The Friday Mix Vol. 1 (Part One)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Friday afternoon; we’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in the City of Atlanta..

The saga / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on!!  we’ll hit you up with the beats and this prose after cruising down I-20 in Atlanta..

…caught in traffic behind the Hummer down on Peachtree street in Buckhead; gas is high,  my peeps still drive those? meanwhile under the underpass on Lindbergh or Lenox Road derelicts created a subdivision, chilling under the bridge…

Mathematics are dropped plus the funky drummer O-Dizzle lets you know what’s up with it concerning the sound; dropping breakbeat scientific knowledge…

 O-Zone? I had a moment or two, caught in a moment of time! now typing this good word into the Samsung phone! was on the iPhone kick for a minute but I found out there was a trick to it so Brotha O-Zone had to move on!

So what’s really going on? there was a weird kind of vibe in this zone I even  told homie I was feeling some kind of way! of course I had to change the vibe up so once again it’s on…

…as digital crate digging continues, your dude had to let the music play! we’re coming through with The Friday Mix Vol. 1 (Part One) courtesy of DJ Steve Adams!!

Of course let us pray was also the movement, y’all should know the Lord will show and prove it so bear witness! I’m not trying to play with y’all after collecting these scattered thoughts just exercising per the mental fitness! O-Dog Day Partying check out the playlist and the mix, at the end of the day we’re jamming!!

Check this out at The Friday Mix Vol. 1 (Part One)


The Mid-Week Session Vol. 24 (Part One)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we try to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza!   those are the principles followed; that’s how I’ll play…

The saga / struggle continues, retro futuristic as I flash back to the future; life goes on!! from realm to realm / dimension to dimension I’ll play..

Paid attention, as the expelled members of the Tennessee Three get reinstated!! what’s up with these GOP state legislators, a license to ill while running it? 

 Paid attention,  like Remember The Time per Michael Jackson but it wasn’t all love; were the devil and his advocates running it?

Paid attention even though it got rough out here but we kept on running, it might not make any sense to another!! from Louisville / Newburg to Atlanta we emerge but excuse us for being on default settings.

Now pay attention to how we act per this good word and the music!! check out how a Louisville dude will behave while on default settings…

Check this out at The Mid-Week Session Vol. 24 (Part One)

Defected Radio Show Ibiza Special Hosted by Sam Divine – 07.04.23

Digital Crate Digging Continues as Flashback Friday and Fabulous Friday business is handled simultaneously!

The saga  / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; from Tennessee to over in Paris France and all points in between we’re in the midst of the ongoing madness! we’ll either bring some Afternoon Jazz or might even set off the O-Dog Day Party!

The ongoing madness? I thought I told you in the heart of it is where we’ll be where detectives investigate the death of innocence. 

Following instructions from the apparatus actors and actresses are operating the machine that’s creaking and moaning due to the lack of benevolence. 

Kept track of this, peeped game! the devil is in the details, oh! more than a possibility. 

Zest shown by the devil and his advocates! once again its on they’re back with that and this! now look at how ill it’ll be. 

But check out how the style will be as we fight back with this, dropping this Defected Radio Show Ibiza Special Hosted by Sam Divine – 07.04.23

Check out the playlist and the mix as we O-Dog Day Party to this in the midst of the ongoing madness!! this is what’s up with this / what it do / how it’ll be!!

