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The HumpDay Extravaganza is underway!! of course Digital Crate Digging Continues…

Getting over the hump type manuevers take place; courses plotted, prepared on drop down menus..

Dropping this sound is featured on these menus, O-Dizzle is a chef from soul’s kitchen on a mission…

Dropping this good word on the constituents, but what’s the dizzle? making a good and bad impression?

Check out the session, listening to Bruce Springsteen’s  right hand man Clarence Clemons with his version of Junior Walker and the All Star’s Shotgun..

Check out the players and the track,  it’s even  executive produced and arranged by  Narada Michael Walden

Backing Vocals – Ta Mara

Producer, Drums, Keyboards, Bass, Guitar – Jesse Johnson

Trombone – June Lopez, Mike Brooks

Trumpet – Herb Sneed

Saxophone- Clarence Clemons




It’s another Throwback Thursday!! who knows, it might even be reflected in this edition of digital crate digging…

Known for going back and moving forward on that retro-futuristic format!! you digging?

Can you dig it? a throwback catch phrase, as we catch these Gemini sun rays on a hot day in Atlanta!!

Can you dig it? I go back, always been intergalactic like methane detected on Mars by the Curiosity Rover!! the game’s not over, understand a brotha?

Where did the mothership land a brotha? I’m back down on earth listening to this Nu-Disco Funk Mix June 2018 by DJ Steve Adams

Some will understand what the deal is once they listen to the playlist and the mix; these cats are jamming!!

1. Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch – Set It Out (Dr Packer Extended Remix)

2. Stetsasonic – Talkin’ All That Jazz (The Breakbeat Junkie Disco Remix)

3. Ziggy Phunk – Last Night A Dj Saved My Life (Ziggy Phunk Rework)

4. Kevin McKay – The Love Forever

5. CN Williams – Tonight’s The Night (Nu Disco Mix)

6. Le Babar – Spend The Night

7. First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder (Dr Packer Rework)

8. Disco Boogie Classics – Jump To The Edit

9. Twism & B3RAO – Reach Out

10. Paolo Bardelli – Groovy

11. Donna Summer – Bad Girls (Dj S Bootleg Extended Dance Remix)

12. Dr. Packer – Shame (Original Dr. Packer Mix)

13. Atlantic Starr – Circles (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix)

14. The R.A.S.E. – Get On Up (Groovy Disco Mix)

Source: Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Nu-Disco Funk Mix June 2018

Digital Crate Digging Continues, excuse a dude for playing it like it’s Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday..

Actually? it’s the HumpDay Extravaganza, somebody will understand a brotha who goes back to the future!! but I gave the cash back now I’m doing things my way…

I go back, but getting over the hump type of business is still underway; as long as we’re on this earth we’ll have to deal with something…

Throwbacks? part of this digital crate digging!! treasures / gems are unearthed!! usually something that’s bumping!!

What it do? listening to some classic Graham Central Station ‎with a track called  I Believe In You…

Check out the players and a track; jamming? of course they are!! you don’t believe me? just see how they do!!

Drum Machine [Funk Box], Vocals – Chocolate

Drums – Willie Wild

Guitar – David Dynamite

Lead Vocals, Bass, Synthesizer [Arp] – Larry Graham

Organ, Vocals – Butch

Synthesizer [Solo], Clavinet, Vocals – Hershall Happiness

Sunday Jazz Continues!! a dude is tripping out!!! I’m out here on the fringes..

The saga / struggle continues!! I’m flipping out, excuse me for going on these binges…

Hip hopping!! not stopping, like I’m  hooked on it!! syringes and a crack pipe?

Hip hopping!! not stopping!! O-Dizzle even cooked product in the lab!! he made sure the tracks were tight..

Alright!! Alright!! so what’s the dizzle?  no crook conduct!! jazz played in the lab also!! at the moment listening to Pete Rock’s brother Grap Luva and The Grap Luva Tape…

Hip hop with jazz, funk and soul elements or what I like to call jazzhop!! this is courtesy of Nas Kingston ; check out the playlist and  the tape!!

01. Work is Never Done

02. Love the heights

03. Work it out

04. Donuts on Washington St.

05. Pieces of a Drum

06. Fighting at Cromwells

07. Don’t Stop

08. Rocking with Elegance

09. Lions Walk

10. The Block (With His Brother:)

11. Pete and Graps (With Pete Rock)

12. Nothing but Luv Cookout

13. One For Ruddy…Nuff said

14. Cross Country (We Out)

Digital Crate Digging on a Music Monday!! A dude is tripping, I had to blow the dust off this jam!

We’re checking  out Shannon with Let The Music Play; which is my motto!!

Of course, a cat like me had to come from another direction with it!! We’re listening to  the Full Intention Club Mix.  Check it out /  Let’s Go!!

Source: Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Shannon – Let The Music Play (Full Intention Club Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on that Throwback Thursday vibe!! We’re listening to Les Nubians F/ The Roots with their version of the Sade track Tabou!! Let’s Go!

Source: THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Les Nubians F/ The Roots -Tabou-

Digital  Crate Digging Continues on that Throwback Thursday type of spectrum..

The saga / struggle continues of course; it goes back and in the future? I’m expecting it..

Not being pessimistic, word from a cat who’s retro-futuristic!! I’m being real about this thing…

Now lets get back to this music, it’s conducive to the healing process; dealing with this thing..

Listening to the real thing!! checking out this track from Raphael Saadiq called Be Here ft. D’Angelo…

Listening to the real thing!! some good soul music!! these cats are rocking it!! check the flow..

Digital crate digging continues…checking out this classic from Soul II Soul – Back To Life (Masters At Work Remix)..check it out!!

Source: THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Soul II Soul – Back To Life (Maw Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; we’re dropping this like it’s heavy…

The saga / struggle continues!! per Throwback Thursday? I reflect on the days I was dipping in the big bodied Chevy!!

Oh yes!! rolling in the Chevy Impala dipping down Muhammad Ali Boulevard in Louisville , reminded of those days since the Kentucky Derby is this Saturday…

Oh yes!! back in the day? I was trying to make a couple of dollars rolling in big bodied Checker Cabs!! these days? I’m down here in Atlanta rocking hard in breakbeat scientific labs!! this how the work will be;  “holla at me”

I take it back to the future, listening to this Nu-Disco Funk Mix May 2018 from DJ Steve Adams..

It’s a mixture of the old and new,  so act like you knew!! check out the playlist and the mix!! this cat is jamming!!


1. Kindred Soul x Get To Know ft Kayleigh Gibson – Hold On (Dr Packer Remix)

2. Stephane Deschezeaux – Walk Away

3. Alien Disco Sugar – Gimme Your Lovin’

4. Dr. Packer – Gotta Have Your Lovin’

5. Delicious – I Got To Find A Superstition (Stevie Wonder vs The Family’s Jam)

6. Dr Packer – A Thousand Kisses

7. Dr Packer – Delightful Times

8. Full Intention & Nick Reach Up – Night of My Life (Full Vocal Mix)

9. McFadden & Whitehead – Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now (The Reflex Revision)

10. Alien Disco Sugar – The Joint

11. Stephane Deschezeaux – We Got A Funky Feelin’

12. Underdog Edits – Just Fakin’ It

13. HP Vince & Dave Leatherman – Celebrate

14. Ultra Naté – New Kind Of Medicine

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!!

…on some old school hip hop vibe…checking out Grand Puba – with Check it out (featuring  a young Mary J. Blige). Let’s Go!!