The Mothership Gets Good Mileage (Part Four)

The mothership gets good mileage, already made moves on this Thankful Thursday morning! it’s a blessing to be here!

A brotha gets local  / national  / international and intergalactic with it from here in Atlanta to Louisville  / Newburg to London and Johannesburg to Pluto and Mars, oh yes we’re out here!

Now out here on the Southside, was there a sewage spill? the funk is rambunctious! Dekalb County is known for sewage spills, especially into Snapfinger Creek!

But we continue to ride for freedom, the mothership gets good mileage even though we’re out here dealing with these shady deals when lights blinked on the instrument panel  due to a shadetree mechanics tweaks!

But Brotha O deals with it, knowing Seasons Change / Reasons Change,  we’re hanging in here until the magnolias bloom. 

The Spring Equinox approaches but in more ways than one polar vortex behavior is detected, some are disrespected; more doom and gloom?

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I Guess It’s The Times We’re Living In (Part Five)

Check us out as we come through on what I refer to as a Terrible  / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

But per the Book of Psalms “this is the day the Lord has made so let us rejoice and be glad in it“,  we’re in it to win it! we’ll manifest the terrific outcome then pulling out the drum for the celebration  / to let the music play!

But we’re not naive opposition is expected from the devil and his advocates! I guess it’s the times we’re living in! as  previous episodes went down soon tears fell, they even traveled like drops of rain.

Like the California atmospheric river or  ongoing return of the polar vortex winter’s second wind froze them, was it an omen symbolizing the pain?

I guess it’s the times we’re living in, but the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville told us to keep living! the distant future? that’s where we’re trying to escape to!

Uncertainty awaits,  y’all should know the struggle is real plus the escape route is opaque too!

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Lab Techniques (Part Five)

Check us out as Saturday morning shifts into Saturday afternoon as we broadcast live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Lab Techniques are enhanced, breakbeat scientific studies that are advanced are undertaken maybe somebody will understand a brotha!

Brotha O is freaking this for some of his constituents; some said they’re slowly dying, they heard haunting whispers!

Outlook is bleak for some, it got lonely out there but they kept on running / trying to stay afloat but damn! they heard another whisper!

Somebody will “holla back” with the straw that broke the camel’s back / pushing them over the edge? like a polar vortex soulful storms occur!

The outlook? besides bleak it looks dismal, the outcome? it looks abysmal, as the sport is complex as the moon shifts from Libra to Scorpio as I write this;  visions blur. 

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Lights Were Blinking On The Instrument Panel (Part Ten)

We’re trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza but lights were blinking on the instrument panel!

Something just ain’t right per Keith Sweat, some were mad because I didn’t follow recommendations from the board of directors or a blue ribbon panel!

Like old dude from East St Louis told me back in the day? choose your poison, as you go through the rigmarole..

Check that attitude at the door like the GOP should have done per Joe Biden’s State of The Union address;  play on player! keep it pimping or be caste out on an island of lost souls. 

Longitude or latitude determined by the attitude check those settings or readings on the instrument panel! told to join the collective or get disrespected. 

Plan Z chosen, your dude kept it moving catch me dipping through! give me blue skies and fresh air? I’m disconnected!

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They Need To Recognize The Pattern (Part Nine)

 It’s right there in front of them, it should be obvious! they’ll have to recognize the pattern!

That’s what they need to do, at least act like they knew as reality keeps bruising  / battering. 

From this Sunday morning and beyond  spiritual warfare continues and we’ll keep battling! check out this stormy poetry with lyrics that rain.

Hopefully zen or insight is gained, after this good word and the beat is dropped as Sunday Jazz Continues maybe its received like echoes in rain.

Out there, where the reign began with a drizzle!! it’s where realms of dark and light are stained by the sound and the prose!

Storming, heavy like a polar vortex or a California bomb cyclone; once again it’s on but now? it’s like some want nature’s dark door to close.

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Taking It Off The Top : The Train Of Thought Is Rolling (Part Six)

Per this Throwback Thursday / Thankful Thursday combo? I’m taking it off the top of my head like the Atlanta Falcons hat, they’ll play Tampa Bay this weekend but what difference does it make, they didn’t make the playoffs anyway. 

These scattered thoughts are collected, the train of thought just left the station accompanied by the music I choose to play. 

Digital Crate Digging Continues, some will even ask is there a message in the music, like the O’Jays provided? of course, just ask the song. 

