Earth, Wind and Fire – Power

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus as we serve this soul food on Mother’s Day!! blessings to you and yours!

The saga / struggle continues as life goes on / as the toil and strife goes on!! it’s rough out here, even for the Philadelphia 76ers check the scores!!

Desperate? scores of my constituents are, some are like Kool and The Gang asking who’s gonna to take the weight? 

 Others second guessing, found out it wasn’t cool to be heavy they can’t handle the heft and weight! 

Plus, as they approach the gate? gatekeepers had that Hunger Games Peacekeepers vibe when greeting them, things got hot! they’re  met by a vicious flame! 

It’ll incinerate hope, they’ll need new and improved methods to cope but there’s none left in the game!

We made a shift in the game, coming through with supreme courage and maximum strength ready to go the length!!

Check us out as we exercise power, coming through listening to  this classic track from Earth, Wind and  Fire called Power! are we putting it down? on the strength!

Check this out at Earth, Wind and Fire – Power

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Funk, Inc. – Bowlegs

Digital Crate Digging err wait a minute; Sunday Jazz Continues, check this segment; my constituents are eligible for it..

What? this conjunction / collaboration we’re dropping the funk plus this elaboration check the situation we’re Spring Breaking / Cleaning / Training now with the drum it’s celebrated..

O-Dog Day Partying earlier now we’ve got other work to do; usually work is not put in on the Sabbath especially on this Palm Sunday but this is not hazardous material what we have is spiritual that’s how the work will be..

 We’re in the heart of this thing, doing the math is how we’ll play from  back in the day ish to  back in the way with this like the DOJ investigating Trump for classified documents? please!! beats that bump are brought when we come through we’re rocking this!! the funk is  hooked up!!  

This Sunday meal is cooked up, check the menu for this back in the day jazz funk from Funk, Inc. with a track called Bowlegs!

The deal?  back on default settings check out the players and this funky track to see how a Atlanta / Louisville dude will behave…

Check this out at Funk, Inc. – Bowlegs

The Blackbyrds – Mysterious Vibes ( M.A.W. Remix )

 Sunday Jazz Continues check us out as we proceed and continue to handle business before it handles us on this Sunday afternoon!

Trying not to spaz in these venues chilling out in the Sunday morning service on this Palm Sunday but now we’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta; that’s what is up with us!

Lab Techniques are enhanced as we drop the sound, might even put on Palm Grease by Herbie Hancock y’all should know we’ll rock!  plus we’ll also serve poetic justice in venues where there is still no justice…

…or peace but I spotted some; making moves even though they threw salt into the game when we’re all up in the game with the hustle knock! they were comfortable, moving forward! motions were perpetual!

But damn! you know how it goes! y’all heard about the catch phrase in the blink of eye? Episodes can go down in that time frame! per Sergio Mendes? the fool on the hill is what we’ll look like! Those modes? everybody’s caught up in them per the Main Ingredient but I’m not impressed by that taste of pain, it’s just not right!

This insight is dropped but let’s get caught up in this sound! we’re listening to this classic track from The Blackbyrds called Mysterious Vibes ( M.A.W. Remix )

Check this out this is what’s up with a brotha!! we’re going into funk mode with this reload, we noticed the link was broken when checking the archives! y’all should know we’re still out here getting breakbeat scientific!! 

Underground Charisma Guest Mix 018: Raphael

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon, transitioning into a Saturday evening; at the moment we’re trying to lounge!!

It’s been a rough day, actually 2023 has been a rough year so far!! we need to take a break from the action during this Pisces Season! we’re trying not to hemorrhage!!

There’s so much drama in the ATL, coping strategies will fail!! actually? the drama is worldwide..

I guess it’s the times we’re living in so we’re chilling out in lab, out in our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta trying to catch our breath! soon we’ll be ready to roll / ready to ride..

During these critical stages? I said we’re chilling!! in the meantime and between time we’re listening to Underground Charisma Guest Mix 018: Raphael!

Check out the playlist and the mix!! drink the potion / elixir!! it’s good to the last drop / last hour! per this Saturday Night Fever Edition? this is what’s up / this is the real deal!!


01. 00:00 / Pause – SAUL

02. 01:48 / Walzy – Salad Rhythm

03. 03:43 / Sunshine – Venuz Beats & Evil Needle

04. 05:58 / go, shorty (w/ lovesome) – WLLFLXX

05. 07:55 / Fantastic (Dilla Day) – Styles Davis

06. 10:02 / Smoov-Operator / is It A Crime – Unknown

07. 11:36 / Bread – Ivan Ave

08. 14:09 / Back Now – Etta Bond

09. 16:33 / Dive (feat. Venuz Beats) – Evil Needle

10. 17:54 / Lonely – Mac Ayres

11. 21:49 / An Idea (feat. Emmavie, Zacari & Josh J) – IAMNOBODI

12. 24:56 / Here – Xar

13. 26:12 / Sweet Distraction – Sam Wills, Kofi Stone & Jake Milliner

14. 28:59 / P.B.J – Devin Morrison

15. 32:32 / Maybe – Javier Santiago & PhaseOne

16. 35:29 / Hoodman2Manhood – Children of Zeus

17. 38:22 /[TPE] – Knxwledge.

