Urban Grooves Vol. 2 – Best Acid Jazz & Funk | Summer 2023 [Funk, Groove, Jazz House]

Sunday Jazz Continues check us out as we come through on this Sunday afternoon!

The saga  / struggle continues, enhanced by this Full Moon in Sagittarius? ways and means are various as these lab techniques manifest; the byproduct dropped real soon…

…like right now; check out the what / when  / where and how as we broadcast live and direct from our remote outpost here in Atlanta!

Once again its on as breakbeat scientific theories are espoused upon, somebody will understand a brotha! 

Sunday Jazzing? some will aroused by this sound, “O-Dog Day Partyish” in it’s on form and fashion per this Urban Grooves Vol. 2 – Best Acid Jazz & Funk | Summer 2023 [Funk, Groove, Jazz House] courtesy of the AcidJazz channel!

Soon spazzing? naw, I’m in chill mode check the playlist and the mix / mode! somebody will understand a brotha!

Tracking List:

01 LTJ Xperience feat. AdniL – I’m Gonna Funk U

02 Anduze – Rich No Money/Reiventation 00:06:26

03 Ice One – The Invisible Man From Stella Polare 00:13:30

04 Flow Bop – Open Your Soul 00:14:41

05 Kaigo – I Get High 00:20:22

06 Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc Project) – Mega Funk 00:24:02

07 Fusion Funk Foundation – What A Man 00:28:40

08 Francesco Farias – Osmosys Funk 00:34:35

09 Solid Groove Inc. – Head On The One 00:42:04

10 David Florio – Sunrise In The Savannah 00:45:21

11 Marco Cecamore (aka Dj Marco Cec) – Funk For Peace 00:48:42

12 LTJ Xperience – People’s 00:53:38

13 Sabo & Zeb – Vibration 01:02:30

14 Ice One – Una Hit Scartata da Tutti 01:07:54

15 Flow Bop – Funky Street 01:09:19

16 DOUT.D – Easy Business 01:13:46

17 Orange Factory – Shame 01:15:40

18 Ice One – Ua Ua 01:20:20

19 Kekkotronics & LTJ – Gimme The Funk 01:21:36

20 DOUT.D – Funky Bali 01:25:56

21 The Smoke Orchestra – Just Kiss My Babe 01:28:23

22 Ice One – Cupismo e Nobiltà 01:33:37

23 Paolo Sessa feat. Wonders – Once In A Lifetime 01:36:24

24 Flow Bop – Melody In The Sky 01:39:25

25 Ice One – I Vicini Litigano 01:46:05

26 The Last Minister – Groovy-Era 01:47:25

27 Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc Project) – Urban Funk 01:53:31

28 Funky Destination – Mr Bong 01:58:44

29 Flow Bop – The Long Road 02:02:23

30 P.A. Jeron – Stranger In Moscow (instrumental) 02:07:09


Going In; But It’s Out Of Control ( Part Nine)

 Trying to be easy on this Sunday morning like the Commodores but haters will supposedly try to settle scores, so catch us in defense modes/ going in!

The devil and his advocates are back at it check the provocative behavior like China buzzing a US warship or vice versa the situation is out of control like attack zones in Ukraine hit up by Iranian drones so what’s going on? whats happening?

Is it a lot of shady dealing or just chilling hallucinations under the Full Moon in Sagittarius?

Going in but soon its out of control, I even felt the pressure! a sharp recrimination for prior actions playing out in front of me?

The apparatus will try to front on me and you! damn! they claim they found footage that caught me out there acting nefarious.

I had to admit like the train wreck in India my train of thought derailed but I prevailed! awakened! wise to the whole set up! no weapons formed by those schemers or scammers will work! their visions go from crowded to empty!

Check this out at Going In; But It’s Out Of Control ( Part Nine)


Attack Zone Business (Part Six)

The atmosphere shifted after the arch nemesis entered the premises; it soon became an attack zone.