Inspiration or an ominous warning? like my Terrible / Terrific Tuesday concept it can go either way so you can’t go wrong!

Recognize the pattern? reality still bruising and battering so  sometimes it can be a fantasy or it can be way too real. 

Recognize the pattern! while reality is still bruising and battering check out the sound!!  that next verse in the song will tell you the way to feel!  

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Funky Disco House 2022 / 2023 by Philgood 5336 Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

We’re coming through after dealing with technical difficulties due to the winter storm / polar vortex that passed through; nothing compared to what Buffalo and Erie County dealt with; for them? we’ll need to pray!

What a so called holiday season! what a start to Capricorn season but we’re getting back on track by letting the music play plus dropping this good word!

Jokers are still “hot” with the treason but the sound is weaponized to repel them, currently dropping this Funky Disco House 2022 / 2023 by Philgood 5336 Mix! you heard?

If you haven’t heard a Philgood 5336 mix check out the playlist and this mix!!

Check it out, it’s all good!! we’re not playing with this, we’re still getting breakbeat scientific!!

1: Block & Crown – Grease
2: Block & Crown – Keep On
3: Block & Crown – Rock That Disco Sound
4: Andrey Exx – Come Together (Crazibiza Remix)
5: Crazibiza – Cali Soul (Tommyboy Remix)
6: House of Prayers – Disco Stepper (Original Mix)
7: Block & Crown – Betty Davies
8: Luca Debonaire – Wanne Say Yes (Block & Crown & Maickel Telussa Mix)
9: Nari – That’s the Way (Original Mix)
10: Crazibiza – Latin Lover (Original Mix)
11: Dubmaster – Conga (Tribal Mix)
12: GhostMasters – Get The Satisfaction (Extended Mix)
13: Funky Gurlz – Saturday It’s Comin’
14: Dj Aiblo – Gimme (Original Mx)
15: Richard Grey – Kiss 2022 (Original Funky Mix)
16: Richard Grey – Don’t Stop the Music (Original Mix)
17: Block & Crown – Her Name Is Billie Jean (Original Mix)
18: Ghostbusterz – Dance All Night Long (Original Mix)
19: Steve Tosi – You Should Be Yeah (Original Mix)
20: Nari – Tonight (Original Mix)
21: Crazibiza – So in Love (Mike Newman Remix)
22: Crazibiza – My Lips (House of Prayers Pride Edit)
23: Maickel Telussa – Message in a Bottle (Original Mix)
24: Martina Budde – A Woman (Extended Mix)
25: Mark Lower – All Eyes On You (Edit)
26: Crazibiza – Thinking About (House of Prayers Remix)
27: Rodney Hunter – Wishing Well

They Need To Recognize The Pattern (Part Three)

Some need to study the transcripts like reporters looking over information from the January 6th Select Committee!

They Need To Recognize The Pattern, but like Tory Lanez being dragged out in those social media streets don’t expect any pity from the street committee. 

I wasn’t surprised that so called player couldn’t find any favor with his former girlfriend; she was chilling out at home in this single degree weather; she liked her coffee sweet, a touch of cream. 

She sipped it, thought about this and that then threw frozen roses  that were left on the porch in the fire! for him and her time has expired, so what’s next?

Last minute heroics / indulgence from dude, did he need to recognize the pattern!! especially that the sport is complex!! he might not win with yesterday’s dreams/

The world was cold / made of ice he found out; oh yeah!! he found out “it ain’t nothing nice” like this ongoing polar vortex? 

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Defected Radio Show Most Rated Special Hosted by Monki – 23.12.22

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue to put it down on this Flashback Friday / Fabulous Friday conjunction! 

The saga / struggle continues, damn!! has it always been this way? we kept it moving anyhow / anyway so check the life celebration as we let the music play!! at the moment this is our function!

Oh!! it was rough out here, we tried to Getaway like Earth Wind and Fire! we were out there in treacherous waters with the sharks and piranhas where violent oceanic winds pummeled the vessel. 

 Familiar, like ongoing proceedings on terra firma per this polar vortex I keep telling y’all the sport is complex!! it’s just like frantic winds of change blowing..  

We knew what the deal was, business as usual? I even mentioned the temperature rising but it seems to still be a cold world / it seems like a another tropical storm stressed us..

 Like storms in life? business as usual like the ongoing toil and strife!!  those that felt the heat were knowing. 

 In the midst of the ongoing madness, we’re coming through with this  Defected Radio Show Most Rated Special Hosted by Monki – 23.12.22

Check out the playlist and the mix as we come through rocking the house!! this is what’s up / what it do!!

