Critical Stages / In The Meantime Or Between Time PT. 6

We’re coming through  / dipping through on this Fabulous Friday! these are critical stages of development but gratitude is shown, it’s a blessing to be here!

The saga / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on, per Flashback Friday while checking the files unlike the so called Twitter ones I noticed we’ve been doing this for awhile! the mothership gets good mileage we’re still out here!

Oh yeah we’re still out here but  in the meantime or between time we’ve noticed chaos rules but this dude covet swirls of sanity. 

The Main Ingredient mentioned Everybody Plays The Fool but attainment of peace is my main rule; a timeless romance but rebuked by naysayers for the vanity. 

Spotted the impediment, no justice no peace per the chant in 2020 / 2021  due to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor incidents! some want us to see bereavement instead of achievement.

I can still see that look in their eyes, geeked up wanting us stressed out due to “supposedly leveling up” after the Covid-19 pandemic is over but Covid-19 is still here! jokers mention it’s over  but I’m not deceived by it. 

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The Workshop (Part Five)

 This good word started on a Sunday, this breakbeat scientific business continues on the Sabbath: it never ended.

Lord forgive me for opening the workshop but this work is needed there’s spiritual significance in this operation! I didn’t play the fool the Main Ingredient mentioned, my honor defended.

Gatekeepers block the stairwell, was it on my behalf saying this won’t end well?

Hate won’t keep us, Blessed and Highly Favored per the Clark Sisters, I mentioned it earlier! that special justice won’t fail.

Haters try to creep up on us, stressing us while we’re in the workshop but they’ll have to catch me out on the edge of forever.

Haters sleep on us / they weren’t checking for us but will I face the music, similar to Michael Jackson’s Thriller?

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It’s All Game! Plus They Keep Changing The Rules (Part Eight)

We’re coming through on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

Claiming the terrific outcome but peeping game because it’s all game we know how this apparatus will play!

Jokers will try to scam you like Cyber Ninjas In Maricopa County  / out in Arizona. 

…or they’re rolling like Benjamin Netanyahu over in the Gaza Strip trying to drop bombs on you!

The Gap Band mentioned dropping the bomb, plus Charlie Wilson dropped science about the massacre in Tulsa

It’s hard to just move on like the GOP wants America to do from January 6th even though we felt the pressure..

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Oh Yes! We’re Back With This! (Part Five)

 Another Monday morning has rolled around; Oh Yes! We’re back with this!

Being built or torn down?  the question asked during the debatable circumstances!

It’s going down, we’re still trying to make advances but of course opposition is met!

You know these gamblers are out for a fast buck you’ll get played when the bad cards are dealt! 

We’re back with this after we noticed the process  Wasn’t Natural ; there was a drought; its like trying to grow plants without rain water!

We’re back with this after we noticed the process wasn’t natural; like trying to pay the mortgage and others bills by being a trainspotter!

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Collections / Connections (Part Five)

We’re putting it down on this first Monday morning of 2021; it’s time to get down! 

Christmas and New Years Day have come and gone, so it’s time to get it on; it’s time to get down!

What it is? time to get clowned like Trump making phone calls to Brad Raffensperger

…the Georgia Secretary of State about changing votes; minds changing when I drop these quotes / good word on ya..In 2021? errors will be corrected after external and internal inspections..

We’re on one; now the area is disinfected per the arch nemesis on the premises insurrections..

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Eli Escobar – Happiness, Pt. 2

Digital Crate Digging Continues; during this timeframe? Saturday Night Fever is usually in affect..

We get with ya!! hate? digging what’s on these menus? a non-believer will disrespect..

On the other side of the spectrum? all love is shown!! like Terrible / Terrific Tuesday it has to do with the perspective / state of mind..

Who’s disrespecting? usually flagrant agents have something to do with it!! derailed in their Pursuit of Happyness / Happiness unlike Cris Gardner played by Will Smith? reality unkind?

My kind? nappy is the hair, even mine was until I started to rock the baldy!!   El Chapo / Pablo Escobar thug like accusations were met..

The Main Ingredient mentioned Happiness Is Just Around the bend as Eli Escobar brings Happiness, Pt. 2, can you dig it?