18. 41:42 / My Freedom Travel (Pharoah’s Spirit) [ft. BeMyFiasco, Ozay Moore & Kyotey Grey] – Tall Black Guy

19. 44:28 / Can’t Let Go (Feat. Scott Xylo and Dani Sofiya) – R-Kay

20. 46:46 / Stand Up – Strange Fruit Project

21. 50:02 / Somehow Somewhere Someway (feat. Umar Bin Hassan) – Ty

22. 54:27 / Receipts – Layfullstop

23. 57:39 / The Times (feat. Tyler Daley) – REMI & Sensible J

Marc Dorsey – People Make The World Go Round

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Thankful Thursday where it’s a blessing to be here!

Check us out!! Throwback Thursday  business is also handled when we’re out here!

Taking it there, doing our due diligence trying to make a difference one way or another!

The saga  / struggle continues your dude is feeling some kind of way, not liking how they’ve trying to play a brotha!

The apparatus will try to prey on another, having them caught up in the system / matrix!

Check the status some got played on encouraged to “fake it until they make it”.

We’re taking a break from it, listening to Marc Dorsey with his version of the Stylistcs track People Make The World Go Round!!

This is from the Crooklyn  soundtrack!! check out the players and the track, this is how it’s going down!

Backing Vocals – Miflin “Dooney” Jones*, Tony Lindsay
Congas – Michael Carabello

Drums, Marimba, Percussion – Narada Michael Walden

Electric Bass – Myron Dove

Flugelhorn – Jerry Hey

Guitar – Vernon “Ice” Black

Keyboards, Piano [Wurlitzer] – Louis “Kingpin” Biancaniello

Producer, Arranged By – Narada Michael Walden

Programmed By [Kick Sample] – Monty Seward

Saxophone – Marc Russo

Vocals- Marc Dorsey

Written-By – Linda Creed, Thom Bell

Best of Nu Jazz Classics Vol. 2 – 2 h. Non Stop Relaxation Music 2023

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we come through on this Terrible  /  Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

We’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta after dipping I-20 in Atlanta like Eddy Grant on Electric Avenue trying to take it higher trying to make a play!

Oh yes! trying to make a play, taking time to pray then trying to manifest that terrific outcome then pulling out the drum for the celebration as we let the music play! 

Lab Techniques are enhanced as breakbeat scientific technology is advanced weaponized for the ongoing spiritual warfare my constituents will be able to “see what I say” .

Now check us out as we come through with no delay, Afternoon Jazzing! check out this Best of Nu Jazz Classics Vol. 2 – 2 h. Non Stop Relaxation Music 2023 courtesy of Irma Records!

Check out the playlist and the as we put it down like this!! getting breakbeat scientific? oh yes, it should be reflected in the records!!

Tracking List:

1 Sarah Jane Morris & Papik – Let The Music Play

2 Maestro Garofalo feat. Alan Scaffardi – These Notes 00:03:59

3 Silvia Donati & Belladonna – Ebatule 00:08:37

4 Amana Melome – Space Age Mama Mama (Fromwood Remix) 00:16:08

5 Henry B – June 00:22:47

6 Black Mighty Wax feat. Sarah Jane Morris – Shake Your Heart (Chili’s Freedom Re-Shake) 00:27:16

7 Lo Greco Bros & The Man With The Horn – Calling Back (Jazz 2 More Remix) 00:32:06

8 Soulstance – Waiting For The Sun 00:37:22

9 Fred Buccini – Marnie 00:43:40

10 Fromwood – Drive 00:46:49

11 Maestro Garofalo feat. Clan Greco – Tony Come Back 00:53:42

12 Lo Greco Bros – Funquero 00:57:48

13 Papik & Marvin Parks – It Feel Like Paradise 01:02:56

14 Soulstance & Jazz 2 More – What I Do 01:05:52

15 Acusmatic Group – Fish Food (Riccicomoto’s Barracuda Remix) 01:11:16

16 From P60 – Get Free 01:18:52

17 Giuseppe Milici & Neja – I Will Survive 01:26:11

18 David Florio – Keep On Turning 01:29:30

19 Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc Project) – Nu Jazzid 01:33:47

20 Bebo Best & Magnetic4 – The Rhytmo 01:38:06

21 Soulstance & The Modern African Spirit – Land Of Love 01:41:28

22 Lo Greco Bros & The Man With The Horn – Naked Eye (Soulstance Remix) 01:47:37

23 Duran Y Garcia – Morgan’s Cafè 01:53:38

24 Agostino Maria Ticino – At The Garden In A Winter Sunday 01:59:00

25 Lovin’ Beats – What I Feel 02:02:24

Everyday People – Simmer Down (Reel People’s Odyssey Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues as we rock these venues on this so called holiday weekend!

