DJ Rodriguez – Personality (Jungle mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out as we come through on what I refer to as a Terrible  / Terrific Tuesday; things can play out either way!

Check out there menus as we claim the terrific outcome soon celebrating in advance as we pull out the drum to let the music play! 

Also the let us pray strategy is implemented per the advice from the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville!

God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven, by now y’all should know the deal!

Plus y’all should know the real as we drop this DJ Rodriguez track called Personality (Jungle mix)

Check it out y’all as this O-Dog Day Party continues as we rock these venues, getting breakbeat scientific!


DJ Rodriguez – Vibes And Tribes

Sunday Jazz Continues check us out as we chill out in the lab on this Sunday afternoon!

We’re letting the masses go on about their business while we handle this breakbeat scientific business by dropping the good word and a tune..

..or two so what’s up? what it do? life is hectic and we’re trying to stay away from all the madness!

So what’s up? we’re coming through with something eclectic my constituents respect it, they’ll “holla back” at this!

Oh yeah! we’re back with this! jazz dance / house music track from DJ Rodriguez with a track called Vibes and Tribes!

We posted the Tito Valdez remix of this track earlier but we’ve got other work to do, check the vibes!

Check this out at DJ Rodriguez – Vibes And Tribes

Best Dance and House Music: Unusual Disco – Mixed compilation

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday / Thankful Thursday, as we play it both ways…

Of course by now you should know this cat is retro – futuristic making sure I didn’t miss it!! playing it both ways!!

Of course by now you should know O-Zone sprays this unconventional wisdom not following rules from the Geneva Convention in this ongoing spiritual warfare..

Dropping this good word while DJ O-Dizzle plays the music, this is conducive when we’re taking it there..

Oh yes!! we’re taking it there per this Best Dance and House Music: Unusual Disco – Mixed compilation courtesy of Irma Records..

Oh yes!! we’re taking it there from Italy to the ATL!! check out the playlist and the mix;  O-Dog Day Partying!!  in court testifying!! let it be reflected in the records!!

1. Palm Grease Disco Stalker Studio 00:00 02:37

2. I Love You So Much (Funkestra_Remix) The Black Mighty Orchestra 02:37 05:44

3. Disco down (Go Down Beat) Sabo & Zeb 05:44 09:18

4. As I feel my self (Dario Piana remix – FeelSlow Edit) Big Mojo 09:18 13:33

5. Escape From MLN Diego Montinaro 13:33 17:19

6. Angel (Reel Peoples Odyssey vocal mix) Paris Match 17:19 23:18

7. Marcato Mood – DJ Rodriguez 23:18 26:47

8. Baila Candela – Tito Valdez 26:47 29:30

9. Unrescpected Female (997_Street_Work) Larosa 29:30 34:28

10. Special Love (Pastaboys Remix) Jestofunk 34:28 41:30

11. Me & My Son (Dat Spank Edit) Black Mighty Wax 41:30 44:27

12. Lazy Busy (Spellband remix) Montefiori Cocktail 44:27 49:04

13. Crazy (no vox) Bass Funk 49:04 53:40

14. After pizza (Eddy Sanders remix) Sam Paglia 53:40 58:20

15. Allright (Don Carlos 70’s mix) Montego Bay 58:20 01:02:21

16. Checkmate (Haldo’s Classic mix) Bengi Jumping 01:02:21 01:06:40

17. Spread Love Paolo Faz 01:06:40 01:12:48

18. City Living Nubian Mindz Presents C.L. 01:12:48 01:17:02

19. Celebrate Your Life (Andrea Camici Mix) Public Invasion Project  01:17:02 01:21:27

20. Love Come Down Riovolt 01:21:27 01:26:00



DJ Rodriguez – Meet My Sensei

Sunday Jazz Continues!! besides gospel music what other type of sound should you get into on a Sunday?

The saga / struggle continues!! from Tobe Howard on a Sunday on 1350 WLOU in Louisville back in the day  to Jay Edwards on 91.9 WCLK here in Atlanta today Sunday Jazz has always been the way..

Oh!! I see how these ATLiens will play, Music Midtown 2019 was underway but I played it another way; chilling out in the church vestibule down in Macon..

Don’t get me wrong!! aliens told me how the funk should go per intergalactic travels where I still feel the residue, so these breakbeat scientific principles are functional; not swagging / flexing / fronting or faking..

