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Sunday Jazz Continues; besides gospel music, what other style or genre are you supposed to listen to on a Sunday?

Schooled up in Louisville  by Tobe Howard and  the Brown Panther, listening to WLOU 1350 as they put it down on a Sunday..

Fooled by Louisville football, thought they had “righted their wrongs” but they snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory against Florida State..

Fooled by Brett Kavanuagh at the confirmation hearings? naw, he was just running plays from the Trump playbook; just a crook showing hate..

…along with Lindsey Graham but we come to jam; listening to Donald Fagen talk about the  New Frontier..

Oh yes!! the Steely Dan alumnus dropping science on us!! check out the all star players and the track as they take us there..




Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; I call it that because it can go both ways..

Actually? it has been a little bit of both, but I wasn’t trying to be a sloth as this good word is dropped and the music plays..

Still running plays!! not trying to choke like the Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets in the NBA Playoffs..

Both lost on their home courts, throwing up too many three point shots!! meanwhile your homie puts it down!! the mission? no aborts, I’m hip to these schemes / plots!! plus I don’t deal with corporate layoffs..

Protecting home courts!! knowing these sports are complex!! I’m chilling in the lab listening to some latin jazz / house music from John Beltran with a track called Candela..

Connecting with my constituents as we move on to the next!! we weren’t  listening to Trump types and their elaborations / fabrications; not much they can tell a brotha!!

Rocking Louisville Cardinal gear all week, we’ve been representing!

It’s in honor of Muhammad Ali, he was called home to another dimension.

Muhammad Ali called Louiville home but he was a citizen of the world.

Today? Motorcades / funeral processions cruise down Muhammad Ali Boulevard and the rest of Louisville’s West End: previously per First 48 episodes the drama unfurled.

Ongoing charades were stressing the constituents, it’s hard on the boulevard / avenue!

Socio / political / economic policies were meant to unravel you!

They even made me travel to the ATL so I could improve my conditions!

It’s rough down here but God is good, he answered our petitions.

Still representing! Rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinal gear as I type this.

Still representing for Louisville but also in honor of Muhammad Ali, some understand what the hype is!

Check out these Satellite Station Transmissions!! Season greetings to you and yours!! of course, that’s if you celebrate Christmas; if not, it’s still all love…

Treasons / reasons not just a street thing!! gatekeepers tried to deal us a bad hand!! like last minute Christmas bargain hunters jokers will push and shove..

Treasons / reasons not just a street thing, even though jokers shot up Northlake Mall in Charlotte, (R.I.P Daquan Westbrook)  they had I-77 messed up more than usual..

Seasons / reasons had me chilling in the lab watching NBA ballers!!  Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant kept shooting but  the Bulls beat the Thunder, even though they’re stressed more than usual…

Even Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers seem more stressed than usual!! even though they have everybody back they’re still no match for the Golden State Warriors!! the effort was a weak one..

On this Christmas Day? we’re blessed but that’s business as usual!! oh!! we continue to go through the storms, reminded by the rain, thunder and lightning from storms that passed through Atlanta this weekend!!

Check out these Satellite Station Transmissions!! I’m playing this hand these gamblers out for a fast buck dealt me, but not on the same page.

Insight dropped per Random Thoughts, after this holiday? you’ll soon get a Clearance Rack Epiphany!! somewhat revolutionary!! That’s per The Sonic Assault!! feel the rage.

Haven’t quite thawed out from the Ice Age, plus I spotted others still in the darkness!!  per these Satellite Station Transmissions?  I’m going in rocking *Hardhat With The Lantern On Top*

It’s like I’m walking in space repairing the International Space Station so supply ships can dock!! Still Intergalactic the Brotha O will rock!! now the Mothership has landed, I’m back on earth bringing this Cosmic Slop.

Local national international and intergalactic is where the drama is but we wont quit and wont stop!!  approaching the final frontier?

Check out these Satellite Station Transmissions per this Holiday Edition!! our vision is clear.

Damn!!  we thought we were doing something,  but like Ronda Rousey we found out it’s nothing.

Adversity anniversaries rolled up; oh!! I stayed strong,  I didn’t give my soul up even though these devil’s advocates got rowdy;  what a joker had was nothing.

Adversity University graduate,  even though I catch sideways glances when I rock the  red and black Louisville Cardinals hat in the midst of the scandal;  oh!!  I went there too.

