City Ride | TripHop & JazzHop

Sunday Jazz errr  I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues as Saturday morning transitions into Saturday afternoon…

Chilling out in the lab at the moment, the reason for the Sunday Jazz mood? good strategy instead of spazzing on a fool!! the daughter of chaos will make them swoon…

Chilling out in the lab trying to get my mind right, per 20 / 20 hindsight? in 2020 things “ain’t right” but it’s a blessing to be here so we’ll continue to fight..

We continue to shine the light for those waiting in the dark vehicles in park, soon we’ll roll out on I-20 in Atlanta hopefully showing my constituents how to get it right!

Soon we’ll take a ride like this City Ride | TripHop & JazzHop mix courtesy of Fantastic Music..

Soon we’ll slide through the portal Afternoon Jazzing!! check out the playlist and this fantastic music..


00:00 Soul Chef – Next To Nothing (Instrumental)

01:50 Poldoore – Walking Through A Sunlit Forest

03:54 Boztown – Malaga

06:02 The Laidbackz – Me Gusta II Mambo

08:59 KarmawiN – Rough Street

11:46 Poldoore – Just Like A Melody

14:31 Beamic – Around The Corner

17:37 Poldoore – Roses

20:39 Boztown – Feeling

22:34 Funky Notes – In Luv Again

25:20 Ours Samplus – Ce Bon Vieux Temps

28:15 Lakeshore – Gradients

30:23 Funky Fella – Places


Beat Therapy 29 – A Trip Hop Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday or New Music Friday; we’ll hit you up both ways…

The saga / struggle continues / life goes on as we go back to the future, doing new things using old ways..

O-Dizzle plays the sound, entering attack zones while these good words are O-Zone’s out here dodging the system’s  drones and clones…

The dizzle? another plays around  with slick operators like Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis or Palantir accepting products that help ICE and DHS  infringe on the masses; meanwhile we’ll continue to conduct breakbeat scientific master classes in these zones…

The dizzle? bass, treble and tone is adjusted by a Confused Bi- Product Of A Misinformed Culture with  Beat Therapy 29 – A Trip Hop Mix

The dizzle? moving forward, check my conduct, repairs made to a previous post taken down while I was out in those Atlanta streets; now I’m deep in the culture undergoing beat therapy; it’s going down from coast to coast, actually worldwide; check the playlist and the mix!!

Check this out at Beat Therapy 29 – A Trip Hop Mix

On the Mend – A Trip Hop Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; by now y’all should know we’re known for getting retro – futuristic..

The saga / struggle continues as we go back to the future!! by now y’all should know we’re known for getting retro – futuristic!!

Journeys taken, spotted gurneys full of those that were faking from out beyond Pluto and Mars to here in the ATL..

Work with me, I’m not faking! there’s no quid pro quo, that’ll get you in trouble from DC to Ukraine!! I’m even trying to heal the scars / pain  from endeavors that fail…

I’m on the mend, listening to On the Mend,  A Trip Hop Mix courtesy of aConfused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture..

Triphop? it’s blend of jazz, hip hop, breakbeats, electronica; considered downtempo,  check the playlist and the mix to check the response bro!! you’ll be feeling some kind of way, you won’t cancel this culture!!

Check out the playlist and the mix at On the Mend – A Trip Hop Mix

Hip Hop ‘ Funk ‘ Jazz – Ours Samplus HD

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out Ours Samplus a trip-hop , jazzy hip-hop and electro swing  producer from France, with this Hip Hop ‘ Funk ‘ Jazz  project. It’s going down y’all!! Check out the playlist and the album.


00:00 Ours Samplus – Spell On You
04:00 Ours Samplus – Like The Sunshine
08:25 Ours Samplus – Le Parjure
12:00 Ours Samplus – Deep Inside
15:03 Ours Samplus – Trouble
18:22 Ours Samplus – Le Bouton De Manchette
21:10 Ours Samplus – Rainman
23:50 Ours Samplus – Capture Ioiseau
26:28 Ours Samplus – Smile
29:21 Ours Samplus – Sweet Cans
32:00 Ours Samplus – Swingapour
34:29 Ours Samplus – Walk With Me
38:00 Ours Samplus – Fastajazz
41:22 Ours Samplus – Lonely Town
43:51 Ours Samplus – Softly
47:02 Ours Samplus – Joe Black
50:12 Ours Samplus – Alamo

Source: THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Hip Hop ‘ Funk ‘ Jazz – Ours Samplus HD

Good Old Days ‘ Chill Jazz & Hip-Hop

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; so how’s it going?

Positive and negative outlooks / outcomes expected; I see you play, this dude is knowing…

It’s showing; but these crooks pull out the drums but some say they can represent war or peace…

Please!! sideways looks and glances revealed intuitive advances; jokers are wrong, I’m like the Dalai Lama, I’m all about peace…

Please; at the moment I’m chilling out listening to some jazzhop per  Good Old Days ‘ Chill Jazz & Hip-Hop courtesy of LTB Music

Check out the playlist and the mix; as we do it like this!! there ain’t nothing like chilled out hip hop music!!

