Liquid Drum and Bass Mix 114

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday as we hit the ground running with this O-Dog Day Party..

Digital? analog? is rigging these menus how they’ll play? check the sound, we’ve got the funky drummer drumming in response; why did they start with me? 

What it do? O-Dog aka O-Dizzle will pray then keep it moving knowing the fog / reign began with a drizzle so I’m hip to the inclement weather..

What’s the dizzle? it can be like storms in the Midwest, during these life storms a brotha from the Midwest can’t rest down here in the ATL where it’s like,  whatever!!

What’s the dizzle? chilling in these dorms / compounds getting caught up on these drum and bass sounds per this Liquid Drum and  Bass Mix 114

It’s courtesy of Karisma DNB; check the playlist and the mix to see what the deal will be!! points? like Kawhi Leonard points we’re scoring..

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Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 112

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday as retro-futuristic moves are made…

The saga / struggle continues as I continue to say; breakbeat scientific methods are used to fight the charade..

Jokers are slick like regime change agents operating against Venezuela; it’s rough out here for a player!!

Jokers are slick like Trump hiding money not reflected in the so calledfinancial disclosures,  or trying to come up with new rules for immigration; per Flashback Friday? the old school Baptist preacher said the devil will oppose us, say a prayer!!

…or maybe two; beats bump as we set this O-Dog Day Party off listening to this Liquid Drum and Bass Mix 112 courtesy of Karismadnd2..

Check the playlist and the mix, told a joker don’t start with me as we flow like liquid after summing up the consequences / seeing what it do..

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Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 110

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon; we’re moving in another direction…

We usually have an afternoon jazz thing going; tunes of that nature flowing in that direction…

The saga / struggle continues, that search for perfection will get us in trouble every time..

The saga / struggle continues; that work in our section bringing a double blessing? repenting for every crime?

The saga / struggle continues, trying to catch out on our drum and bass dosage; listening to Liquid Drum and Bass Mix 110

It’s courtesy of Karismadnb2, act like you knew!! these drum and bass dosages enlivened us! !check the playlist and the mix; this drum and bass beat therapy is similar to our Afternoon Jazz medicine!!

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Liquid Drum and Bass Mix 109

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Monday Morning!! check us out as we put down this Music Monday edition…

We’re putting it down like carpet, checking out naysayers trying to start it like Trump and a trade war with China!! so what’s up? we’re  ignoring the turbulence, you’ll find a brotha chilling!!

Check us out, we’re in the heart of it; what? the danger zone, once again it’s on!! we’re working this another way,  out here in the ongoing charade you’ll find the  Brotha O-Zone still doing what he does…

Still getting breakbeat scientific, floating through the mainstream like aRussian Spy Whale with a story to tell but no snitching like Michael Cohen, so what it do? what it does?

Opposition met, thought and fashion police want me to fail so they can prosecute but I wasn’t trying to get cute; just catching up on my drum and bass dosage listening to Liquid Drum and Bass Mix 109 courtesy of Karisma..

Sonic assaults in an orderly fashion are launched as we set this O-Dog Day Party off!! check out the playlist and the mix for the Monday Motivation!! uplifting conditions that are dismal!!

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Ninja Ninja Podcast 014 Mixed By Soligen and Type 2

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Friday!! It’s the weekend baby!!

I was just checking out my archives, when I noticed I hadn’t posted the Ninja Ninja Podcast lately!! Damn!! I need to catch up on my pimping!!

Let’s check out Ninja Ninja Podcast 014 Mixed By Soligen and Type 2 for some of the best drum and bass on the planet!! Check out the playlist and the mix…

Zero T – Thirty Four (Fokuz Recordings)
Halogenix – Soulide (Metalheadz)
Malaky, SATL & Skeletone – Future Blues (Random movement remix) (Occulti Music)
Marky – Silly (Innerground)
Mystic state – I always knew (Nurtured Beatz)
SATL – Joy (Fokuz Recordings)
Vandera, Soligen & Type 2 – ???
Subtension – What Do You Want (Critical Music)
Soligen & Type 2 – Can’t Go (Break Remix) (Fokuz Recordings)
Break – Give It Up (Symmetry Recordings)
Soligen & Type 2 – Drunk X Reobort (Blendits Audio)
Zero T – Dice Game (Fokuz Recordings)
Soligen & Type 2 – Dredd (Blendits Audio)
Hybris – Nitty Gritty (Invisible)
Subtension – Fair Lady (Critical Music)
Mindmapper & Silvafonk – Compromise (Blendits Audio)
Spindal & Kalm – Gravis (Arkaik remix) (Nurtured Beatz)
Halogengix – Shank (Metalheadz)
Chris Harmonics & Impish – Girl (Occulti Music)
Saxxon – Blue (Dub)
Soligen & Type 2 – So Lonely (Blendits Audio)
Break, Need For Mirrors & Hlz – Atlas (Symmetry)
Soligen & Type 2 – Steroids (Blendits Audio)