Louisville / Newburg representative when I deal with it;  analog? digital? I’m real with it!!  oh!!  I take it there too!

ATL and Charlotte / Mecklenburg honorary graduate;  like Digital Underground and 2Pac  with the Same Song this veteran can tell you the same game is going down everywhere.

Actually?  it’s worldwide!! actually?  it’s universal!! we can see what the curse will do, but we continue to rock when we’re out there.

Good and evil collide / coincide; constituents chatted about it on social media: now it’s Anonymous vs ISIS,  damn!!  ain’t that something?

What’s good?  damn!!  now I see what it do!!  like Ben Carson per SNL, I thought we accomplished something!

Damn!!  we thought we were doing something, but as I look around it’s hard to see the results.

The saga / struggle continues;  a brotha is still out here dealing with these cults.

The cult of personality didn’t flatter me, so now John McCain / Lindsay Graham types want to surge per Syria!! similar to  these embellishments that are under attack

I didn’t flaunt with the flamboyant personality, establishments now say it’s nothing: they say we didn’t have the knack…

Usually updating the Captain’s Log, but at the moment I’m analyzing the situation…

In the smoke and fog, enhanced by mirrors lethal doses were administered; it’s Sunday, so where’s the minister? I hope he’s praying!!

What’s up dog?  what’s the prognosis? dude told me he was waiting in the dark saying he had a hunch, but there was no free lunch, so he’s about to blackout…

This veteran in the game now coaches like Jason Kidd or even Steve Kerr out in Golden State; it’s too late to back out…

CIA? per Iran Contra they put the crack out in those streets but you should already know that; if you don’t? you’ll get gaffled…

How did others play? they’ll try to *con ya* by saying #blacklivesmatter influenced Shannon Miles to shoot the deputy in Texas; some don’t know how complex the sport is, they’re left baffled…

How did others play? analyze he situation!! what really matters? files will get pulled as Hunger Games Peacekeepers do what they do!! any peace for you? it’s good work if you can get it..

From explosions in Bangkok to explosions in China!!  to little homie at The Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta with bootleg movies and Coach Bags!! any peace for us? it’s good work if you can get it..

Mystic Voyages taken as I reflect / contemplate /  analyze the situation!! pondering The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space..

Haters discourage, deflecting passes, deflating balls like Tom Brady!! they want to destroy my embellishment, getting *all up in my face*

What’s the prognosis? seminars and classes are conducted!!  soon the Captain’s Log will be updated…

What’s the prognosis? what’s The Weather Report?  Listening to Joe Zawinul / Wayne Shorter, we anaylze the situation, soon the Captain’s Log will be updated…

The saga / struggle continues; damn!! who sparked this? jokers will go at it like Lindsey Graham vs Donald Trump?

A brotha parked this Mothership on earth after a long journey in the galaxy like the New Horizons out by Pluto, so whatcha know? I’m just trying to work with ya, as we try to get over the hump!

Oh yeah!! trying to get over the hump like Patrice Rushen as a brotha gets funky!!  it’s the return of The Hot Messenger…

…since they say *I’m a Hot Mess*  now jokers were stressing me like a Russian does Ukraine but I’m   *Just Trying To Maintain*  Stay Strong!!  life can get the best of ya..

Reality checks are my method of payment,  feeling the pressure due to the ongoing arraignment!! some probably wonder where my swagger is!!

Please!! it’s tight in these hoods, I’m in a slump like Tiger Woods trying to avoid homies with *jammies*  and that O-Jay’s backstabber;  and the dagger he or she has..

Please!! what it do?  I wasn’t trump tight with goods and services in the game!! word from a Louisville representative like the Cardinals.

Rocking the red and black Cardinal colors while Carolina Cruising!! representing the Midwest!!  dude gave me the side eye, he had on gear from the Arizona Cardinals..

We’re locking this down!! unlike the New York prison escapee David Sweat with his practice runs!!

O-Dog is rocking the sound while O-Zone is writing this code; James Brown type Cold Sweats per O-Dog lab techniques with the drums…

Smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors have Ashley Madison constituents going through those changes like the Band of Gypsys AKA  Buddy Miles, Billy Cox and Jimi Hendrix

The Captain’s Log is updated by the Brotha O, now some are mad at him!! please!! this bruh rocks, but foul ones want me to pump brakes like Bendix!!

