HOUSE MUSIC AUGUST 2021 CLUB MIX #housemusic #djstoneangels #djset #play…

Digital Crate Digging Continues as this Friday afternoon transitions into Friday evening!!

The O-Dog Day Party will will transition into the Friday Night Fever, don’t call O-Dizzle an underachiever he’s doing the damn thing!

He’s jamming, check out the life celebration like we’re taking Kool and The Gang’s advice!

Doing the damn thing! but he doesn’t have his head buried in the sand, recognizing that “it’s rough out here” / “it ain’t nothing nice”

No need to Think Twice like Donald Byrd, you heard? we’re coming through listening to this HOUSE MUSIC AUGUST 2021 CLUB MIX 

It’s courtesy of Stefano Dj Stoneangels Channel Two!! check out the playlist and the mix /   check us out as we work these angles / this is what it do as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!

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Kool and The Gang – Get Down On It (A Oliver Momm Mix 91)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday as we try to follow guidelines..

The saga / struggle continues as we still deal with this Covid 19 when we’re on the scene still  following CDC guidelines..

…as far as masking and social distancing still keeping a low profile but authorities are using global positioning systems..

No limelight basking incognito / anti social knowing how the sport will go it’s easy to get caught up in the system 

…also the matrix as these earthlings fake it but we’re playing it like Kool and The Gang we’ll Get Down On It..

This is the Oliver Momm remix check it out, he’s on it!

Check this out at Kool and The Gang – Get Down On It (A Oliver Momm Mix 91)

Information / Inspiration Was Provided (Part One)

September has pulled up on us, God blessed us with a bonus!! now per 2 Timothy 2:15 we’re studying to show ourselves approved…

Doing the knowledge / putting work in during this Virgo Season!! we’re hunting / gathering information then analyzing the information for the prognosis; at the end of the day?  O-Zone showed / proved..

Breaking news is soon provided by these breakbeat scientists leading to a transformation; hopefully inspiration is provided

Smoke and mirror views obscured the vision, delaying the public transportation/ transformation  but upon arrival? jokers are all up in the spot where good and evil collided / coincided..

Jokers who provided horror and terror scenarios confided with each other, information provided indicated that Biden should have a Sista Souljah moment...

For what? trying to put jokers in check like Clinton supposedly did back in the day? actually that’s where Clinton lost me, along with his collaboration with Biden on the crime bill  even though crime was out of control back then some of y’all know the deal!! they mentioned the mistakes they made implementing the bill per the collateral damage; during the ongoing charade?  90’s rappers gave Trump a ghetto pass and  claimed Clinton was the first Black president; this soldier recognized they were part of the evil opponent..

Check this out at Information / Inspiration Was Provided (Part One)

It All Falls Apart (Part Seven)

Check us out!! this is going down on this Fourth Of July / Independence Day weekend! my constituents are celebrating like Kool and The Gang..

Check us out!! we’re feeling some kind of way especially when Covid 19 takes a back seat to the economy; Cash Rules Everything Around Me was mentioned by the Wu Tang Clan...

So what’s up man? it all falls apart especially if your on the wrong side history in the making; hearts are breaking, Rose Royce mentioned “love don’t live here anymore

So what’s up man? it all falls apart especially if your on the wrong side history in the making!! some jokers will talk junk like Trump at MT Rushmore..

So what’s up man? it all falls apart check the score!! we’re still out here trying /  going for more firing up the Mothership dipping down I-20 in Atlanta full steam ahead trying to put it back together,  but this is no hybrid like a Toyota Prius!! this vehicle is not energy efficient!

Not super cool with it; Life Is Hectic  per the Covid 19 / systemic racism twin pandemics, no lie about this!!  I’m still in the hood / community but it’s not like I’m up in a Caddie Escalade or up in the Lincoln Navigator pulling an escapade or a caper; I wasn’t with it!

Check out the rest of this article at It All Falls Apart (Part Seven)

The JB’s – Let The Music Take Your Mind (The Reflex Revision)

Sunday Jazz Continues as a Sunday afternoon transitions into Sunday evening, check us out as we keep achieving..

…these breakbeat scientific feats similar to George Floyd protesters out in those streets? we’ll keep believing…

…plus we’ll keep relieving the stress as reality will continue to stress especially since there’s still a coronavirus presence.

We’ll provide the medicine, listening to The JB’s with their version ofKool and The Gang’s Let The Music Take Your Mind (The ReflexRevision)

This is actually an excerpt from their song When You Feel It Grunt If You Can, which I found on their These Are The JB’s project..

Check out the players and the track, O-Dog Day Partying when we holla back? hey!! what did you expect?

Check this out at The JB’s – Let The Music Take Your Mind (The Reflex Revision)

The Kay-Gees – Space Disco

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever edition; priorities are shifting..

O-Dog Day Partying earlier, now we’ve got other work to do; we’re paradigm shifting..

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors has the structure rifting, but corrupt ones we oppose uplifting the masses..