Don’t get me wrong!! aliens told me how the funk should go so we go for what we know!! listening to this jazz funk / jazzhop / future Jazz / breakbeat sound from DJ Rodriguez with Meet My Sensei

Don’t get me wrong! it’s going down from Atlanta to Italy, jokers shouldn’t question the ability as we conduct  these breakbeat scientific classes like a sensei..

Check this out at

Top House Lounge and Chill Out music – The Latin Beat

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, as we get retro-futuristic with it…

What it do? what it does?  I go back and move forward; back to the future is the business…

What it do? what it does? chilling / relaxing life is taxing! government shutdown?  the stock market plunging?

What it do? what it does? we’re getting breakbeat scientific , some loving how we put it down!! they’re lounging..

We’re listening to this Top House Lounge and Chill Out music – The Latin Beat courtesy of irmachannel1

Check out the playlist and the mix, three hours of this to take us on out for the rest of the day or good to listen to any day so we won’t come undone…

01. Pastaboys – Free your Mind 00:00

02. Jestofunk – Special Love [Jazz’n’Groove Rmx] 08:35

03. Riovolt – Brisa 15:44

04. Sicania Soul – Starlite Danny Krivit Re-Edit 24:52

05. Montefiori Cocktail – I Feel Love [Le Hammond Inferno] 34:19

06. Bossa Nostra with Bruna Loppez – Jackie [Pasta Boys Main Mix] 39:47

07. Gazzara – The Spirit Of Summer Dave Warrin Remix 46:31

08. Pongo Groove – Amerika 51:31

09. DJ Rodriguez – Vibes & Tribes 57:37

10. Don Carlos – Sueno de Bahia 01:03:38

11. Double Dee – Found Love [Mozart Instrumental] 01:10:070

12. Jerome van Rossum – Nublado [Orange Factory Remix] 01:15:16

13. Palmyra, Levita, Joao Donato – Rapunzel [Preo Remix] 01:22:05

14. Brisa – Release [Main Pass] 01:26:30

15. Sure Pleasure – Wonderful 01:32:57

16. Black & Brown – Manic Samba 01:36:39

17. Black & Brown – Manic Samba [Bonus Vibe Version] 01:38:46

18. Key Tronics Ensemble – You X Me [Montuno Salsa Mix] 01:42:42

19. Ltj Xperience – Conga Sax [Pasta Boys Mix] 01:47:25

20. Black Brown – Cool Affair [Eric Kupper Remix] 01:56:02

21. Tequeno – Aqui Se Puede [Feel Allright Mix] 02:03:38

22. DJ Rodriguez – Vibes – Tribes [Tito Valdez Remix] 02:09:24

23. Dom Um Romao – Sambao [Jerome Sydenham’s Ibadan Remix] 02:16:41

24. Belladonna – Ebatule [Ennio Style’s Samba Funk Remix] 02:22:33

25. Ltj Xperience – Sombre Guitar [Spiller Kaoz Remix] 02:30:28

26. Gazzara – Our Man in Rio [LTJ Xperience Jazzsamba Remix] 02:35:00

27. Live Tropical Fish – Magister Come Back 02:40:05

28. Key Tronics Ensemble – Anamaria [Tito Valdez Remix] 02:45:34

29. Max Sedgley – Happy (In Rio) [Spiritual South Remix] 02:50:09

30. C Bross – Si Seor [MCJ Original Version] 02:56:52

31. Caradefuego – Tranquila [DJ Keemani Remix] 03:03:12


Source: Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Top House Lounge and Chill Out music – The Latin Beat

DJ Rodriguez – Monday Again

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday; for some, the New Years Day Holiday is still in affect…

Digital? analog? let the music play!! it’s going down like this per these breakbeat scientists; what did you expect?

O-Dog will continue to drop the funk will O-Zone will drop this breakbeat science; what did you expect?

2016 morphed into 2017, danger zone business continues per this first Monday in 2017, even though we have another perspective!!

How are we dealing? danger zone business continues!! some are back at work today, like DJ Rodriguez I heard them say  Monday Again!!

How are we dealing? danger zone business continues!! let the music play!! we’ll continue rocking them providing Monday Motivation!!

