Attack Zone Business (Part Seven)

Peeped game per this HumpDay Extravaganza, like this debt ceiling situation I can see that it’s all  out of control but  we’re going in anyway, catch us entering attack zones!

Asleep in the game? they thought we were but now we’re here going for what we know; once again its on!

Creeping up in the game like Miami Heat with energy thats retro futuristic with a veiled perception.

Entering attack zones avoiding alt – shift – delete moves by the matrix architect! hit the reset button for the future rewind, visiting heaven?

Due to artificial intelligence naysayers mentioned wicked depths like falling into the abyss.

Before moves are made in these attack zones prayers are sent up and blessings come down that don’t miss.

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Crisis Management (Part Ten)

Beats and English are broken representing broken spirits from ongoing clashes with the apparatus but  not like Ken Paxton vs the GOP in Texas!!

Pain and anguish was a byproduct but it influenced my conduct now check how I get breakbeat scientific / check the status!

Writing poetry part of this crisis management, scribbles written  in between spaces on my gas and electric or my  phone bill.

Act like you know me!  like I said earlier I’m holding truths with an ink pen, the real deal.

In this life aka Olympics? Brotha O is a major participant now check the dynamics as javelins of light are thrown!

Part of my crisis management techniques but some naysayers call thought and fashion police; soon technical difficulties are experienced like Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis as websites crash  and circuit boards are blown. 

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Attack Zone Business (Part Five)

We’re out here trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza but per debt ceiling negotiations I knew some of these other participants wouldn’t be fair!

We’re out here in attack zones battling deep fake clones, influenced by Saturn in Pisces  plus the Jupiter  / Mars  / Pluto T-Square!

Now crisis management is needed, so we’re out here on a mission! we’re using a different vision to paint a season.

Drawing maps and blueprints in this attack zone so we can repel the treason before it’s too late, yes! that’s the real reason.

As gun claps are heard in pursuit of the US Mint for Brotha O the Papermate pen and scrap paper are like a brush and canvas!

Weaponized! no limit to everlasting dreams written, plus its accompanied by sounds that are bumping as digital crate digging continues! somebody will understand this!

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Inside Jokers (Part Ten)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Fabulous Friday type of business!

The saga  / struggle continues as we pause for the cause to drop this good word; but it’s a blessing to be here y’all should know what the deal is!

Y’all should know what the real is, y’all should even know the inside joke! Flashback Friday reflecting should help you get your mind right!

We should know what it is we should have a fresh view  / fresh vision based on 20 / 20 hindsight! 

We should know what it is, Brotha O an inside joker playing it like James Brown and the JB’s when he dabbled in escapism? I just had to get away!

Nocturnal when I put in work bro but morning stole my star! Damn! did I have those vampire vibes? my star? in the daylight its swept away!

Other inside jokers were rolling like energy vampires so I ignored them! spotted the Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven so I caught an elevated subway to retrieve my star! a dude is all metro so I’m out above the skyscrapers!

Losing my mind? some didn’t understand the inside joke, everybody ain’t able! thought and fashion police were notified saying I’m dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the Dodge Charger  I didn’t have a title to slipping into town before the expiration of Title 42  on ice / weed / meth or mescaline so authorities will serve papers!

Per another Flashback Friday reference? it’s all about the paper per The Dells because the madness doesn’t stop! inside jokers pulled capers, was a suspect unidentified in the photo lineup or gallery!

It’s Friday night inside jokers just got paid per Johnny Kemp! authority is defied, they’re  out at the club / the dancing reverie!

Being built or torn down per the debatable circumstance? a coincidence, soon recognized by another victim!

Authorities notified; they tried to tell them about those inside jokers earlier! believe me now? asked by the first victim! 

Atjazz – For Real (Fred Everything Spoken Dub)

Digital Crate Digging Continues, this is the Throwback Thursday / Thankful Thursday edition!

The saga / struggle continues!! dude over in Decatur “hollered at me”; told me he’s trying to get it how he’s living..

Mentioned the Hot Boys version of that concept earlier; who’ll work with ya? please!! like the Wagner Group in Bakhmut will tell you, it’s rough out here!!

Mentioned it’s hot out here but it’s still a cold world!! the struggle is real!! as Title 42 expires down by the Mexican border some can bear witness to what I’m trying to tell you;  it’s rough out here!!

For real though!! I’ll put that on everything!! listening to Atjazz with For Real (Fred Everything Spoken Dub)

For real though!! doing the damn thing!! listening to this jazz mixed with house music; Afternoon Jazzing / O-Dog Day Partying! the style is like being in a club!!

The Train Of Thought Derailed But We Prevailed (Part Seven)

Check this preamble as we enter the vestibule for this HumpDay Extravaganza as we drop this good word  / soon we’ll ramble.

We’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost  out off of I-20 in Atlanta, a cruel brilliance when taking this gamble?

We’re also blasting sounds as digital crate digging continues, a tool of deviance per episodes previous, even so called steamy memories?

Casting our fate to the wind per the Vince Guaraldi Trio when this  train of thought is rolling? rules broken! if ever a time to break them? now, no more repeated histories.

Had to admit due to deficiencies and technical difficulties the train of thought derailed like a Norfolk Southern train up in East Palestine!

The mothership gets good mileage so eventually we prevailed like the Lakers beating the Warriors the old spiritual warrior over in Decatur mentioned blessings come in due time!

So the train of thought kept rolling, damn here we go again dropping this word from the author within.

Scattered thoughts are collected from deep inside of me! catch me putting whispered secrets upon parchment.

Ride with me, not rewriting the constitution or laws like these shady GOP state legislators we’re rebuking haters finding the right words for this decoction. 

