Mixtape | Remedy Hiphop | Beats & Rhymes

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as Throwback Thursday and Thankful Thursday business is handled simultaneously!

We’re taking it back to the future but gratitude is shown for being here enjoying the moment, my constituents know what the deal will be!

But the struggle is real, some know what the deal will be! they’re out there running wild in the untethered.  

Even though the full moon was in Libra they’re out there accompanied by their silhouetted dreams in sunlight.

They told others like Tennessee Democratic legislators  they’re not fooling with them! supposedly handing business before it handles them out here between horizons not bothered. 

 Experienced per Jimi Hendrix? its not surprising!  they’re smooth operators per Sade!  mellifluent.  

We didn’t pump brakes like Bendix, we’re coming through with this Mixtape | Remedy Hiphop | Beats & Rhymes courtesy of the Moment!!

Check us out as we O-Dog Day Party to this!! check out the playlist and the mix, enjoy the moment!!

1 | Godfather Don – Connections (Instrumental) [1998]

2 | Communication Project (Doseone & Scott Herren/Prefuse 73) – Do Tell [2000]

3 | Onyx – Shout (Remix instrumental) [1995]

4 | Louis Logic – Punchline (J.J. Brown Remix) [2000]

5 | Dela feat. Surreal and J-Live – The City (Nomak Remix Instrumental) [2007]

6 | Equilibrium – Do That [1999]

7 | Cyne – Steady (Instrumental) [2002]

8 | Brothers Of The Mind – Stop Schemin’ [1995]

9 | Yasushi Ide – Fresh (EFX 500 Live Remix by Kensei) [1999]

10 | Binary Star – New Hip Hop [2000]

11 | Hayzee – Y3ah [2008]

12 | Woodblue – Deji [2007]

13 | The Large Professor – For My People [1996]

14 | Jazz Liberatorz – What’s real (Instrumental) [2004]

15 | Da Bush Babees – Remember We (Salaam Remi Remix) [1994]

16 | J Dilla feat. Dwele – Dime Piece (Instrumental) [2006]

17 | Zion I Feat. The Grouch & Goapele – Flow (Fluid Remix) [2003]


FULL VINYL | 90s & 00s Hiphop Set | ZICO@advantage bar

Digital Crate Digging Continues as Saturday afternoon shifts into Saturday evening, as we go from O-Dog Day Partying to Saturday Night Fevering!

Don’t get us wrong, temperatures are not up due to Covid 19 your dude is still social distancing!

Not just due to the pandemic but per doing the mathematics it’s academic, your dude has a low tolerance to the madness!

Breakbeat scientific insight was gained due to enhancing lab techniques and also collecting scattered thoughts now we’re back with this!

Breakbeat scientific insight was gained out here in our institute, the rebuttal to jokers who wanted to see us out there caught up in the system / matrix destitute!

We knew these jokers “ain’t right” out here getting indicted like Trump out here trying to get cute!!

During the ongoing disputes? the sound is weaponized as we come through with this  FULL VINYL | 90s & 00s Hiphop Set | ZICO@advantage bar! courtesy of The Moment!

Check out the playlist and the mix!! it’s like we’re O-Dog Day Partying / Saturday Night Fevering like we’re in the club / bar!! enjoy the moment!

Check this out at FULL VINYL | 90s & 00s Hiphop Set | ZICO@advantage bar

1 Hour Old School Hip Hop Classic Instrumentals

Sunday Jazz Continues on another 90 degree afternoon in Atlanta, somebody will understand a brotha when I tell them the temperature is rising..

…in more ways than one, plus I mentioned it’s a cold world confirmed by the latest drama that occurred; based on Trump’s so called Executive orders? it’s not surprising..

Plots / schemes some are devising then try to threaten you if your opposing like Steve Mnuchin, while corporations continue mooching off the treasury..

Rotten teams revising the rule of law? that’s what O-Zone saw, he mentioned he sees everything moving now he’s showing / proving letting you know what the deal will be..