What it do?  *O-Deezy*  wasn’t trying to be *flambéezy*  he had the basic drum track.

Easy like Sunday Morning!! a player is sticking to the fundamentals per Dean Smith at North Carolina when we come with that!

…or maybe even fast breaking per Jerry Tarkanian and UNLV!! The O-Dog instrumental is the revolutionary soundtrack for spiritual warfare.

Not out here faking it!! a bruh is maintaining you feel me? the physical and mental fitness is enhanced during the evolutionary process as we go there.

Metaphysics studied;  per Russia invading Ukraine they’re letting me know these jokers aren’t playing fair in love or war.

We felt the pressure like an American Sniper so we had to take it back to the basics!! back to square one so we can heal the emotional scar.

Dipping through this marathon in Asics,  Adidas or even Nike Air Maxes even though it got lonely out there.

We kept on running!!  its fundamental how we do this thing!!  knowing where the danger zone will be!

Getting in a zone per Kyle Korver and The Atlanta Hawks will be the business; actually they should #TakeTheWholeTeam..

Getting in a zone per this Black History Month!! but history is still being made!! it’s more than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and I Have A Dream.

The Bilderberg Group 2015 meeting in Austria is based on *I Have A Scheme* per world domination!!

This Louisville / Newburg dude knew it’s not an elite thing when dealing with these flagrant agents!! the basic fundamentals?  jokers plot and scheme in business, government plus religions; no matter the denomination!!


As we proceed and continue!! I’m waiting on the smoke to clear!! winds of change will blow them away!!  then we’ll be using a Fresh View / Fresh Vision!!

Check the menu!! that’s the ticket / the strategy;  like Bill Cosby rape victims from the past coming forward the concept is revisited!!!

Check the menu; drop down or table of contents!! negative naysayers say this concept is prohibited by law!!

Please!!!. like the Missouri state of emergency? next thing you know your victimized by martial law…

What was it that the Marshall saw? smoke and mirrors come into play!! images were manipulated by Adobe Photoshop…

O-Zone / O-Dog?  just waiting on the smoke to clear!! but check out the  BreakBeat Science when the beat is dropped.

What’s really going on? smoke and mirrors have some confused!! players flopped like Blake Griffin!!

…Soon confronted by Trevor Booker types that didn’t believe hypes!! soon we found out they’re a fake griffin!!

Flagrant agents shirtfronted a crook like Tony Abbott vs Vladimir Putin!! accused of being a pussy like Dwight Howard by other NBA players!!

Fake ones flossed and fronted like the GOP but get defeated like Keystone XL pipeline legislation!!!  now they want to say prayers!!

Meanwhile layers of snow blanket half of the country; winds of change were blowing in the storms…

Players like me roll down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie listening to War’s  City Country City waiting on the smoke to clear!!  but so much is going on I don’t know what the norm is!!


Were all up in the spot …once again it’s on!!   the strategy is minding and tending.

…That’s  per old girl spraying the Lysol with the original fragrance due to the epidemic!!  but I also smell bleach and penicillin.

The smell lingers…can we take this? like the OKC Thunder beaten by San Antonio it seems some are through!!  the illness had them one way or another.

Don’t smell the fingers…everybody’s hands are dirty!!’s out of control!! I’m acting like I knew!!  it’s either physical, mental, or spiritual …jokers act like they’re on some “other other”

Who will work with me? actually?  I’m on some “other other”  too!!  doing what I do!!  check the status.

Of course this keeps me in trouble!!  but I won’t resign like Eric Shinseki or Jay Carney.. I continuously bump heads with the apparatus.

Plus merchants of trouble “holla at this”  like Carl Icahn and Phil Mickerson?  but I’m not buying what they’re selling.

Actually these dream merchants are selling these clearance rack epiphanies…while Donald Sterling types make a mess!! now  custodians pull out the bleach and penicillin.

Tires screech due to the ATL shady dealings…the old church van was used in the smash and grab..either Virgin Remy or designer jeans triggered the sense of purpose…

Tired ones reach to throw punches!! ..but there arms are too short to box with God..but check out how we work this…

Science is dropped…others had hunches..or they were misled…now they’re waiting in the dark..

Succumbing to the smell of bleach and penicillin in the home of the shady dealing? victimized by those hating…the smell left a mark…