HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | Jan 1, 23

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we get this Music Monday edition going in conjunction with New Year’s Day!

Well, it was actually yesterday but it’s being celebrated on the 2nd of January in the corporate world check us out as the music is weaponized after the drama unfurled you know we had to let it play!

Let us pray? the advice given by the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville along with telling us to govern ourselves accordingly!!

That’s how we’re going to play 2023 you feel me? earlier we mentioned recognizing the pattern, seeing where the border or boundary will be!!

So how will this sound be? it’ll be soulful per this HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | Jan 1, 23 per beyond72!!

Check out the playlist and the mix as we O-Dog Day Party to this!! this is what’s up / what it do!!


Todd Terry – Clear Away The Past

Jesse Bru – Rainforest

Grant Austins – A Thousand Reasons

Reggie Steele Presents Christie Love – Show Ya (Reggie Steele Mix)

Kid Enigma – Easily Triggered (Geology Dubstrumental)

Louie Vega, Caron Wheeler – A New Day (Vega Tosca Solo Mix)

Marc Heun – G Wave

Dj Sphiwe – Mad Sad Piano (Original Mix)

Stim Dzyl – Your Hand (Vocal Mix)

Doug Gomez, Conway Kasey – Baile Espiritual (Main Mix)

Trinidadaindeep – Dutty Thing Tyrone Francis BNY Remix


They Need To Recognize The Pattern (Part Six)

Leaving that old 2022 energy behind unless it’s beneficial, we’ve been official knowing that discernment is needed!

We’ll need to recognize the pattern, especially out there in those treacherous waters that are bruising and battering the vessel; prayers are needed!

Plus, fertile soil will need to be seeded; New Year’s Eve, midnight? to increase the chances of a good year we drunk the magic elixir!

Of course we had the kiss at midnight, we recognize the pattern it provided insight; 2023 a new year/ a new day per this Monday / a new picture!

Of course we’re putting it down like this! a new scripture, written with a poison pen?

Or a magic one; a fresh start? encouraged to have a heart plus old dude from East St. Louis told me to choose my poison. 

Check this out at They Need To Recognize The Pattern (Part Six)

Taking It Off The Top : The Train Of Thought Is Rolling (Part Four)

I’m trying to collect scattered thoughts that are all out there! I’m taking them off the top of my head.. the Louisville Cardinals hat after they were blown out by Kentucky but then Kentucky was shut out by Iowa in the Music City Bowl; me? check out how I’m trying to roll, I’m trying to get the train of thought rolling instead!

Retrospective, it the heart of this thing like Ohio State and CJ Stroud but coming up short,  being disrespected? it’s expected but knowing I should release the past. 

A new year / a new beginning! in 2023 catch me playing it like Keith Sweat trying to make it last / build something that’ll last. 

But stressed, on the edge; first move in 2023? per Mercury being retrograde in Capricorn I was told to wait until February. 

Damn! peeping game / doing the knowledge I could see the devil and his advocates will stay busy!! they’re trying to throw shade, I knew they wouldn’t be fair with me!

Check this out at Taking It Off The Top : The Train Of Thought Is Rolling (Part Four)

Funk Inc. – Kool Is Back

Sunday Jazz Continues; check us out as we provide this bonus coverage “all up in the game”

It’s going down on this first Sunday in 2022 plus we’ve got this Capricorn New Moon!! a lot of moving parts up in the game…

But we’re still up in the workshop at the workstation working it all out / going all out but these naysayers claim we’re acting brand new with them..

Showing out, told others to run and tell that!! even on this Sunday evening with this jazz funk we’re O-Dog Day Partying…

… in another form or fashion infuriating the police trying to clock thought and fashion but it’ll prevent us from spazzing on them when we came back..

…Kool Is Back!!…that’s per Funk Inc..check out the players and the track…

Louie Ramirez – Barrio Nuevo

 Sunday Jazz Continues on this first Sunday of the year 2022; Happy New Year to you and yours!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on, who’s keeping the scores?

We’re trying to move on to the next but still dealing with the 2021 aftermath, doors closing others opening!