Jokers danced with the devil at the disco inferno, they’ve got a lot to learn bro!! we’re conducting classes..

Back with this!! listening to Kool And The Gang protégés The Kay-Gees with a track called  Space Disco

Back with this on a cool Saturday evening in Atlanta, playing these obscure tracks!! facts!  some of my constituents are  spaced out at the disco!!

Check this out at The Kay-Gees – Space Disco


Digital Crate Digging Continues per this HumpDay Extravaganza edition; it’s on and popping!!

The saga / struggle continues; getting over the hump is the business!! check the vehicles used, jazzing it up, housing it and hip hopping…

Plus we’re funking it up, not stopping!! determined, like it seems the Democrats are concerning a Trump impeachment..

That’s the deal, that’s how we’re working it!! still dealing with these fanatics, showing discernment!! meanwhile beats will bump plus O-Zone will preach it!!

O-Zone? a minister of defense rolling with O-Dizzle,  the minister of music as we rebuke sinister movements!!

Zones get rocked by this O-Dog Day Party!! listening to this FUNK OLD SCHOOL CLASSIC’S MIX BY STEFANO DJ STONEANGELS; check out the playlist and the musical movements!!


1 – Fat Larry’s Band – Party after the midnight

2 – Westcoast Soulstar – Because of you

3 – Kool & the Gang – Stand up and sing

4 – Khemistry – I Can’t Lose With The Stuff I Use

5 – Surface – Falling In Love

6 – Advance – Take Me To The Top

7 – The Shades Of Love – Keep In Touch

8 – Rikki Patrick – I Never Thought It Would Come To This

9 – Boeing – Dance To The Beat

10 – Disco All Stars – Keep That Rhythm Goin’

11 – Danny Boy – Repperdeklep

12 – Marc Sadane – One Minute For Love

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Just Chilling For A Minute PT.3

It’s going down on this Throwback  Thursday / Thankful Thursday; we’re blessed, but unworthy…

Like Trump feels about John McCain?  didn’t want to see ships with his name?  unworthy?

Beats will bump and this good word is dropped, but who’ll work with me? I’m putting it down while others were hesitant like Nancy Pelosiconcerning a Trump impeachment…

….even though Robert Mueller wrote the map, per Throwback Thursday?  O-Zone wrote a rap or two based on what the street did..

Oh yes!! based on the word on the curb!! some people were pushed close to the edges!! per Throwback Thursday Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five with Melle Mel  used the Message  to tell you what it do!

So what’s the deal?  per Throwback Thursday O-Zone had to curb the Oldsmobile Delta 88 because it didn’t act right plus he curbed his appetite!!  but your homie is rough around the edges, based on what I’ve been through.

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 Kool and The Gang – Spirit Of The Boogie

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Friday Night!! Friday Night Fever is in full effect..

Digital? analog? whatever but some are digging the smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors: non- believer?  fools will disrespect..

What it do?  like rigging elections per Donald Trump it’s hard to get over the hump, but we keep it moving!!

What it do? beats will thump on a Friday night or whenever!! during spiritual warfare we try to keep grooving..

Some were proving that the were with the opposition, they were trying to act brand new with me..

We had to drop this disco / funk on them: who’s that?  Kool and The Gang with Spirit Of The Boogie ….Let’s Go!!

Source: THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Kool and The Gang – Spirit Of The Boogie

That’s Where They Lost Me PT.8 (Now I’m Holding On)

*I hear chain saws underneath this limb I’m holding on*

Hanging On A String, like that joint from Loose Ends I heard on KISS 104 here in Atlanta…

Hanging On A Limb!!  Morris Day and The Time’s Oaktree? I hear buzz saws!! is this the end for a brotha??

Once hanging out with them or those players that played on, but this is where they lost me; a hater even  plans to call the search off!!  Lord Have Mercy!!!!

Just Trying To Hold On!!  just trying to maintain!!  like Obama with his trade bill I’m trying to find somebody to work with me…

What’s really going on? I heard the belligerence  as the South debates the Confederate flag, but some are sold on it due to heritage; so who will inherit the throne??

Intergalactic Drama  , local, national, international; on all fronts? another fronts, they were agents of the Federation!!  meanwhile I search for the perfect beat like Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force; adjusting bass, treble and tone…

Mathematics are dropped by my alter ego known as O-Zone;  just trying to hold on, but it’s getting rough…

Fanatics  flip flopped up in the spot like Republican presidential candidates!!  that’s where they lost me!! I left that spot loaded with punishment glutttons who can’t get enough…

They Can’t Get Enough Of That Funky Stuff per Kool and The Gang, but jokers were faking the funk!! they press buttons and turn dials…*Scheduling The Pain and Pleasure of life*

The Suburban with blacked out windows rolls up; you’ll get gaffled, but misery loves company;  in your back goes the knife…

Who hacked out windows?  I was dealing with technical difficulties!! now I’m peeping game like  peeping through blinds and windows like Malcolm X...

I’m holding on!! some lost me by operating *Shady Like Grady* who’s realizing the sport is complex?