Cafe Rumba – Latin House (Full Mix) by DJ Disma

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!! things can play out either way..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as we claim the terrific outcome, celebrating by pulling out the drum to let the music play!

We need a little “something something” that’s different to get us going this morning besides coffee!! can you dig it? 

We’re checking out  Cafe Rumba -a  Latin House (Full Mix) by  DJ Dimsa. 

 Had to repost it because of a broken link, with my constituents I link!! this is perfect for this Tuesday morning or whenever!! check out the playlist  and the mix to see what it do / what it does!!

Posted up during this ongoing disaster brink dropping this good word and these sounds!! dropping the truth, no alternative or truth over facts plus we’ll drop these funky tracks!! see what it do / what it does!!

Check this out at Cafe Rumba – Latin House (Full Mix) by DJ Disma

Ray Barretto – Acid (Gilles Peterson Remix On Fania DJ Series)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday / Thankful Thursday, both concepts complement each other…

Throwback Thursday? reflecting on past episodes; Thankful Thursday? gratitude shown for making it to this point in my existence is shown; life / reality had a lot to teach a brotha!!

Now I go back to the future trying to reach another, breakbeat scientific principles are utilized..

As I come back?  not acting brand new with ya! it’s rough out here in the midst of this coronavirus...

…pandemic; O-Zone? doing the math, an academic / breakbeat scientist  dropping this breaking news!! 

Jamming on it! zones get hit up with this sound and good word!! hopefully providing inspiration, reality is breaking fools!!

….off; O-Dizzle?  this sound hits different, usually O-Dog Day Partying but we’re starting off with some Latin Jazz..

The dizzle? we’re listening to Ray Barretto with a track called  Acid (Gilles Peterson Remix On Fania DJ Series); this thing is serious!! we’re all up in this sound so we won’t spaz!!

Tito Puente – Machito Forever (Cut Chemist Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues on this Sunday evening; we’ll proceed and continue with this shelter in place edition..

Rocking these venues, plus trying to make odd equal even; check the meals served on this menu from a breakbeat scientific lab / kitchen, at the moment this is how we’re living!!

We kept believing in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic as we see family members in harms way, as jokers worry about the economy trying to re-open the country..

We kept believing, told you we’re doing the mathematics!! reflecting on this Sunday while rolling / riding through the country…

Oh yes, took a ride through the countryside spotted the horses / donkeys and cows!! every now and then spotted in mansion per my mind expansion…

Back in the lab, we continue to ride with Tito Puente with a Latin Jazz / Jazzhop called  Machito Forever (Cut Chemist Remix) ; oh yes!! the appropriate sound for this mind expansion!!

Check this out at Tito Puente – Machito Forever (Cut Chemist Remix)

Tito Puente – El Timbalon (Los Amigos Invisibles Jamcito)

Sunday Jazz Continues on this Sunday afternoon; we’re broadcasting from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta..

The is the shelter in place edition, that coronavirus has us laying low, low key like a black Trump supporter? that’s not how we’re playing the sport bro!! rolling like Vernon Jones? not this brotha!!

Sellouts fell flat on their face, now want to run back to this zone / the hood asking what’s good? the response was what’s hood? some forgot where they came from..

We keep running the race, we kept on running!! O-Zone will drop this good word while O-Dog came with the drum..

O-Dog Day Partying  from a Latin jazz perspective;  house music / Latin Jazzing  listening to Tito Puente with a track callled  El Timbalon (Los Amigos Invisibles Jamcito)

DJ Afro provided the production as this Afro – American fights the corruption with this weaponized sound!! can I get down?  for real though!!

Check this out at Tito Puente – El Timbalon (Los Amigos Invisibles Jamcito)

Ray Barretto ‎– Confrontation

Sunday Jazz err I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues, this is the Saturday Night Fever edition…

Well, Sunday will be here in an hour or two as I post this, so what it do? O-Zone will school a non- believer..

Dropping Sunday morning type of knowledge!!  it’s rough out here my constituents will acknowledge, word from the old deacon in the amen corner?

Can I get an amen, and another amen again? Trump and his constituents will trample over the constitution running an ill institution; O-Zone? earlier he was out on I-20 in Atlanta cruising, cutting the corner..

Left the shelter in place for a minute but now I’m back in it to win it!! not cutting corners in this breakbeat scientific process; back in the day I was on Broadway in Louisville Kentucky cutting the corner in the Buick Regal drinking Statesman Old Forester Whiskey..

What’s the deal?  this breakbeat scientific process is underway!! chilling in the lab watching Kingsman ; The Golden Circle as they chill with the Statesman in Kentucky.

So what’s up with me? also in the lab listening to Ray Barretto ‎with this  Jazz  Rock /  Jazz Funk /  Latin Jazz track called Confrontation..

