these attack zones by any means necessary even introducing technical difficulties check the business! an elaborate scheme being implemented?

 It’s disrespectful!! using artificial intelligence or even pseudo intelligence check the social engineering! they’re playing us like were dimwitted!

The Mothership Gets Good Mileage (Part Eight)

We keep it moving, the mothership gets good mileage as we proceed and continue into Taurus season. 

Another Monday morning has pulled up on us it’s a blessing  / bonus so it’s on us to play it like Earth Wind and Fire and determine the Reasons!

 Brotha O?  that mothership gets good mileage! catch me out here with a hardhat with a lantern on top and rocking a lime green safety vest! a gold miner, cherishing those golden moments.

Mistakes made while I was out there, time was wasted I  couldn’t cut and paste it! now out here searching for lost golden hours!

An alarm goes off; in the background I hear Time Has Come Today by the Chambers Brothers! I realized time is the opponent. 

Damn! an overwhelming truth! plus time has changed these brothas, it’s why I’m like Sade I cherish these days / hours!

That’s why this mothership is rolling getting good mileage! I’m rocking out like Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention in the midst of democracy under attack by charlatans with no federal government intervention, where’s Merrick Garland?

It’s like Johnny Guitar Watson, It’s A Real Mother For Ya! word from a brotha telling you it’s elementary like Holmes to Watson! from here in Atlanta to Louisville up in my old hangout at Victory Park up on 22nd and Garland!

The mothership gets good mileage, I even saw how foul it gets; the structure? damn, it appears to be falling apart. 

Plus corrupt ones? of course they’re  foul with it check out how their style will get! out here breaking hearts!

Smooth with it! Sade mentioned the Smooth Operators with flattering tides like the ocean!

Uncouth with it! but while cruising in the mothership I kept hearing those other voices that have the overwhelming truth! but some can’t handle the truth so its causing a commotion!

I Guess It’s The Times We’re Living In (Part Ten)

As I mentioned previously life is hectic! emphasized by this Monday morning that has pulled up on us, but don’t get me wrong it’s a blessing to be here! a bonus!

Paid attention even though funds were low due to inflation even though corporations clocked windfall profits with CEO’s receiving a fat bonus!

I guess it’s the times we’re living in as winds of change blow in these windfall prophets similar to Poor Righteous Teachers rocking this funky joint / dropping this knowledge after getting off the mothership that gets good mileage!

Noticed that these earthlings were disoriented from here in Atlanta to  Sudan, over  to Ukraine and even to the Orient and all points in between, bearing witness to how foul it can get!

I guess it’s the times we’re living in it’s like the NBA playoffs we’re just trying to win but darkness comes as we enter midnight’s velveteen forest.

I guess it’s the times we’re living in! some already here? spotted some waiting in the darkness, are they for or against us? 

Trust issues? oh yes!! that dude Brotha O has plenty of them due to past episodes!

Trust me! life is good but like Cameo mentioned she’s strange and but I like her! stranger things have happened out here in these danger zones so we’re in defense modes!

O-Dizzle called them Attack Zones when he was up in the mix, excuse us but sometimes we’ll launch sonic assaults, going on offense like Golden State Warriors throwing up three pointers!

Disrespect shown out there to E-40 but have the Warriors  met their match with the Sacramento Kings in a battle for Northern California?

Meanwhile society won’t anoint me and my kind I guess it’s the times we’re living in!

It got lonely out there but we kept on running, we’re not stopping or quitting! 

The Mothership Gets Good Mileage (Part Six)

 Another Monday morning has pulled up on us it’s a blessing  / bonus! Hallelujah! check out how we come through as the mothership gets good mileage!

Those “Buking and Scorning” like Tennessee legislators dealing with the Tennessee Three provide examples of how foul it can get!

Check us out we’re getting busy, we’ve got a lot of work to do! moves were made, some even accused Brotha O of being futuristic. 

Please! they might be right but actually I’m retro futuristic the mothership gets good mileage I’m just trying to nourish my tomorrow. 

Naysayers? of course they threw salt into the game they mentioned Hard Times like Run DMC they even tried to introduce a curse per  promised tragedies I’ll have to deal with. 