1. YOURS – CALLING [White Label] 00:00

2. Never Dull – Let Me Love [AOC Records] 05:08

3. Hannah Wants feat. ARA – The One [Defected] 07:26

4. Michael Jackson – Wanna Be Startin Somethin’ (Melé Edit) [Self Released] 13:04

5. Shino Blackk – Managed (Blackk Vokal) [New Generation Records] 15:23

6. Wallace – Breaking Up [Rhythm Section] 21:42

7. Mason Collective – Lost My way [DFTD] 25:18

8. Darius Syrossian – Get Happy [Griffintown Records] 30:17

9. A Bunch Of Guys feat. Chicago Hustle – Baby Come Dance [Future Feel] 34:08

10. MOST RATED: Shouse X Ferrer X Troxler – (still) WON’T4GETU [Hell Beach] 39:29

11. Sam Divine & Hayley May – Face In The Crowd [DVINE Sounds] 44:32

12. Archie Hamilton feat. HQA – Let The Light in [Defected] 49:26

13. Job De Long – Enchanted (Folamour Remix) [PIV] 56:12

14. Low Steppa & Crusy – BFG [Toolroom] 1:02:10

15. Fer BR – Make That Move [Rawthentic] 1:06:16

16. Ferreck Dawn & Todd Terry – Get On Down [Insomniac] 1:09:48

17. Jimpster feat. Mavhungu – Tribute (Yoruba Soul Club Mix) [Freerange] 1:14:10

18. Mark Lewis – Nobody Knows (Flow Culture Vocal) [RealFlow Records] 1:19:04

19. Dames Brown feat. Waajeed – Glory (Floorplan Remix) [Defected] 1:23:55

20. Riva Starr feat. Mike Dunn – Feel The Heat [Defected] 1:29:48

21. Sek – Whosup [No Fuss Records] 1:32:15

22. 4 To The Floor: Julio Bashmore – Au Seve [Broadwalk Records] 1:36:19

23. Amy Dabbs – Dandelion Theory [Shall Not Fade] 1:41:28

24. The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme (Revision) [Glitterbox Recordings] 1:45:49

25. Eddie Fowlkes – What About Us [Rekids] 1:51:57

26. T.Williams feat. Tendai – You Take Me High [The Remedy Project] 1:56:49

FULL VINYL | 7″ Vinyl Party Set | Hunter@Canopy

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we put it down like this on a Thankful Thursday; by now y’all should know the science that is dropped! it’s a blessing to be here! 

The saga  / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on per this Throwback Thursday science that is dropped; we’ve been doing this  / we’ve been out here! 

Giving thanks to the Lord for all blessings judiciously!! please!! armor and shield provided during the ongoing crisis you feel me? it don’t stop, the devil will oppose!!  you know the saga / struggle continues!!!

What’s the response? this veteran in the game pulls rank!!  check my overflowing mental capacities, as the power get exercised; beats and prose on these menus.

Overcoming faculties in old and new schools; this is the next school philosophy, we’re “Four Five Sixing It

A brotha is using old and new tools;  high and low tech!! on this Throwback Thursday somewhat retro-futuristic.

Breaking news!! Breaking news!! respect the architect as we drop this FULL VINYL | 7″ Vinyl Party Set | Hunter@Canopy courtesy of The Moment!

Check out the playlist and the mix as we O-Dog Day Party to this!! enjoy the moment!!

🎧 Tracklist

00:00 | intro

00:11 | Celebration / Kool & The Gang [1980]

00:58 | Celebration Is The Heart / Jorun Bombay [2021]

02:55 | Groove Is In The Heart / DJ Nu-Mark feat. Lonely Boy [2021]

04:54 | Gypsy Woman (DJ Koco Remix) / Cat Boys feat. Asuka Ando [2022]

07:17 | The Swallow Knows / The Soul Sauce Meets Kim Yulhee [2020]

09:34 | Dreen Sunset / DJ 진욱 (DJ Jinwook) [2021]

12:31 | Poppa In The Sheets / V.A [2019]

14:44 | Unbelievable (Express Yourself Mix) / Nick Bike [2021]

16:44 | Hypnotize Me (Kolo Kolo Remix) / Biggie Smalls [2012]

18:16 | Juicy Fruit / Mtume [1983]

19:56 | Juicy / The Notorious B.I.G. [1994]

22:17 | Going Back to Cali Moar Remix / The Notorious B.I.G. [2020]

23:52 | California Love / Sly5thave feat. Cory Henry [2018]

25:21 | Get Your Freak On (Moar Remix) / Missy Elliott [2022]

26:21 | Bitch Betta Have My Money (DJ Kamo Remix) / Rihanna [2017]

27:39 | U.N.I.T.Y. To Infinity Remix / Altered Tapes [2020]

29:06 | Nabi / Peggy Gou [2021]

30:33 | Sugar (Puff Daehee Remix) / Chloe DeVita [2019]

33:02 | 오늘밤엔 Tonight (Feat. Ugly Duck) / 박재범 Jay Park, 기린 Kirin [2019]

36:16 | Merry Christmas / DJ Tron feat. Luana[2020]

37:41 | Be (DJ Koco Re-edit) / Wa Yo Set [2020]

