DownTown | Jazzhop

Digital Crate Digging Continues check these menus as we put it down on this Saturday afternoon soon transitioning into Saturday evening!!

Saturday morning? we started out jazz housing, so we’re not quitting / stopping we’ll keep it moving / believing!!

We keep achieving, still out there on I-20 in Atlanta like I mentioned earlier! we’ve still got work to do!!

Still out here, cruising through Downtown Atlanta people still out there even though it’s a rainy day; “doing what they do”

Back in the lab? listening to DownTown | Jazzhop courtesy of Fantastic Music, they blessed us with the jazz house earlier…

Sonic rehab taking place! Afternoon Jazzing!! check out the playlist and the mix per this fantastic music!! we’re just trying to work with ya!!

Check this out at DownTown | Jazzhop

Chill Beats Mix Vol.1(Instrumental Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop Beats)

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out as we get this HumpDay Extravaganza underway..

Chilling out in the lab, away from the low morale the atmosphere that’s drab plus the ongoing fray..

Sonic rehab taking place check the style as we clear our minds like Cybotron mentioned we’re on a mission…

Check the Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday reference as we provide this benevolence; we’re on a mission!!

Check us out!! we’re listening to these Chill Beats Mix Vol.1(Instrumental Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop Beats)..

…it’s courtesy of the Magical Mystery Mix;  check the playlist and the mix as we chill out for a moment in the compound; we’re not out in those streets!!

00:00​ | Pontiac Intro

00:19 | 10.4 Rog – Do it for a Tension

02:07 | Emil – Dream

03:48 | Quelle Chris – Madhattan

00:19 | Dr. Yen Lo – Day 1125

07:26 | Camoflauge Monk – Vinewood

08:55 | Armand Hammer – Paraffin (Instrumental)

09:53 | Ahwlee – icicle;int

11:14 | Dirty Art Club – Memory Card

12:46 | Melanie Charles – Be on My Side

13:06 | DJ Harisson – Candle Lit

15:33 | Kuzich – Innervisions (Instrumental)

16:56 | FloFilz – Hoxton Hoops (ft. K Le Maestro)

16:44 | Dirty Art Club – FMTI

20:30 | The American Dollar – Night living

22:31 | E L U C I D – Leviticus (Locked down, you’re not alone)

24:16 | your best friend jippy – Mind Machine

25:14 | Keem the Cipher – Guess Again

26:14 | Simiah & The Phantom Ensemble – Grit

22:16 | R.A.P. Ferreira – Ro Talk

31:14 | LoVibe. – I don’t know why but i miss you

32:26 | Factor Chandelier – Hanging On

33:20 | Ebi Soda – Something to do in the Future


Chill Instrumentals – Hip Hop Mix [Vol.1]

Digital Crate Digging errr I mean Sunday Jazz Continues, check these menus..

Actually? it’s one in the same, it’s all game!! that Brotha O will rock these venues..

The saga / struggle continues, even on this Fourth of July / Independence Day weekend..

Mentioned earlier Frederick Douglass dropped knowledge about this time period earlier, so we’ve got work to do; havoc some are wreaking..

What’s the perspective?  the outlook was a bleak one for some, maybe this Chill Instrumentals – Hip Hop Mix [Vol.1] courtesy of  The Jazz Hop Café  will help them get their minds right. 

Check out the playlist and the mix, as we continue to get breakbeat scientific dropping this sound and the insight..

Check this out at Chill Instrumentals – Hip Hop Mix [Vol.1]


vibes from my room [lo-fi hiphop]

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what some call Throwback Thursday..

I take it back to the future, moving forward due to being hungry / thirsty..

Acting brand new with ya? who’ll work with me? we’re doing the damn thing!!

Acting brand new with ya? who’ll work with me? maybe somebody will understand this thing..

Checking out “vibes from my room [lo-fi hiphop]” courtesy of  Fabulous Music

Check the vibes!! check out the playlist and the mix; damn!! it’s aome fabulous music!!