Best Brazilian House Music Olimpiadi Rio 2016 – 3h non stop Top Latin Lounge Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thirsty Thursday!! In honor of the 2016 Rio Olympics we’re checking out the Best Brazilian House Music Olimpiadi Rio 2016 – 3h non stop Top Latin Lounge Mix courtesy of  rmachannel1. Check out the playlist and the mix!!

1. Black Mighty Wax – A Capoeira [Rouge Dub] 00:00
2. D’Andy – Tropical Sol 04:13
3. DJ Rodriguez – The Summer Is Coming [Belladonna Remix] 10:04
4. DJ Rodriguez – Papucada 16:29
5. Don Carlos – Brazilica 19:36
6. Duran Garcia – Keba 25:50
7. Don Carlos – Sueño de Bahia 31:42
8. Gazzara – Our Man in Rio [LTJ Jazzsamba Remix] 38:09
9. DJ Rodriguez – Bota pra Quebar [DJ Eden Re-Edit] 43:13
10. Mysterious Traveller – Tropical Wave 48:06
11. La Conca – Brasiu 54:08
12. Mysterious Traveller – Maracatuca 01:00:18
13. 12 Fingers – Girassol [Tetsu Shibuya Brisa Reprise] 01:06:24
14. Arcoiris – Anno zero [Belladonna Latin Dub] 01:13:46
15. Ben Ben – Khoo 01:19:42
16. Belladonna – Tropical Deep 01:27:34
17. Dom Um Romao – Mas Que Nada [Scent Remix] 01:35:11
18. Nu Braz – Aeromoa [Soulstance Bit Remix] 01:40:54


Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday Night!!  A perfect time for Various Artists – BEST NU DISCO INDIE DANCE from  irmachannel1 . Check out the playlist and the mix. Let’s Go!!

The Best Nu-Disco Indie Dance & Funky Grooves

01)The Groove Regatta – Hey Brother (Groove mix) 00:00
02) Owen Jay – 5AM 04:26
03) DJ Rodriguez – Disco Boo 06:23
04) Belladonna – Drummers Paradise 09:26
05) Double Dee – Come Into My Life (Party_Mix) 11:04
06) Sabo & Zeb – Disco Down 14:55
07) Montefroid – Inside That Count 18:44
08) DJ Rodriguez – Marcato Mood 19:57
09) LTJ Xperience – Always In The Mood 22:35
10) LTJ Xperience – Disco People 25:22
11) Ohm Guru – Funk My Ass (Mescale Mix) 28:10
12) Diego Montinaro – Disco City 30:39
13) Yoky – Samples Party 32:47
14) Pluton Kids – That Dream Never Change 35:31
15) Belladonna – Jumballè 40:55
16) Belladonna – Summer Love 43:32
17) Be Noir – Big Hit 47:15
18) The Aquanauts – 70’s Devotion 51:35
19) Belladonna – Love Funk 57:55
20) Moz-Art & Master Freez – Let The Music Move Me (Funk Instrumental Rmx) 01:02:08
21) Jestofunk with Ce Ce Rogers – Happy (jfk_vortex_mix) 01:04:47
22) Blender – Trouble Jazz (l.f funky) 01:08:10
23) Legato feat. Karen Jones – Till You Take My love (Dub 2) 01:10:47
24) Larosa – Loved Up Girl (Whip mix) 01:15:27
25) Smoke Inc – Call it funky 01:17:32
26) Funk Mediterraneo – Boogie Funky 01:21:10
27) Belladonna – I Wanna Boogie (Don Carlos Rmx) 01:24:37
28) PastaBoys – On & On (Panna mix) 01:28:22
29) Double Dee – Party Time (Mix version) 01:31:30
30) Go Go Grooves – 2 Dancing (Drag Beat) 01:35:39
31) Be Noir – It’s Gonna Be Alright (Acidfunk Rmx) 01:38:14
32) The Aquanauts – Africano 01:42:06
33) Belladonna – Black Is Back 01:45:44
34) Sound Bros – Blue Funk (Mix Version) 01:47:51
35) Sarah Jane Morris – Dream On Baby (DJ Eden House dub remix) 01:50:26
36) Funk Mediterraneo – Fresh Land 01:55:10
37) LTJ Xperience feat. Jackson Sloan – No Rhyme No Reason (Black Piggy remix) 01:57:53