Lazy Days: A Liquid DnB Session

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday after a brief hiatus, we were putting it down from Atlanta to the Queen City of Charlotte..

The saga / struggle continues, we’re back in Atlanta playing this good music!! my people can use it!! they’re out here in the heart of it..

What’s up with it? like Trump vs The Squad opposition is met!! while in North Carolina we noticed Trump was holding his Klan rally; meanwhile due to the heat jokers get foul with you and me! as soon as we come up in the spot we noticed it’s hot!!  ear shattering gunshots exploded!!  damn!! we were fired on!

But moving targets are hard to hit, plus beats will bump and this good word is dropped!!  breakbeat scientific things are still in full effect!  this is not the day they expired on!

…not my life;  my soul / my spirit;   I continue to roll / going for what I know; check the train of thought..I’m building with fellow mystics and tribe members!

Scorpions up in the sport again? oh yes check the menu!!   it’s on once again!! avoiding negative vibe senders!

Reality dismembers / injures a bruh!! but he remembers it all!! now trying to process it all, listening to Lazy Days: A Liquid DnB Sessioncourtesy of Pulsewidth..

My priority? cooling out / chilling out!! dropping this good word, .plus in the session? this good music will play; check the playlist and the mix!!

TRACKLIST: 00:00 Random Movement – Lake Escape | Driven AM Recordings, 2017
06:30 LSB – It Finds You feat. Tokyo Prose | Spearhead Records, 2015
09:50 Scott Allen & Critical Event – Brighter Days | Fokuz Recordings, 2018
13:32 Rafau Etamski – Crazy About You | Blu Saphir, 2019
17:36 Seathasky – Ledge’s Tune | FREE DOWNLOAD, 2019
23:31 Sunny Crimea – Smooth | Influenza Media, 2014
27:35 Zero T & Unitsouled – Let It Rain (Instrumental) | The North Quarter, 2018
30:55 Paul SG & Clart – Rhodesomes | Jazzsticks Recordings, 2010
35:21 Reds – Moving Slow | Celsius Recordings, 2016
39:47 Calibre – Mirage | Signature, 2011
43:52 Roygreen, Protone & Ben Soundscape – Cedar | Fokuz Recordings, 2018
47:34 Chug – Just One Of Those Days | Soul Deep Digital, 2017
52:00 Critical Event & Alexvnder – Untold Romance | Rotation Deep UK, 2017
56:04 SD – My Favorite Things | Celsius Recordings, 2017

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Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 110

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon; we’re moving in another direction…

We usually have an afternoon jazz thing going; tunes of that nature flowing in that direction…

The saga / struggle continues, that search for perfection will get us in trouble every time..

The saga / struggle continues; that work in our section bringing a double blessing? repenting for every crime?

The saga / struggle continues, trying to catch out on our drum and bass dosage; listening to Liquid Drum and Bass Mix 110

It’s courtesy of Karismadnb2, act like you knew!! these drum and bass dosages enlivened us! !check the playlist and the mix; this drum and bass beat therapy is similar to our Afternoon Jazz medicine!!

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Ninja Ninja Drum and Bass / Ninja Ninja Guest Mix: Mystic State (Pt. 2)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Friday Evening!! We’re locked in to Ninja Ninja Drum and Bass with the Ninja Ninja Guest Mix from Mystic State (Pt. 2). Check out the playlist and the mix. Let’s Go!!

Mystic State – Viewpoint (feat. Lucy Kitchen) [Ethic Imprint Dub]
Level 2 – Profile [Vandal Dub]
Phil Tangent – Mea Culpa [Integral Dub]
Alix Perez & Zero T – The Ladders [Dispatch Dub]
Redeyes – What She Wants [Vandal Dub]
Mateba – Syncope [DNBFrance]
Planas – Breathless (dBridge Soul Steppers Mix) [??]
Foreign Concept – Steppin’ (Instrumental) [Unreleased]
Data 3 – Molly [Soul Trader Dub]
Random Movement – Cash Or Credit (Halogenix Remix) [Vandal Dub]
Pessimist – Syncopation [Critical]
Phobia – Clean Break [Ingredients]
Handra & Mystic State – Arcane [Addictive Behaviour Dub]
Kolectiv – Closer To The Fire (Alix Perez Remix) [Vandal Dub]
Arkaik – Steve [Dispatch]
Mystic State – I Always Knew (feat. Howz) [Nurtured Beatz]
Detail – Miko [Dub]
Skeptical – Cold One (Jubei Remix) [Ingredients]
Clarity – Forensics [Exit]
Homemade Weapons & Gremlinz – Ruff Age [Tempo Records]
Overlook & Gremlinz – Dream Logic [UVB-76]
Roy green & Protone – Warman [Demand Records]
Mystic State & Signal – Seven [Demand Records]
Mystic State – Raindance (Eusebea Remix) [Dub]
Altair & Silent Dust – Sakharov [None60]

Ninja Ninja Drum and Bass / Ninja Ninja Guest Mix: Silence Groove

Digital Crate Digging Continues per #MusicMonday, it’s going down like this…

Digital? analog? navigating through the fog: smoke and mirrors aka spiritual warfare; we continue to fight this…

Getting with ya!! O-Dog is putting it down like this!! not dressed like a ninja like Gavin Long down in Baton Rouge…

Getting with ya!! trying to show and prove!! Pops would tell me black man stay strong!! dressed like an old school player in beige…

Rocking a Houston Rocket hat per I-10 meandering, now back in Atlanta like Dwight Howard!! he turned the page, now to show and prove with the Atlanta Hawks..