….letting you know what the real will be concerning this music; listening to these 1 Hour Old School Hip Hop Classic Instrumentals courtesy of Nicola Armellin

Sunday jazz? hip hop? somebody will feel me, knowing those classics we’re based on funk, jazz and soul music samples!! check the playlist and the mix for these prime example so you can “see what I’m saying”

Check this out at 1 Hour Old School Hip Hop Classic Instrumentals

HIP HOP Mix 90′ s underground rap

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible /Terrific Tuesday; the emphasis has been on the terrific side..

That’s how it’s been as we proceed and continue to do what we do, playing this based on the study of mathematics, now implemented when we ride..

Fanatics slide through acting like they’re the king like Trump but they’ll get rebuked like him and Melania..

Democrats slide overtures to John Bolton, hopes he starts quoting during impeachment hearings but I don’t know bruh!!

Back with this!! placing bets on this HIP HOP Mix 90′ s underground rap mix courtesy of Lou Dav; during this Thanksgiving Day celebration this is how a Louisville / Newburg bruh will behave..

Back with this!! facing threats!! you’re back on that hip hop from the 90’s again? why you…was heard but check the playlist and the mix for the word!! excuse the default settings; this is  how a Louisville / Newburg bruh will behave..

Check the playlist and the mix at HIP HOP Mix 90′ s underground rap

HIP-HOP rap jazz influence

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon; I usually have an Afternoon Jazz thing going…..

The saga / struggle continues, holla at me if you know what I’m saying / knowing how it’s going…

Out here flowing down the mainstream trying to keep our heads above water making a way if we can..

Going for what we’re knowing, of course meeting opposition like the CIA vs Bill Barr and the DOJ concerning the 2016 election…

….meanwhile we’re in your section using discernment, underground railroad riding listening to some underground hip hop / jazz hop courtesy of Lou Dav..

Afternoon Jazzing in another way check the playlist and the good music that’ll play; how did they expect this dude to behave?

Guts, Dillon Cooper – It’s Like That 

Y Society (Damu The Fudgemunk and Insight) – This Advice

Superstar Quamallah – 1993 Shit

Superscientifiku – Recall Match

String Theory, Halfcut – Art of Rap 

Pete Rock – Collector’s Item

Lone Catalysts – 3 Years Ago 

Cyne – 400 Years Revisited

Jazz Liberatorz, Fat Lip – My Style Is Fly 

DJ Krush, Black Thought – Zen Approach 

Dafuniks, El Blacc – Non Similar

Jazz Addixx – Hip Hop

Kankick, Declaime and Kazi- Thankful 

Lewis Parker – Two Blazing Eyes In The Sun (Instru)

Check this out at https://thebrothaomanxl1.blogspot.com/2019/10/hip-hop-rap-jazz-influence.html

Jazz & Hip Hop Jazz Instrumental Mix 2018 | Best of JAZZ & HIP HOP

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday is coming to a close; it’s been a little of both but we’ll roll with the punches..

Don’t act brand new with me!! it’s not Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday but back in the day the elders told you there’s no free lunches…

Paying dues; plus doing our due dilligence so now we’re back with this!! the chill mode is what we’re choosing!!

We’re out here doing what we do, life goes on!! we checked the ongoing episodes; sometimes winning / losing…

Not cruising for bruising!!  I told you we’re in chill mode listening to  Jazz & Hip Hop Jazz Instrumental Mix 2018 | Best of JAZZ & HIP HOP..

It’s courtesy of DJ Equip Mode and Smooth Jazz Nation Power; check the playlist and the mix! smooth sounds we’ll drop..

Track List:

1.XL – Take 5 (Kool Summer Mix)

2.Jazz Liberatorz – Whats Real (Instrumental)

3.Skipless – Still (Jazztrumental)

4.Jazz Liberatorz – Speak The Language (Instrumental) (vinyl)

5.Jazz Liberatorz – Music Makes The World Go Round (Instrumental)

6.Projekt Gummizelle – Headphones [Instrumental – Loop]

7.Clear Soul Forces – Gotham City (Feat. Idris Elba)

8.Melanin 9 – Cold [Instrumental]

9.Quasimoto – Catchin The Vibe

10.Jungle Brothers – Brain (Instrumental)

11.J Dilla – Alien Family (Instrumental)

12.Kazi – A.V.E.R.A.G.E. (Instrumental)