Attack Zone Business (Part Six)

The atmosphere shifted after the arch nemesis entered the premises; it soon became an attack zone.

Irrational fears emphasized? back in the day when the episode transpired Pops said somebody lied, the essence of the whole situation so once again its on!

Don’t get me wrong! besides dropping this good word when trying to repel the attack  Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out!! besides soul food what else is supposed to be on these menus?

Sunday? besides gospel or praise and worship music what else are we supposed to listen to? check these venues..

What it do? it’s a nice day in Atlanta, as we take a break from it all on this Memorial Day Holiday weekend!

What it do? here in Atlanta on Saturday a lot of college and high school parties  / celebrations also took place plus the Atlanta Jazz Festival is taking place! what a weekend! 

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I Guess It’s The Times We’re Living In (Part Nine)

The saga  / struggle continues even though we’re already claiming it! we know it’s going to be a Fabulous Friday, I guess it’s the times we’re living in!

The saga  / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on but per the civil rights catch phrase  / anthem we shall overcome! besides telling us to govern ourselves accordingly the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville said all we need to do is keep living!

That’s Flashback Friday knowledge  / insight being utilized, per lab techniques being enhanced  / advanced! mechanical engineering? we’re building a bridge to the sun!

Everybody loves it per Roy Ayers but of course the devil and his advocates hated on these players sabotaging operations like Pentagon secret document leaks! like Russia vs Ukraine bombs or  armaments attached to the tattered firmament it’ll come undone!

Like NBA eliminated from the playoffs these players not the ones? damn! I guess its the times we’re living in we lack the capacity!

We’re down to earth, tried to change our style and Fly Like An Eagle per Steve Miller or even Thundercat so what’s up with that?  due to debatable circumstances we stayed on earth, now enhaling noxious gases causing palpable anxiety…

…like we were in East Palestine Ohio or even Richmond Indiana or maybe dealing with oil spills out in Richmond California!

I guess it’s the times we’re living in but Brotha O is not giving in! dropping this good word to warn ya!

I guess it’s the times we’re living in with more engineering but can the wreckage of dreaming be repaired by mechanics?

Damn! mechanical, industrial or even social elements accompanied by details full of devilment? damn! not another dream in the divine darkness!

Occupied by the daughter of chaos or the  temptress? y’all should know she’s  bursting into the deluge! 

Riveted to fantasies? I guess it’s the times we’re living in; I pivot to understand these by collecting scattered thoughts, seeking refuge. 

Still Collecting Scattered Thoughts (Part Two)

It’s going down on this Monday morning, during these last few hours of winter as we enter Aries Season per the Spring Equinox that arrives this evening!

It’s a cold morning, winter said its not ready to leave yet that polar vortex is still achieving!

Is the sport complex? still believing that as we collect these scattered thoughts; they’re playing with my mind like a pianist tickling the ivories, those magical keys were played!

So what’s next? epiphanies achieved or methods to the madness achieved for drying up those silent tears caused by the charade?

Still collecting scattered thoughts like lifelines taken by  Credit Suisse per UBS or by those extended by the  Feds to Silicone Valley Bank!  hope didn’t fade, it’s being fueled by persistence. 

We didn’t feel like the invisible man per Ralph Ellison! check us out as all that negativity meets resistance! 

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Critical Stages / In The Meantime Or Between Time PT. 6

We’re coming through  / dipping through on this Fabulous Friday! these are critical stages of development but gratitude is shown, it’s a blessing to be here!

The saga / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on, per Flashback Friday while checking the files unlike the so called Twitter ones I noticed we’ve been doing this for awhile! the mothership gets good mileage we’re still out here!

Oh yeah we’re still out here but  in the meantime or between time we’ve noticed chaos rules but this dude covet swirls of sanity. 

The Main Ingredient mentioned Everybody Plays The Fool but attainment of peace is my main rule; a timeless romance but rebuked by naysayers for the vanity. 

Spotted the impediment, no justice no peace per the chant in 2020 / 2021  due to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor incidents! some want us to see bereavement instead of achievement.

I can still see that look in their eyes, geeked up wanting us stressed out due to “supposedly leveling up” after the Covid-19 pandemic is over but Covid-19 is still here! jokers mention it’s over  but I’m not deceived by it. 

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Critical Stages / In The Meantime Or Between Time PT. 5

Caught in a moment of time, we’re trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza collecting these scattered thoughts for the business at hand.

In the meantime or between time realizing these are critical stages, that I understand!