00:00 – Sandpeople – Trust

02:17 – FloFilz X Philanthrope – Whitecap

04:57 – .sinh – Old Days (One Of These)

07:33 – Kawfee – Phat Loot

09:18 – Chinsaku – See ya…

13:27 – Made in M x Juan RIOS – Fat Kid

16:17 – BluntOne feat. Sensi – Time


♫ Chillhop Year Mix 2016 🔥

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!! We’re listening to ♫ Chillhop Year Mix 2016 🔥 courtesy of Chillhop Music, as we continue that chill vibe / mood per the holiday season!! Check out the playlist and the mix!!
▬ Tracklist ▬
0:00 L’Indecis – Morning Ritual
1:32 Aso – Sun Child
4:51 Mo Anando – In Bloom
9:39 Mono:Massive – Somewhat
13:15 Brock Berrigan – So In Love
15:18 Gorila – Dus
18:00 L’Indecis – Staying There
21:32 Globuldub – Foreign Exchange
24:30 Gyvus – Tōzen
27:21 Brock Berrigan – Split Decisions
30:02 Guggenz – Business As Usual
33:14 Joakim Karud – Canals
35:49 Gyvus – Blue Sky
39:24 Birocratic – Tony’s Belated Breakfast
42:25 Bonus Points – Hammock Days
45:00 Deeb – Theme from Endless Sunsets
48:46 Philanthrope – ThingsFallApart
50:54 Aso – Seasons
55:20 Gorila – Akaido
58:28 Deeb – Swiss
1:02:46 baaskat – Bittersweet
1:04:11 Flitz&Suppe – OdeToYou
1:07:12 Bonus Points – Pizza and Video Games
1:10:08 Moose Dawa – Menti
1:13:06 FloFilz X Philanthrope – Whitecap
1:15:45 Nymano – I wish I could Sleep
1:17:43 Gorila – Birds
1:20:22 Mono:Massive – Blue Dawn
1:23:18 Idealism – Snowfall
1:26:12 Brock Berrigan – White Christmas

Smooth Jazz Hip Hop ‪►‬ Mix (Vol. 1)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! It’s going down like this per this proper timeframe..

The madness continues! oh yes, it’s still going down! you know the apparatus will play a mind game…

Check the status; lab techniques are enhanced;  moving forward, advanced!! doing what we do..

Check the status, on a Sunday? chilling is the mode due to the imformation overload, my peeps know what it do..

Check the status, as we act like we knew!! your dude is usually in street mode, listening to some hip hop..

..Paying homage to my jazz roots, the history? cats rocking zoot suits!! these days? we’re avoiding lawsuits,  now in the lab  listening to Smooth Jazz Hip Hop ‪►‬ Mix (Vol. 1) courtesy of The Jazz Hop Cafe, check out the playlist and the mix; we didn’t quit and didn’t stop..


1. 00:00 MYK & Shirosky – Picasso (Ft. Manifest)
2. 03:48 FloFilz – keepitreal
3. 07:16 Shin-Ski – Rigel
4. 10:34 Freddie Joachim – Hear It From You (Ft. Lauren Santiago & Jacewon)
5. 14:45 QSTN – Easy
6. 17:53 Ryler Smith – Thelonelious Monk (Prod. Mz Boom Bap)
7. 21:50 Linoskiii – Air To Breathe
8. 25:36 Ours Samplus – I Was A Star
9. 28:37 Stephen Onprachanh & Rythmatical – If I Live or If I Die
10. 31:00 Lorisoul & The Cancel – Blessings Over Problems
11. 33:55 FloFilz – Jooly
12. 36:42 Mickey Cho – Thoughts (Ft. Sam Ock & J. Han)
13. 39:30 Tom Misch – Where Were You
14. 43:13 Choice37 – Conversate (Ft. Kero One & El Gambina)
15. 47:25 Joey Pecoraro – Warm
16. 49:30 Longevity Crew – Seek