We’re Shutting It Down / Starting All Over Again (Part Five)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday, but we’ll pause for the cause; some were wondering what the good word would be!!

The saga / struggle continues as we go back to the future; shutting down past maneuvers and starting over doing what behooves us;  naysayers mentioned it’s a lost cause, so who’ll work with me?

Looking for a signal, so what it do?  back in the day methods updated but peeped game; by the end of the day?  like kilos /  bricks of cocainewashing onto the Florida shore due to Hurricane Dorian plans go awry; plus others didn’t “holla back” ….

But soon they’ll recognize the pattern , so what it do? breakbeat scientific no  Migos / cocaine / Narcos!!  per the ongoing dramas your usually damned if you do or don’t!! Lord help my people affected byHurricane Dorian in the Bahamas!!  it’s rough out here, it’s all about survival but my people are strong!! hopefully they’ll see we have the knack.

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Roy Ayers – Brand New Feeling

Sunday Jazz,  errr wait a minute; Digital Crate Digging Continues; a dude is just starting off this Saturday morning in a mood for some jazz..

Hold up, wait a minute; earlier I mentioned just chilling for a minute; “holla at me” if you feel me; not trying to be in a foul mood, out here trying to spaz..

Hold up, wait a minute!! jokers will push that button!! they’ll try to razz you like Chris Broussard, not knowing that Kawhi Leonard was going to the LA Clippers..

Hold up, wait a minute!! so what’s up son? Paul George joining Leonardout in LA?  damn!! is that why California had another earthquake? what’s the deal with this? 

Hold up, wait a minute!! are the LA Lakers feeling this? it’ll be like this soul jazz track from Roy Ayers called a  Brand New Feeling

Soul jazzing on this Saturday morning but this vibe is appropriate for any time frame to rebuke the ongoing mind game!! in the meantime and between time these players send up prayers, enabling us to deal with all the shady dealing!!

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Rejuvenated PT. 5

We’re rejuvenated after Sunday morning  routines,  rites and rituals were followed,  we progressed  from Mothers Day to another Monday.

Still hated by those “buking and scorning” but we kept on running!!scenes were  purged of their insights!!  the system stressed,  but we know how these “mothers”  play.

Per Music Monday? they’re not  “bad mother watch your mouth” types  like Isaac Hayes talking about Shaft;  can you dig it?

Per Music Monday? it’s a “real mother for ya”  per Johnny Guitar Watson;  naysayers were scheming and plotting /  the fix is in;  the outcome?  they’ll rig it!

Per Music Monday? we’ll pull out the drum, do the math / figure it out;  it’ll be more than word problems,  formulas and equations.

How did some play? did they rue the path they’re on, dipping throughthese Dekalb County streets on their  way to work this Monday Morning?  the elder said  problems /  trouble doesn’t last always,  check the occasions!

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Ignoring The Turbulence PT.2

We’re still out here rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, caught up in the rush hour traffic on this Wonderful Wednesday..

We’re still putting down this HumpDay Extravaganza, ignoring the turbulence from the public transportation / transformation; others are still wondering how these jokers are going to play..

Shade tree mechanics were operating bootleg operations!! check the shoddy workmanship,  plus the  bogus and worthless merchandise that was  already returned to the service desk.

Shady fanatics will hide their tax returns like Trump, meanwhile we find beats that bump plus we’ll drop  the good word !!  check out the  brand new funk that’s what we’re working with!!   we’re at your service.

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Composure / Exposure PT. 7

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza,  but at the moment we’re dropping this good word; some will understand a brotha due to the exposure..

The saga / struggle continues; getting over the hump is the business!! y’all know what the deal is!! we’re all trying to maintain our composure…

Check the exposure, we’re back on the set again after the brief hiatus;  it’s time to catch up on our pimping.

Check the exposure, we’re back on the set again!!  even Amp Fiddler and Dames Brown said we’re slipping on our pimping! 

Please!! it’s easy to lose your composure!! this game it’s not a simple thing,  the sport is complex. 

Check the exposure, signs and wonders of the world are confusing;  spotted the white dude rocking the doo rag up in Louisville / the  Portland area; damn!!  what’s next?

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Composure / Exposure PT.6

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s rough out here!! but like Tiger Woods winning the Masters we’re trying to maintain our composure..

Oh yes!! per Music Monday? we’re  “so ruff so tuff” like Zapp and Rogereven though it’s tight in these hoods!! some will succumb to the exposure..

So how will I play? I’ll be doing what I do, my constituents will roger that!! like Trump causing Rep Ilhan Omar to receive death threats  I don’t want to hear anybody’s mouth!!  they can do what they want to do.

How were they trying to play? due to the exposure I’m acting like I knew!! somebody’s mouth was slick , I’m wondering what they want from you?

How were they trying to play? some lost their composure, some people should buy a clue!!  but even though Steve Mnuchin said the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is working  I know the money “ain’t right”

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Clearance Rack Epiphanies : It’s Another Spring Sale!!

