Exercising Power (Part Three)

 Check us out as we come through on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; we’re trying to manifest the terrific outcome!!

We’re coming through doing our due diligence, catch us out here exercising power as we pull up with this good word and the drum!!

We’re coming through doing our due diligence but some act brand new!! not knowing this brotha was like Kool and The Gang and he would bring the funky stuff!!! 

The Sonic Assault? O-Dizzle, the minister of music and defense had to put it down like this!! oh yeah!! it’s just a way to exercise power, defending our people!  that’s what’s up!! per Job 3:17  the wicked shall cease from troubling and the weary shall be at rest!! I’m telling a hater enough is enough!!

They’ll get caught out there like Trump getting his spot raided by the FBI, they called his bluff;  that’s what’s up!!  I’m through paying with them!!  I already mentioned “The Game Is Over” !!!

It was even an earlier episode at the O-Dog’s Podcast but it was relocated; but the concept was revisited! the madness? we’re still dealing with it “it ain’t over”.

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All Up In The Spot: Damn! Here We Go Again! (Part Ten)

 On this Sunday morning? you can catch us chilling out, all up in the spot! 

Damn! here we go again! the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; it doesn’t quit / stop!

O-Dizzle mentioned earlier the ongoing struggle wasn’t natural , like the earth, sun, water and air!

Beneficial? those natural elements are! your dude is all up in the spot soaking it all in; therapeutic! it’s exhilarating!

Detrimental? like the Trump Insurrection the devil was in the details due to the scheme / plot! I see so called love and the lies had some on pins and needles!

Wasteful collaboration? corruption at the construction site / all up in the spot! doubts? feeding those!

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Defected Radio Show: Louie Vega Takeover – 22.01.21

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Fabulous Friday; check it out it’s a blessing to be here…

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on, toil and strife goes on; like it’s always been, as we reflect on this Flashback Friday, taking it there..

A lot of jokers are faking out there, like Shaq vs Donovan Mitchell per the awkward interview..

A lot of jokers are faking out there, they lack / fail to look and the big picture; per the Trump insurrection  I’m  trying to see what these Oath Keepers and Proud Boys are going to do…

2020 gone, but I see there’s a lot to go through in 2021 but we won’t come undone; check us out as we proceed and continue!!

It’s on!! we’re on one check us out as we set this O-Dog Day Party off listening to Defected Radio Show: Louie Vega Takeover – 22.01.21; check out the playlist and the mix to see what it do!!

1. Fiorious – Follow Me (Harry Romero Club Dub) [Glitterbox Recordings]

2. The Clark Sisters – You Brought The Sunshine (DJ Spen Re-Edit) [White Label]

3. Honey Dijon Feat. Annette Bowen & Nikki-O – Downtown (Louie Vega Downtown Disco Mix) [Classic Music Company]

4. Powerdance – Power Bang (Unreleased Dub Mix) [Classic Music Company]

5. Mike Dunn – Strut Cho Phunky Stuff (Sho’ Nuff Main Mix) [Classic Music Company]

6. Leon Ware – Rockin’ You Eternally (Souldynamic Boot Mix) [Self Release]

7. Isolée – Beau Mot Plage (Louie Vega Remix) [Classic Music Company]

8. Chicago – Street Player (Souldynamic Brass Re-Cut) [Self Release]

9. Joeski – El Santo [Maya Records]

10. Liva K – Rosa [NuLu Music]

11. Hyenah Feat. DJ Tira & Luke – Ezizweni [Sondela]

12. DYBBUK 2 – City Country Morales City [White Label]

13. Stefano Ranieri – African Poet [NuLu Music]

14. Joseph Capriati & Louie Vega – Spirit Brothers [REDIMENSION]

15. Louie Vega & The Martinez Brothers with Marc E. Bassy – Let it Go (Honey Dijon Chicago Dub) [Defected]

16. Glen Underground – Pastorious Syndrome [White Label]

17. Web Web – What You Give (Mousse T. Boogie Shizzle Remix) [Compost Records]

18. Anané – Get On the Funk Train (Michael Gray & Mark Knight Remix) [Nervous]

19. Whitney Houston – Love Will Save The Day (Louie Vega Unreleased Mix) [Arista Records/White Label]

20. Celebrity BBQ Sauce – Please Don’t Fail Me [Mahogani Music]

21. Lil Louis feat. Chinah Blac – Fable (Director’s Cut Unreleased Dub) [Gramaphone Records]

22. Louie Vega – Days of My Life [White Label]

23. Tony Vee Feat. S3 & Kenny Bobien – From The Bottom [Mixtape Sessions Music]

24. Nico Vega – 106 To Juno [White Label]

25. Krust Feat. Larry Powell – Antigravity Love (Masters At Work Remix) [Crosstwon Rebels]

26. Hadiya George – Hot Flavour (Kaidi Tathams Remix) [The Remedy Project]

27. SAULT – Son Shine [Forever Living Originals]


I Can See What They’re Saying (Part Nine)