Somebody will understand when I say life is hectic during these critical stages of development, at the moment all I can do is write about it. 

Those that misrule act a fool, they’re launching attacks like Russia on Ukraine in Bakhmut trying to pillage the village / rob / loot enhancing the situation!  now due to the instigation I’m ready to fight about it!

But I stayed cool, stayed strong exercising supreme courage and maximum strength knowing that life? it’s a  winding path, and it’s easy to get lost. 

But I stayed cool, due to faith? knowing timeless dreams will be fulfilled, so I’ll pay the price  / pay the cost. 

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Lab Techniques (Part Ten)

 Check us out, February is over with! we’re trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza on the first day of March as Pisces Season continues but the science dropped is appropriate for any time frame.

Acting contrary in the midst of this March Madness like its College Basketball? I’m good word and funk dropping multi-tasking y’all but due to the ongoing madness I see it’s all game!

Had to admit, it was scary! lights blinked on the instrument panel, soon the mothership crash landed!  now back down to earth. 

At home where we softly fall; now lab techniques are enhanced, breakbeat studies are advanced out here at our institute refusing to be destitute: is this the spot of our rebirth?

The saga  / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on as our demons had girth around our souls; how will we get over the hump? lab techniques revealed we were locked down like it was 2020 due to Covid 19 but faith will unlock me. 

Soon flying again, blasting off from our runway out here off of I-20 in Atlanta reaching epic heights! who’ll rock with me?

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Lab Techniques (Part Nine)

“a lab technician with a premonition”

Another Monday morning has pulled up on us it’s a blessing  / bonus so lab techniques are enhanced as breakbeat scientific theories are advanced!

The saga  / struggle continues, we drop this science intentionally not accidentally like Wuhan Labs in China per the coronavirus; around the world it advanced!

The saga  / struggle continues, back in the day? some may have danced to Woo Haa I’ve got you all in check per Ol Dirty Bastard and Busta Rhymes!

Some may have checked the menus, enhancing lab techniques  / cramming to understand on drop down menus or on the toolbar wondering how a fool like Donald Trump got far without getting busted for their crimes! 

But these are the times we’re living in but we’re proceeding  / continuing not quitting  / stopping we’re still out here doing the knowledge!

We’re out here, times are spent in local  / national / international and intergalactic frontiers, the mothership gets good mileage…

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Lab Techniques (Part Seven)

Bearing witness to this Thankful Thursday! gratitude is shown, it’s a blessing to be here!

Also handling business of a Throwback Thursday nature when we exercise power per these lab techniques; reflecting on episodes back there.

Back where? back in the day, back there where  plumbers couldn’t stop the runny faucets of oblivion. 

Time keeps on ticking , ticking into the future per Steve Miller trying to Fly Like An Eagle; catch us falling into the deep void. 

Reality keeps tricking us!  while we’re trying fill the void we fell into it due to desires hidden fury! for the weary?  sleep won’t come!

Reality keeps tricking us! like roaches when the lights come on we scurry trying to enhance these lab techniques doing our due diligence! time? we can’t avoid!

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Lab Techniques (Part Six)

Catch us out here doing what we do, we’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Lab techniques are enhanced so that breakbeat scientific principles are advanced! local,  national,  international and intergalactic sets are hit up so somebody will understand a brotha!

It’s going down on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way, we’ve got a lot of work to do manifesting the terrific outcome balancing serenity and chaos in an ongoing circus act!

The saga  / struggle continues as we fight this spiritual warfare, it’s the lightlessness below vs brightness of day. 

Emptiness vs fulfillment is one of the main arguments so how will we deal with it? how will we act?

The soul whispers to us, like Main Ingredient its saying Happiness Is Around The Bend my friend! it’s telling us how to play!

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Lab Techniques (Part Five)

Check us out as Saturday morning shifts into Saturday afternoon as we broadcast live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Lab Techniques are enhanced, breakbeat scientific studies that are advanced are undertaken maybe somebody will understand a brotha!

Brotha O is freaking this for some of his constituents; some said they’re slowly dying, they heard haunting whispers!

Outlook is bleak for some, it got lonely out there but they kept on running / trying to stay afloat but damn! they heard another whisper!

Somebody will “holla back” with the straw that broke the camel’s back / pushing them over the edge? like a polar vortex soulful storms occur!

The outlook? besides bleak it looks dismal, the outcome? it looks abysmal, as the sport is complex as the moon shifts from Libra to Scorpio as I write this;  visions blur. 

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