FULL VINYL | 90s 00s Hiphop set | DJ KAZZMATAZZ

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Music Monday edition.

The saga  / struggle continues, we’re either O-Dog Day Partying or Afternoon Jazzing sometimes simultaneously,  check out the directions!

The saga  / struggle continues as my indiscretions are accented by flagrant agents or catalysts when trying to handle this breakbeat scientific business!

The saga  / struggle continues! the sound? we’ll make an escape with it my constituents know what the deal is!

Check it out!! my constituents know what the deal is when I come through with this FULL VINYL | 90s 00s Hiphop set | DJ KAZZMATAZZ courtesy of The Moment!

Check out the playlist and the mix, we’re playing this Music Monday like it’s a Throwback Thursday of Flashback Friday!! enjoy the moment!

🎧 Track List

00:00 | Intro

00:24 | Lazy / DJ KAZZMATAZZ [2015]

01:02 | Do My Thing / Killa Sha [2010]

03:44 | It Ain’t Hard to Tell / Nas [1994]

04:06 | Real Live Shit / Real Live (K-Def instrumental) [1995]

05:09 | Hip Hop Lives / KRS ONE [2007]

07:56 | Sound Bwoy Bureill / Smif-n-Wessun [1995]

09:09 | Sound Bwoy Bureill (Remix Vocal) / Smif-n-wessun [1995]

11:16 | Reflection Eternal – Fortified Live (Instrumental) [1997]

11:37 | Definition / Black Star [1998]

13:32 | Take It Easy / Mad Lion [1994]

16:07 | No Escape / Urbs & Cutex [2003]

18:30 | The Love Song / Bush Babees [1996]

19:00 | The Love Song (45King Remix) / Bush Babees [1996]

20:50 | Keep on Rockin / Jigmastas [2000]

24:37 | The Shit is Real (DJ Premier Remix) / Fat Joe [1993]

25:58 | Main Source / Just Hangin’ Out (Your Hood Remix) [1991]

28:21 | Big Beat Bam (Remix) / Sister Nancy [1993] 🟥 | Hits from the Bong / Cypress Hill [1993]

30:59 | Smoke Buddah / Redman [1996]

33:03 | Jane / EPMD [1988]

34:58 | Family Affair / Mary J. Blige [2001]

38:06 | No Diggity / Blackstreet [1996]

39:19 | No Diggity / Hackney Colliery Band [2011]

41:14 | unknown 43:30 | Hard To Earn Medley / Gang Starr [1994]

46:24 | Royalty / Gang Starr [1998]


Phat Tape 2023 Underground Hip Hop Volume 1

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we come through with this Flashback Friday edition!

We’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, back in the day I would be up in Louisville preparing for the Kentucky Derby! that was how I was living!

Need to see why the horses are dying but on this Flashback Friday I am back on default settings putting it down! unlike the Lakers Anthony Davis on default settings slowed down by Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors!

I’m on default settings setting off this O-Dog Day Party with some hip hop I didn’t quit or stop! Brotha O is an OG an original street warrior!

Not leaving the battlefield like Wagner Group over in Bakhmut, dropping this breakbeat science we’re not mute, we didn’t quit or stop!

Beats bump rattling the trunk out in the field aka I-20 in Atlanta, gas is high but I didn’t need payoffs like Clarence Thomas I see the madness didn’t stop! 

But back to this hip hop, we’re listening to this Phat Tape 2023 Underground Hip Hop Volume 1.

Check out the playlist and the mix as we O-Dog Day Party to this, once again it’s on!!

Check this out at Phat Tape 2023 Underground Hip Hop Volume 1

The Tables Turned PT. 3

It’s like DJ’s manipulating the vinyl or CD’s  all up in the club / all up in the house; earlier we came through with DJ Premier and J Dilla as the tables turned.

Reflecting / contemplating about previous episodes, present situations or future outcomes? it goes down, check the karma! some will say the tables have turned!

