HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful FIX | April 9, 23

Sunday Jazz Continues as we proceed and continue handling this business before it handles us on this Sunday afternoon!

The saga  / struggle continues even on this Easter Sunday as life goes on and the toil and strife goes on; we’ll keep on doing what we’re doing!

Acting brand new up in this thing? naw, we’re still getting breakbeat scientific to be specific but of course opposition is expected!

From Tennessee dealing with issues concerning the Tennessee Three to issues in the Middle East concerning Lebanon, Syria and Israel not just us but the Ramadan, Easter and all holidays are disrespected. 

The ongoing madness? Brotha O expected it but check out how we fight back with the sound coming through with this  HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful FIX | April 9, 23 courtesy of beyond72!

Check out the playlist and the mix as we listen to this house music with jazz elements!! this is what’s up / what it do!!

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Still Collecting Scattered Thoughts (Part Eight)

Another Saturday Night Fever rolled up, so what’s up? y’all know how we do!! digital crate digging continues!!

A brotha’s motto? let the music play, so what’s up? soon Saturday Night rolled up on Sunday Morning, now we’re collecting scattered thoughts! it’s Easter Sunday a different venue!!

A brotha’s motto? the saga / struggle continues!! this good word and the music, especially the Sunday Jazz due to the time frame will be the fuel to keep the vehicle moving!!! 

Hitting the lotto in a spiritual nature? we’re not playing with ya, along with collecting these scattered thoughts we’re trying to keep you grooving!!

We kept it moving,  Sunday Jazzing later might even get into some Aqua Boogie like Parliament amphibious as I weave words between waves. 

Ambitious, instead of spazzing we’re getting into it / getting involved!! good trouble per John Lewis or even the Tennessee Three?  deep as I prowl with this poetry. 

Rambunctious like Trump Insurrectionists now taking over state legislatures hating on these players just naysayers say these are  restless melodies from one who misbehaves. 

 Underwater boogie, beats bump but some said were deep inside deep waters stumbling on our reflections while collecting these scattered thoughts; they must know me!! 

Act like you knew me, showing positivity as radiance abounds! thought and fashion police ask us are we under the influence?

Still collecting scattered thoughts but the arch nemesis was on the premises as bad memories drift in the currents, the conduits. 

Still collecting scattered thoughts but soon I heard echoes in the mirrored waters! damn!!  some  were brazen with their taunts!! 

 Soon the smoke cleared but haters were wet and dry snitching!! unsaturated shadows meddle, laughing at my stunts!!

How Did We Try To Act? ( Part Three)

 Another Monday morning has pulled up on us it’s a blessing / bonus so how are we trying to act?

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; survival? me and my people have the knack!

Check out how we “holla back” by utilizing these breakbeat scientific methods to the madness!

We’ll  even set the O-Dog Day Party off later to boost the morale bringing joy instead of sadness!

How did we try to act? your dude even felt the pressure, amped up by the Full Moon In Libra?  the Moon is in Scorpio as I write this soon moving to Sagittarius as we deal with the nefarious;  I was almost crushed but my enemy was vanquished.

How did we try to act? hustle knocks had me “Down Here On The Ground” like the Grant Green / Diane Reeves song! I had to pick myself up, this entity languished!

Check this out at How Did We TryTo Act? ( Part Three)

Breaking You Off Something (Part Ten)

 On this Easter Sunday? your dude is still getting breakbeat scientific; I’m out here breaking you off something!

How did we try to act? we’re broadcasting live from a remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta! oh yeah, we’re still up to something!

Chilling out in the lab, still feeling the affects from yesterday’s Full Moon in Libra hitting us up during Ramadan and Easter  / Holy Season! out in those Atlanta streets earlier but from my perspective life is hectic. 

A lot of my constituents going to and fro, no masks on acting like the pandemic is over; who knows maybe it is but I’m an old dude so I’m still social distancing I need my space! respect it. 

My thing? still doing it, considered antisocial showing love from a distance but still catching wreck per the old school hip hop catch phrase; at the moment Sunday Jazzing!

Jazz hopping / O-Dog Day Partying! later on I’ll get into some traditional jazz it’ll prevent from spazzing!

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FULL VINYL | Nujabes | Jazzy Hiphop Set | Elly

Sunday Jazz Continues on a Easter / Resurrection Sunday; blessings to you and yours!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; we’re broadcasting live from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, check the scores…

…like it’s the NBA playoffs; we’re feeling the pressure it’s rough out here but we’re trying to play it off like it’s nothing!

Not straying off the path, still breakbeat scientific in the process we’re breaking you off something!

