🍂 Chillhop Essentials · Fall 2022 [chill lofi hiphop / cozy beats]

Sunday Jazz Continues; we’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!!

  We’re chilling out, I told y’all earlier life is hectic!! per Sunday morning vibes earlier? I’m in the amen corner when the BeeGees were  talking about Staying Alive! staying alive is one of my missions; that’ll frighten an under achiever, somebody will understand a brotha!!

High voltage sounds? we’ll come with these but at the moment we’re chilling out!!  please believe me it’s no jive!! it’s going down like this!!

Chilled out / soulful sounds on a Sunday afternoon so we won’t spaz / swoon /   so we can get our minds right? it’s going down like this!!

We’re putting it down like this, coming through listening to Chillhop Essentials · Fall 2022 [chill lofi hiphop / cozy beats] courtesy of Chillhop Music!! 

It’s right on time as seasons change per the upcoming Fall Equinox!! check out the playlist and the mix!! we won’t quit / we won’t stop when we’re out in these streets!

Check this out at 🍂 Chillhop Essentials · Fall 2022 [chill lofi hiphop / cozy beats]

HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful FIX | Sept 10, 22

Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out as we put it down in conjunction with the O-Dog Day Party!

We’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, where all these ATLiens are caught up in the Atlanta Falcons vs The New Orleans Saints game, setting off their own day party!

Don’t start with me! I’m rocking some red and black but I’m no Falcons fan, it’s more like being  a Louisville Cardinals representative! 

Don’t start with me! just a Louisville brotha stranded down here in Atlanta trying to make the best of it!

Coming through listening to the best of it! what? this house music with jazz elements per the HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful FIX | Sept 10, 22 courtesy of beyond72!

Check out the playlist and the music!! for this Sunday afternoon or whenever this is what’s up / what it do!!

Check this out at HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful FIX | Sept 10, 22

Mop Mop – Ash

 Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus as we come through with this brunch edition, even though this meal is appropriate for any time period!

The saga / struggle continues, life goes on as the toil and strife goes on, mentioned before it’s a beautiful struggle! sometimes the chaos is even beneficial, can you dig it?

In the midst of the chaos and confusion we can get redirected to where we need to be!

Sometimes taking a loss is just a lesson learned at the end of the day, somebody can feel me!

Anyway; at the moment we’re jazzing it up! celebrating life!! we’re cruising down I-20 in Atlanta listening to this Mop Mop track called Ash!!

Check out the players and track!! you might even say we’re O-Dog Day Partying to this!!

Clarinet – Guglielmo Pagnozzi

Electric Bass – Salvatore Lauriola

Guitar – Federico Poggipollini

Lyrics By – Alan Farrington

Percussion – Danilo Mineo

Recorded By – Andrea Benini, Corrado Magalotti

Tenor Saxophone – Marco Pretolani

Vibraphone – Pasquale Mirra

Vocals – Alan Farrington

Written-By – Alan Farrington, Andrea Benini

You Don’t Quit / You Don’t Stop!! (Part Ten)

On this Sunday morning? reflecting reveals just how far we’ve come even though we’ve got a long way to go! 

That “you don’t quit / you don’t stop” philosophy was followed! even though it got lonely out there we kept on running! veterans in the game “know how it go”. 

A “been there done that” attitude is exhibited, nothing was new under the Sun! winds of change blowing here in September? they led to the falling leaves.

Seasons / reasons change, per Trump insurrectionists? treason from those acting strange! from stolen secret documents to wannabe revolutionists it’ll test one who believes.

Seasons / reasons charge! the Fall Equinox will soon be here, while here in Atlanta it’s starting out as an overcast day; clouds drape the sky, it represents the vibe?

But with hope? we’re reunited, we didn’t quit / didn’t stop! now we’re out here uplifting the tribe.

Check this out at You Don’t Quit / You Don’t Stop!! (Part Ten)

Mindful Vibes – Episode 33 (Jazz Hop / Chill Mix) [HD]

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we come through on this Music Monday, in conjunction with this Labor Day Holiday!!

The saga / struggle continues so what it do? we’ll continue to drop this good word and let the music play!!

All work and no play? naw, this is a beautiful struggle that’s going down!! it’s a pleasurable type of labor, even though it’s a rough job but someone has to do it!!

Oh yeah! my constituents know the struggle is real they know the deal!! many can bear witness per going through it!!