1.Shag – Negative Visualization
2.Shag – If You Change Your Mind
3.Ours Samplus – Spell on you
4.Guggenz – This Love I’ve Met
5.True School – The Rebound
6.Guggenz – Got To Get Down
7.BKEEFE – Let Them Know
8.Birocratic – Tony’s Belated Breakfast
9.Vanilla – Still Love U
10.Karlkaa X La Haine
11.Mr. Hong – Your Eyes
12.Maxgong – Moon

Smooth Jazz Hip Hop ‪►‬ Mix (Vol. 1)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! It’s going down like this per this proper timeframe..

The madness continues! oh yes, it’s still going down! you know the apparatus will play a mind game…

Check the status; lab techniques are enhanced;  moving forward, advanced!! doing what we do..

Check the status, on a Sunday? chilling is the mode due to the imformation overload, my peeps know what it do..

Check the status, as we act like we knew!! your dude is usually in street mode, listening to some hip hop..

..Paying homage to my jazz roots, the history? cats rocking zoot suits!! these days? we’re avoiding lawsuits,  now in the lab  listening to Smooth Jazz Hip Hop ‪►‬ Mix (Vol. 1) courtesy of The Jazz Hop Cafe, check out the playlist and the mix; we didn’t quit and didn’t stop..


1. 00:00 MYK & Shirosky – Picasso (Ft. Manifest)
2. 03:48 FloFilz – keepitreal
3. 07:16 Shin-Ski – Rigel
4. 10:34 Freddie Joachim – Hear It From You (Ft. Lauren Santiago & Jacewon)
5. 14:45 QSTN – Easy
6. 17:53 Ryler Smith – Thelonelious Monk (Prod. Mz Boom Bap)
7. 21:50 Linoskiii – Air To Breathe
8. 25:36 Ours Samplus – I Was A Star
9. 28:37 Stephen Onprachanh & Rythmatical – If I Live or If I Die
10. 31:00 Lorisoul & The Cancel – Blessings Over Problems
11. 33:55 FloFilz – Jooly
12. 36:42 Mickey Cho – Thoughts (Ft. Sam Ock & J. Han)
13. 39:30 Tom Misch – Where Were You
14. 43:13 Choice37 – Conversate (Ft. Kero One & El Gambina)
15. 47:25 Joey Pecoraro – Warm
16. 49:30 Longevity Crew – Seek


Chillhop Hangouts Ep. 4 ♫ Jazzy ‘ Chilled ‘ Hip Hop ♫ Live Stream

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! We’re checking out Chillhop Hangouts Ep. 4 ♫ Jazzy ‘ Chilled ‘ Hip Hop ♫ Live Stream courtesy of Chillhop Music. Perfect for this Tuesday evening or whenever!! Check out the playlist and the mix!!

Tracklist: ( * = Premiere)
(00:00:00) Melodiesinfonie – The beginning
(00:02:53) Ours Samplus – Blue Bird
(00:06:45) Mo Anando. – Footstps
(00:08:40) Handbook – I Wnt u
(00:11:28) Bonus Points – Pizza and video games
(00:14:19) MZ Boom Bap – Fast Life (Instrumental)
(00:18:45) Badsummer – Take my hand
(00:20:35) Gorila – Tiefpunkt
* (00:22:53) Gyvus – Tozen
(00:25:43) Question & Freddie Joachim – Question – Earl Grey
(00:28:46) Aso – Nothing but luv
(00:32:51) Mono:Massive – Blurry vision
(00:35:13) Melodiesinfonie – Acting
* (00:39:18) L’indécis – Sunrise Drive
(00:42:48) Tom Misch – Never moved
(00:45:43) Imagine Herbal flows – sunset
(00:48:52) Mo Anando. – Ridindrty
(00:50:46) LJones – Crystal memories
(00:53:15) FloFilz – La Coppa del Jazz
* (00:55:38) Birocratic – Castles in my cup
(00:58:00) Nomak – Never lost control
(01:02:19) Uyama Hiroto feat. golden boy – Vision eyes
(01:06:23) Hakobune – Illumine
(01:10:45) Globuldub – Foreign exchange
(01:13:44) Asa Greenwood – All mine
(01:15:58) Gold thing – Secret pond
* (01:18:45) L’Indecis feat. Estelle Fege – Heaven
(01:22:45) A June & J Beat – Saturday night movies
(01:26:26) Dezaulait. – Rain
(01:28:45) Joey Pecoraro – Your eyes
(01:30:52) Freddie Joachim – Autumn rain
(01:33:15) Simon J – Way down here
(01:36:13) Mo Anando. – In Bloom
(01:41:01) Aso – Horizons Form From the Soul
(01:44:03) Kondor – Colorful joy
(01:47:38) Birocratic – Sangrilune
(01:50:43) Saligo – This will become
(01:54:08) Nomak – Twinkle World
(01:59:03) Blazo – End of the world