Deep Enough | Deep House Set | 2021 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out as we put it down on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday..

Things can go either way, but we’ll claim the terrific outcome now check us out as we pull out the drum as we let the music play…

…part of life’s celebration; once again it’s on as we set this O-Dog Day Party off in the midst of the ongoing chaos and confusion..

Hitting the reset button per the end of the Trump Presidency / evil residency? who’ll be on the wrong side of history when tabulating the winning / losing? 

It’s coinciding with the end of Capricorn season, as the new Age of Aquarius takes place per Jupiter and Saturn there soon being joined by the Sun..

…setting off Aquarius season, an end to the nefarious treason initiated by the Trump insurrection?  meanwhile we’ll try to provide reason plus sounds will bump in this and that section; once again it’s on!! 

Dropping this sound that has seasoning, spicy!! we’re listening to Deep Enough | Deep House Set | 2021 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Check out the playlist and the mix, in 2021 we’ll continue to get breakbeat scientific!! we’re dropping this good word and sounds will blast!!

Check this out at Deep Enough | Deep House Set | 2021 Mixed By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast


How Will We Play It? We’ll Be Laying In The Cut (Part Seven)

 We’re chilling out in the lab on this MLK Day; this is how we’ll play it..

We’re laying in the cut recharging batteries after reality battered me soon we’ll be ready to play it! 

What? That good music plus O -Zone will say it with this good word…

That’s how we’re playing it in this danger zone once again it’s on; you heard?

Peeped game based on what occurred like this Trump insurrection..

Not asleep in the game but laying in the cut due to the Covid 19 pandemic in this and that section.

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Collections / Connections (Part Eight)

Check us out as we try to get over the hump; the main focus for the HumpDay Extravaganza..

We’re out here collecting Scattered thoughts, a host of ideas? O-Zone is all the way live broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta ..

We’re connecting with our constituents across the globe, actually across the universe..

We’re correcting errors that were made, actually we’re trying to reverse the curse!

Correcting errors made by the nefarious as they deal with karma as Jupiter and Saturn contribute to this new Age of Aquarius  

But still, an ovation is heard even after what occurred adding to the intrigue; similar to support for Trump after the insurrection but it’s faltering; who’ll be fair with this?

Check this out at Collections / Connections (Part Eight)

Byron The Aquarius ‎– Let Go (Sunshine)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can play out either way..

” Y’all should know how we do” by now; we’ll claim the terrific outcome, then celebrate life / the victory when we pull out the drum to let the music play..

“If you don’t know now you know”; now check the flow as we proceed and continue out in the mainstream of mathematics..

….as I’ve mentioned before it’s rough out here but we’ll take it there; ignoring jokers like these Trump insurgents / fanatics..

Due to the domestic terrorism erratic is the order of the proceedings!!  per this New Moon in Capricorn secret gardens we’re seeding..

Checking the weather, noticed that it’s cloudy, representing the demeanor? in this Age of Aquarius featuring Jupiter and Saturn we’re listening to Byron The Aquarius with a track called Let Go (Sunshine); let go and let the sunshine in? is that what we’re needing?



Deep In Quarantine 03 | Deep House Set | 2021 Mixed By Johnny M

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a  Flashback Friday in conjunction with a Fabulous Friday; we’re hitting the ground running..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on but once again it’s on!! we’ve got the funky drummer drumming…

….using the sound to rebuke all the shady / funny business going down from here in Georgia where we’re trying to straighten things out with Warnock and Ossoff to jokers bum rushing the Capitol up in DC per the Trump Insurrection..

Check the sound and this good word!! breakbeat scientific business is handled, we’re going off!! beats will bump in your section..

Intergalactic!! also  local / national / international; please! from our runway out here on I-20 in Atlanta to out your way, somebody will understand a brotha!!  the mothership gets good mileage

Flying out there  in incandescent skies ignoring Trumps so called new tone / reconciliation /  lies; him and his people were foul with it!

Flying out there, but I’m far from perfect; an impure soul out here souring over the chaos and confusion; spotted the bridge to better days;  Jupiter / Saturn Age of Aquarius?

Taking it there, check out how we’ll work it!! sonic assaults are unleashed battering the nefarious..

Sharing this sound with you as we quarantine from that Covid 19 that’s still on the scene…

Listening to Deep In Quarantine 03 | Deep House Set | 2021 Mixed By Johnny M; check the playlist and the mix as we lay this sound down on the scene..


