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This is how it’s going down!! this curator had to take time to update the Captain’s Log…

Oh!! we continue to take this Mystic Voyage!!  a hater will try to discourage but check out the scriptures and mixtures; this good word is provided by O-Zone and the beats by O-Dog…

Oh!! we continue to work this in the smoke and mirrors / the fog / Oh!! we told you about the Grey Area Scenarios!!

Seasons / reasons change, especially since Election 2016 is here; for immigration and health care GOP Presidential candidates present different scenarios!!

Seasons change some;  Hillary Clinton was asking Negroes about #blacklivesmatter as the crowd scatters due to ear shattering gunshots exploding!!  I was *Going In*  but damn!! I had to fall back..

Gathering thoughts while updating this Captain’s Log;  George Clinton type funk plays in the background!! street coded / discreet moded!!  I was all up in the spot, but ISIS like characters take over due to the exit strategy in Iraq..

Gathering thoughts per being a *hit dog that will holler* but I get up and get back in the game!! I’m  racking the balls up on the pool table;  now it’s time for the break…

Battles are fought;  I *holla atcha* about the strategy that falls on a fool’s fable;  damn!! now that’s a bad break…

Battles are fought;  situations weren’t natural  like so called space elevators!! so now the fake are backing up due to the *Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position*

Battles are fought: we *holla atcha* after contemplating the *Dark Mystery Of Time and Space*  what it do?  what it does?  Hunger Games Peacekeepers sweat a brothas mission…

Battles are fought:  some lost and some won; we keep on pushing like an Impression; Jerry Butler / Curtis Mayfield…

Battles are fought: We update this Captain’s Log letting you know the outcome;  dealing with glitches in the matrix plus snitches fake it; but we Play On Player;  like Willie Mays we keep playing the field…


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