We’re trying to move on to the next! bigger plans developed per this New Moon in Capricorn? 

 Check us out as we span the globe brainstorming, blasting off from our runway out here off of I-20 in Atlanta mentioned in my Chronicles. 

Local / national / international and intergalactic is how we move but knowing the devil will oppose. 

We carry on, still trying to reach them and those coming through listening to this Latin Jazz from vibraphonist Louie Ramirez with a track called Barrio Nuevo

This is a continuation from the vibe earlier, check the players and the track to see how / what this work will do!!

Alto Saxophone – Bob Porcelli

Backing Vocals – Erik Alexander Liz LampertSusan Skye

Bass – Gordon EdwardsRasan Jemmott MfalmeWilliam Salter

Congas – Arthur Jenkins

Drums – Bernard Purdie

Guitar – Cornell Dupree

Percussion [Latin] – Johnny Rodriguez

Piano – Paul Griffin

Producer – Jerry MasucciLouie Ramirez

Vibraphone, Timbales – Louie Ramirez

Written-By – L. Ramirez

Johnny M – Infinity | Exclusive Continuous Dj Mix For Future Avenue

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we set this Saturday Night Fever edition off, in conjunction with the NewYears Day celebration!

Check the menus, the written or drop down one! we’re dropping this sound plus the good word / elaboration!

Happy New Year to you and yours, as we bum rush these doors in 2022 with the next level manifestation!

Partying, check these sounds / scores similar to a movie soundtrack type of situation!

Check the situation as we come through with this Johnny M – Infinity | Exclusive Continuous Dj Mix For Future Avenue.

Check out the playlist and the mix as we continue to come through, putting it down on the boulevard / avenue!!

Check this out at Johnny M – Infinity | Exclusive Continuous Dj Mix For Future Avenue

Deep House Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a New Years Day! blessings to you and yours! check these menus as we continue to provide these meals on into 2022. 

These nutrition is of the breakbeat scientific variety, blessing you with it to this dude it’s a priority  / this is what it do!

We’re acting like we knew, working it all out / manifesting a great year from day one!

Coming back through with this O-Dog Day Party, check the life celebration! once again it’s on!

Check us out as we rock this zone with this Deep House Mix courtesy of Smooth Jazz Nation Power

Check out the playlist and the mix, in 2022 and hopefully beyond we’re not playing around with this! 2022? smooth with it, not trying to spaz!! chilling until the last hour!!

Track List:

1.Kyle Kim Luyo – When I think of you [Kyle Kim Soulful mix] (Double Cheese Records)

2.Loleatta Holloway – Cant Let You Go (Louie Vega Josh Milan Truth Dub 1)

3.M-Scape – The way you are [Aroop Roy mix] (Spirit Soul)

4.MarziJ & Gianmarco Bottura – What The Funk Coypright Free Music

5.Matthew Blake ft. Katies Ambition – Saved Me Now Royalty Free Music

6.Moon Rocket Re Tide – Dazzle of Light (Original Version)

7.Mordokhai – Comptech [FHS #006] Royalty Free Music

8.Martello – I need a Lover (Radio Edit)

9.Non Copyrighted Music TUNE-X – Step Back (feat. Anna) [BC Release] (1)

10.Non Copyrighted Music TUNE-X – The Future [BC Release]

On To The Next : But Dealing With The Aftermath (Part Six)

Check us out as we come through on this Saturday morning; it’s New Years Day! 2022 is here we’ve moved on to the next!

But it seems like one step forward and two steps back per the 2021 aftermath..

..that relates to 2020 aftermath per the coronavirus, the Omicron Variant is now prevalent!

..Plus hate makes a resurgence per Trump insurrectionists check the details, the devil is up in it! 

But that’s another story, as we move on to the next but this new year? last night in different neighborhoods and even in the town square celebratory gunfire erupts.

A hostile territory? it was already lit in the city streets but amongst the midnight wisps? the flash of light interrupts.

