Lazy Days 2: A Liquid DnB Session

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can play out either way…

Claiming the terrific outcome, not derelict in our duties when we pull out the drums; the motto? “Let The Music Play!!

Plus “Let Us Pray” is the strategy, gratitude shown, actions taken once again it’s on!! moving forward..

It’s been a crazy summer, from The Bay Area to Baltimore; from Louisville to Atlanta; from Dayton to El Paso, we’re trying to let go so we can move forward ..

This funky drummer checked the scenario / the score; the deal with it? understand a brotha when I mention taking it down a thousand..

This funky drummer is O-Dog Day Partying; listening to Lazy Days 2: A Liquid DnB Session; good vibes we’re arousing!!

Check out the playlist and the mix from this!! courtesy of Pulsewidth chilling on these last few lazy days of summer; August and them September…

This is how we’re playing this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; we’re chilling not out here acting crazy!! these days? we’ll remember!!


00:00 Zero T – Tromso | Dispatch Recordings, 2018

05:27 Villem & Mcleod feat. Heidi Vogel – The Sea (BCee Remix) | Spearhead Records, 2019

08:26 Bert H – Kiss Me (Command Strange Remix) | Fokuz Recordings, 2017

12:54 Bachelors Of Science – Beats Still Own The Rhythm (Pola & Bryson Remix) | Liquicity Records, 2017

16:36 Zero T & Steo – Make Time | Integral Records, 2019

20:19 Seba – My Love | Spearhead Records, 2019

25:31 FD – Got A Feeling | The North Quarter, 2019

29:58 Djah – Layedback Russ | Fokuz Recordings, 2019

34:25 FD – Ambra (Calibre Remix) | SUNANDBASS Recordings, 2017

38:52 Impish – Hush | Occulti Music, 2018

42:12 Redeyes – Goodnight Brooklyn | Vandal Limited, 2014

45:54 Zero T – Bermuda | ThirtyOne Recordings, 2019

49:59 Redeyes – The Hurt feat. DRS | The North Quarter, 2018

54:25 Silence Groove, Humanature & Skeletone – Sparkling Orb | Fokuz Recordings, 2016


Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 118

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; as I’ve mentioned before things can play out either way…

I’m claiming the terrific outcome; starting the O-Dog Day Party early as I pull out the drum; the mantra? “Let The Music Play” 

It’s all game, dealing with it; as I’ve mentioned before the old dude from East Saint Louis told us to choose your poison / drink your broth or elixir then keep it moving…

It’s all game: we’re taking his advice!! we’re going in / getting it in!! a Louisville brotha down here in the ATL showing / proving..

Plus we’ll keep grooving, catching up on our drum and bass dosage listening to Liquid Drum and  Bass Mix 118 courtesy of Karisma DNB..

Setting this O-Dog Day Party off early, who’ll work with me? check the playlist and the mix, we’re shaking off Memorial Day holiday doldrums with these drums!! you feel me? 

Check this out at

“World Can Wait” ~ Liquid Drum & Bass Mix by Oskar Koch

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we’re checking out this “World Can Wait” ~ Liquid Drum & Bass Mix by Oskar Koch. Perfect for this Friday evening or whenever!! Check out the playlist and the mix…

↪ Tracklist:
00:00 ~ Dawn Wall – Between the Sheets
01:55 ~ Riya – Misunderstood (Ft. Hybrid Minds, BCee, Bladerunner)
04:47 ~ Dawn Wall – You Remember
05:45 ~ Bailey – Sugar
07:00 ~ Break – Hope (feat. Celestine)
09:09 ~ Lenzman – Ever So Slightly
10:57 ~ Will Miles – Together In Autumn
13:27 ~ Scenic & Advisory – Moving Deeper
14:30 ~ Lenzman, Redeyes – Thieves In The Night (Technimatic Remix)
16:40 ~ Electrosoul System – On The Run
17:43 ~ In-Deed – What You Told Me
18:58 ~ Dabin feat. Jill Harris – Embers (Feint Remix)
22:19 ~ Apollo Brown – Know The Time (Kubix Bootleg)
25:30 ~ Urbandawn – Vona
28:04 ~ Mr Joseph – Rose At Your Front Door feat. Collette Warren
29:50 ~ Dave Owen – Our Little Secret (ft. Dorsh)
33:03 ~ Alaska & Seba – Back From The Eternity
34:19 ~ Thesis – Activated
36:25 ~ Sundancer – Hold On
37:36 ~ Spor – Your Mumuring Chasms + Arms House
39:22 ~ Macross 82-99 – Jazz Point J