Breaking You Off Something (Part Nine)

 We’re broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta; it’s a blessing to be here on this Fabulous Friday! it’s a good time to break you off something!

Breakbeat scientific business is handled, reflecting on this since it’s also a Flashback Friday!! we’ve always put the work in, always been up to something!

We’re working it all out,  oh yes you can say we’re bringing something to the table , soon it’ll absorb. 

…within the rejuvenation within this new season as we proceed through Aries season with Taurus season on deck, so so who’s on board?

…the mothership as the Brotha O gets breakbeat scientific? fighting for liberation? the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on, we’ll Spring forward per the Equinox this entity rocks this is not whimsical.

Seeds are planted in the garden, a public one or a secret one per Barry White and Quincy Jones! the Fall harvest? they’ll say it’s sinfully delectable!

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Once Again It’s On As We Interrupt Very Briefly (Part Six)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues per our HumpDay Extravaganza segment, but excuse us as we interrupt very briefly with this good word as we pause for the cause!

Feeling some kind of way about the ongoing proceedings, since we’re officially into Spring per the Equinox!  gardens need seeding for the harvest this fall. 

I’ve got it on default settings based on history repeating during this Aries Season; but it’s the start of a new astrological year,  even the Holi Festival was celebrated by some now we’re going in another direction..

Default settings?  back in the day, like cruising down Broadway in Louisville? is history is repeating? these days catch us out on I-20 in Atlanta plus on all these side streets, call me Side Street Shawty; that’s how these folk are rolling..

Once again it’s on as we interrupt very briefly, relief will be provided with this good word plus the sound!

This is for my constituents coming up short in the sport!! inspiration from the supreme being told me not to abort my mission so supreme courage and maximum strength is utilized! check these breakbeat scientific methods, this is how it’s going down!

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Once Again It’s On As We Interrupt Very Briefly (Part Five)

Another Monday morning has pulled up on us, it’s a blessing to be here / it’s a bonus; once again it’s on!

Excuse us as we interrupt very briefly, maybe relief can be found in these words from O-Zone. 

We’re all up in the building! swords /  knives of truth are thrown all up in the lobby

….or vestibule; what’s best for you? chill out soak up the game / knowledge or break north! even running is life saving it’s more than a hobby!

Once again it’s on, O-Dizzle came through with the Sonic Blackjack to teach some a lesson; who’s delaying the incubation period? things are already ripe.

Once again it’s on, some are doing wrong trying to make it last like Keith Sweat, praying for the magic of forever? they were told to get their minds right.

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Thelonious Monk – Monk’s Dream

Digital Crate Digging  err  Sunday Jazz Continues check us out as we rock these venues, we’re providing bonus coverage!

We’re chilling out in the lab / our remote outpost on a Sunday night trying to get our minds right / trying to get some leverage!

Check out these above average endeavors as we pull these levers, amped up as we proceed into Aries Season?

This Spring Equinox a tipping point? we’re trying to stay step ahead of the ongoing treason!

We’re partying with a purpose / reason checking  out this Thelonious Monk with his Quartet, with a track called Monk’s Dream!!

Check out the players and the track, as we put it down like this!! he’s rolling with a hell of a team!

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Elements Of Life – Innocence And Inspiration

Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out as we come through with this Spring Equinox edition. 

Seasons change / reasons change; to move forward is not strange as we proceed and continue into Aries Season. 

Check us out as we provide seasoning with this sound per the Brotha O Radio aka WBRO as we go for what we know; we’re out here putting it down like this! 

We’re still weaponizing the sound for the ongoing spiritual warfare; oh yes!! we’re still fighting this!

Shining the light with this per Elements Of Life we’re bringing Innocence And Inspiration!

Oh yes, some good soul jazz / jazzdance / housemusic that’s conducive to getting our minds right!! we’re O-Dog Day Partying with a purpose / rocking the nation!!

Tripping Out / Flipping Out (Part Nine)

 Check us out as we come through with this Sunday morning / Spring Equinox edition; seasons change / reasons change.  

We’re moving forward, tripping out / way way out there; like The Winans with Teddy Riley it was time to make that change!

The catch phrase? change or be changed, a lot of people will fall into this category as we move into Aries season!

The next phase? the Isley Brothers mentioned take them to the next one but the sport? it’s a complex one, especially when some act nefarious for no reason!

But I could see what others were saying; they were tripping out! after being abandoned? I had to go rogue!Trying to endure, I wasn’t flipping out but it’s rough out here, no fronting / flexing / swagging / this is not vogue.

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Oh Yes! We’re Back With This! (Part Seven)

Blessed to see this Fabulous Friday; check us out, oh yes! we’re back with this!

Mind wandering reflecting on past episodes per this Flashback Friday time frame; trying to keep track of that and this! 

…as the apparatus tracks this as part of their No Justice No Peace platform!

Check the status for the latest hustle knocks; they want to see us caught out in this or that storm! 

We’re back with this, even though The Arch Nemesis Is On The Premises  ; the home court  was defended!!

We’re back with this! unconventional weapons? that was our advantage! this good word is dropped and beats are blended!

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A Special Groove ♫ Funky, Disco & Club House Mix ♫

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Music Monday edition!

We’re celebrating a new season as Spring is officially here per the Spring Equinox  as we enter Aries season!

Still peeping game, nefarious ones with the treason will try to pull up like Trump and his insurrection !

Not sleeping in the game, various ways and means of survival are unleashed like dropping this good word and beats that bump on your section!

O-Dog Day Partying! we’re listening to DJ Groove with A Special Groove ♫ Funky, Disco & Club House Mix ♫

Check out the playlist and the mix as we stay on the move, still out here getting breakbeat scientific! 

Check this out at A Special Groove ♫ Funky, Disco & Club House Mix ♫

Incognito – Freedom To Love (Reel People Rework)

 Sunday Jazz Continues on a nice cool Sunday afternoon here in Atlanta!

It’s one day after the Spring Equinox as we enter Aries Season; per the Trump Insurrection we keep our eyes on nefarious ones with the treason: somebody will understand a Brotha!

Doing our thing, we’ll rock as beats bump in this section in a jazzy way!

O-Dog Day Partying? low key with it check the celebration of life as we let the music play!

Check us out as we listen to Incognito talk about the Freedom To Love (Reel People Rework)

Oh yes! Soul jazzing / jazz dancing, housing  with a little broken beat! uplifting the masses that are spiritually broke out in these streets! this is how it’ll work!

Nobody Was Checking For It (Part One)

Like the Trump insurrection at the Capitol security was lax; nobody was checking for it!

Hunger Games Peacekeepers from the Capitol needed for those disrespecting it?

Nobody was checking for it, if they were they were trying to make it rain to interrupt the parade.

…or they were connecting with other corrupt ones to implement the charade.

Another facade? nobody was checking for it as facts / the hidden truth coincides with surface cynicism’s presence.

Complacent? not noticing it was like an invisible shadow, an immortal essence.

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