Irrational fears emphasized? back in the day when the episode transpired Pops said somebody lied, the essence of the whole situation so once again its on!

Don’t get me wrong! besides dropping this good word when trying to repel the attack  Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out!! besides soul food what else is supposed to be on these menus?

Sunday? besides gospel or praise and worship music what else are we supposed to listen to? check these venues..

What it do? it’s a nice day in Atlanta, as we take a break from it all on this Memorial Day Holiday weekend!

What it do? here in Atlanta on Saturday a lot of college and high school parties  / celebrations also took place plus the Atlanta Jazz Festival is taking place! what a weekend! 

Check this out at Attack Zone Business (Part Six)

Black and Brown – Jurassik Funk

 Sunday Jazz Continues as we rock these venues from Louisville  / Newburg to Johannesburg from Pluto to Mars , from London to Rome and back here in Atlanta!

The saga / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on! we fight back with this sound weaponized for spiritual warfare! last night per the Saturday Night Fever we even pulled out the amapiano!

Check how we go for what we know, as we make an entrance into Gemini season!

It’s on and popping we’re not quitting  / stopping we’re blessed and highly favored! per Ray Lewis back in the day no weapons formed against us will prosper we’re not affected by the treason!

Book of Genesis type reasoning based on this time frame? brought the seasoning for this meal!

Arch nemesis ran off the premises approaching with empty promises / a shady deal!

So how were we trying to deal? check us out as we come through with this jazz funk from Italy dropped by Black and Brown with a track called Jurassik Funk! it’s courtesy of Irma Records!!

So how were we trying to feel on this Sunday afternoon? might O-Dog Day Party to this celebrating life as we drop this funk!! let it be reflected in the records!!

Crisis Management (Part Eight)

On this Sunday morning we’re trying to move forward but you know how the devil and his advocates are, if you’re trying to move to the next level? if you do or don’t somebody will damn it!

Soon it’s like damn here we go again with the next level dramatics! catch us exercising crisis management!

Saturday night? like Newcleus we tried to Jam On It! back in the day old dude at the Checker Cab stand up in Louisville told us you need to find that party in your city!

He said don’t act brand new with us! per the DeBarge Rhythm Of The Night? you need to get caught up in the rhythm and flow!

You need to get caught up in the thrill of it! if not? issues will get the best of you can you deal with it? damn! it’s a pity!

The epitome of crisis management? advised to just release yourself and go for what you know!

Check the rest of this article at Crisis Management (Part Eight)

Crisis Management (Part Six)

Started writing this on a Sunday morning trying to be easy like the Commodores!

Soon? another crisis, ain’t nothing nice about this! the arch nemesis on the premises coming through these doors?

O-Dog mentioned entering attack zones like Russia in Ukraine trying to disable American supplied equipment!

O-Dog paid attention even though funds are low intelligence more than artificial equipped for this crisis management!

Rebuking a Fela Kuti Army Arrangement? out here trying to avoid a Trump style arraignment, out here doing the math after hearing a cynical laugh.

Independent, good word dropped and beats bumped check the style but the vibe is foul check the ongoing crisis; soon under the authority of an evil staff?

Dealing with it, jokers out here rolling like Tommy Tuberville but we know the deal from the dark toll of the bridge troll.

Told I need to pay to play by these gamblers out for a fast buck but am I stuck? Brotha O refused to relinquish control!

Cold world dynamics even though the temperature is rising! trying to keep a low profile as we drop this sound per Sunday jazz and write poetry where words whisper.

No slender volume? thought and fashion are loud though! some chalk this Brotha O poetry wayward.

These words? loud ones, part of this crisis management by bring positive, exuberant when we visit you?

The style crowded some during the ongoing crisis now some pay high prices! they can’t deal with the heft and weight of this!

John Klemmer – Brasilia (Original Full LP Version)

 Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus as we proceed and continue to do our due diligence!

Of course we’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta getting breakbeat scientific, trying to make a difference!

