Wanderlust. [Jazz Hop / Chillhop / Adventure Mix]

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, but excuse the retro-futuristic movement..

The saga / struggle continues as we go back to the future; who’ll work with me? your dude is good word dropping and grooving with it..

Acting a fool with it / unworthy? I’m using  that line from the old school Baptist preacher,  talking about something was an error of the mind not the heart. 

Acting a fool with it? losing ya mind ? an old fool baptized by fire? the old school Baptist preacher said the doors of the church were open to make a new start. 

Acting a fool with it? jokers were working the Night Shift like the Commodores,  devils advocates playing their part / doing what they do.

Back to school with it as priorities shift due to the paradigm shift; next level dramatics mentioned by O-Zone earlier?  act like you knew. 

Back to school with it? naw, not yet summer vacation is still going down as we wander all points of the universe..

Listening to Wanderlust. [Jazz Hop / Chillhop / Adventure Mix] courtesy of the Jazzhop Cafe; check the playlist and the mix to see how this works!! 

01 00:06 Kalaido – In the Roses
02 03:20 Stephen Onprachanh – The Edge of The World
03 06:34 Sleepless – Flow State
04 08:58 Chalky – Saké (Ft. Alicia Kiah)
05 12:28 石凛 Rin Ishi – 思い出 Memories
06 15:10 Recueil – Sunny Morning
07 17:16 iD3 – Joy Of A Kind
08 21:04 o k a – Walk in the countryside
09 22:24 Unified Theory – Cheree
10 24:32 WYS – Nice To Be Back Home
*11 27:04 EMERLD – Smoke & Mirrors
12 30:12 ICBM – Bivouac
13 32:02 Oui Lele – Coming Home
14 33:58 Remulak & Phlocalyst – Dawn
15 35:56 Rysid – Rainy Sunday
16 39:26 neeks – summer awaits (ft. sad boy with a laptop)

Check this out at https://omanxl1.blogspot.com/2019/07/wanderlust-jazz-hop-chillhop-adventure.html

Spring Mix [Jazz Hop / Lofi / Chill Beats]

Sunday Jazz Continues on a nice sunshine / blue sky Spring day in Atlanta , as April comes to a close..

Somebody said March wind and April showers lead to May flowers; meanwhile during these hours we’ll hit you up with the beat and the prose…

The devil will oppose, we’re battling him like Joe Biden vs Donald Trumpbut we’re still trying to get over the hump; no corporate support like Biden..

A different path? we chose!! thoughts that were scattering are collected and  beats will bump!! fuel provided to the mothership!! not a fool up in this sport, for freedom? we’re still riding!!

A different math, studied while listening to this Spring Mix [Jazz Hop / Lofi / Chill Beats] courtesy of the Jazz Hop Cafe..

A different wrath?  naw, we’re just chilling; check out the playlist and the mix to see how we’re dealing; my motto? let the music play!!

01 00:00 ICBM – Audition
02 01:32 MAXGONZ – Morning Coffee
03 04:40 xPanda & Solrakmi – Sunset Jazz
04 07:38 Maple Syrup – Backyard

05 09:36 Paper Caves – Hazy
06 11:50 Terem – Stream Of Learning
07 15:00 Rin Ishi – Reds and Yellows
08 18:06 Profound Beats – Starry Eyes
09 20:54 Chade Summerset – Babe ♥
10 23:56 LVDS – Cafe Noir
11 26:48 DOMINANT – Spring Wind
12 30:04 hoodieboy – xHEAVENx
13 32:18 DJ ZID – Rain
14 34:58 Mike Casey – Cold Blooded Blues (Burbank Remix)
15 37:26 Sweet William – Modanica
16 38:48 Years From Now – Daylight (Ft. Mandeep)
17 41:50 blankface – SebaJun
18 43:38 Karmawin – Hot End

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