Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday…

Things can play out either way, for a terrific outcome we’ll pray!! per the celebration? we’ll let the music play!!

Using prayer that’s the answer not playing with a devil dancer, I’m allergic to that kind of energy ..

…it’s already allergy season plus we’re dealing with this coronavirus a devil let through due to treason / dereliction of duty..

Defended by Moscow Mitch?  the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on aka life is a bitch

Sounds blended, we switch it up!  listening to CHILLED HIP HOP AND NEO SOUL MIX #30 courtesy of Raphael!! check out the playlist and the mix!!

1. 00:00 / Intro – Blue Lab Beats
2. 01:34 / Where’s Jozz – Jake Milliner
3. 04:46 / Yesterday – Freddie Joachim
4. 07:25 / Paris – See Dee X WLLFLXX
5. 10:03 / For Me – Devin Tracy
6. 12:53 / Turn This Around (Eric Lau Remix) – Ruth Koleva
7. 17:10 / African Chop House (feat. Rippy Austin) – HARRIETT, Damani Nkosi & Ill Camille
8. 22:38 / Dimension – Sam Wills
9. 25:34 / Illusion – Evil Needle
10. 28:32 / Do You – SueLily
11. 30:51 / Fear of a Flat Planet (feat. Layfullstop) – Children of Zeus
12. 34:05 / Angels (DMobbs Remix) – Mr. Jukes
13. 36:20 / Rebirth (feat. Adrienne Indigo) – Paul Grant
14. 39:38 / Slow Down (feat. Evil Needle) – Venuz Beats
15. 41:18 / Plantain & Champagne (feat. Saffron Grace & Blue Lab Beats) – Kinkai
16. 44:44 / São Paulo (feat. Punch & Rose Gold) – Ill Camille
17. 49:16 / Think of Me – Alex Isley & Jack Dine
18. 52:12 / Tommy Strong (feat. Fitz Ambro$e) – Devin Morrison
19. 54:38 / Her Past – Mar
20. 57:27 / Kendricks – Jake Milliner
21. 58:51 / Neither One of Us (feat. Madison McFerrin & Phonte) – Zo!
22. 1:02:17 / Bad Blood – Sophie Faith
23. 1:05:35 / W.O.S (World of Sound)[feat. Marcus Mitch & Smooth Coffee] – Chelan
24. 1:09:50 / Its Rainy – Eric Lau
25. 1:11:37 / After Hours – Kofi Stone
26. 1:13:50 / Drop – The Pharcyde
27. 1:19:02 / Hardaway – Devin Morrison
28. 1:20:40 / Forks – Ivan Ave
29. 1:23:21 / Night Life – Dave. & Dom B (Dr. Dundiff & Friends)
30. 1:26:10 / Backyards (feat. Natalie Oliveri) – Freddie Joachim
31. 1:29:08 / Guns – Quelle Chris
32. 1:32:10 / Royal Blue (Silent Jay, Sensible J and Leigh Fisher Remix) – Ladi6
33. 1:35:24 / Snitch (feat. Remi) – Jordan Rakei
34. 1:38:42 / Commonwealth (Cheap Chicks) – Bahamadia
35. 1:42:15 / Sho You Right – New Sector Movements
36. 1:46:05 / Twice – Jake Milliner
37. 1:48:18 / Jekyll – Hiatus Kaiyote


Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday segment; my constituents are eligible for it..

What? the terrible or terrific outcome, blessed and highly favored ones claimed the terrific outcome now with the drum it’s celebrated..

O-Dog Day Partying earlier now we’ve got other work to do; it’s now Throwback Thursday but that’s how the work will be..

….or maybe Flashback Friday -ish / back in the day ish; back in the way with this,  hooked up  like Rod Blagojevich and others unworthy?

This meal is cooked up, check the menu for this back in the day mix, HIP-HOP JAZZ RAP CLASSICSs courtesy of Lou Dav..

The deal? check out the playlist and the tracks so you can see that!!back on default settings check out how a Louisville dude will behave…

Check this out at HIP-HOP JAZZ RAP CLASSICSs


Underground Hip Hop – Rare Tracks (Remixes)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; excuse your dude for having it on default settings…

..even though I’m college educated I’m still hood / street with it!! check it out, history is repeating..

Had to acknowledge, those that hated had alt- shift- delete missions; but your dude will proceed and continue..

