The Arch Nemesis Is On The Premises PT.7 (They’re Still Here)

The calendar flipped over from 2013 to 2014…but everything’s not working..even though I heard the empty promises…

Some got foul with a brother..I see how they’re working it..check the drama..its the rebirth of it…the arch nemesis is on the premises..

Actually? they never left…they’re still here!! will we be rescued like the passengers on that trapped ship in the Antarctic?

It’s a new year…will priorities shift? please!! were caught in the that Nor’easter.…….it’s famine or feast for ya..why did they start it?

It’s a new year….priorities shift…some in Colorado will smoke weed every day per Nate Dogg…but society will still hate on O-Dogg…but they’ll get whats coming to them…

Karma is something else!! the drama goes down from Beirut to Iraq..actually the arch nemesis never left..O-Dogg is funky drumming on them..

O-Zone kept running on I was Rob Ford in Toronto…the saga / struggle continues…even though it got lonely out there..

Danger zone mentors mentioned breaking a leg like it was show business..or Anderson Silva..  ….in UFC 168…even though jokers show hate..I realize that it’s on me…

It’s on me to deal with I continue to bump heads with the arch nemesis..I pump these threads plus bump funky beats...that’s part of my arsenal..

It’s on me to deal with this…fighting back like Arsenal FC…that’s the deally..why did they start with a bro?

It’s on me to deal with this…so ruff so tuff like Roger and Zapp…like Michigan State roughing up Stanford in the Rose Bowl..

It’s on me to deal with this..fighting back against the arch was I supposed to roll?

Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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