1. Honey Dijon & Channel Tres – Show Me Some Love [Classic Music Company] 00:00

2. Jimi Jules – My City’s On Fire (Rafael Remix) [Innervisions] 05:18

3. Jamie Jones – My Paradise [Defected] 09:21

4. Dennis Cruz – Ready For The Blues [Muse] 13:33

5. Eats Everything – Tell You What It Is (Shermanology SoulTec Mix) [Three Six Zero Recordings] 15:58

6. Todd Terry & Riva Starr – This Is The Sound [Hot Creations] 19:31

7. R.E.A.D feat. Sailor Jane – Where’s My Phone (Marco Faraone Remix) [DFTD] 23:35

8. B Beat Girls – For The Same Man (Nic Fancuilli Remix) [Defected] 27:08

9. LF SYSTEM – Afraid To Feel (CID Remix) [Warner] 31:12

10. John Summit – La Danza [Defected] 35:20

11. Dom Dolla feat. Clementine Douglas – Miracle Maker [Three Six Zero] 40:21

12. Kerri Chandler feat. Lady Linn – You Get Lost In It (The Warehouse Project) [Kaoz Theory] 44:58

13. Louie Vega Feat. Robyn – All My Love [Nervous] 48:24

14. Beyoncé – Break My Soul [Columbia] 52:58

15. Melvo Baptiste feat. Jamie 3:26 & Annette Bowan – Gonna Be Alright [Glitterbox Recordings] 57:31

16. Chloé Caillet – Love Aint Over (Club Edit) [Xcess Recs] 1:02:20

17. Ezel feat. Rona Ray – Don’t Know Yet [Bayacou Records] 1:06:37

18. Hannah Wants feat. Clementine Douglas – Cure My Desire [Defected] 1:11:43

19. Darius Syrossian & George Smeddles – Back In The Dance [DFTD] 1:17:36

20. Loods & Mall Grab – Love Is Real [Steel City Dance Discs] 1:20:37

21. Fred Again – Delilah (pull me out of this) [Atlantic] 1:25:11

22. Interplanetary Criminal & Eliza Rose – B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All) [Rosebud Recordings] 1:28:47

23. The Martinez Brothers feat. Leven Kali & Scott Storch – Just A Feeling [Cuttin’ Headz] 1:32:36

24. Maya Jane Coles feat. Moxie Knox – Freefall [I/AM/ME] 1:36:43

25. S.A.M. Feat. Sarah Ikumu – Spotlight [Defected] 1:41:24

26. Beltran (BR) – Smack Yo’ [Solid Grooves] 1:45:50

27. Diplo & Melé Feat. Busta Rhymes – Right 2 Left [Higher Ground] 1:48:21

28. Rampa feat. Chuala – Les Gout [Keinemusik] 1:49:51

29. ANOTR & Abel Balder – Vertigo [No Art] 1:54:18

30. LP Giobbi feat. DJ Tennis & Joseph Ashworth – All In A Dream [Counter Records] 1:58:22

FULL VINYL | Late 90s & Early 00s Hiphop Set | DJ MUKECCHO@Octave

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Flashback Friday, in conjunction with a Fabulous Friday vibe due to it being a blessing to be here!!

A lot of other moving parts involved, from the Winter Solstice, to the New Moon In Capricorn, Christmas Day on deck plus we’re in the midst of the polar vortex; I keep telling y’all the sport is complex out here!!

We’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, some considered this the land of milk and honey!! yesterday’s dreams were supposed to lead us to utopia. 

But some shuck and jive, brag and boast / doing the most like they have it going on, I don’t understand another saying it’s all about the money selling their soul!! angels gave us the sign, we were told to leave there so soon we escaped dystopia!

Now we’re chilling out in the backwoods / the outskirts right after the old civil rights slogan was heard;  no justice no peace down  there, no benevolence. 

Check your dude, back and  forth in these hoods due to diplomatic immunity but trust us, it’s no fun watching the death of innocence. 

Check your dude, coming through making a difference by getting breakbeat scientific dropping this  FULL VINYL | Late 90s & Early 00s Hiphop Set | DJ MUKECCHO@Octave courtesy of the Moment!!

Check the playlist and the mix, it’s going down from Tokyo to Kyoto to here in Atlanta, enjoy the moment!!

Check this out at FULL VINYL | Late 90s & Early 00s Hiphop Set | DJ MUKECCHO@Octave