Flashback Friday? we’re taking it to the bridge like James Brown mentioned! it wasn’t burned, we might have to go back across!

Fabulous Friday? it’s a blessing to be here, dropping knowledge about this life per dealing with a win or loss!

How did some play as the tables turned?  lessons learned? we did the knowledge / searched high and low, so it bothers me.

Some were devil dancers while others found answers, learned per the magicians prophecies. 

Check this out at The Tables Turned PT. 3

Clearance Rack Epiphanies ( Its Another Holiday Season)

Damn! here we go again! check it out, we’re into another holiday season. 

Just came through the Thanksgiving Day Holiday, to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, capitalists / corporations were trying to stay busy / give my constituents a reason..

..to spend money that they don’t have so the one percent can get fatter; economists supply the chit chatter..

Check out this HumpDay Extravaganza, it seems like it’s a good time to bring back these clearance rack epiphanies, letting you know what really matters…

…to a brotha from out beyond Pluto and Mars! he of moondust? oh yes, him! he’s known for being intergalactic!

Above the clouds like DJ Premier and Guru aka Gangstarr! head in the clouds peeping game back at home, trapped on earth with fanatics?

O-Zone? still masking and social distancing due to the Omicron Variant! dropping these clearance epiphanies from a distance, fearing crowds of earthlings, in the shadows stalking?

Delivering these clearance rack epiphanies like FedEx, UPS or Amazon, but you’re not hit up by porch pirates!! once again it’s on! I’m not like pitchers with the balking!

Doing what we do then getting back on the mothership, to the platform he’s walking! then it’s on to the next!

Acting like we knew as we proceed and continue into the month of December, knowing the sport is complex!

But we’re coming with the next chapter, these clearance rack epiphanies can be found at this website, at the Sonic Assault and at Random Thoughts From A Brotha!

We’re not putting it down at Macy’s, Walmart or Target don’t even start it! that world is corporate, they’re not trying to connect with this type of brotha!

Rakim and J.PERIOD Present The Live Mixtape: God MC Edition [Part One: Live DJ Set]

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday, we’re coming through clear the runway…
…that’s out here on I-20 in Atlanta the gateway to the universe as we reverse the curse that’s put in our way…

…this our day as we stake a claim to it acting like we knew it..

…but we’re not acting brand new with it it’s rough out here all of us are out here going through it!

As we go through it we’ll cue up the soundtrack coming through listening to Rakim and J.PERIOD Present The Live Mixtape: God MC Edition [Part One: Live DJ Set..this is what it do!!

Word from the sound selector? …..PART ONE – an exclusive DJ set, performed and recorded LIVE in one take – features iconic Rakim rhymes flipped with legendary beats from A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Nas, Black Thought, James Brown and more, to create an incredible re-imagining of Hip Hop history with J.PERIOD on the ones and twos.

Check this out at Rakim and J.PERIOD Present The Live Mixtape: God MC Edition [Part One: Live DJ Set]

1 Hour Old School Hip Hop Classic Instrumentals

Sunday Jazz Continues on another 90 degree afternoon in Atlanta, somebody will understand a brotha when I tell them the temperature is rising..

…in more ways than one, plus I mentioned it’s a cold world confirmed by the latest drama that occurred; based on Trump’s so called Executive orders? it’s not surprising..

Plots / schemes some are devising then try to threaten you if your opposing like Steve Mnuchin, while corporations continue mooching off the treasury..

Rotten teams revising the rule of law? that’s what O-Zone saw, he mentioned he sees everything moving now he’s showing / proving letting you know what the deal will be..

….letting you know what the real will be concerning this music; listening to these 1 Hour Old School Hip Hop Classic Instrumentals courtesy of Nicola Armellin

Sunday jazz? hip hop? somebody will feel me, knowing those classics we’re based on funk, jazz and soul music samples!! check the playlist and the mix for these prime example so you can “see what I’m saying”

Check this out at 1 Hour Old School Hip Hop Classic Instrumentals

Craig David F. Mos Def – 7 Days (Premier Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Music Monday; we’re late but we’re right on time..

