It Just Got Real (Part Nine)

Stepped outside this morning here in Atlanta,  soon pelted with big fat raindrops; it just got real!

In another dimension? I felt the pressure wondering when the reign will stop! it’s a Thankful Thursday making it a blessing to be here so what’s the deal?

It’s also a Throwback Thursday, so I’m retro futuristic; but like Barr covering for Trump in the Mueller investigation to ongoing investigations of Trump by the DOJ sometimes suspended between past and future episodes.

Ignoring the present so called because it’s a gift? during the ongoing paradigm shift I’m weighed down by the sediment..

..from the ancient structure / system / matrix that many of us are caught up in with its rules / procedures and it’s codes.

It just got real; I almost doubt the sky that Earth Wind and Fire told us to keep our heads to; ignoring it’s promises, to my detriment?

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The Construction Site (Part Six)

Are we being built or torn down? circumstances are debatable, I spotted yellow construction / crime scene /  caution tape around the entrance.

Under construction or dealing with the corruption? for a brotha like me charges are trumped up,  what was the judge’s sentence?

Fools rush in; charges against Trump per the insurrection should be brought up as jokers say Merrick Garland is moving sucker slow while others like us were just laying in the cut!

Dealing with the Russians? charges Trump never faced  per Robert Mueller but authorities will act brand new with me and you! in a world of trouble like Lou Rawls mentioned, but we were wise to the whole set up! 

I felt the pressure, I told some I wasn’t fooling with them! beats will bump and this good word is dropped per this Octoberfest…

Society will stress ya!! catch me maxing and relaxing at a Fall Festival, reflecting on a Thankful Thursday!! to see it? we’re blessed!!

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The DangerFeel Newbies – What Am I Here For? (Original NDATL Vocal, Danny Krivit Edit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Saturday afternoon shifts into Saturday evening; we’re still achieving..

The saga / struggle continues!! still putting it down!!  from hip hopping to Afternoon Jazzing , even Saturday Night Fever suffering..

The saga / struggle continues!! still putting it down!! breaking through like smugglers hack sawing through the Trump border wall..

The saga / struggle continues!! still putting it down!! not breaking lawslike stealing DNC e-mails; Trump’s out of order y’all..

Mueller tried to tell y’all but some didn’t listen; check these Fox Mulder X-Files styles as your dude gets breakbeat scientific..

Listening to The DangerFeel Newbies with What Am I Here For? (OriginalNDATL Vocal, Danny Krivit Edit)

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Doing The Math / The Aftermath PT.7

Doing the knowledge / doing the math / chilling out for a minute or two; due to the Summer Solstice and Neptune Retrograde?   routines /  rites and rituals have been adjusted.

Good mileage on the mothership? oh yes!! we  went down that path,  chilling out in Savannah / Tybee Island  while in the Dominican Republicthey’re flagrant fouling; shady dealing might be minor or minute to you but it’s serious to us!! 

 What’s good? check the style as a brotha gets breakbeat scientific,  but we trust in the Lord and we try to be of good courage but the world will discourage. 

Doing the knowledge / doing the math? oh yes!! the saga / struggle continues so what’s on these menus?  hopefully meals that will nourish.

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Ignoring The Turbulence PT.9

I mentioned ignoring the turbulence but it’s hard to do when high winds and the rain hit you like Jefferson City, Missouri..

The show me state capitol; prayers sent up blessings will come down, in the Lord we have capital, blessed by his mercy…

Ignoring the turbulence trying to get somebody to work with this; who’ll work with me? it’s like Trump vs The Democrats…

Seeing how they’re trying to work this per House Oversight Committee /  House Judiciary Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee concerning Trump finances, the Mueller Report and policies..

Your a damn lie I was told when I dropped this insight!!  they heard me but try to ignore me when I say the winds of change were blowing like the storms out in Kansas ands Oklahoma; really hard!!

It’s hard to ignore the turbulence when it’s like a hurricane or tornado!!  the landscape was really scarred!

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Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 115

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Tuesday evening, but this science dropped is good for any day..

The saga / struggle continues; Terrible / Terrific Tuesday is what I call this, things can go either way…

Your dude had to pray about it, then accented the terrific!! now letting the music play is the mission..

….also the motto; by now “y’all  should know how it go”; like House panels issuing subpoenas we’re on a mission..

Listening to Liquid Drum and  Bass Mix 115 courtesy of Karisma DNB; this sound has made an  impression on us!!