Check this out at On To The Next : But Dealing With The Aftermath (Part Six)

Glitterbox Radio Show 247: 2021 Highlights Presented By Melvo Baptiste

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Music Monday edition!

We’re broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, this is how we’re living!

Christmas Day celebrated, New Years Day is on deck as 2021 comes to a close!

It’s been a rough ten years, some know what I’m saying but we’re looking forward to 2022, only the devil will oppose…

…that’s the word from the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville he let us know the deal so we govern ourselves accordingly!

We’re coming through acting like we knew with the fashion that’s orderly!

Knowing the thought and fashion police won’t be pleased but we’ll do as we please!

Check us out as we come through with this Glitterbox Radio Show 247: 2021 Highlights Presented By Melvo Baptiste

Check out the playlist and the mix, as we rock this!! from London to Atlanta we’re doing this!!

1. Dimitri From Paris X Fiorious – Music Saved My Life (Marshall Jefferson Remix) [Glitterbox Recordings]

2. Riva Starr feat. Gavin Holligan – If I Could Only Be You (Danny Krivit Edit) [Snatch! Records]

3. Flight Facilities feat. Channel Tres – Light Up (Mousse T’s Dirty Little Shizzle Remix) [Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC]

4. Horse Meat Disco feat. Fi McCluskey – Love If You Need It (Mousse T’s Classic Shizzle) [Glitterbox Recordings]

5. Jungle – Keep Moving (Dave Lee Jungle Boogie Mix) [Z Records]

6. Durand Jones & The Indications – Witchoo [Dead Oceans]

7. Bamily – Party Woman (Crazy P Mix) [Platoon]

8. First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder (Dam Swindle Remix) [Salsoul Records]

9. Willie Ninja & Louie Vega – I’m Hot (Expansions NYC Dub) [Nervous]

10. Ten City – Be Free (Immaculate & Shannon Chambers Mix) [Ultra Records]

11. The Shapeshifters feat. Billy Porter – Finally Ready (Dimitri From Paris T.S.O.P. Remix) [Glitterbox Recordings]

12. JT Donaldson feat. Liv.e – Stay Inside (Sandy Rivera Remix) [Classic Music Company]

13. Gabriels – Love & Hate In A Different Time (Kerri Chandler Vocal Mix) [Gabriels]

14. Dennis Cruz feat. Leo Wood – What U Doing (Mousse T’s Deep Shizzle Remix) [Crosstown Rebels]

15. Ron Basejam – The City [Ron’s Reworks]

16. East Coast Love Affair – Confrontations [Athens Of The North]

17. Dames Brown feat. Andres & Amp Fiddler – What Would You Do [Defected]

18. Emanative & Liz Elensky – Love & Light feat. Dan Jose & Deoke (Awkward Corners Life & Death Mix) [Home Planet Recordings]

19. Snips feat. Pauline Taylor – Say It [Classic Music Company]

20. Junior Jack presents Glory feat. Jocelyn Brown – Hold Me Up (Michael Gray Remix) [Defected]

21. Spiller feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Groovejet (If This Aint Love)(Riva Starr Disco Odyssey Vocal Mix) [Defected]

22. Seamus Haji feat. Mike Dunn – Disco Dreams [Big Love]

23. Elvin T – Get Close [Regraded]

24. Hadiya George – Hot Flavour (Godmode Smash Bros Remix) [The Remedy Project]

The Workshop (Part Nine)

As Monday morning shifts into Monday afternoon the workshop is up and running, even during this holiday season. 

Christmas just passed, New Years Day is next as 2021 comes to a close; it’s been a long ten years, somebody can “see what I’m saying”

We’re coming through with no delaying, the Journey continues, plus the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on as we move on to the next!

We’re still getting busy in this workshop, no time to quit / stop even though the sport is complex! 

Oh yes!! the sport is complex! busy in the workshop previously but endeavors came up short; the rise and the fall will forever haunt my dreams.

The past episodes? I tried to let them go by being in futuristic mode but the chat room? it’s busy full of Trump Patriots full of contagious whispers about plots / schemes.

Check this out at The Workshop (Part Nine)