They couldn’t front / acting like they knew it!! they can can feel these Mindful Vibes – Episode 33 (Jazz Hop / Chill Mix) [HD] courtesy of Mindful Music.

Check out the playlist and the mix as we chill out to this!! this overcast Labor Day here in Atlanta has a Sunday Jazz vibe to it, so this mic is conducive!! 

Check this out at Mindful Vibes – Episode 33 (Jazz Hop / Chill Mix) [HD]

“The Recovered Mixes Vol.2” (All Vinyl 2003 DJ Set) by DJ Spivey

Sunday Jazz Continues on this wet Sunday afternoon in Atlanta, but the science dropped is appropriate for any time period!

The Labor Day Holiday is tomorrow, many are in holiday spirit or festive move! a message that O-Zone will approve, can you dig it?

We’re trying to O-Dog Day Party with it but still keep it in a Jazz mode, so we won’t go into spaz mode!

We’re out here blending soul, Jazz, funk and soul music, it’s conducive to uplifting the spirit so we won’t go into spaz mode!

Truth be told? oh yes, it’s being done with the sound per”The Recovered Mixes Vol.2″ (All Vinyl 2003 DJ Set) by DJ Spivey!!

Truth be told? he’s setting it off!! check out the playlist and the mix, the brother is kicking it!!  all the way  live is how it’ll be!!

Check this out at “The Recovered Mixes Vol.2” (All Vinyl 2003 DJ Set) by DJ Spivey

DJ Assassin presents Ekat Yawa – Jazz Journey (Swag’s Night Sight Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues on a Sunday night, the Labor Day Holiday will be here tomorrow!

Some have been celebrating all weekend; every time I was out in these Atlanta streets I’ve seen my constituents swerving like there is no tomorrow!

Spotted the Dodge Charger racing the Chevy Impala with Mississippi tags on it out here on I-20 in Atlanta!

Some said charge it to the game, a foul one influenced by the Fast and Furious movies? somebody will understand a brotha!

We’re coming through dropping another jazz / funk housemusic influenced track from DJ Assassin presents Ekat Yawa with a track called Jazz Journey (Swag’s Night Sight Mix)

Check it out y’all, this is how we do!! we’re just staying breakbeat scientific!!

The Holding Pattern (Part Seven)

I mentioned earlier about being in a holding pattern, but on this Sunday morning I was  reminded of a positive aspect of that concept!

I’m reminded that per Isaiah 40:11  God is holding and keeping us, as the devil and his advocates are creeping up on us! we know what’s up with it!

While others are sleeping on us  / not checking for us the Lord said you are my joy, it’s easy for me to comfort your heart.

But He said we should be trying to show Him and our fellow earthlings some love / some kind of intimacy.

But as its always in life? us earthlings are out here trying to do our own things! they’re in their own kind of holding pattern! doubt will play its part.

Soon there’s no compromise!! from Trump Insurrectionists to the Russia vs Ukraine situation check out the wars and rumors of wars! O-Zone is not surprised by the inequity. 

Check this out at The Holding Pattern (Part Seven)

J. Spencer – Hurry Up This Way Again

Sunday Jazz Continues, we’re chilling out in the lab on this hot Sunday afternoon in Atlanta!

Trying not to spaz as the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; somebody will understand a brotha!

This is going down in conjunction with digital crate digging as we check the archives, going through past episodes!

Still rocking the venue / function dropping the funk son! we’re still in those modes!

 We’re checking out this smooth track from  J. Spencer with his version of the Stylistics   Hurry Up This Way Again. 

Let’s Get It! Let’s Go!! we’re reposting it so you can get the most from it! it’s on, once again!

Check this out at J. Spencer – Hurry Up This Way Again

Victor Feldman’s Generation Band ‎– High Visibility

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we’re chilling out in our remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta! we’re broadcasting live and direct!

We’re chilling out, doing the knowledge / working behind the scenes also observing the scenes; soon we’ll be ready to roll / on our way, coming to you live and direct!

Shady dealings out here in Babylon? we’re rebuking them with the good word and the sound!

Once again it’s on, we’re coming through doing what we do! this is how it’s going down!

We’re coming through checking out some of this jazz funk / jazzdance from Victor Feldman’s Generation Band ‎– with a track called High Visibility.

Check out the players and the track!! we checked the archives, realized we had to post it again so it’s on once again!! bear witness to the ability!!