39:08 | Rhythm Rug / King Most [2020]

40:46 | 1 Thing / Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band [2018]

43:07 | I Wanna Be Where You Are (Underboss Remix) / Michael Jackson [2020]

45:10 | Time With You / The Gaff [2022]

48:28 | Mister Magic (Jorun Bombay Remix) / Grover Washinton, Jr. [2020] ⚔️

Equipment DJ Mixer : DJM-S11(Pioneer) Turntable : SL1200 MK5 (Technics) Cartridge : Concorde MKII (Ortfon)

Lights Were Blinking On The Instrument Panel (Part Two)

 I mentioned previously that the mothership gets good mileage, but I’m reminded of one vehicle I once dipped in down I-20 here in Atlanta!

Due to society’s nefarious ways a brotha was rolling against the wind like Bob Seger, a freedom seeker  in the old school  1990’s Toyota Camry favored by immigrants up in Chamblee and Doraville but due to a shady deal I was harassed by lights blinking on the instrument panel!

Who’ll work with me on this Monday morning or whenever? in the Lions Den like Daniel type of controversy is dealt with; after succumbing to the sweet temptation?

Of course, Human like the Human League or even Human Nature like Michael Jackson with drama / intrigue part of the action or tantalizing touches part of the equation!

Caught out there swerving now lights blinked on the instrument panel; the check engine light and tire pressure light on? now some of us are veering off course. 

But of course! dealing with temptation? please! feeling the pressure out here in this Babylon like nation?  its par for the course!

Check this out at Lights Were Blinking On The Instrument Panel (Part Two)

We’ve Got A Lot Of Work To Do (Part Two)

Check us out as we come through on this Saturday afternoon that’s transitioning into a Saturday evening!!

Like Kevin McCarthy in a divided GOP elected as Speaker Of The House we’ve got work to do, acting like we knew / we keep believing!

In the heart of it? that’s where you’ll find me, all up in the house!! catch me out there just like the wandering lost. 

In the heart of it? that’s where you’ll find me, putting work in!! please!! we’ve got work to do!! let the healing process begin!! whispers of pain provide the fuel after I paid the cost.

Now a weather maker due to previous episodes, might even be accused of acting like HAARP, coming through with stormy lyrics of rain.

Dealt with this and that faker rolling in devious modes now they have us in defense modes weaponizing the sound and passionate poems are written after experiencing the pain.

Check this out at We’ve Got A Lot Of Work To Do (Part Two)

James Brown With Full Force – Static

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this HumpDay Extravaganza, broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!!

 The saga / struggle continues, trying to be positive in 2023 and be done with the 2022 negativity so  how are you trying to live? longing for the peace you once had? the Brotha O understands ya!!

….if you ever had it due to a good or bad habit; some will switch the game up per the latest fashion or fad….

….it can be due to a good or bad habit; some will switch the game up, now like Michael Jackson asking who’s bad?

O-Zone? a disobedient lad, the saga / struggle continues the older I get so what’s up with it?  the sun is shining here in Atlanta as I post this after a rainy start to the day, thunder booming and lightning flashing and crackling!!

What’s really going on? it’s like my blog as we dealt with the rain / fog part of the forces of nature, but check us out as we drop funk up in this thing!!

 What’s really going on? Soul Brother #1  James Brown With Full Force came through with their track called Static!! “don’t start none won’t be none”!!   we’re doing the damn thing!!

This is what’s up / what it do as we come through “in the place to be”  with this HumpDay Extravaganza, O-Dog Day Partying!! 

Check this out at James Brown With Full Force – Static

FULL VINYL | 90s & Early 00s R&B Set | JENN@Unity Record Bar

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!! we tried to manifest the terrific outcome!!

And we did somewhat, I won’t complain like Rev. James Cleveland I keep telling y’all it’s all game son!! now we’ll let the music play, check out the celebration!!

Check out the sound, Brotha O will provide the good word / elaboration for the occasion as we put it down like this!

As 2022 comes to a close and Lord willing we move into 2023 we’re still getting breakbeat scientific putting it down like this!

Alright? Check this out as we keep going back to what I call the Golden Age, the 90’s and 00’s per this FULL VINYL | 90s & Early 00s R&B Set | JENN@Unity Record Bar courtesy of The Moment!!