Of course naysayers are forecasting inclement weather said this is belligerence we’re no where near cunning and clever this intelligence isn’t even artificial!

Of course these players will show and prove to these inside jokers that the joke is not on us, this art is official!

This art? beneficial, the sound is healing while we’re chilling on this Sunday evening listening to this jazz funk / Latin jazz from John Klemmer with a track called Brasilia (Original Full LP Version)

Check out the players and the track to see how we’re dealing!! from Atlanta to Brazil we’re out here swerving!!

Incognito– Black Rain (Instrumental Version)

Sunday Jazz Continues check out these menus!  of course that’s the type of business conducted..

Don’t get me wrong, we’re still out here getting breakbeat scientific!  next level business is conducted…

Don’t get me wrong; still peeping game, the next devil will corrupt it! back in the day? while up in Louisville / Newburg cats discussed it!! even Mr. Cole mentioned it’s a rat race / dog eat dog world!! others mentioned that the whole game is shady!!

Don’t get me wrong!!  not sleeping in the game!! ready to spaz, disgusted by what erupted based on my hood / ghetto / country / alley Louisville / Newburg default settings; it’s hard to get somebody to work with me!! 

How will the work be? there’s no telling!! listening to jazz / funk  / rock music / house music; went to Sunday morning earlier, I even held Wednesday Night Service  with the Gospel House Mix..

Who’ll work with me on this Sunday Jazz?  I’m back on the block again like Quincy Jones! all up in the mix!!

Who’ll work with me as I get  retro-futuristic with it? oh yes!! that style is O-Zone’s!! 

Who’ll work with me as I drop this Incognito track called  Black Rain (Instrumental Version)? excuse me, but I’m just doing my due diligence /  getting breakbeat scientific out here on I-20 in Atlanta swerving!  once again it’s on!!

Check this out at Incognito– Black Rain (Instrumental Version)

Kupper/Campbell Project ‎- Never (Dub)

 Sunday Jazz Continues as we proceed and continue with this breakbeat scientific business!

The saga  / struggle continues still broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta some know what the deal is!

The saga  / struggle continues, Brotha O is dropping knowledge like Roy Woods Jr!! ignoring advice supposedly given in these venues but I checked the menus; you lied to me! that’s what I told that wretched beast.

It was after he transformed into the devil supported by his advocates!! they’re back with that and this after setting the trap.

He tried me, but I was the wrong one! supreme courage and maximum strength was exercised plus I prayed to the east.

Diplomatic immunity was also exercised then bravery was exhibited with these beats and quotes!! I’m not taking that crap!

Not deterred by community notes we’re not playing truth games plus we’re not arrogant and aloof in these games! check out this sound dropped from Eric Kupper and Danny Campbell known on this track as The Kupper/Campbell Project ‎ with a track called Never (Dub)

Check us out as we proceed and continue with that house music / jazzdance vibe we had going earlier!! this is what’s up with a bruh!!

HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | April 30, 23

 Sunday Jazz Continues as a wet Sunday morning shifts into a sunny afternoon, we’re doing our due diligence!

The saga  / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on as we drop these weaponized beats and quotes fighting back like we were in Sudan so what’s up man?  my constituents know what the deal is!

Exercising diplomatic immunity from community notes administered by wannabe thought and fashion police while trudging through this valley that’s skin deep in death.

Quickening my pace through that community where jokers are shady “sideways judging” like a John Roberts, Clarence Thomas Supreme Court! my mission? I didn’t abort I’m dipping fast almost out of breath!

Dealing with jokers acting brand new with me, just lost souls of the damned who tried to connect.

Please! ignored those brokers with no customer service skills! I’ll be damned if I let that happen, I’m not next!

I’m just coming with the next, checking out this house music with jazz and soul music elements per these HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | April 30, 23 courtesy of beyond72!

Check us out! Sunday Jazzing and O-Dog Day Partying simultaneously, check out the playlist and the mix to see what the deal will be / what it do!!

Check this out at HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | April 30, 23