Breakbeat scientific with it, check this breaking news for the visions; breakbeat science is on the menu..

…so what it do? we’re back on that underground hip hop again!! listening to Underground Hip Hop – Rare Tracks (Remixes)

It’s courtesy of Nicola Armellin, check out the playlist and the mix as your dude continues to get breakbeat scientific..

Check out the playlist and the mix at Underground Hip Hop – Rare Tracks (Remixes)

90’s Underground Hip Hop – Rare & Timeless (13 Tracks)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can go either way…

More than thoughts and prayers sent out to the Bahamas as they dealt with Hurricane Dorian; hoping for a better day..

Al Roker calling the score again, everyday dramas entrap some, they can’t even evacuate as we elaborate on the here and now..

..per Luther Vandross, we play on player!! refusing to take a loss so we evaluate / peep game per the what / when / where / how…

You might have caught us out there in the 90’s / 00’s again like one of our previous episodes; still in those modes listening to 90’s Underground Hip Hop – Rare & Timeless (13 Tracks) courtesy of Nicola Armellin..

Check out the playlist and the mix as we do this; getting breakbeat scientific? that’s facts!! that’s the deal captain!!

Wiseguys – Face To Face
Killa Kidz – In The Mental
Double Life – Revolutions
G-Depp – Head Over Wheels
Lighter Shade – Time Capsule
Da Minds Of Sol – Ill Type
B Flatt – Back To Basics
Bahamadia – Funk Vibe
Foundation & Rezidue – Boogie Down’s Got The Flavor
Kurupt – Kurupt & Friends
Science Of Sound – No Diggidy
Paul Ray – More Emotion
Bonus Track

Check this out at

Chilled Hip Hop and Neo Soul Mix #25

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday morning, it was once prime time for my blogging…

These days? it’s rough out here, life is hectic!! reality is stoning / cursing and flogging…

O-Dog will still do the damn thing!! respect the architect!! word from Guru and Bahamadia..

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors? I’m still peeping game!! in the midst of the drama? I see ya!!

It’s no joke, I’m trying to free ya with this sound, listening to Chilled Hip Hop and Neo Soul Mix #25

It’s courtesy of Raphael, check out the playlist and the mix so you can know the deal as we bring it to you all the way live!!

1. 00:00 / Supernatural – KING

2. 02:05 / Moodolude 06 – Evil Needle

3. 04:33 / Alpha Channel (feat. Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble) – Mecca:83

4. 06:56 / Helping Hands – Ivan Ave

5. 09:57 / Fire (feat. Moonchild) – Rapsody

6. 12:50 / Something To Live For – Maverick Soul

7. 15:26 / Sweet You – Phonte

8. 18:18 / Beauty – Foisey.

9. 19:22 / Follow (feat. La:Lee Bloom) – Mecca:83 & Joel VDK

10. 21:03 / Cruel – BOSCO

11. 24:43 / My Dream (feat. James Vickery) – Blue Lab Beats

12. 28:08 / Nothing Ain’t Free – Kofi Stone

13. 31:24 / Water Baby (feat. Loyle Carner) – Tom Misch

14. 35:09 / Perfect Game (Instrumental) – Illa J

15. 37:11 / Dome (feat. OthaSoul & Daniel Taylor) – Blue Lab Beats

16. 42:34 / N.C.T.E.D (feat. Hope) – Kofi Stone

17. 46:00 / Flowers – BOSCO

18. 48:30 / Now and Then – Moonchild

19. 51:43 / Survival Of The Fittest (Figub Brazlevic Remix) – Mobb Deep

20. 55:12 / Tina’s Mood – Neue Grafik

21. 56:36 / Spanish Joint – D’Angelo


Harlem River Drive – Broken Home

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I like to call the HumpDay Extravaganza…

Digital? analog? all spectrums are covered when getting over the hump! somebody might understand a brotha!! this good word is dropped; respect the architect was the request from Guru and Bahamadia in one of my previous episodes!!

It’s the same here as O-Zone cosmic slopped, soon dealing with cosmic karma from the Full Moon in Pisces now check the crisis; inspiration / information? a dude downloads!!

Information overloads have some rolling in discrete modes!! interpreting DaVinci Codes or street codes? broken hearts and broken spirits wreck the dome!!