01. Alexander Saykov – Sea In Heaven (Original Mix) 00:00

02. 07 : 08 – Open Up (Original Mix) 06:16

03. Nenad J – Sunset Flight (Original Mix) 12:08

04. Johnny Da Cruz – Stellar (Rory Cochrane Remix) 18:16

05. Legit Trip – Young Boy Pt 1 (Original Mix) 24:09

06. Spring Reason feat. Groove Tools – Travel In Time (Analog Trip Remix) 29:56

07. Tome R – Personal Assistant (Frink Remix) 34:56

08. Jonna Her – I Dont Know (Original Mix) 40:57

09. Diego Santana, Ross Kiser – Rajahs Revenge (Original Mix) 47:11

10. U-FO – Funny Dreams (Original Mix) 52:54

11. Will Sonic & Electricano – Loca (Original Mix) 57:51

12. MDC (Italy) – Attention Please (Original Mix) 1:04:21



Osunlade – Aquarian Moon

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we handle this Flashback Friday business…

…as we transition into this Friday Night Fever segment, my constituents are eligible for it they know what the deal is…

…as we administer this beat therapy / sonic rehab straight out of the lab located in a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta…

O-Dizzle? the minister of music with medicine straight out the lab like Phizer’s Covid 19 vaccine; they’re out for the money / cash somebody will understand a brotha..

The dizzle? the minister of information will let my people know; no misinformation like the Texas Lawsuit contesting the presidential election…

The dizzle? 2020 has been a rough year, caused by the Capricorn stellium? astrologers tried to tell them..

Now we’re trying to sail on, Jupiter and Saturn leave Capricorn!! they’ll meet December 21st in Aquarius for the Great Conjunction..

The Age of Aquarius? Osunlade even mentioned the  Aquarian Moon check the tune; he’s dropping that funk son!!

Minding and Tending (Part Eight)

It’s Going Down on this Sunday morning / Sunday afternoon now we move on to Sunday evening as this is the rebuttal to the ongoing “buking and scorning”

The Next Chapter awaits  but we’re reflecting on past episodes moving past successes and failures but soon in forward modes again..

New day / new age as the energy shifts from Scorpio to Sagittarius Season

Astrologers mention a new Age of Aquarius as Jupiter and Saturn meet there in December during the holiday season! 

Rock with us we’re minding and tending to this breakbeat scientific business..

Rock with us! beat blending and good word dropping not quitting / stopping my constituents know what the deal is!

Check this out at Minding and Tending (Part Eight)

Caught Up In The Middle Of The Action (Part Five)

It’s going down, check us out!! once again it’s on!! using a lot of catch phrases in this first sentence..

We’re caught up in the middle of the action, like Pete Buttigieg losing traction? hopes diminishing for the finish?

Maybe Bernie Sanders is losing traction you dig? Joe Biden with the momentum? meanwhile we’re Freedom Riding  with the 2.0 version after receiving the ultimatum…

Learning / understanding after the mothership was landing!! O-Dizzle solved the sonic riddle while O-Zone willl provide the description verbatum..

Caught up in the middle of the action, grandstanding? naw!! plans will fizzle as the heat sizzles / singes leading to losing streaks / binges…

Astrologers blame it on Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and back to Aquarius in the ongoing Age Of Aquarius mentioned by Okada Taxi and Rich Medina; you might have seen this brotha out on the fringes..

Check this out at Caught Up In The Middle Of The Action (Part Five)

Okada Taxi aka Kanoe feat. Rich Medina – Age of Aquarius

Sunday Jazz Continues, check these menus full of soul food  as we drop this soul jazz on the masses..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on; at Sunday morning services circumstances are prayed on!! then your dude advances!!

Taking chances as the madness continues, methods are developed to cope as the masses are preyed on by those that manage the reign of terror..

Of course the reign began with a drizzle but with the sound it’s rebuked by O-Dizzle;  meanwhile O-Zone noticed in love or war nothing was fair…

Who’s fair with this? Okada Taxi aka Kanoe feat. Rich Medina mentioned the Age of Aquarius; is this how business will be handled?

Taking it there with this jazz / spoken word in the midst of Pisces season in the middle of the Age of Aquarius; breakbeat scientific business is handled..

Check this out at Okada Taxi aka Kanoe feat. Rich Medina – Age of Aquarius