Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday…

Things can play out either way, for a terrific outcome we’ll pray!! per the celebration? we’ll let the music play!!

Using prayer that’s the answer not playing with a devil dancer, I’m allergic to that kind of energy ..

…it’s already allergy season plus we’re dealing with this coronavirus a devil let through due to treason / dereliction of duty..

Defended by Moscow Mitch?  the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on aka life is a bitch

Sounds blended, we switch it up!  listening to CHILLED HIP HOP AND NEO SOUL MIX #30 courtesy of Raphael!! check out the playlist and the mix!!

1. 00:00 / Intro – Blue Lab Beats
2. 01:34 / Where’s Jozz – Jake Milliner
3. 04:46 / Yesterday – Freddie Joachim
4. 07:25 / Paris – See Dee X WLLFLXX
5. 10:03 / For Me – Devin Tracy
6. 12:53 / Turn This Around (Eric Lau Remix) – Ruth Koleva
7. 17:10 / African Chop House (feat. Rippy Austin) – HARRIETT, Damani Nkosi & Ill Camille
8. 22:38 / Dimension – Sam Wills
9. 25:34 / Illusion – Evil Needle
10. 28:32 / Do You – SueLily
11. 30:51 / Fear of a Flat Planet (feat. Layfullstop) – Children of Zeus
12. 34:05 / Angels (DMobbs Remix) – Mr. Jukes
13. 36:20 / Rebirth (feat. Adrienne Indigo) – Paul Grant
14. 39:38 / Slow Down (feat. Evil Needle) – Venuz Beats
15. 41:18 / Plantain & Champagne (feat. Saffron Grace & Blue Lab Beats) – Kinkai
16. 44:44 / São Paulo (feat. Punch & Rose Gold) – Ill Camille
17. 49:16 / Think of Me – Alex Isley & Jack Dine
18. 52:12 / Tommy Strong (feat. Fitz Ambro$e) – Devin Morrison
19. 54:38 / Her Past – Mar
20. 57:27 / Kendricks – Jake Milliner
21. 58:51 / Neither One of Us (feat. Madison McFerrin & Phonte) – Zo!
22. 1:02:17 / Bad Blood – Sophie Faith
23. 1:05:35 / W.O.S (World of Sound)[feat. Marcus Mitch & Smooth Coffee] – Chelan
24. 1:09:50 / Its Rainy – Eric Lau
25. 1:11:37 / After Hours – Kofi Stone
26. 1:13:50 / Drop – The Pharcyde
27. 1:19:02 / Hardaway – Devin Morrison
28. 1:20:40 / Forks – Ivan Ave
29. 1:23:21 / Night Life – Dave. & Dom B (Dr. Dundiff & Friends)
30. 1:26:10 / Backyards (feat. Natalie Oliveri) – Freddie Joachim
31. 1:29:08 / Guns – Quelle Chris
32. 1:32:10 / Royal Blue (Silent Jay, Sensible J and Leigh Fisher Remix) – Ladi6
33. 1:35:24 / Snitch (feat. Remi) – Jordan Rakei
34. 1:38:42 / Commonwealth (Cheap Chicks) – Bahamadia
35. 1:42:15 / Sho You Right – New Sector Movements
36. 1:46:05 / Twice – Jake Milliner
37. 1:48:18 / Jekyll – Hiatus Kaiyote

Street Food [Jazz Hop / Lofi / Asian Beats]

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday…

Things can play out either way so we claim the terrific outcome and we’ll let the music play..

It’s hard to play it this way in the midst of this coronavirus, reality blind sided us, check the abrupt endings and beginnings!!

Going hard when we play in the midst of the chaos and confusion; trusting in the Lord due to these ends and beginnings..

Scarred, in the midst of the healing process taking a loss or winning? at the moment chilling  / social distancing but rebuking social engineering..

Eating!! but not in closed restaurants or food trucks we’re Afternoon Jazzing, listening to Street Food [Jazz Hop / Lofi / Asian Beats] courtesy of Jazz hop Cafe, check the playlist and the mix as we cruise to a safe haven / safe harbor; the mothership? we’re steering..

01 00:10 bace – the bus (waiting for you)

02 03:22 石凛 Rin Ishi – 春/Spring

03 06:14 – You. Forever

04 08:42 NOGYMX – Kuro (Ft. Tenno)

05 11:34 Coffy – Lazy

06 13:50 Mama Aiuto – Alone Together

07 15:16 Taiyo Ky – Lemon Sour in Shinjuku

08 17:48 ØDYSSEE & Sitting Duck – Don’t Wake Me Up

09 20:22 NOGYMX – Echoes

10 22:54 Rythmatical – Melting

11 25:40 Technicyan & Sblmnl – Cloud Cave

12 28:40 Alsogood – Away from You (Ft. Saito, Emanuele Triglia & Alessandro Pollio)

13 30:48 Tenno – Torii Road

14 32:52 Seinna & Scientific – Equivalent Exchange [Instrumental]

15 36:34 U’nique Music – Just Vibe

16 39:34 KVMTZ – Who Cares



Chillhop Essentials – Spring 2020・chill hiphop beats to relax to

Sunday Jazz err I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues; damn!! I keep doing it!!