Rocking it! the train of thought derailed but we prevailed! might as well finish what we started!

Knocking it? that’s what the apparatus will do to the hustle but we’re exercising power  / mental muscle!

The train of thought derailed but we prevailed for those who wonder what’s up with us!

D Train – You’re The One For Me ( Instrumental Mix )

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this HumpDay Extravaganza, by now y’all should know how we do!

This is how it’s going down! we’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, naysayers say we’re just like Tucker Carlson fabricating stories or acting like we knew!!

Had to admit it had me feeling some kind of way but I wasn’t in my feelings to long as I continue to let the music play and drop this good word!

Surprising people like Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat, they thought we were underdogs facing defeat but we have the anointed or so called favorites facing grey area scenarios out there where the lines blurred!

Based on that and this that occurred? I will keep it moving / showing / proving; now that’s usually a good strategy..

It’s going down, you heard? I will keep grooving, the bass will be in a naysayers face proving they’ll have to face the music when they “holla at me”

I will keep grooving!! while digital crate digging I ran across one of my favorite “back in the day” jams that still sounds good!!

Listening to D Train with You’re The One For Me ( Instrumental Mix ); back in the day? rolled down Muhammad Ali Blvd and Broadway up in Louisville in the Oldsmobile Delta 88 jamming this instrumental mix!! damn!! fast forward to August 5th, 2019? it still sounds good!!

Production was handled by Hubert Eaves and Francois Kevorkian ; so what’s up daughter / son?

Corruption is dealt with per this O-Dog Day Party!! one achieves that joyful / peaceful state of mind by letting the music take their mind!! that’s what’s up daughter / son!!

Inside Jokers (Part Five)

On this Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here? like a rapid unscheduled disassembly those inside jokers thought they broke us, I heard the laughter but nothing was funny!

Like Fox News vs Dominion or even the Pillow Guy Mike Lindell they’ll find out it’s all about the money!

A lot of inside jokers took a toke off of this and that yesterday per 4-20 but we were busy enhancing lab techniques from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Local,  national,  international and intergalactic are sets where we drop these mathematics! per this Flashback Friday we’re reminded that we’ve been doing this!! it’s a big world  / universe somebody will understand a brotha..

..out here telling his own inside joke where lions, tigers and dreams are in this fabled poetry..

..along with sharks and piranhas in the waters; there was nowhere to hide for some but all the creatures know me!

Plus the moonless sky didn’t lie, it had a story to tell along with the Solar Eclipse in Aries so I did the math.

Naysayers ask what tune is this? is this poem an illogical lullaby? they ask me is this a joke  / was I on the wrong path? 

Inside jokers were everywhere, damn! the Wagner Group in Sudan?  was I dealing with the wrong staff?  its all about freedom but my oldest complaint was still ignored!

The arch nemesis is on the premises it’s still here on the prowl with that Draymond Green or even James Harden flagrant style even though points were scored!

The joke was not on us! before hope diminishes I  guess I’ll gather the ashes of my silence one more time!

Rekindled the fire, the smooth silent seduction didn’t work! digital crate digging continues as the sounds are turned up plus I’m shouting one more time!

The Sunburst Band / Here Comes The Sunburst Band

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday edition! things can go either way!

By now y’all should know the science that’s being dropped from our remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta! we claimed the terrific outcome, and it’s been a great day!

We’re  coming through O-Dog Day Partying / Afternoon Jazzing, this is how we do during this time frame!

We’re getting breakbeat scientific rebuking the ongoing mind game!!

We’re checking out this classic jazz funk / disco track from The Sunburst Band with Here Comes The Sunburst Band.

It’s a nice way to enjoy this Tuesday evening, we’re putting it down like this!! it’s a big world / universe; somebody will understand!!

Check out some of the key players and the funky track. Let’s Go!!

Bass – Horny Thomas 

 Electric Piano [Rhodes], Synthesizer [Arp] – Jessica Lauren

Guitar – Tony Remy 

 Saxophone, Flute – Mike Parlet 

 Trumpet – Colin Graham 

 Written-By – Joey Negro aka  Dave Lee

Still Collecting Scattered Thoughts (Part Ten)

On this Thankful Thursday where it’s a blessing to be here we’re still collecting these scattered thoughts!

Throwback Thursday energy is also utilized as digital crate digging continues per launching these sonic assaults!

We’re still collecting these scattered thoughts,   processing them like old school factories did raw materials back in the day before being moving overseas, replaced by call centers!

But due to the pandemic skyscrapers sit empty contributing to the banking crisis even though due to electric vehicles and other devices states like Kentucky and Georgia build plants that manufacture batteries, we’ll see how that goes!

While collecting these scattered thoughts and trying to use a fresh view  / fresh vision I see we’re in the midst of the chaos between right and wrong!

I see the thought and fashion police were on patrol along with the morality police! they came through blasting their sounds but I  knew there was something about that ethereal song!

It played in the background as some released secret documents from the Pentagon or they made outlandish confessions after supposedly collecting their scattered thoughts, while others withheld information soon sanctioned like Fox News in the Dominion lawsuit!

Madness? oh yeah! it came back around but did it ever leave? I  see it’s on the rise in these sections as some of these characters try to act cute!

Even politicians try to act cute, sick with it / slick with it! radiance abounds from him or even her but y’all should know it hides the trickster within. 

Some were mesmerized by it, like per the Trump arraignment money is sent for campaigns and legal expenses and some even compared him to Jesus but they’re soon in their feelings..

..after they’re surprised by it? what? after doing the knowledge/ collecting scattered thoughts they found out it was all a grift, they found out about the scam!

In their feelings but still defiant now ready to flip out rolling with the palpable anxiety! all I  can say is  damn!