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta reflecting / contemplating / doing the knowledge; jumping and recognizing, now “I Can See What They’re Saying”

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in this rush hour traffic doing the mathematics on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can play out either way; your dude keeps praying…
…then he keeps playing; play on player was the encouraging word received from my constituents like Super Tuesday endorsements received by Joe Biden..
….Buttigieg, Khobuchar and Beto O’Rourke jump on board like John Lewis catching a ride down to Selma 55 for Bloody Sundaycommemorations; still Freedom Riding..
You dig? meanwhile O-Zone was on board the mothership rolling down these Henry County back streets listening to Duane Stephenson talk about “put down the knife and the 45”
I can see what they’re saying!! some of that Ghetto Heaven Riddumfrom Maximum Sound!! from the pirate / bootleg station on the Eastside it was all the way live..
Check out the rest of this article at I Can See What They’re Saying (Part Nine)

Kyoto Jazz Sextet – Mission (Jaxx Madicine Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a cool Saturday afternoon / evening  in Atlanta ; we’re chilling out enhancing lab techniques..

The saga / struggle continues / life goes on; Afternoon Jazz is dropped, now it’s the Saturday Night Fever check these  mothership landing by-products; advancing through the universe; now down here on earth where havoc wreaks..

Doing the mathematics, working it all out!!  like winning streaks the by-products of  Colin Kaepernick workouts?

Dealing with fanatics, working it all out!! a dude streaks by the ex- Louisvillians like Ja Morant did  Terry Rozier and Donovan Mitchell; going all out..

Dealing with fanatics, working it all out!! the attitude is an ill one but what can you expect from a Louisvillian / Louisvillain? 

Real with the mathematics like the Kyoto Jazz Sextet we’re on a  Mission; this is the (Jaxx Madicine Remix), this is how we’re dealing!!

Check this out at https://omanxl1.blogspot.com/2019/11/kyoto-jazz-sextet-mission-jaxx-madicine.html

Defected Radio Show presented by Sam Divine – 11.05.18

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; what it do? we were in a Sunday Jazz mood earlier.

Digital / analog? menus have variety, let the music play! we’re just trying to work with ya!

We’re just try to fix things for ya like Ray Donovan! maybe Michael Cohen with a notion..

We’re just try to fix things! run a play like Donovan Mitchell getting open, we had a notion..

No shady notions like Axe Capital on Billions or even Chuck in the Southern District; this good word is dropped by this retro-futuristic mystic and good music is playing…

Check out this good house music / the playlist and the mix from the Defected Radio Show presented by Sam Divine – 11.05.18

01. Shakedown ‘At Night’ (Purple Disco Machine Remix) [Defected]

02. Obas Nenor featuring Jenny Penkin ‘My Intuition’ [Defected]

03. Franky Rizardo ‘Heater’ [Defected] X Blaze featuring Palmer Brown ‘My Beat’ (Accapella) [Slip N Slide]

04. 4 To The Floor: Brian Tappert ‘The Organ Track’ (The Other House Mix) [Soulfuric]

05. Honey Dijon & Tim K featuring John Mendelsohn ‘Thunda’ (Rampa Remix) [Classic]

06. MOST RATED: PEZNT featuring Gregers ‘Toxic Love’ [Defected]

07. Tiefschwarz featuring Mama ‘Corporate Butcher’ (Solomon Remix) [Watergate]

08. Sam’s Forgotten Jem: Illusion Recordings presents NY STOMP – The NY House Trak (Original Mix) [Illusion Records]

09. Danvers ‘Aye Ata’ [WotNot Music]

10. Martin Badder ‘See It Through My Eyes’ [DFTD]

11. Pete Heller’s Big Love ‘Big Love’ (Dr Packer Remix) [Glitterbox]

12. Ridney ‘Gotta Come Back’ [Soulfuric]

13. Hifi Sean featuring Celeda ‘The Music’ [Classic]