Self quarantining / social distancing is on these menus, like an extended Sunday day of reflection per COVID -19 / coronavirus; my peeps are going through it.

Peaceful destination? going to it with the music, letting the music take out minds on a trip…

Please!! the ongoing instigations we’re conducive to the divide and conquer theory used in a hostile territory; my constituents will spaz or flip..

We’re Afternoon Jazzing so they won’t slip into the abyss, we’re listening to Chillhop Essentials – Spring 2020・chill hiphop beats to relax to

Check the tunes and the playlist, this is how we’re playing this it’s essential that we do ,  just trying to chill is the deal!! a method to the madness is what it do!!

 00:00:00 Ruck P – Soul Food

00:03:34 Toonorth – Chrysalism

00:06:09 L’Indécis – keep on

00:08:29 Chris Mazuera, Strehlow – Medicinal Sushi

00:10:53 Miscél, Hanz – Flee

00:12:29 Mo Anando – Green House

00:15:43 Middle School – back when it all made sense

00:19:00 Ben Bada Boom – Blossom

00:21:31 No Spirit, Sitting Duck – Plant A Tree

00:23:48 goosetaf, Saib – Chasin Daisys

00:26:00 ØDYSSEE, cocabona – Velvet

00:28:14 Philanthrope, G Mills – Cinnamon Sugar

00:30:15 falcxne, Makzo – Leaves

00:32:37 fantompower – at the park

00:34:59 Psalm Trees, Guillaume Muschalle – bringmesun

00:37:20 Xander – Midnight

00:40:25 Swørn – belonging

00:42:27 Blue Wednesday, Himalayan Beach Ensemble, Dillan Witherow – Sleeping in

00:45:18 Misha, Evil Needle – Dreams

00:48:26 Sleepy Fish – let girls play soccer

00:51:30 No Spirit, Kyle McEvoy – It’s Been A Year

00:54:13 chromonicci – London

00:57:43 Aso – comfortable

01:00:19 weird inside – doing laundry

01:02:27 sadtoi – 1999

01:05:04 Allem Iversom – Wash



Stay At Home’ [lo-fi/deep/jazz] vol 1

Sunday Jazz Continues on this Sunday Night / Sunday Evening; it’s rough out here per this coronavirus outbreak but we’ll keep believing..

Not spazzing in these venues though things “ain’t right” staying so rough / so tough surprising these and those when we’re achieving..

Soul jazzing / jazz funking / even jazz dancing earlier, we’re still in that vein because my constituents are still in pain..

This soul jazz / house music will ease the pain as we work to ease the reign that began with a drizzle; it all fall aparts / fizzles as we go into survival mode / try to maintain.

Peaceful vibes we’ll maintain listening to Stay At Home’ [lo-fi/deep/jazz] vol 1 courtesy of  the Grau Selection…

Peace to the tribes on this earth, check the playlist and the mix to see what it’s all worth; perfect as we shelter in place / self quarantine not seen but heard in your section!!

Check this out at Stay At Home’ [lo-fi/deep/jazz] vol 1

Chillin’ On East Blvd – retro soul & funky hip hop beats

Check us out!! this is the Saturday Night Fever of my Digital Crate Digging Continues series..

Wreck us out? who’s driving the vehicle, keep your eyes on them!! menus and meals  from Hells Kitchen lack nutrition, those chefs lack ambition, results mirror these..

…wait; didn’t give those chefs enough credit; they’re good at chaos and mayhem like the Coronavirus pandemic; similar to jokers fighting over /  buying all the milk, water and toilet paper from Wal Mart and Target..

Most buying that stuff on credit, who has the savings / cash flow; cash is low, flash it though? you’ll become a mark or a target..

Not just in the hood but to other nefarious ones up to know good; Coronavirus a New World Order tool or downfall?

So what’s good? we developed various ways and means / methods to the madness to combat this; we’re down for the cause ya’ll..

So what’s good? this word that’s dropped plus the sound per this Chillin’ On East  Blvd – retro soul & funky hip hop beats courtesy of Stay See...

Check out the playlist and the mix, this is how it’s going down!! we’re chilling out dropping this breakbeat science / this is how we roll over here on the East Side of Atlanta /  on the boulevard / out in these streets!! somebody will understand me / feel me..

