Nina Simone – Black Is The Color

Sunday Jazz Continues!! check out this byproduct / remote outpost musings based on broadcasting live and direct from our lab out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

The saga / struggle continues, check out my conduct; we’re in survival mode, somebody will understand the brotha!

Check the menus, our arrival is predicated by public transportation / transformation methodology!

Breakbeat scientific methods are utilized, some will be surprised but they’ll rock with me!

So rock with me, we’re listening to Nina Simone with  Black Is The Color. 

This is the Jaffa Remix as we come through in the mix;  check it out! so who’ll work with a brotha?

Check this out at Nina Simone – Black Is The Color


Digital Crate Digging Continues as Saturday morning transitions into Saturday afternoon, check us out as we hit you up with a tune…

…or maybe two or three, y’all should know how we do / how it’ll be as we arrive Right On Time like the Brothers Johnson; soon. 

Period, putting it down during this time frame / period; we mentioned earlier that it’s gotta be good…

…at the end of the day; we’re getting breakbeat scientific with this good word and the sound will play from here in Atlanta to your hood. 

What’s good? we’re coming through with this CHILLED HIP HOP AND NEO SOUL MIX #37 courtesy of Raphael

Check the playlist and the mix  as we Morning / Afternoon Jazz to this, chilling!! that’s the deal!!


00:00 / Ego (intro) – Lucky Daye

00:53 / Low Rider – Evil Needle

03:24 / Catch The Beat – See Dee X Styles Davis

05:53 / Jewels – Styles Davis

08:25 / Background – B. Cool-Aid

10:44 / Too Good – Moonchild

14:01 / Slow Down (feat. Ego Ella May) – Blue Lab Beats

17:43 / Too Bad I Forget – Alex Isley & Jack Dine

19:46 / Reprise (feat. Iman Omari) – Cavalier

22:44 / Crunch Time (feat. Illa J) – Astronote

25:20 / The Kid Is Back – Coops

27:37 / U Like, I Love – Styles Davis

30:05 / Borjomi – WLLFLXX

32:01 / Meant 2 Be/No Filter – el.

34:18 / Daydreamin’ – Styles Davis

36:34 / Beautiful Days – Ego Ella May

40:06 / What a Day!!! (Prod. Mndsgn) – Ivan Ave

43:17 / Keep It Smooth – LaBlue & Astrønne

45:02 / Here With Me (feat. Anderson .Paak) – Mary J. Blige

47:07 / Starter Jacket – Wakai & Emmavie

49:11 / Gurlll – Vacatixn

50:53 / ‘Trough Whuteva – See Dee

55:32 / Don’t Hurry Home (feat. Mumu Fresh) – Moonchild

58:45 / Shady – Dwele

1:02:47 / Don’t Stop – Brenk Sinatra, Miles Bonny & S3

1:05:50 / Did It Yesterday (feat. Tane) – Jake Milliner

Mark De Clive-Lowe – Depth Charge Part I

Sunday Jazz Continues!! you’ll have to excuse a dude for playing this like a baseball game..

Check these menus, as a dude comes out of left field, all up in the race knowing it’s all game…

Check these menus, usually a kind of dude y’all blame for this and that; it’s fake news, propaganda from the thought and fashion police…

They’re trying to roll like Hunger Games Peacekeepers trying to creep up on us; like the civil rights catch phrase there’s no justice no peace..

We couldn’t be at ease, so we’ll launch these sonic assaults, like Mark De Clive-Lowe with a  Depth Charge ( Part I )

Please!! check it out,  he’s getting funky with this jazz funk / broken beat flow; check the other players and the track; once again it’s on!!

Check this out at Mark De Clive-Lowe – Depth Charge Part I

Mongo Santamaria – The Promised Land

SundayJazz  Continues  check these menus, is this the soundtrack for the Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio tonight / tomorrow!

The saga /struggle continues; let the music play!! actually, it’s a good way to deal with the pain and sorrow..

..After being disappointed by following the yellow brick road, maybe even to the so called Promised Land..

Missed appointments? reflected on while chilling out riding down I-20  here in Atlanta, the so called Promised Land..

Musical anointing? listening to Mongo Santamaria with a track called  The Promised  Land, check out the players and the track!!

Sprinkle oil on this thing per Sunday morning church renderings! blessings received rebuking empty promises as we get breakbeat scientific..

Check this out at Mongo Santamaria – The Promised Land

Lenny Williams – Gotta Lotta Luv

Sunday Jazz Continues as Sunday afternoon transitions into Sunday evening; it’s rough out here but we kept believing!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; in the midst of the ongoing proceedings we keep achieving!