We’re getting our proper drum and bass dosage; charismatic with these mathematics, check the playlist and the mix for this bonus!!

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Rejuvenated PT. 6

It’s going down on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way..

Just being real with this, claiming terrific outcomes is how we’ll deal with this!!  getting breakbeat scientific, dropping this good word and check the sound, we’ll let the music play!!

Rejuvenated, that’s after enjoying moments / sounds  of silence mentioned by Simon and Garfunkel.

Don’t get me wrong!!  O-Dog jams!!  intergalactic with it, acting extra after  extra terrestrials told me how the funk should go!

Don’t get me wrong!! we’re rejuvenated even though dysfunctional structures and systems are not supported!!  auto correct on this I-Phone said they’re unsustainable.

Don’t get me wrong!!  knew how “getting crunk”  would go per the ATL old school terminology!! plus I heard they’re bringing Freaknik back!!meanwhile,  rocking out will be the strategy towards goals attainable!!

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Cameo – Money (Reese Revamp Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; taking it back to the future is how we’ll play..

Retro-futuristic is the movement, as the O-Dog Day Party morphs into the Friday Night Fever; still peeping game hip to how a non-believer will play..

They’ll try to play us like William Barr supplying a less redacted / tampered with Mueller Report to Democrats; these fanatics  try to play us like we’re rookies in the sport…

They’ll try to play us!! raising the bar like Trump Tariffs on China but you’ll find a brotha prevailing in the sport..

We’re trying to play these sounds that bump, listening to Cameo talking about that Money; is that what it’s all about?

This is the Reese Revamp Remix, put down by Reese aka Kevin Saunderson, so what’s up son? check the track to see what  it’s  all about!!

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DJ Shadow – Count And Estimate (Featuring – The Gift Of Gab)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as Terrible / Terrific Tuesday…

It can go either way; actually?  it’s been a great day!! manifesting the terrific spectrum is how we’ll play..

How were others trying to play? they disrespected like Mitch McConnell insulting intelligence by saying analysis of the Mueller Report is over..

How were these brothas trying to play? haters expected us to fail but we’ll prevail up in this sport; the game is not over!!

How were these brothas trying to play? we’re still on some hip hop from DJ Shadow  with a track called Count And Estimate (Featuring – The Gift Of Gab)

Solesides is in the house!! check out this by-product of doing the mathematics as we count and estimate before it’s too late; breakbeat scientific studies are conducted in the lab!!

Funky Vibes Funk Mix 2019 – Dj XS Monthly Selection (Nu Funk, Breaks, Hip Hop, House & Disco Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; as I’ve mentioned before the business will be retro-futuristic…

Excuse us, but that’s how we do this / that’s how we play as we peep game on how another will play; they thought I missed it..

They tried to lose us, they thought I missed it like William Barr trying to beslick with the Mueller Report…

They tried to lose us, they thought I missed it!!  raising the bar trying to be slick with it like I’m brand new in the sport..

Throughout it all? we didn’t abort this mission!! now with this O-Dog Day Party will make an impression!! check this Friday Feeling!!

Listening to Funky Vibes Funk Mix 2019 – Dj XS Monthly Selection (Nu Funk, Breaks, Hip Hop, House & Disco Mix) courtesy of FunkyVibes UK; from London to the ATL is how we’ll play!! check out the playlist and the mix to see how we’re dealing!!

Funky Vibes Funk Mix 2019 – Dj XS May Selection Tracklist 1. JPDL x Yogi Beats – Intro
2. JPDL x Yogi Beats – Outro
3. Badboe – Under the Spell (DiscObeta DoOva Remix)
4. Kenny Beeper – Wildstyles
5. Wreckx N Effect – Bewildered N Effect (RossGo Edit)
6. Wiley – Boasty (SMP x Dave Nunes Edit)
7. Potatohead People – Quest for Love (Sam O.B.Remix)
8. The Pendletons – You Do You
9. Oumou Sanagre – Yale (Rafranga Edit)
10. Hot Toddy – Spirit Wrestlers
11. Manuel Costela – Interestellar Love (Limpodisco Remix)
12. Bosq – Going to See My Baby
13. Lakeshore Commission – Together (Doug’s Raw Uncut Mix)
14. Mitiko – Give It Up
15. Deelicious – Paradise
16. James Curd – You Give Me Pleasure
17. Toy Beats – Rollercoaster
18. Qdup – Love Rap Thang
19. Busta Rhymes – What’s It Gonna Be (The Niceguys Remix)
20. Dj XS – Unreleased

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