Check out the Playlist and the mix as we put it down from Tokyo to Atlanta!!  enjoy the moment!!

Check this out at FULL VINYL | 90s & Early 00s R&B Set | JENN@Unity Record Bar

Defected Radio Show Hosted by Rimarkable – 18.11.22

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Flashback Friday business in conjunction with Fabulous Friday renderings!

Reflecting on past episodes, through it all it’s a blessing to here doing the damn thing!

God is in the blessing business, excuse me as I pray and curse at the same time, I’m only human per the Human League. 

Maybe it’s Human Nature per Michael Jackson due to bumping heads with the devil and his advocates and other factions due to the ongoing drama  / chaos  / confusion  / intrigue. 

These players now coaching in the league come through with this Defected Radio Show Hosted by Rimarkable – 18.11.22!!

It’s going down, we’re putting it down like this!! we’ll proceed and continue with this O-Dog Day Party!! check out the playlist and the mix to see what’s up / what it do!!

1. The Blessed Madonna – Serotonin Moonbeams [Warner] 00:00

2. James Juke – Which Sauce [Jump Recordings] 04:56

3. Junior Sanchez feat. NEZ – Hit It [Defected] 08:44

4. Autistic (DE) – Bomba [Saved Records] 13:49

5. PAUZA & Arema Arega – Caliente [Gte Physical] 17:46

6. Georgia Cécile – Blue Is Just A Colour (Big Miz Remix) [Warner] 21:57

7. SANJAY – Waiting For The Sun (Steve Lawler Remix) [House Trained / Purple Condor] 25:36

8. Tayo & Ed Ramsey – The Way She Moves (DJ Seen Remix) [Unquantize] 30:45

9. 4 To The Floor: Soul Fusion – I Got Rhythm (Terry Hunter Remix) [Dopewax] 35:28

10. Sem Jacobs & Molamère – Une Nuit À La Cour [FUNKiMAN] 40:41

11. Honey Dijon feat. Rimarkable & Dope Earth Alien – Drama [Classic Music Company] 45:43

12. Marino – 4 Haus [Snatch! Records] 52:38

13. KeeQ – Sweet Like Nothing [Saved Records] 55:56

14. Dave + Sam – Feel Like [Moodswing] 1:00:38

15. The Neighbors feat. Idd Aziz – Spirit Animals [Go Deeva Records] 1:04:24

16. DJ T. – Dis (KiNK Remix – Roland Leesker’s House Music Was Born Edit) [Get Physical] 1:08:52

17. DEM2 & 96 Vibe – Pegale [Way Way Records] 1:13:35

18. Coflo & Lee Wilson – Rainbows [Local Talk] 1:17:55

19. IAM2LIVE – Jump In [White Label] 1:22:14

20. Carlo Lio & Andre Salmon – ENUFF (Re-Edit) [RawThentic] 1:24:29

21. In.Iko – A King’s Affirmation (Applejac’s Unhooked IG Dub) [Unhooked Generation] 1:28:22

22. Caiiro – The Akan [OwnIt Music] 1:32:12

23. DJ Merlon & Enoo Napa – Levitate [Rise Music] 1:35:47

24. Deetron & Soulmate – Tribe One (Vocal Edit) [Ilian Tape] 1:39:37

25. Ataxia – Detroit Gospel [Life and Death] 1:44:53

26. Nomi Rulz- Be Your Girl (Seven Davis Jr. Remix) [KID Recordings] 1:48:08

27. Oliver Night – Welcome [CoOp Presents] 1:51:33

28. Key To Life feat. Marc Evans – God’s Light (Tommy’s Vocal Blessing) [Sub Urban] 1:57:26

Yukihiro Fukutomi– I Am

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this HumpDay Extravaganza! It’s on and popping!

We’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta with no intentions of quitting  / stopping!

Good word and big beat dropping is the modus operandi this response will be of a breakbeat scientific nature!

It’s Going Down, we’re putting it down like this but to us it’s like Michael Jackson; Human Nature!

Prepare Yourself we’re not acting fake with ya! like this track from Yukihiro Fukutomi featuring Carl Anthony Rux it’s not how I Am!!

Check us out,  going on with our bad selves doing what we do, Afternoon Jazzing / O-Dog Day Partying this is the jam!!