Chilling out in the compound checking out Ninja Ninja Drum and Bass; oh yes!! the Ninja Ninja Guest Mix?  Silence Groove , check out the playlist and the mix as we make are move!! we didn’t balk.   …Let’s Go!!

Silence Groove – Kinky Questions
Anile – Containment
Alibi – Restless
Calibre – Salsoul
High Contrast – Mermaid Scar (Ulterior Motive Remix)
NuTone – Cold (feat. Arnold Jarvis)
Chromatic – Physics of Emotion (Villem Remix)
Random Movement – I Feel So Lost
HumaNature – Back To Life (Silence Groove Remix)
Need For Mirrors & HLZ – Heart Speak
Villem – Solar Plexus
Boston – Panoramic
Silence Groove – Cue

“Mystic Voyage” ~ Liquid Drum & Bass Mix.

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! We’re checking out “Mystic Voyage” ~ Liquid Drum & Bass Mix courtesy of Oskar Koch. Perfect for this HumpDay evening or whenever!! Check out the playlist and the mix!!

≣ Tracklist
00:00 ~ Fields, Hydro, Mako & Villem – Dissolve
00:44 ~ Stunna – Under Your Spell
02:54 ~ Etherwood – For A Time I Was You
04:47 ~ Spective – Lazy Days
06:26 ~ Simplification & Translate – Back To Life
08:27 ~ Etherwood ft. Zara Kershaw – Souvenirs
11:34 ~ Phase 2 – Lost
13:34 ~ Above & Beyond – Counting Down The Days (Sixfour Remix)
17:21 ~ Future Ghost – 139 and Lenox
18:35 ~ Dave Owen – Nothin But Love
19:36 ~ Grafix – Encore
20:23 ~ Random Movement – We’ve Been Lost In Time
22:46 ~ Silence Groove – The Way
24:34 ~ Blastikz – Long Time Ago
25:16 ~ AK – Stargaze (feat. Joe)
26:11 ~ Nelver – Rise On Me
28:18 ~ London Elektricity – Tape Loops (feat. Hugh Hardie)
30:09 ~ Calculon & Dave Owen feat. Christina Tamayo – Ben Carlos
33:51 ~ Villem & Mcleod – Dutch Oven
35:12 ~ Gemini – Without You
38:33 ~ Bungle – Good Times
39:51 ~ Owsey – Sarah’s Summer Wasteland

Ninja Ninja Podcast 014 Mixed By Soligen and Type 2

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Friday!! It’s the weekend baby!!

I was just checking out my archives, when I noticed I hadn’t posted the Ninja Ninja Podcast lately!! Damn!! I need to catch up on my pimping!!

Let’s check out Ninja Ninja Podcast 014 Mixed By Soligen and Type 2 for some of the best drum and bass on the planet!! Check out the playlist and the mix…

Zero T – Thirty Four (Fokuz Recordings)
Halogenix – Soulide (Metalheadz)
Malaky, SATL & Skeletone – Future Blues (Random movement remix) (Occulti Music)
Marky – Silly (Innerground)
Mystic state – I always knew (Nurtured Beatz)
SATL – Joy (Fokuz Recordings)
Vandera, Soligen & Type 2 – ???
Subtension – What Do You Want (Critical Music)
Soligen & Type 2 – Can’t Go (Break Remix) (Fokuz Recordings)
Break – Give It Up (Symmetry Recordings)
Soligen & Type 2 – Drunk X Reobort (Blendits Audio)
Zero T – Dice Game (Fokuz Recordings)
Soligen & Type 2 – Dredd (Blendits Audio)
Hybris – Nitty Gritty (Invisible)
Subtension – Fair Lady (Critical Music)
Mindmapper & Silvafonk – Compromise (Blendits Audio)
Spindal & Kalm – Gravis (Arkaik remix) (Nurtured Beatz)
Halogengix – Shank (Metalheadz)
Chris Harmonics & Impish – Girl (Occulti Music)
Saxxon – Blue (Dub)
Soligen & Type 2 – So Lonely (Blendits Audio)
Break, Need For Mirrors & Hlz – Atlas (Symmetry)
Soligen & Type 2 – Steroids (Blendits Audio)

Ninja Ninja Drum & Bass Ninja Ninja Podcast 009 Mixed By Conduct

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out the Ninja Ninja Drum & Bass Ninja Ninja Podcast 009 Mixed By Conduct. Check out the playlist and the podcast.

Conduct – Confrontation
Conduct – Irate
Conduct – Come On, Dan
Gang Colours – To Repel Ghosts (Stray Remix)
Bungle – Don’ Look Back
Bredren -Passing Period (ft. Janna Salhoume)
Hydro & Halogenix – Trieste
Alix Perez – Forsaken (ft. Peven Everett & Spectrasoul)
Kimyan Law- Mortal Life (ft mm oo)
Conduct Meraki
Conduct – Borderlands
Conduct – Vanguard
Fearful – Tongues
Stray – Akina
Alix Perez – U
Fade – Acid Trip
Andy Pain – Take It
Stray – Can Of Cancun
Random Movement – Sleazy Bitch
Philth – Destroyer
Lockjaw – Obsidian
Serena Ryder – Stompa (Conduct Remix)
Blu Mar Ten – Hunter (Conduct Remix)
M-Zine, Scepticz & Mtwn – Cobra
PRTCL – 7th Street
Olski – Open Heart
Logistics – Cold War
Outer Heaven – Genjutsu