Dave Lee – Glitterbox Radio Show (The Residency) – 08.06.23

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we try to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! check the science dropped, is appropriate for any time period. 

 The saga / struggle continues check the energy as we come through with this O-Dog Day Party!  we’ve got it, it’s a blessing to be here! we’re out here trying to make moves like J Moss, God’s got it!

Breakbeat scientific energy? we’ve got it, taking it back to the future! retro futuristic with it, multifaceted!

Dropping this good word, plus that sound? oh yeah, best believe that we’re blasting it…

…per blasting off from our runway out here off of I-20 in Atlanta! we’re able to see no smoke and mirrors like NYC affected by Canadian wildfires until Brotha O retires he’ll always be intergalactic with it!

We’re back with it! we’re still doing what we do, getting breakbeat scientific!

Being specific? we’re O-Dog Day Partying per this Dave Lee – Glitterbox Radio Show (The Residency) – 08.06.23

Check out the playlist and the mix to see what’s up / what it do / how it’s gonna be!

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Attack Zone Business (Part Ten)

Catch us out here trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza! due to circumstances beyond our control we may have to enter attack zones!

This is how it’s going down! being built or torn down in debatable circumstances being vigilant out here like I’m in Ukraine dodging Iranian drones…

…or this these artificial intelligence generated deepfakes / clones! but life goes on as we enter these attack zones; we’re moving forward with our history beside us.

The sound is used as transportation along with the good word as these scattered thoughts are collected; we’re taking a gamble with this random ramble! ride with us!

Opposition is met in these attack zones from gamblers out for a fast buck plus thought and fashion police grimaced aloud; heard saying not again!

This music and poetry comes in drowning waves, blowing in like hurricanes! not blowing in like Canadian Wildfire smoke this is no joke, it’s on, once again!

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Going In; But It’s Out Of Control ( Part Ten)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Terrible  / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way as we claim the terrific outcome!

Check us out as we pause for the cause for a moment in time, we’re going in  / getting it in dropping this good word! later on we’ll be celebrating life check out how we pull out the drum!

Stop the music! that was the word from some of my constituents as ear shattering gunshots exploded from Ukraine to your land! those are sounds of heartbreak! 

The situation is out of control! there were no soulful symphonies, more like the utterings from an artificial intelligence product  like a Vladimir Putin deepfake.

How did some roll? I heard someone say give me a break, all the rich desires left! the love train derailed!

Love abandoned some like Rose Royce,  no riding around in a Bentley or Rolls Royce! it’s a different feel from the episode, like we failed.

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Attack Zone Business (Part Nine)

Oh yeah, we already pulled up earlier on a Monday morning, catch us entering attack zones!

Naysayers were already firing on us will we need to launch a counter offensive like Ukraine? the sound will be O-Dizzle’s and this good word is O-Zone’s!

Writing a Strawberry Letter 23 like the Brothers Johnson?  as we enter these attack zones naysayers claim we were acting offensive, tripping out like Beatles walking into Strawberry Fields.

Artificial intelligence deep fakes / clones out here flipping out under the  Sagittarius Full Moon aka Strawberry Moon? the moon has now moved to Capricorn so once again it’s on so a dude passes / yields.

This art is official catch me dipping through, out there on I-20 in Atlanta my gateway to the universe! I  didn’t participate in the ongoing carnival!

The clown car left dipping through with its constituents supposedly running the attack zone but the driver was fragile! mad that I didn’t go with the flow!

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Going In; But It’s Out Of Control ( Part Nine)

 Trying to be easy on this Sunday morning like the Commodores but haters will supposedly try to settle scores, so catch us in defense modes/ going in!

The devil and his advocates are back at it check the provocative behavior like China buzzing a US warship or vice versa the situation is out of control like attack zones in Ukraine hit up by Iranian drones so what’s going on? whats happening?

Is it a lot of shady dealing or just chilling hallucinations under the Full Moon in Sagittarius?

Going in but soon its out of control, I even felt the pressure! a sharp recrimination for prior actions playing out in front of me?

The apparatus will try to front on me and you! damn! they claim they found footage that caught me out there acting nefarious.

I had to admit like the train wreck in India my train of thought derailed but I prevailed! awakened! wise to the whole set up! no weapons formed by those schemers or scammers will work! their visions go from crowded to empty!

