Crisis Management (Part Seven)

Damn! here we go again with these remote outpost musings, these Terrible / Terrific Tuesday rants and raves, based on the premise that things can go either way!

We’re getting local,  national,  international and intergalactic with it, booking flights of fantasy with travel agencies? flagrant is how constituents of those realms act they didn’t like how the Brotha O was trying to play!

Now I’m in the midst of crisis management, thought and fashion police say a dude misbehaves due to the internal or external stimuli.

This dude is damned if he did or didn’t, they want me caught out there like Rudy Giuliani but the sound and this poetry takes me away, reality just a lie?

Reality? we’ll remix it like O-Dog at the podcast beats will blast like guns on these streets blast while jokers talk about the second amendment!

Coming through with AR-15s like their ready to help the Ukraine army against Russia with its crisis management!

Or are they really fighting the Wagner Group, as they get sick with it  / slick with it! profits in Sudan they try to recoup the struggle is real!

Back in the day up in Louisville? Robert Wagner It Takes A Thief types had their own crisis management; they pulled capers then dipped in the Cadillac Coupe Deville.

Ignoring John Durham types the Russia aided Trump coup / insurrection was real but due to my own crisis management I’m trying to chill but in the middle of silence I was soon interrupted.

Listening plus visualizing the sequence; a breeze of footsteps let us know it’s corrupted.

What? the hideout, like the Isley Brothers Footsteps In The Dark footsteps are heard in our  secret corridors!

We’ll have to ride out, crisis management has us dipping through on I-20 in Atlanta the vehicle crashes  through the fortress creating open doors!


Critical Stages / In The Meantime Or Between Time PT. 8

Coming through on this Monday morning, during these critical stages of development; still in the lab with these dry ink pens. 

Plus torn pages from the legal pad, or maybe in the meantime or between time I’ll enhance lab techniques by getting high technical and hit send. 

Per iPhone emails, maybe Brotha O will get on an O-Dog instrumental where he travels  / sails where he whispered crimson poetry.

Once again its on! this insight? fables told or slivers of light? we’re working it all out reading the teleprompter or interpreting whatever reality shows me. Mesmerized by that saucy woman with emerald eyes from Bombay who came through with insight acting like she knows me!

She taught us something, heard fables were told plus lies so during these critical stages I had it on Louisville / Newburg default settings always going by what people show me. 

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We’ve Got A Lot Of Work To Do (Part Five)

Check us out as we come through on this Thankful Thursday!!  this is a test and only a test of the emergency broadcast system / a test on how we’re living;  at the end of the day? we’ve got a lot of work to do!! 

We’re still out here broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, somebody will understand a brotha out here acting like he knew!

Somebody will understand a brotha as I document these facts! per Throwback Thursday energy we’ve been doing this!!  out here doing the knowledge / recognizing the pattern  I’m not out here playing the truth game.   

The saga  / struggle continues, we’ve got a lot of work to do but I can see the devil and his advocates will be ruthless in this game.   

Some bite the hand that feeds them but toothless in the game plus at the podcast  they say O-Dog’s bark is bigger than his bite.   

Plus they say I’m barking up the wrong tree when I drop this sound plus this good word  / insight. 

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Taking It Off The Top : The Train Of Thought Is Rolling (Part Eight)

On this Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here were still taking these thoughts off the top of the head. 

The Train Of Thought Is Rolling like a MARTA Train dipping down the tracks westbound towards the Hamilton Holmes station; wrong direction? oh oh! apparently some are misled. 

Some are misled / waiting in the dark per the O- Dog Podcast concept, check the Flashback Friday reference! but there’s no benevolence; like here in Atlanta area especially down in Griffin, another storm? “if it ain’t one thing it’s another”  its part of the storm chasers lament.

Top of the head thought management as I look for a shred of evidence; winds of change blow through a corridor of echoes!!

Damned if we do or don’t, but is chaos the norm? there’s a long line for the next to pass judgment!

So they’ll be wrong but we’re staying strong with the Supreme Courage and maximum strength as even the broken heart echoes!

