Methods To The Madness (Part Seven)

It’s going down per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! science is dropped, maybe somebody will understand a brotha..

Knowing the devil will oppose me, tearing up this speech like Nancy Pelosi? maintaining my composure during the exposure will be what’s up with a brotha!!

Knowing the devil will oppose me, another ill episode to deal with it? some of them manipulated like the GOP Senate voting in the Trump Impeachment trial..

Methods to the madness are developed, we’re going postal pushing the envelope though we know we’re hated; just trying to get over the hump but the situation is foul…

Methods to the madness are developed as we drop this good word and beats will bump; who’ll work with me?  please!! I’m just trying to find somebody to rock with me.

Methods to the madness are developed!!  Nas said the world is yours but what I wanted was under lock and key.

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HIP-HOP REMIX & CLASSICS rap 90’s 00’s

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon / evening; I usually have an Afternoon Jazz set going..

Cruising down I-20 in Atlanta listening to jazz earlier, WCLK was doing what they do; you know that had it going…

Cruising down I-20 in Atlanta, heard the new school hip hop blasting out of the window of the Ford Explorer, caught a whiff of the weed smoke that was also blowing out the window..

Losing me, understand a brotha? due to another Adversity Anniversary aka birthday a dude has another perspective; like Malcolm X peeping out the blinds / the window..

…or maybe like Gucci Mane, so what’s up mane? I’m playing it like Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday…

Listening to HIP-HOP REMIX & CLASSICS rap 90’s 00’s courtesy ofLou Dav, check out  the playlist and the mix to see how a Louisville brotha will behave / play..

Check out the playlist and the mix at

Fat Joe / Nas / Pun / Jada Kiss / Raekwon – John Blaze

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Flashback  Friday!!

….caught up in the old school hip hop!!

…checking out Fat Joe / Nas / Pun / Jada Kiss/ Raekwon with John Blaze…check it out y’all !!

Source: THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Fat Joe / Nas / Pun / Jada Kiss / Raekwon – John Blaze

Nas – Trust (Prod. by Boi-1da)

Digital crate digging continues per Flashback Friday!!  We’re checking out Nas, talking about Trust!

Who’s really down? who can you trust? Nas will speak on it; Check it out / Let’s Go!!

Source: Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Nas – Trust (Prod. by Boi-1da)

LateNight Chillin ‘ Funky Jazz & Hip Hop

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!! What’s the perspective, positive or negative? Maybe this LateNight Chillin ‘ Funky Jazz & Hip Hop courtesy of  LTB Music will help us get our minds right!! Check out the playlist and the mix!!

00:00 Ash&Soul – Marvin SoulFood
01:57 andrewF – Be That Way
04:30 Knight Ali – Memories
06:55 One Life – Tribute to J.Dilla ft. Nas (Prod. Pabzzz)
11:38 Chiveer – Smoovin’
14:04 idntfs – In All My Wildest Dreams
16:31 Bonus Points – It’s Better This Way
19:48 Knight Ali – Wonder Dust
22:04 Vanilla – Sweet Talk
24:55 idntfs – Loving You Is Wrong
28:31 VLVT JONES – All Night
30:52 MAXGONZ – Lonely Walk

Taking The Wrapper Off PT.8

We’re taking the wrapper off, the situation is brand new like the new car smell…

The madness doesn’t taper off,  it’s robust!! per Nas It Ain’t Hard To Tell...

The madness doesn’t taper off,  it’s robust!! it’s not hard to spell it out just take a look around!!

O-Zone took the wrapper off per this good word, plus check where O-Dog took the sound..

I can see how another will get down!! a Ahmad Khan Rahami type of  foul joker will devise plots and schemes, meanwhile gamblers are out for a fast buck!! they’ll deal me and you a bad hand.

I can see how another will get down!! oh, they took the wrapper off, acting brand new, but I do too!! some aren’t  occupying a spot in my dreams, or neck of the woods per Al Roker’s forecast that’s  bad for this land.

I can see how another will get down!! oh, they took the wrapper off, but streams of consciousness show us the first and last from corporate boardrooms to these hoods!! so now we understand.

Team members bear witness!!  they didn’t pray or fast!! now some are on the witness stand.

Mafioso or ISIS terrorists dismember arms and legs, while football players front but soon in concussion protocol!!  mental / physical fitness was not a factor.

What’s the scenario?  there will be repercussions if one Remembers the Titans like Denzil Washington, but they’re not an actor.

What’s the scenario? there will be percussions per Remember The Time by Michael Jackson!! I didn’t do the crime but I’m dipping on them like Lamar Jackson…

….up in Louisville; word from a Louisville dude that knows the deal!! now taking the wrapper off, acting brand new / all up in the action..



Rakim – When I Be On The Mic Ft Big Pun, Nas, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Kool G Rap & Big L

Digital Crate Digging Continues…excuse me while I have an old school hip hop moment..checking out Rakim – with When I Be On The Mic Ft Big Pun, Nas, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Kool G Rap & Big L…classic material..Big ups to  DJPaulOhoo1

Drum And Bass MIX 2013 Remix 2013 | Next Level 013

Digital Crate Digging Continues…back on some drum and bass…checking out this Drum And Bass MIX 2013 Remix 2013 from Next Level …episode 13….a lot of 13’s there…

Check out the track list and the mix…
1.Memtrix – Capsize (Lifted Rec)
2.Black Sun Empire – Sideways (Optiv Remix) (BSE Rec)
tease Nymfo & Black Sun Empire – Battlefish (Commercial Suicide)
tease Birdy Nam Nam – Skrillex Remix
3.Trei & State of Mind – Breed (SOM Music)
4.??? Amazon – Zero Method Remix (??)
5.State of Mind & Black Sun Empire – Moonbox (BSE Rec)
Tease SKC – The Kode Remix
6.Nas – The Don (Unkown bootleg)
7.Optiv & BTK – Hack & Slash (Playaz)
8.Incognito – Sluggish (SOM Music)
9.Treo & 2Shy – Reality (??)
10.Black Sun Empire – Don’t You (State of Mind 2013 Remix) (BSE)
11.Wickaman & Hoodlum & SuddenDef – Bass Rider (Infrared)
12.Maztek – Limber (??)
13.Survival & Silent Witness – System Fault (Dispatch)
14.Kantyze – Tripper (SOM Music)
15.Psidream – Throwback (Borderline Remix) (??)
16.Quadrant + Kid Hops + Iris – Hovercraft (Hospital Rec)
17.Trei – Backburner (SOM Music)
18.Dabs – Lockdown (Redlight Rec)
19.Telekinesis & Concord Dawn – Nightwalkers (Eatbrain)
20.State of Mind – Nighttide (SOM Music)
21.BTK – Megahertz (Renegade Hardware)
tease Mindscape – Bounce (Commercial Suicide)
23.State of Mind – Back to the Jungle (Shogun) (State of Mind’s Triplet Remix)
24.Quadrant & Subsonik – Pyramid Scheme (SOM Music)
25.Telekinesis Feat MC Coppa – Pocket Full of Drops (Eatbrain)


DJ Kay Slay The Changing Of The Guard

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out this DJ Kay Slay mixtape called The Changing Of The Guard featuring Sheek Louch, Freeway, Uncle Murda, Nas, Jon Connor, Fred The Godson and others…

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: DJ Kay Slay The Changing Of The Guard.