Billie Holiday– Long Gone Blues (GXR Remix)

 Sunday Jazz Continues on a wet Sunday afternoon as a so called wintry mix blows through!

Some are getting inches of snow, others freezing rain ; a holding pattern, freezing the pain like I mentioned in my DMV Showcase a few years back? damn! what are we going through?

Following hunches, waiting in the dark? that’s another story, at the moment chilling slowing the pace getting into some good music!

Following hunches, digital crate digging is involved until the problem is solved; until the situation is conducive..

..for getting our minds right; check this insight plus the sound from Billie Holiday with a track called Long Gone Blues (GXR Remix)

GXR adds a trip hop feel to the classic track as we “holla back” getting breakbeat scientific!

 Check The Perspective: Life Is Hectic (Part Five)

We’re coming through on a Thankful Thursday, of course it’s a blessing to be here!

Check the perspective, gratitude is shown by O-Zone but he’ll be the first one to tell you it’s rough out here!

That’s the word from old dude up in Louisville / Newburg every time he greeted someone, plus he said life is hectic!

Plus there was the word from another old dude up in Louisville / Newburg, Mr. Cole referred to the rat race / dog eat dog world;  that word? you had to respect it. 

Reflecting on it since this is also a Throwback Thursday; spotted Mitch McConnell gaslighting, I remembered his ways up in Jefferson County Kentucky. 

He needs to start his on gas and light company, he’s the epitome of a politician with hot air! somebody will see what I’m saying they’ll feel me!

Check this out at Check The Perspective: Life Is Hectic (Part Five)

Mtume – Green Light

Sunday Jazz in conjunction with Digital Crate Digging Continues as we rock these venues!

It’s going down on a wet Sunday afternoon from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta; we’ve got options like a drop down menus. 

It’s going down! we’ve got this good word plus the funky sound, as breakbeat scientific methods are utilized!

It’s going down! but damn! just heard James Mtume just went home to be with the ancestors! 2022 as bad as 2021? not surprised!

We’re checking out this supreme funk from  Mtume  with  a track called Green Light. 

This is off the Juicy Fruit project we’re just coming with something different; check the players and the track! Check It Out! Let’s Go! Alright?

Check this out at Mtume – Green Light

Craig T Cooper – Walk With Me

 Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus as we serve this brunch based on this East Coast time frame!

This meal is appropriate for any time frame, as we get breakbeat scientific rebuking any mind game..

..perpetrated on my people / my constituents as we come with it launching this Sonic Assault!

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy positions as we follow mission statements based on lessons taught!

We’re coming through! O-Dizzle brought this track by guitarist Craig T Cooper accompanied by pianist Eddie Miller called Walk With Me based on digital crate digging techniques!

We’re coming through! this is the dizzle, work with me as we bring these unique breakbeat scientific methods / techniques!

On To The Next: But Dealing With The Aftermath (Part Nine)

We’re moving forward never backwards that’s how that works as we proceed and continue. 

Fabulous Friday business is handled, it’s a blessing to be here so celebration is on the menu.. we rock this and that venue, digital crate digging continues, Flashback Friday business is also handled!

We’re moving on to the next but per Flashback Friday we’ll deal with the aftermath of previous episodes; with fate? some gambled. 

Even O-Dizzle mentioned standing alone against the world, feeling like a giant being defiant.

The reign began with a drizzle now it feels like it’s reigning / raining all over the world per Brook Benton in Rainy Night In Georgia that’s your dude / boy is non compliant. 

Check this out at On To The Next: But Dealing With The Aftermath (Part Nine)

Funk Inc. – Kool Is Back

Sunday Jazz Continues; check us out as we provide this bonus coverage “all up in the game”

It’s going down on this first Sunday in 2022 plus we’ve got this Capricorn New Moon!! a lot of moving parts up in the game…

But we’re still up in the workshop at the workstation working it all out / going all out but these naysayers claim we’re acting brand new with them..

Showing out, told others to run and tell that!! even on this Sunday evening with this jazz funk we’re O-Dog Day Partying…

… in another form or fashion infuriating the police trying to clock thought and fashion but it’ll prevent us from spazzing on them when we came back..

…Kool Is Back!!…that’s per Funk Inc..check out the players and the track…

70s Spiritual Jazz Mix (Spiritual, Free jazz, Jazz-Funk, Soul Jazz)

Sunday Jazz Continues! the holiday season is coming to a close but a dude is out  here bringing presents  like it’s Christmas with this good word and the music!

On these menus / in these venues? we’re dropping something different, playing the field with this digital crate digging!! some of my constituents are digging the music..

…as they face the music, looking for medicine to ease the pain; belligerent when building these breakbeat scientific experiments?

In the race this is conducive, helping my people deal with it, not yielding as society keeps conducting these social experiments..

Social engineering? they’ll use it but my people will deal with it!! listening to this medicine,  70s Spiritual Jazz Mix (Spiritual, Free jazz, Jazz-Funk, Soul Jazz, Afrobeat..) this is courtesy of the Magical Mystery Mix

Mechanical engineering by O-Zone of the sonic nature!! using this aged medicine, old stuff is the best stuff!! spiritual significance? check out some of the artists featured and get caught up in the beat / mix!!

Check this out at 70s Spiritual Jazz Mix (Spiritual, Free jazz, Jazz-Funk, Soul Jazz)

The Workshop (Part Eight)

Excuse us but the workshop is open, we’re putting work in even on this Christmas Day. 

Happy holidays to you and yours!!  if you don’t celebrate it? love is still shown that’s how we play!!

The good word is dropped and the music plays, but there’s a crack in the wall plus the roof is on fire but don’t worry. It’s caused by Flashback Friday sounds, we came through with the boom / disco inferno working with sounds that are funky!

It carried over to this Saturday morning, digital crate digging continues we’re rocking! funk in the stocking? oh that’ll be the present! Merry Christmas!

Not “buking and scorning” with the lump of coal that’s not how we roll / not what the deal is!

Check this out at The Workshop (Part Eight)

Talib Kweli – Get By (Remix) Ft. Mos Def, Jay-Z, Kanye West, & Busta Rhymes

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

So far, so good! no complaints / no restraints your dude is just doing the damn  thing dropping this good word and letting the music play!

Check out these Winter Solstice musings, similar to remote outpost musings? yes they are!

Trying to win with soul, house music, jazz, funk or even hip hop tracks; the soundtracks for life? yes they are!

We’re raising the bar with this sound, checking out this Talib Kweli track called  Get By. 

This is the remix Ft. Mos Def, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and  Busta Rhymes; are they putting it down? no need to ask why!

Check this out at Talib Kweli – Get By (Remix) Ft. Mos Def, Jay-Z, Kanye West, & Busta Rhymes

Funk, Inc – Memphis Underground

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday as we proceed and continue with this bonus coverage! 

Still busy in this workshop even during this so called holiday season; we’re working it all out, the product will be above average!

We’ll “holla back atcha” with this good word and of course the sound, by now  y’all should know that’s how we get down!

Rebuking those that “try to get atcha” with the negativity, I know y’all don’t like the way that goes down! 

 We’re coming through listening to some classic jazz funk from Funk, Inc with their version of Herbie Mann’s  Memphis Underground!

Check out the players and the track, it’s going down!

Check this out at Funk, Inc – Memphis Underground