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Attack Zone Business (Part Eight)

Once again its on as we enter attack zones, we started writing this on a Saturday morning!

The saga  / struggle continues as I keep mentioning its rough out here, many of my constituents are “buking and scorning”.

“Ain’t No Need To Worry” It’ll be all over in the morning was the word from the Winans and Anita Baker but like the GOP concerning the debt ceiling we’ll hear bitching  / moaning / whining from a faker! 

Attack zone administrators irrelevant issue debaters nothing like a giver more of a taker. 

O-Zone made a break for it, going in  / getting it in but I see the situation is out of control! I even saw how homie was trying to roll! rocking jersey forty seven, which is the strangest number!

In these attack zones?  it’s worn by that player who winds of change affected, it wasn’t his day.

Oozing with talent, oh yes! highly favored / blessed like the Clark Sisters mentioned! he had the rhythm and the hustle.

The devil and his advocates were at it again stressing!! access was denied!! he didn’t enter the game, perhaps later on a different day.

But he’s back in these attack zones once again it’s on!! but because salt was thrown into the game so  reality enhanced this dude’s veiled perception.

Back in these zones like Ukraine with a rebuttal to Russian missiles and Iranian drones! the ongoing drama left an imprint upon our hearts.

Damn! in these zones many feel the pain / pressure!! some self inflicted so we all felt so foolish about the way we were living!

Attack Zone business part of the ongoing madness? had to admit, I even let some matters pierce my heart.

Going In; But It’s Out Of Control ( Part Eight)

Life? it’s like one big dressing room, we’re out here  trying to get in where we fit in!

Peeping game  /  reading the room some are feeding off the doom in these attack zones but unfortunately we’re still going in / getting it in!

The situation is out of control but we’ll go for what we know! we got an Invitation To Openness from Les McCann.

Now I’m out here! enjoying this Thankful Thursday its a blessing to be here but it’s old news; somebody will understand.

Especially on this Throwback Thursday, reflecting on past episodes of going in / getting it in! now we’re in it now up to our necks, out here in in a time vortex?

It’s out of control but check out how the work will be, making a deal like Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy with the debt ceiling bill? influenced by intuition / my hearts echo in a sport that’s complex.

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Attack Zone Business (Part Seven)

Peeped game per this HumpDay Extravaganza, like this debt ceiling situation I can see that it’s all  out of control but  we’re going in anyway, catch us entering attack zones!

Asleep in the game? they thought we were but now we’re here going for what we know; once again its on!

Creeping up in the game like Miami Heat with energy thats retro futuristic with a veiled perception.

Entering attack zones avoiding alt – shift – delete moves by the matrix architect! hit the reset button for the future rewind, visiting heaven?

Due to artificial intelligence naysayers mentioned wicked depths like falling into the abyss.

Before moves are made in these attack zones prayers are sent up and blessings come down that don’t miss.

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Going In; But It’s Out Of Control ( Part Seven)

Check us out as we pull up to the spot! it’s similar to an attack zone but we’re going in / getting it in! 

Peeped game, it’s out of control how we’re these jokers trying to roll? so what’s happening?

It’s happening  / going down on this Memorial Day amid recognition of ones who made the ongoing sacrifice as we celebrate life with the O-Dog Day Party, getting nice but this poetry? a fusillade of words! 

Weaponized against the facade out where the situation is out of control / the grey area scenarios where lines blurred.

Its like a forever loop playing per the Producer  / DJ similar to the matrix architect as we try to navigate the mainstream of mathematics! thought we were trapped in it but we found secret gateways.

Now it’s like whatever! it’s going down, soon we drop these mathematics plus ride the rhythm of the tide as we make plays!

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Crisis Management (Part Ten)

Beats and English are broken representing broken spirits from ongoing clashes with the apparatus but  not like Ken Paxton vs the GOP in Texas!!

Pain and anguish was a byproduct but it influenced my conduct now check how I get breakbeat scientific / check the status!

Writing poetry part of this crisis management, scribbles written  in between spaces on my gas and electric or my  phone bill.

Act like you know me!  like I said earlier I’m holding truths with an ink pen, the real deal.

In this life aka Olympics? Brotha O is a major participant now check the dynamics as javelins of light are thrown!

Part of my crisis management techniques but some naysayers call thought and fashion police; soon technical difficulties are experienced like Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis as websites crash  and circuit boards are blown. 

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