Down To The Bone – Searching For A Simple Groove

Sunday Jazz Continues as a Sunday afternoon shifts into Sunday evening on a cool  / wet Sunday in Atlanta!

We were O-Dog Day Partying earlier but we’ve got other work to do, somebody will understand a brotha!

Smoke  / fog enhanced by mirrors in the heart of this thing? but of course, per the Malcolm X speech narrated by Denzel Washington the apparatus wants to see us bamboozled and hoodwinked!

It’s no joke, O-Dog can bear witness to the fact! I was trying to move forward but when checking the instrument panel on the mothership I see lights blinked!

We almost “disaster brinked” but we enhanced lab techniques now the mothership gets good mileage!

Now sounds will blast, check out how we freak this jazz funk by Down To The Bone with a track called Searching For A Simple Groove!

Check us out! we’re not trying to sing a simple song like Sly and The Family Stone but it’s on! check out how we move!!


Trying To Stay Ahead In The Game (Part Five)

It’s going down on this Thankful Thursday, where y’all know it’s a blessing to be here!

Or at least y’all should know after doing the knowledge / jumping and recognizing per Throwback Thursday reflecting; taking it there!

Meanwhile we’re taking it there, trying to stay ahead in the game but some deal with other factors, from slick Secret Service agents trying to protect Trump to natural and even the supernatural; nobody could have known about that coven.

What will the style be? I see how they swerve with this!! after ill episodes some found out it’s all administered by a mysterious soul…

…that’s quick to write a mystical verse about a blessing and a curse; similar to this good word by O-Zone? naw, but his is about proceedings while in the danger zone but both are something that’ll open..

..up some minds; but O-Zone stays on point like Malcolm X peeping through the blinds but reality? unkind, some will lose control.

Check this out at Trying To Stay Ahead In The Game (Part Five)

At The End Of The Day? It’s Gotta Be Good! (Part Five)

Life comes at you fast! the weekend is gone, oh yes! so now what day is it? it’ll be a Monday.

Sounds still blast, digital crate digging continues on a Music Monday plus this good word is dropped but the weight of this morning comes into play.

In a grey area? it’s surreal check the scenario! at the end of the day it’s gotta be good but we’re out there in these smoke and mirrors along the blurred lines.

Society won’t play fair, we’re residing within eternal anguish or out there with open minds. 

O-Zone? peeking out the blinds like the Malcolm X portrait or even playing it like the Gucci Mane song with visions of changing the game!

It’s on as we interrupt very briefly; at the end of the day? it’s gotta be good, or something / somebody will catch the blame!

Check this out at At The End Of The Day? It’s Gotta Be Good! (Part Five)

HIP-HOP REMIX & CLASSICS rap 90’s 00’s

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon / evening; I usually have an Afternoon Jazz set going..

Cruising down I-20 in Atlanta listening to jazz earlier, WCLK was doing what they do; you know that had it going…

Cruising down I-20 in Atlanta, heard the new school hip hop blasting out of the window of the Ford Explorer, caught a whiff of the weed smoke that was also blowing out the window..

Losing me, understand a brotha? due to another Adversity Anniversary aka birthday a dude has another perspective; like Malcolm X peeping out the blinds / the window..

…or maybe like Gucci Mane, so what’s up mane? I’m playing it like Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday…

Listening to HIP-HOP REMIX & CLASSICS rap 90’s 00’s courtesy ofLou Dav, check out  the playlist and the mix to see how a Louisville brotha will behave / play..

Check out the playlist and the mix at

St Germain – Easy To Remember

Sunday Jazz Continues, we’re in the lab chilling out practicing safe haven / safe harbors principles while we’re out here on the edges..

The saga / struggle continues due to shady dealing out here in Babylon; jokers misbehaving, hailing the death of Abu Bakr -al-Baghdadi ; who knows what the knowledge is?

Abu-Bakr – al-Baghdadi? formerly working with Americans in Iraq, after the fall of Saddam Hussein; in the background I hear the Beatles singing I believe in yesterday…

Bombs Over Baghdad per Rage Against The Machine and Outkast? oh yes!! I Remember The Time like Michael Jackson, it was like yesterday!!

But I digress; my motto? let the music play!! listening to  this smooth house music / jazzdance track from St Germain called  Easy To Remember..

Ossie Davis, with the eulogy to Malcolm X  is in the mix; as we get breakbeat scientific we’re working this out; it’s easy to remember.

Check this out at St Germain – Easy To Remember