President’s Day supposedly tomorrow February 20th plus we’ve moved on to Pisces season!

The New Moon in Pisces is also tomorrow knowing the next crisis can lead to sorrow; some words of hope were hollow, it even seems an overture to my soul was made. 

Supposedly a cure, relief? Maybe Tomorrow like the Jackson 5, no jive but will a decision need to be  made before fading to a haze?

Trickery?  methods to the madness by those shady! that soul bitterly tucked away in the abyss!

What will the deal be? ongoing madness perpetrators try to make sure control is relinquished in a backward darkness. 

But check out how we come through ready to spark this Sunday Jazz / O-Dog Day Party collaboration per this track from  Everyday People called Simmer Down (Reel People’s Odyssey Mix).

Everyday People? otherwise known as Kaidi Tatham, Orin Walters,  and  Paul Dolby!! check it out, act like you know me as we get breakbeat scientific!!

Check this out at Everyday People – Simmer Down (Reel People’s Odyssey Mix)

Mark DeClive Lowe Featuring Ovasoul7 – Feels Like Home (The Layabouts Future Retro Vocal Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out as we come through, we’re chilling out on this Sunday afternoon! 

The saga  / struggle continues as we broadcast live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, now we’re ready to drop a tune.. 

…or two or more; just got off of I-20 in Atlanta keeping the score from the Eastside to the Westside and back! now check out this science dropped by this journeyman, aka a veteran! An OG? a card carrying member.  

Underworld escapee, the enemy was swinging swords and machetes but they couldn’t dismember.  

The world is mine per Nas but earlier I was buried deep, the climb out of the hole was rough! 

The world is mine! so now I creep but the color of pain is worn! I guess it’s the uniform for being tough. 

King of pain status mentioned by the Police enforced by the thought and fashion police rolling like the disbanded Scorpion Unit in Memphis for acting reckless concerning Tyre Nichols but we hang tough, carrying on dipping through with this breakbeat science!!

Check the status as we come through listening to Mark DeClive Lowe Featuring Ovasoul7 with a track that describes this moment; it Feels Like Home (The Layabouts Future Retro Vocal Mix)

Check this out at Mark DeClive Lowe Featuring Ovasoul7 – Feels Like Home (The Layabouts Future Retro Vocal Mix)

Byard Lancaster ‎– Blue Train

Sunday Jazz Continues with some Digital Crate Digging involved as we continue to do our due diligence!!

The saga / struggle continues, life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; my constituents know what the deal is!

 Oh yes, some of them can bear witness, out here dealing with hollow hearts out here stealing rapture! 

Asking themselves, is it the kind Anita Baker was caught up in concerning love?

Others went on with their bad selves!!  immature ones playing with Twilight, soon  vampires out here avoiding capture? 

Asking themselves are they actual or energy ones? withdrawals made, we know how that goes!!  insights gained concerning love!

 But it’s all love when we’re dropping this  Byard Lancaster track  ‎ with his version of John Coltrane’s Blue Train. 

Actually, it’s somewhat of a tribute to Mr. Coltrane, check out the players and the track!! it’s on, once again!!

Check this out at Byard Lancaster ‎– Blue Train

DeBarge – Time Will Reveal (Long Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

Check out these menus showing us claiming the terrific outcome then O-Dog Day Partying, celebrating in advance as we let the music play!

Let us pray is also the move, I keep mentioning I’m taking the advice of the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville; also governing myself accordingly!

I keep mentioning that it’s where I’m at! recognizing the pattern / where the borders or boundaries will be!

But I digress as I normally do so what it do? I’m chilling out in our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, down the street from Athens home of the Georgia Bulldogs ; national champions! 

We’re chilling out listening to this classic soul music from DeBarge with their track called Time Will Reveal! this is from their In A Special Way album! check out the players and the track! soul music champions!

Backing Vocals – DeBarge

Backing Vocals [Additional] – Bunny Hull, Jim Gilstrap

Bass – “Ready” Freddie Washington, James Jamerson, Jr., Nathan East

Design – Janet Levinson

Drums – Harvey Mason, Jr., Leon “Ndugu” Chancler, Ricky Lawson

Guitar – Charles Julian Fearing, Paul Milton Jackson, Jr.

Keyboards – Eldra DeBarge

Percussion – Paulinho DaCosta

Producer – Eldra DeBarge

Producer [Associate] – Bobby DeBarge

Programmed By [Synthesizer] – Michael Boddicker