The Truth Game Is Still Being Played

As we proceed and continue I see jokers are still playing the truth game. Oh yeah!! the truth game, or reality as they know it. This type of business keeps me in conflict with the world!!

I have different satellites posted up across the universe to combat the situation. Check out my blogs Random Thoughts From A Brotha and the Sonic Assault along with this blog What’s Really Going On?  and on Facebook to see how I do business!!


As Sunday Jazz Continues check out this hiphop / jazz mix from O-Dog called the Truth Game


The Brand New Heavies “Saturday Night” (Jay Dee remix feat. Mos Def)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out The Brand New Heavies with a track called “Saturday Night” (Jay Dee aka J Dilla  remix feat. Mos Def) LET’S GO!!

Smooth Hip-Hop Classic Hip-Hop Beat Instrumentals

Digital Crate Digging Continues; I’m up on these Smooth Hip-Hop Classic Hip-Hop Beat Instrumentals courtesy of  You Tube’s The Cloud Maker

It’s going down y’all!! It features cuts, breaks, beats and  instrumentals from Slum Village, Wu Tang Clan, Hi-Tek, DJ Krush and others. Check out the playlist and the mix..

1:30 DJ Eli and Shan Boogs – Lay Puzzled
11:25 Wu Tang – Can it be all so simple
17:57 DJ Krush – Le Temps (with DJ Cam)
20:20 has snippets of Reflection Eternal – 2000 seasons
22:00 Hi-Tek-2000 seasons
46:44 old world disorder – shyhalude
49:23 Soliloque of Chaos by Gang Starr
51:41 talib kweli & hi tek – eternalists
53:25 “Fantastic” by Slum Village: Fantastic Vol 1 album (produced by J Dilla)

The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy / Socio-Genetic Experiment

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out some true school hip hop from  Michael Franti, Charlie Hunter and  Rono Tse aka   The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy  with a track called Socio-Genetic Experiment….let’s go!!


Jazz Loves Hip-Hop Mix 04 by Sergo

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this Jazz Loves Hip-Hop Mix 04 by Serg. It’s perfect for this time of night when your just cooling out!! Check out the playlist and the mix..

1 – Big Bud – Catch 22 (feat. Mwenga) (Membran Remix)
2 – Emancipator – Anthem (Nym Remix)
3 – Brock Berrigan – And So It Goes
4 – The Mighty Bop – Peau D’Ane feat. Louise Vertigo
5 – Gramatik – What More Can I Say
6 – Keffy Kay – My Freedom
7 – Arts The Beatdoctor – Revolve ft. Esther
8 – Freddie Joachim – Autumn Rain
9 – DJ Cam Quartet – You’ve Got to Have Freedom (feat. Inlove)
10 – Blame One – Mr. Talkative
11 – The Sound Providers – Jazz At The Cove
12 – Freddie Joachim – Chance

“Daydreamer” ~ Liquid Drum & Bass Mix.

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out this “Daydreamer” ~ Liquid Drum & Bass Mix courtesy of Oskar Koch. Check out the playlist and the mix…
00:37 ~ Dave Owen – Yo Girl
03:12 ~ Tyler Straub – Daydreamer
05:47 ~ Command Strange & Dynamic – Jazzmine
07:35 ~ Kimberly Anne – Liar (Jakwob Remix)
10:19 ~ Makoto – Keep Me Down Feat. Angela Johnson
13:21 ~ Mutt – Conversations Feat. Kevin King
16:32 ~ MuWookie – Memories
19:39 ~ Muwookie – Special K Feat. Unknown Lucy
21:57 ~ Calibre – Even If…
24:48 ~ NuTone Ft. Natalie Williams – System
28:25 ~ Chase & Status Feat. Jenna G – In Love
30:22 ~ NuTone – Jet Stream Feat. Talc
31:48 ~ BCee & Bladerunner Ft. Phillippa Hanna – In The Shadows
34:54 ~ L.A.O.S. – Beautiful
39:06 ~ Dave Owen – King Of The Streets
42:42 ~ BCee & Lomax – One Year On (Feat. Deeizm)
44:38 ~ MuWookie – Moving On Feat. Skyeyes
47:22 ~ Keeno – Sleeplessness
49:46 ~ Fred V & Grafix – Room To Breathe
54:37 ~ Some Cave Drips + Heartbeat + ASMR & other cool stuff 😀