Sunday Jazzing but in a way O-Dog Day Partying listening to FULL VINYL | Nujabes | Jazzy Hiphop Set | Elly courtesy of the Moment!!

Oh yes! Jazzhop will play, many facets to this jazz thing! check the playlist and the mix as we O-Dog Day Party this / enjoy the moment!!

【Track List】

00:00 | intro

00:38 | Reflection Eternal / Nujabes [2010]

03:23 | Luv(sic.) / Shing02 [2001]

05:44 | Luv(sic) Part Two / Shing02 [2002]

09:07 | The Final View / Nujabes [2002]

11:45 | 81 Summer / Uyama Hiroto [2008]

13:35 | Memory Of The Future / DJ Nozawa [2003]

15:59 | Plasma Avenue (Nujabes Remix) / FIVE DEEZ [2002]

18:50 | Lyrical Terrorists (Remix) / Substantial & L Universe [2000]

21:11 | Asteroid Love / L Universe [2003]

23:31 | If I Was Your Mic (Nujabes Remix) / Substantial [2001]

25:11 | Remembering Dave (Monorisick Remix) / Substantial [2001]

27:29 | Imagine / DJ Numark & Pomo [2004]

29:08 | Emerald Flow / Kazahaya [2006]

31:47 | Wild Side / MC.JR.CAS [1999]

35:08 | Can I Kick It? / A Tribe Called Quest [1990]

38:28 | Electric Relaxation / A Tribe Called Quest [1993]

41:17 | Runnin’ / The Pharcyde [1996]

43:41 | Hip 2 Da Game / Lord Finesse [1995]

46:00 | Brain / Jungle Brothers [1997]

47:39 | Breaks Of Dawn / Urbs & Cutex [2001]

48:57 | In All The Wrong Places / Kero One [2006]

50:16 | Ain’t Got Time To Waste / Aim Feat. AG & YZ [1999]

52:13 | Luv(sic) Part 5 / Nujabes Featuring Shing02 [2012]

54:01 | Luv(sic) Part 4 / Nujabes Featuring Shing02 [2011]

55:37 | Reflection Eternal / Clammbon With Yamazaki, Mino & Yamane From Toe [2012]

Gorgon City Feat. Zak Abel – Unmissable (Huxley Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; excuse us if we set this O-Dog Day Party off!!

The saga / struggle continues, how will some play? I know, after the Easter Holiday some are “out of sorts” they’re timing is off….

The saga / struggle continues, “crimies” are still going off from Sri Lanka to dealing with Trump and his Deutsche  bankers  suing Democrats!! from Chicago with Easter shootings, to even dealing with fanatics  here in Atlanta….

The saga / struggle continues, damn!! ain’t no love in  the heart of the city or any pity from the street committee; you feel me? somebody might understand a brotha!!

Oh yes!! the Brotha O-Zone aka O-Town aka  O-Dizzle or O-City listening to Gorgon City Feat. Zak Abel – Unmissable (Huxley Remix)

Setting this O-Dog Day Party off early, so who’ll work with me?  the brotha will be getting breakbeat scientific…


Herb Alpert and Hugh Masekela – Foreign Natives

Sunday Jazz Continues; I mean, what else besides jazz are you supposed to listen to on a Sunday evening?

The saga / struggle continues as a dude rides for his freedom with some good jazz playing in the background; rolling the dice, bets odd or even in this thing?

Easter Sunday comes to a close as the devil will oppose the resurrection but we proceed and continue to move to the next section…

That’s how this son of God play!! dropping this good word and the sound on our section..

Soon, we’re “all up in your section” listening to Herb Alpert and Hugh Masekela with a track called Foreign Natives…

Check out the players and the track; I can “see what they’re saying”; word from this Scorpio, a Pluto / Mars native!!



Tall Black Guy – Is There More to Life? (feat. Diggs Duke)

Sunday Jazz Continues on Easter Sunday, as this Resurrection Weekend comes to a close…

The saga / struggle continues, how will they play? the insurrection was compromised!! you know these Pontius Pilate types will oppose…

How will we play? due to reflection / internal inspection we kept it moving; damn!! now we’re in Taurus Season!

How will we play? due to reflection / internal inspection? we kept it moving, dropping this good word plus we’re still grooving!! one step ahead of the actor with the Taurus plotting the treason…

…he was collaborating with authorities in the Ford Taurus, so who’s for or against us? per the Tall Black Guy;  Is There More to Life? (feat. Diggs Duke)

O-Zone? collaborating with O-Dizzle, fighting against the reign that began with a drizzle; through Babylon? we’ll juke.

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