Transformation modes for some? check out the players and the track as I’m still listening to  Harlem River Drive as they tell you about a  Broken Home

Baritone Saxophone – Ronnie Cuber

Bass – Victor Venegas

Congas – Manny Oquendo

Drums – Nick Marrero

Guitar – Bob Bianco

Organ – Charlie Palmieri

PianoEddie Palmieri

VocalsJimmy Norman

Guru featuring Bahamadia – Respect The Architect

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday. What’s the perspective?

Maybe Guru featuring Bahamadia with Respect The Architect will help us get our minds right!! Ramsey Lewis is helping out in the piano. Check this out!!


Digital Crate Digging Continues per #TerribleTerrificTuesday!! What’s the perspective? Maybe CHILLED HIP HOP AND NEO SOUL MIX #19 will help you get your mind right!! Check out the playlist and the mix!!
1. 00:00 / Ayus – Kan Sano
2. 00:59 / Colourblind – AstroLogical
3. 03:55 / Daiya (feat. Capital Peoples) – Dr. Who Dat?
4. 05:00 / Scale It Back (Ft. Ego Ella May) – Warren Xclnce & Reiss G
5. 07:07 / Fly Away – Alfa Mist & Emmavie
6. 09:33 / Discovery – Silo
7. 12:18 / Love It (Dreamy Dilla Blend) – Bilal
8. 14:54 / Mother of Love (feat. Miles Bonny) – Xtraordinairs
9. 17:47 / Sittin’ Up In My Room (Nehzuil Rework) – Brandy
10. 21:43 / I’m Gonna Tell You (feat. Jordan Rakei) – Barney Artist
11. 23:32 / Why? – AstroLogical
12. 26:28 / Pad & Pen (feat. D-Life) – A Tribe Called Quest
13. 29:20 / Nothing Around (feat. Emmavie) – Barney Artist
14. 32:20 / You Deserve Better – ROM
15. 35:40 / Laputa (Taylor McFerrin Remix) [feat. Anderson .Paak] – Hiatus Kaiyote
16. 39:08 / Still Shining – Busta Rhymes
17. 41:10 / I.m.a.g.i.n.e – Lovata
18. 42:15 / Too Much (feat. Keely) – Slum Village
19. 44:55 / Six Feet Deep – The Age of L.U.N.A
20. 48:22 / You Can’t Hold A Torch (Busta Instrumental) – J Dilla
21. 49:49 / Odds of Life (feat. Nikki Cislyn) – VI
22. 54:26 / Beautiful Things – Bahamadia feat. Dwele

The Reality Show vs The Elaborate Fantasy PT.2


It’s going down, check out the culture clash enhanced by the Reality Show vs The Elaborate Fantasy..

Critics claim they’re one in the same, morals were engulfed in flames, somebody might understand me..

Fanatics were flabberghasted!! like  Keith Sweat they thought it lasted forever, but Teddy Pendergrass Love TKO’s left some staggering…

Guns blasted, the situation was out of control  as ear shattering gunshots exploded, bets were placed by fast ones!! losses are staggering!!

Dynamite blasted at the construction site where elaborate fantasies are built!! bulldozers roll disturbing the earth, even mind, body, soul and spirits!! meanwhile the matrix architect or the webmaster was alt shift deleting / dragging and dropping!!

Insights passed on about corruption sites!!  now demerits were issued to O-Dog / O-Zone even though we’re the architects, show respect per Guru and Bahamadia!! we’re brand new funk and good word dropping…

Construction sites spring up everywhere due to the elaborate fantasy!!  steel toe shoes, hardhats, lime green safety vests and camoflauge pants were the fashion, it rivals the fashion show at churches…..

Meanwhile lights flash from cameras as reality shows are filmed but not just here in Atlanta!! worldwide? lessons learned in institutions of higher learning and higher burning!! weed smoke filled project hallways, as some of the family searches…

Lights flash from cameras as reality shows are filmed!! searches come to a close as El Chapo is captured while others try to stay a step ahead of the rapture!! throughout the natural process? learned that God is good all the time…

Always and forever like Heatwave,  meanwhile O-Dog is a beat slave that walked through the door of no return, caught in a moment of time….

Now some will misbehave on the reality show or is it an elaborate fantasy, a total exclusion of reality? somebody said it’s all the same…

But there’s a fire like Ohio Players!! a disco inferno!! burn baby burn!! now the structure is engulfed in flames…