But radiance abounds, Brotha O is running this breakbeat scientific business in a positive manner!  not lazy pain didn’t amaze me neither did sorrow. 

The mothership gets good mileage but some still chilled up in the comfort zone holding on tight!

Things get stagnant but winds of change were blowing in like West Coast atmospheric rivers! soon we’re all  dealing with destiny, outliers and harbingers in sight!

“It ain’t right” was the shout heard as some deal with the agony of falling into the abyss of truth!

Thought it was an endless dream, it was all a dream was heard sounding like the Notorious B.I.G. but reality had proof. 

Check us out as we proceed and continue with this rebuttal to the ongoing plot or scheme! considered arrogant and aloof because the mothership gets good mileage!

We’re putting it down like this now naysayers are in a huddle with another plot and scheme! we’re wise to the whole set up, knowing how foul it can get! 

Still Collecting Scattered Thoughts (Part Four)

Another Monday morning has pulled up on us, it’s a stormy / wet one here in Atlanta but it’s still a  blessing  / bonus to be here  but we’ve got a lot of work to do!

Shadetree  / bootleg mechanics were up to their usual antics with work that was haphazard then try to front on us saying the material we have is hazardous! but they don’t know what’s up / what it do!

Check us out as we do the mathematics, still collecting scattered thoughts! playing it like Pharoah Sanders astral traveling  but via the tongue of the poet.

Check the transfer / transmission as scattered thoughts are transmitted by Samsung or iPhones or even the blue ink, check the creation. 

Home? due to public transportation  / transformation I left, damn! Louisville was like a solemn paradise and a dungeon; was it rough son? boy do I know it!

Left, dipped down I-75 to here in Atlanta per the cataclysmic event, the apparatus tried to circumvent! the system  / matrix? they wanted us caught up in it! damn! it was a bad occasion!

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Still Collecting Scattered Thoughts (Part Two)

It’s going down on this Monday morning, during these last few hours of winter as we enter Aries Season per the Spring Equinox that arrives this evening!

It’s a cold morning, winter said its not ready to leave yet that polar vortex is still achieving!

Is the sport complex? still believing that as we collect these scattered thoughts; they’re playing with my mind like a pianist tickling the ivories, those magical keys were played!

So what’s next? epiphanies achieved or methods to the madness achieved for drying up those silent tears caused by the charade?

Still collecting scattered thoughts like lifelines taken by  Credit Suisse per UBS or by those extended by the  Feds to Silicone Valley Bank!  hope didn’t fade, it’s being fueled by persistence. 

We didn’t feel like the invisible man per Ralph Ellison! check us out as all that negativity meets resistance! 

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Critical Stages / In The Meantime Or Between Time PT. 8

Coming through on this Monday morning, during these critical stages of development; still in the lab with these dry ink pens. 

Plus torn pages from the legal pad, or maybe in the meantime or between time I’ll enhance lab techniques by getting high technical and hit send. 

Per iPhone emails, maybe Brotha O will get on an O-Dog instrumental where he travels  / sails where he whispered crimson poetry.

Once again its on! this insight? fables told or slivers of light? we’re working it all out reading the teleprompter or interpreting whatever reality shows me. Mesmerized by that saucy woman with emerald eyes from Bombay who came through with insight acting like she knows me!

She taught us something, heard fables were told plus lies so during these critical stages I had it on Louisville / Newburg default settings always going by what people show me. 

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Critical Stages / In The Meantime Or Between Time PT. 4

Check us out, we’re back to the business at hand per another Monday morning rolling up on us, actually its a blessing to be here! it’s a bonus!

These are critical stages of development; the details? the devil will be up in them so we do our due diligence knowing that in the meantime or between time the Lord will bless us!

During these critical stages? we put the sound out as digital crate digging continues plus I’m writing this like it’s just a love song.

But during these critical stages? it’s funny,  as we reflected on Bloody Sunday we found out its the adversity where our poetry grows!

Plus we found out that reality is unkind, but Brotha O was trying to stay positive!  I foolishly hoped I was wrong!

I bear witness to the dark side of beauty like its a spiritual warfare version of Call Of Duty Warzone; once again it’s on!!  feeling the pain like we’re in Bakhmut Ukraine?  damn! is this how it goes? 

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