Check this out at Chillin’ On East Blvd – retro soul & funky hip hop beats

City Ride | TripHop & JazzHop

Sunday Jazz errr  I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues as Saturday morning transitions into Saturday afternoon…

Chilling out in the lab at the moment, the reason for the Sunday Jazz mood? good strategy instead of spazzing on a fool!! the daughter of chaos will make them swoon…

Chilling out in the lab trying to get my mind right, per 20 / 20 hindsight? in 2020 things “ain’t right” but it’s a blessing to be here so we’ll continue to fight..

We continue to shine the light for those waiting in the dark vehicles in park, soon we’ll roll out on I-20 in Atlanta hopefully showing my constituents how to get it right!

Soon we’ll take a ride like this City Ride | TripHop & JazzHop mix courtesy of Fantastic Music..

Soon we’ll slide through the portal Afternoon Jazzing!! check out the playlist and this fantastic music..


00:00 Soul Chef – Next To Nothing (Instrumental)

01:50 Poldoore – Walking Through A Sunlit Forest

03:54 Boztown – Malaga

06:02 The Laidbackz – Me Gusta II Mambo

08:59 KarmawiN – Rough Street

11:46 Poldoore – Just Like A Melody

14:31 Beamic – Around The Corner

17:37 Poldoore – Roses

20:39 Boztown – Feeling

22:34 Funky Notes – In Luv Again

25:20 Ours Samplus – Ce Bon Vieux Temps

28:15 Lakeshore – Gradients

30:23 Funky Fella – Places

DJ Cam Quartet ‎ – Everybody Loves the Sunshine (feat. Inlove)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever segment; we’ll hit the ground running…

Chris Dave and the Drumhedz set us up lovely on this last day of February during this leap year; we’ll take it there, we’ve got the funky drummer drumming..

Misbehave because we try to run things?  actually just minding and tending to this breakbeat scientific business..

Enslaved by those picking and choosing? naw!! earlier, out on I-20 in Atlanta?  we were cruising handling business..

before it handles us getting a handle on this per this soul jazz / jazzhop track from the  DJ Cam Quartet ‎with their version of the  Roy Ayers classic Everybody Loves the Sunshine (feat. Inlove)

Check out the players and the track; closing February strong once again it’s on!! jokers can’t stop these players  we’re jamming / staying on the move!!

Chris Dave And The Drumhedz: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Digital Crate Digging Continues as Saturday afternoon morphs into Saturday evening; we keep believing..

Off to a late start due to being out in these Metro Atlanta meets, from the West End to Conyers the tires meet I-20 as we send out greetings…

Street things due to being hood? somebody will understand a brotha as he blends funk, jazz, hip hop, house music or even drum and bass in these menus…

Sweet things!! what’s good? the answer is right in front of us as life goes on; the saga / struggle continues!!

Somebody will understand a brotha as he blends funk, jazz, hip hop per listening to this Chris Dave And The Drumhedz: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

It’s like a buffer!! O-Dog Day Partying / Afternoon Jazzing!! check out the players and the tracks to see how this thing will work!!

Check this out at Chris Dave And The Drumhedz: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Natural Self – All Static (Natural Self Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday; so who’ll work with me? on this cool day in Atlanta I’m trying to soak some of these sun rays from the season called Pisces..

Holding it down high and low technical even though a dude is dealing with technical difficulties; astrologers blame it on Mercury retrograde in Pisces..

Holding it down!! jokers will question the abilities like Trump putting Mike Pence in charge of the response to the coronavirus pandemic / crisis..

He had trouble in Indiana with the HIV outbreak, some say it’s a setup but we’re wise to the moves made by the fake!!  I can see what they’re saying!! your dude spotted where the wise and otherwise is..

…or are, trying to use proper grammar even though the thought and fashion police give me static like James Brown and Full Force  mentioned per Throwback Thursday…

In the meantime and between time we’re listening to  some jazz funk / jazzhop from Natural Self with a track called  All Static (Natural Self Remix) courtesy of the Tru Thoughts Jukebox; your dude  still gets breakbeat scientific / still rocks, so who’ll work with me?


Opolopo ‎– Voltage Controlled Feelings

Sunday Jazz Continues!! this is the kind of business usually conducted during this time frame..

Spazzing in these venues? the kind of business usually conducted by those corrupted confirmed the mind game..

Soul jazzing on these menus? that’s what the deal is / that’s whats up with this along with this good word dropping..

The madness continues, check these methods to it while we’re going through it not quitting / stopping..

We’re back with this listening to some so called future jazz / soul jazz / jazzhop from Opolopo with a track called Voltage Controlled Feelings…

We’re back with this, dealing with that and this!! the sound is medicine on this cool Sunday evening down here in Atlanta; the voltage from the sound will control our feelings!!

Check this out at Opolopo ‎– Voltage Controlled Feelings