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They Need To Recognize The Pattern (Part Nine)

 It’s right there in front of them, it should be obvious! they’ll have to recognize the pattern!

That’s what they need to do, at least act like they knew as reality keeps bruising  / battering. 

From this Sunday morning and beyond  spiritual warfare continues and we’ll keep battling! check out this stormy poetry with lyrics that rain.

Hopefully zen or insight is gained, after this good word and the beat is dropped as Sunday Jazz Continues maybe its received like echoes in rain.

Out there, where the reign began with a drizzle!! it’s where realms of dark and light are stained by the sound and the prose!

Storming, heavy like a polar vortex or a California bomb cyclone; once again it’s on but now? it’s like some want nature’s dark door to close.

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They Need To Recognize The Pattern (Part Seven)

Discernment is needed when fertile soil is seeded! per getting over the hump due to this HumpDay Extravaganza? they’ll need to recognize the pattern!

Earning it, plus paying the price?  wasn’t spoiled but needed a fresh anointing but reality is disappointing it keeps bruising and battering!

Recognizing the pattern? we still did the damn thing! the funk is still dropped and my journal was full of these scattered tales.

The byproduct of scattered thoughts; a host of ideas running through my mind it never fails.. go there; sometimes way way out there / sometimes real / sometimes a fantasy. 

Sometimes politically incorrect, but its a big world  / universe  somebody will understand me. 

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Ready To Roll / We’re On Our Way!! (Part Seven)

We’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can go either way!

But we’ll proceed and continue trying to manifest the terrific outcome, we’re ready to roll / we’re on our way!

But we see how these earthlings will play, like Russia vs Ukraine supposedly going hard!  they’re motivated  by animalistic hunger and thirst!

How did they work things? they’re ready to roll! celebrated? oh yeah life is, maybe even O-Dog Day Partying!! it’s good! enjoying the harvest feast!

Just when they least expect it? karma is dealt with it seems reality hated! that endeavor? it’ll disintegrate.

A sulfurous breeze blows; hazardous material / poison? like 2022 Midterm Elections pundits / so called experts and authorities corroborate.

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How Did We Try To Act? (Part Ten)

Another Monday morning has pulled up on us, it’s a blessing / bonus so how did we try to act?

Being built or torn down per debatable circumstances? it’s all about survival so we’re out here taking chances, showing naysayers we have the knack!

They’re trying to say we don’t know how to act, earthlings are causing chaos and mayhem from Ukraine to Yemen to all points beyond and between!

Next level dramatics occur on local / national / international and intergalactic fronts, the dude O-Zone never fronts, ready to roll after observing the scene!

The next devil’s mathematics were obscene! I’m trying to stay a step ahead, actually I was three steps away from that monster!

How did we try to act? it got lonely out there but we kept on running at top speed! a misplaced breath? it’ll be all over!

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Breaking You Off Something (Part Six)

Check us out! it’s going down on this Saturday morning, once prime time for this blog!

The science dropped is appropriate for any time frame as we rebuke the ongoing mind games / the smoke and mirrors / fog

We’re breaking you off something, O-Dog will drop the beat while O-Zone will drop this good word!

Alter egos synchronized not like Vernon Jones, altered negroes caught up in Trump stolen election lies, and oh yes that insurrection occurred!

Some seem surprised as we put it down like this as we continue to get breakbeat scientific; we’re just trying to break you off something!

Some seem surprised we’re still out here, we still felt the pressure! that’s what it do! as long as we’re on earth there’s always going to be something!

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Breaking You Off Something (Part Five)

 On this Thankful Thursday where it’s a blessing to be here? we’re breaking you off something!

Throwback Thursday business is also handled; per reflecting / doing the knowledge? we realized there’s always something!

There’s always something! from the dramatic to the mystical as mystic flowered deities are even out here interfacing with concrete roses

……from talking sidewalks where the next level dramatics are formulated by those talking sideways as the devil opposes.

Is this what growth is? O-Zone took an oath to have faith; now witnessing magic in the rain.

Now we’re out here breaking you off something! this is the byproduct but even though I took an oath from Atlanta to Ukraine I’m still witnessing the pain.

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