Check out these clearance rack epiphanies,  per this HumpDay Extravaganza? it’s another Spring Sale!! sorry for the delay in setting it off!!

The Spring Equinox hit us a few weeks ago, plus we’ve already had the April New Moon; excuse us as we drop this good word and a tune or two, setting it off!!

Steam? we’re letting it off!! putting these epiphanies on the clearance rack like it’s Macy’s or JC Penneys! its on and popping!! for my thoughts collecting pennies? but we’re not quitting / stopping!!  this is next level business.

My team? we’re getting off!!  plus God is blessing us at the same time the apparatus is stressing us,  but we know what the deal is.

Odd ones confessing to crimes in the Mueller report as Bill Barr and his cohorts try to cover it up?  the whole picture is not painted.

Our squad runs a mission, check the steady bombardment of the enemy position per the Sonic Assault against those we spotted ones plotting and scheming in the sport;  the fabric is tainted.

One method / weapon is these clearance rack epiphanies as we recognize the pattern; there was no honor among thieves,  but sometimes like Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu they’ll  collaborate.

Check out these clearance rack epiphanies!! just in time for this HumpDay Extravaganza player!! O-Zone has the honor of dropping this good word,  a dude will elaborate.

Maybe somebody will understand a player,  as a dude will straighten it out like that Pete Rock and CL Smooth track.

Maybe somebody will understand a player, like Magic Johnson stepping away from the Lakers, unlike dealing with fakers per McConnell vs Herman Cain? meanwhile we’ll maintain, attitudes from those hating are rebuked when we bring it back.

Oh yes!! bringing back these clearance rack epiphanies check the Spring Sale!! actually these epiphanies are good for any season…

Oh yes!! bring it back!!  interference expected from these and those that oppose? they want to see us fail,  check out the ongoing treason!

Norman Brown – That’s The Way Love Goes

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can play out either way..

Actually? it’s been a good day but the saga / struggle continues; told you earlier we’ll take the appropriate actions after we pray…

We already see how another will play!! they’ll continue to blame Obama for things like Donald Trump…

Meanwhile we’ll play it another way!! during the ongoing drama we’re  dropping this good word and beats that bump..

Still trying to get over the hump even though it’s not Wednesday, confronting American Gods like Mr Nancy and Mr Wednesday!! 

Jokers said it’s all love but check the grey area scenario, per Norman Brown with his rendition of the Janet Jackson / Jimmy Jam . Terry Lewis produced track;  track That’s The Way Love Goes; that’s how some will  play..




How Were They Trying To Play? PT.2

…………..satellite station transmissions…………


How were they trying to play? were performancesdominant like Duke’s Zion Williamson? 

Going in / getting it in but circumstances were debatable; being built or torn down? how were they dealing?

Some are feeling the pressure again, fooled!! like by Russian hacking but we’re back on the set again on a Saturday Morning..

How were we trying to play? O-Zone is serving these Saturday Thoughts that are appropriate for any day while O-Dog launched Sonic Assaults as the sound will play!! opposition provided to those “buking and scorning”

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Space Traveling [Lo-Fi / Jazz Hop / Chill Mix]

Sunday Jazz Continues, the smooth sounds of jazz are on these menus; help yourself!!

This good word salad is part of the meal, my constituents know the deal; I was told to go on with my bad self!!

Back in the day? the advice was Pops was watch yourself / watch your mouth / watch your tone; like Jussie Smollett you’ll get so far out there you can’t get home..

Back in the way? naw, cousin we’re rolling in our own lane rocking the baldy no need for rogaine on the dome…

What’s really going on? of course that’s the name of this blog as we negotiate the smoke / mirrors / fog;  a dude was out there,  able to get pictures of the Ultima Thule asteroid..

What’s really going on? of course your dude O-Dog is still cruising down I-20 in Atlanta aka the launching pad to the universe, listening to Space Traveling [Lo-Fi / Jazz Hop / Chill Mix]  courtesy of  The Jazz Hop Cafe; check the playlist and let the good music play!! it’s the ultimate way to fill the void…

01 00:06 ibrahim – encounter with a mech patrol unit

02 03:48 luvbird – omoide in my garden

03 05:50 s. lyre – skylight

04 07:44 /KXLD. – A Cigarette, To Past Time (Ft. mie)

05 10:16 Sky.High – Inner Thoughts

06 12:26 ibrahim – in search of splintered memories

07 15:46 imfinenow – Another World

08 17:40 GentleBeatz & W00ds – Dreams

09 19:56 Tune In With Chewie – City Lights

10 21:12 Pneumoniker – Coffee Cups In My Room

11 23:08 fcj – go home club

12 24:18 Dragon Roots – Jet Streams

13 27:30 wh?t – Learning

14 30:00 Logic Levls – Do It 2Day

15 32:24 JayDottCee – Sky Garden

16 34:56 nohone – wandering in the rain

17 37:58 A June & J Beat – Sing My Blews [Instrumental]

18 40:38 fcj – lost