….like the Brothers Johnson as these brothers are responding to the ongoing madness that’s going down…

….from systematic racism to the coronavirus pandemic we’re responding to the ongoing madness with the sound..

…and this good word, you heard? this is how I do things, I’ve already told you it all falls apart so you dude will fall through showing heart! now check the sound!!

We’ll fall through listening to Craig David Featuring Mos Def with  7 Days (Premier Remix) ; even Nate Dogg contributed with the intro!!

Check us out, we’re not trying to misbehave with it, it’s def and all that as we get breakbeat scientific!! “y’all should know how it go”

Check this out at Craig David F. Mos Def – 7 Days (Premier Remix)

D.I.T.C. – Thick

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, that’s the kind of vibe exhibited..

The saga / struggle continues, Flashback Friday?  rocking a throwback Barry Sanders jersey and a Fubu 05 hat..

Going on with that / acting like I knew that, not bamboozled or hoodwinked by Blacks For Trump celebrations that occurred here in Atlanta..

Not feeling that!! tying up traffic that’s already bad, act like you knew!! never blinked staring into the eye of the tiger!! now dropping beats that bump plus these elaborations, understand a brotha?

Listening to beats that bump per these collaborations!! listening to D.I.T.C. with a track called Thick..

D.I.T.C?  they’re featuring  this collaboration of  AG, Big L, and O.C, with production handled by Premier; y’all should know the track will kick!!

Check this out at D.I.T.C. – Thick

Group Home – Up Against The Wall (Getaway Car Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; this is how the work will be…

Word from a retro-futuristic mystic who they thought missed it but I already knew how this world would be…

…like I been here before going back and forth through the portal / door; taking it back to the future…

Mentioned before I’m time traveling / mystery unraveling history making no his story faking; like Newt Gingrich vs the 1619 Project jokers will act brand new with ya..

….excuse me while I have an old school hip hop moment; things are like checking out this Group Home track with Up Against The Wall (Getaway Car Mix)

…..of course DJ Premier is on the beat!! Check it out y’all as we continue to get breakbeat scinetific!!

Dj Premier – New York Reality Check 101

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon; we’ve got the O-Dog Day Party going…

Usually Afternoon Jazzing, ways of the world will soon have me spazzing, can’t you see how things are going?

Comedians were razzing some of these fools, sounding like no vertical having Paul Pierce saying he’s better than Dwayne Wade…

Impeding progress with rules like Trump talking about closing the border but then changing his mind, games are played..

O-Dog? ready to pull out the four track recorder after listening to this Dj Premier  New York Reality Check 101..

Check out the playlist and the mix courtesy of the Real Schitt You Tube Channel;  real hip hop dropped from back in the 90’s it’s hard to find these!! this is how it’s done!!

01. DJ Premier – Intro 0:00

02. J-Live – Braggin’ Writes 1:00

03. Brainwash 2000 – Break It Down 5:06

04. Laster – Off Balance (Feat. Ed O.G.) 10:36

05. G-Depp – Head Over Wheels 14:50

06. DJ Premier – Skit 20:46

07. Natural Elements – Lyrical Tactics 22:01

08. Company Flow – 8 Steps to Perfection 27:32

09. Shadez of Brooklyn – Change 33:14

10. L The Head Toucha – Too Complex 37:49

11. DJ Premier – Intro 44:48

12. Street Smartz – Metal Thangz 46:05

13. Rezidue – Inner City Blues 51:59

14. Godfather Don – Properties of Steel 56:35

15. Brainsick Mob – Mixmaster 1:01:41

16. Choclair – 21 Years 1:04:11

17. DJ Premier – Outro 1:08:14

18. Finsta Bundy – Feel the High Pt. 2 1:10:13

Check this out at https://t.co/uToNvEhVqg