The struggle is real y’all should know the deal, but redemption was mentioned at the Sunday morning service!

This brotha knew the deal but we’re coming through dropping something you can feel when we swerve with this…

 … after observing this and that scene?  now we’re checking out some soul jazz / house music from Lenny Williams  with a track called Gotta Lotta Luv. 

Let’s Get It / Let’s Go!! Sunday Jazz and the O-Dog Day Party combine as we come through showing love!!

Check this out at Lenny Williams – Gotta Lotta Luv

Nina Simone / I Put A Spell On You (Laurent Voisin Remix)

Afternoon Jazz Continues; well it’s still Thursday morning as I post this but this vibe will spill over into the afternoon and beyond!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on, we kept on running even though it got lonely out there! we’re still taking it there, to the next level and beyond!

Already knew how the next devil will respond, there’s a whole lotta hustle knocking going on!

But check how we proceed and continue, we keep grinding / hustling / we keep rocking on and on and on!

What’s really going on? like our satellite station, check the situation as we drop this Afternoon Jazz! well, this is some jazz with some house music sprinkled all over it!! 

Lets check out Nina Simone I Put A Spell On You (Laurent Voisin Remix)! speaking of satellite stations we dropped the Floorplan version of this track earlier y’all need to work with this bro! he’s all over it!

Check this out at Nina Simone / I Put A Spell On You (Laurent Voisin Remix)

Sean Khan – The Chaos

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday, as we proceed and continue broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Check us out as we close this Monday evening out still jazzing it up so we’re not spazzing up in this piece;   somebody will understand a brotha!

O-Zone? still tripping out / flipping out? naw, just intergalactic with it sometimes asking myself where did the mothership land a brotha after lights started blinking on the instrument panel? 

In this zone? I recognized the pattern / jumped to the conclusion that these earthlings “ain’t right” ; they want to see a dude in the Lions Den like Daniel.

O-Zone? I’m like Sean Khan tired of the Chaos; the chorus / refrain? things have got to change!!

Check out the players and the track!! jazz funk with a Parliament / Funkadelic twist to it, beats will bang!!

Sean Khan – Saxophone, flute, keyboards and vocals
Kay Elizabeth – Vocals
Heidi Vogel – Vocals
Jackson Baird – Keys, bass, guitar
Laurie Lowe – Drums
Tom White – Trombone
Williams Cumberbatch – percussion
Francesco Quadraruopolo – engineer/assistant musical director
Will Worsley – Mix down/editing engineer
Victor Starkey – assistant mix down engineer.
Zulu – vocal sound engineer

Ron Carter – Gypsy

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!! we’re broadcasting live from our remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta. 

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on but excuse us as we interrupt very briefly; once again it’s on, somebody will understand a brotha!

Check out these menus consisting of this good word and good music as we try to get our minds right!

Started off in a jazzhop mood, I guess the cloudy skies this morning in Atlanta made my mind take flight!

 We’re listening to some soul jazz from Ron Carter with a track called Gypsy!! 

Check out the players and the track, Jazz heads know what the deal will be!

Check this out at Ron Carter – Gypsy

Moodymann – Amerika

Digital Crate Digging / Afternoon Jazz Continues as a Tuesday afternoon shifts to Tuesday evening. 

I usually consider this a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, I emphasized the terrific outcome working on the manifestation; we kept believing!!

We kept achieving in the midst of the madness: success was spotted on the horizon per the LTJ Bukem track.

Relief? were providing with the sound, sonic medicine so the healing process can began when we “holla back”

We’re checking out this classic  soul jazz / house music track from Moodymann and Gil Scott Heron as they break it down about Amerika. 

Let’s Get It / Let’s Go!!! we already know how it go!! in the midst of the ongoing madness who’ll be fair with ya?

Check this out at Moodymann – Amerika

Roy Ayers and Bah Samba – Positive Vibe (Original 12 Inch Boogie Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues as the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on!

Check out these menus as we rock these venues, interrupting very briefly; once again it’s on!

Once again it’s on as we interrupt very briefly, not trying to waste your time or mine as we put it down!

Getting breakbeat scientific is what’s up, please believe me we come to put it down!

Check the sound, we’re dropping this jazz funk with some house music vibes from Roy Ayers and Bah Samba with a track called Positive Vibe (Original 12 Inch Boogie Mix)

This is how we’re trying to roll on this Sunday afternoon or whenever, like I said we’re also getting breakbeat scientific!!