Mark Farina – Mushroom Jazz 6 [Full Mixtape]

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Friday Night Fever!! Flashback Friday business will also be handled..

Rocking a hardhat with a lantern on top, a lime green safety vest and steel toed boots!! going in / getting it in as breakbeat scientific business gets handled..

Excavating, Indiana Jones style!!  looking for obscure beats / sounds to help ease the mind…

Hating in Indiana?  when O-Zone was up there that was the deal!  a Louisvillian / Louisvillain mad about the Breonna Taylor decision but I’m not going to let it blow my mind..

We’re letting the rhythm hit them per Eric B and Rakim!!  checking out some jazzhop /  chillhop /  souljazz and straight up hip hop from  Mark Farina with Mushroom Jazz 6 [Full Mixtape]. 

Check out the playlist and the mix, dropped this post in 2016 but I had to reload it; funk mode? that’s how we’ll get, there’s no escape!!

Check this out at Mark Farina – Mushroom Jazz 6 [Full Mixtape]

Smooth Jazz Hip Hop ‪►‬ Mix (Vol. 1)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! It’s going down like this per this proper timeframe..

The madness continues! oh yes, it’s still going down! you know the apparatus will play a mind game…

Check the status; lab techniques are enhanced;  moving forward, advanced!! doing what we do..

Check the status, on a Sunday? chilling is the mode due to the imformation overload, my peeps know what it do..

Check the status, as we act like we knew!! your dude is usually in street mode, listening to some hip hop..

..Paying homage to my jazz roots, the history? cats rocking zoot suits!! these days? we’re avoiding lawsuits,  now in the lab  listening to Smooth Jazz Hip Hop ‪►‬ Mix (Vol. 1) courtesy of The Jazz Hop Cafe, check out the playlist and the mix; we didn’t quit and didn’t stop..


1. 00:00 MYK & Shirosky – Picasso (Ft. Manifest)
2. 03:48 FloFilz – keepitreal
3. 07:16 Shin-Ski – Rigel
4. 10:34 Freddie Joachim – Hear It From You (Ft. Lauren Santiago & Jacewon)
5. 14:45 QSTN – Easy
6. 17:53 Ryler Smith – Thelonelious Monk (Prod. Mz Boom Bap)
7. 21:50 Linoskiii – Air To Breathe
8. 25:36 Ours Samplus – I Was A Star
9. 28:37 Stephen Onprachanh & Rythmatical – If I Live or If I Die
10. 31:00 Lorisoul & The Cancel – Blessings Over Problems
11. 33:55 FloFilz – Jooly
12. 36:42 Mickey Cho – Thoughts (Ft. Sam Ock & J. Han)
13. 39:30 Tom Misch – Where Were You
14. 43:13 Choice37 – Conversate (Ft. Kero One & El Gambina)
15. 47:25 Joey Pecoraro – Warm
16. 49:30 Longevity Crew – Seek


Jazz Loves Hip-Hop Mix 06 by Sergo

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we’re checking out this Jazz Loves Hip-Hop Mix 06 by Sergo. Check out the playlist and the mix!! Let’s Go!!

1 – Bonobo feat. Speech Debelle – Sun Will Rise
2 – Hermitude – Can’t Stop
3 – Kero One – In All The Wrong Places
4 – The Herbaliser – Lord Lord
5 – Hugo Kant – Dr Van Helsing
6 – Nujabes – A Day By Atmosphere Supreme
7 – Sade feat Jay-Z – The Moon And The Sky
8 – Five Seasons – Une Rose
9 – Cool Calm Pete – Wishes and Luck
10 – The Dining Rooms – M. Dupont
11 – Poldoore – But I Do
12 – Notorious B.I.G. & Frank Sinatra – Let’s Get In On (feat. 2Pac) – Rain In My Heart
13 – Naughty Boy – Think About It (feat. Wiz Khalifa & Ella Eyre)