Check out the players and the track, is this an early start to Sunday Jazz? check the situation..

Check this out at Ray Barretto ‎– Confrontation

Nick Holder – Da Sambafrique (Ian Pooley 2007 Edit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! check us out, we’re in the midst of this Saturday Night Fever..

Broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta but the vibe is worldwide, surprising a non- believer..

It’s all the way live  / it’s rough out here!! me and my people are out here trying to survive but we’ll take it there!! the COVID 19 – Coronavirus has a dude hunkered down but we’ll still bring that funky sound…

It’s all the way live  but  it’s rough out here!! me and my people are out here trying to survive!! social distancing but showing love from a distance, check the attitude, uplifting the mood when dropping this funky sound!!

Check the attitude, dropping a good word or two to let you know what it do / how we get down!! listening to Nick Holder with Da Sambafrique (Ian Pooley 2007 Edit)

Check us out!! it’s going down from Toronto to Brazil by way of Africa to Germany to here in Atlanta; pronto!! it’s the real deal, so who’ll work with me? who’ll  understand a brotha coming through with it?

Check this out at Nick Holder – Da Sambafrique (Ian Pooley 2007 Edit)

Medeski Martin and Wood – ” Latin Shuffle”

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terible / Terrific Tuesday; y’all should know the science..

Things can play out either way, as you’ve saw me write / heard me say, as I drop this breakbeat science…

Some can “see what I’m saying“,  minds in sync? I doubt it, left field? I’m out in it

Me? I’ll keep writing and playing these beats , spiritually hustling even though I know it’s rough out here in these streets!! naysayers ask me why am I out in it?

…or them; backwards? that’s how they say I’m hustling, shuffling along in slow motion…

Check how this track works; listening to Medeski,  Martin and Wood  with a track called ” Latin Shuffle”; check the players and the track!! they had a notion..

Chari Chari – Across The Universe (Frankie Valentine’s Late Nite Rendezvous Groove)

Sunday Jazz Continues, smooth sounds? on these menus, rocking these venues on this Sunday evening!!

The saga / struggle continues, making our rounds as life goes on; once again it’s on!! we kept believing!!

Of course toil and strife is on another level emphasized by another devil deceiving the masses…

Par for the course, a brotha took the next level course, universal currencyaka reality checks used to pay for it!!  now dropping knowledge,  conducting seminars and classes..

Who’ll work with me? playing this like Chari Chari; Across The Universe (Frankie Valentine’s Late Nite Rendezvous Groove)

Who’ll work with me? Latin jazz / Future Jazzing / Jazz Dancing so this fool won’t be spazzing,  praying / cursing at the same time!! trying to get it right and stay in the groove..

Check this out at Chari Chari – Across The Universe (Frankie Valentine’s Late Nite Rendezvous Groove)


Willie Bobo – La Descarga Del Bobo (Masters At Work Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever segment; my constituents are eligible for it..

The saga / struggle continues ; life goes on!! “holla at me” if you believe we can make it; we’re all eligible for it!!

The saga / struggle continues, but we’ll move on / getting our groove on!! didn’t fake it, keeping it real like the catch phrase..

The saga / struggle continues, but we’ll move on / getting our groove on!! worldwide, actually universal!! no need to Geo-Fence us.;  no telling where you’ll spot us these days!!

No need for Geo-Fencing like the UNC campus police!! this is how we do, it is what it is / it is what it’s gonna be!!

Neo aka Mr. Anderson from the Matrix facing Matrix architect erasing? O-Zone is joint casing, knowing what the deal will be..

O-Dizzle? he’s jamming!! listening to Willie Bobo with La Descarga Del Bobo (Masters At Work Remix)

That’s the dizzle!! this is how it’ll go!, so whatcha know?  these brothas are masters of getting breakbeat scientific..

Check this out at Willie Bobo – La Descarga Del Bobo (Masters At Work Remix)

Incognito With Omar and Ana Caram – Water To Drink (Agua De Beber)

Sunday Jazz Continues, featuring some digital crate digging elements…

Sunday type knowledge dropped; featuring  breakbeat scientific elements..

The devil’s not in it, the details / fine print? fast talking like on drug commercials?

The level? moving on the next!! sails set!! floating through treacherous waters!!  how will we work those?

I heard those soulful sounds!!  Incognito With Omar and Ana Carammentioned Water To Drink (Agua De Beber)

This is from the Red Hot and Rio project! a hater will object! they don’t won’t you to  listen, think or observe!! they want to catch you out there trying to swerve!! moves made by an underachiever?

Check this out at Incognito With Omar and Ana Caram – Water To Drink (Agua De Beber)