Funky House ” Special New Year 2022 *Last*!! ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday afternoon, but this has other major implications!

It’s also a Fabulous Friday, due to it being a blessing to be here plus it’s Christmas Eve, check the situations!

Plus we’re setting this O-Dog Day Party off, it’s good time for it so we’re going for it, putting it down like this!

Check out this workshop byproduct to clock my conduct as we drop this good word and the sound like this!

It’s going down like this per this Funky House ” Special New Year 2022 *Last*!! ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Check out the playlist and the mix, O-Dog Day Party to this! from 2022 to beyond we’ll continue to get breakbeat scientific!!

1: Da Clubbmaster – Rapper’s Delight (Extended Mix)

2: Adri Block – Jack With Barry (Club Mix)

3: Block & Crown – Get Down on It (Original Mix)

4: Crazibiza – Cali Soul (Tommyboy Remix)

5: Crazibiza – Fresh (Frank Caro, Alemany Remix)

6: Luca Debonaire – Pump Up The Jam

7: Block & Crown – Rock The Discotec

8: Luca Debonaire – Sussidio (Extended Mix)

9: Block & Crown – Last Dance (Extended Mix)

10: Block & Crown – Havin’ Such A Good Time

11: Bruno Verdugo – Spank (Original Mix)

12: Marcelo Diaz – Dance and amp; Ready

13: No Hopes – Paradise (Dub Mix)

14: Peter Brown – Fever (Mike Newman Extended Remix)

15: Soul Groove – Papa was a Rolling Stone (Pagany vs Soul Groove Horn Mix)

On To The Next; But Dealing With The Aftermath (Part Two)

Just had the Winter Solstice, setting off Capricorn season; it’s a Flashback Friday plus Christmas Eve as we still believe as the year 2021 comes to a close. 

We’re moving on to the next, it’s also a Fabulous Friday per it being a blessing to be here but we’re carrying excess baggage per the aftermath of the year’s episodes. 

Check the modes, moving forward is the business but we’ll have to tie up some loose ends!

Check the modes, some of y’all know what the deal is per hanging on a string like Loose Ends. 

Check the modes, still breakbeat  scientific dropping this good word and busting loose with the funky blends like Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers

Check the modes, still breakbeat scientific still busy in this workshop now bear witness to what this work does!

Check this out at On To The Next; But Dealing With The Aftermath (Part Two)

Ron Trent – Ori Space

Sunday Jazz err I mean Afternoon Jazz Continues, in conjunction with this Christmas Eve

Digital Crate Digging Continues, dropping jazz funk / soul jazz is the function; trying to achieve..

Please believe me, it’s going down check the sound!!  we’re spazzing on the  dysfunctional..

Local / National / International / Intergalactic; outer space? razzing done by aliens they told me how the funk should go…

Getting crunk though, in another form or fashion; caught up in this Afro /  Latin / future jazz fusion vibe provided by Ron Trent with a Jean-Luc Ponty tribute track called  Ori Space..

Slam dunks over naysayers when going to the hoop by this spiritual warfare baller / troop that’s on the case..