Updating The Captain’s Log PT.7 (This Is How It’s Going Down)

This is how it’s going down!! this curator had to take time to update the Captain’s Log…

Oh!! we continue to take this Mystic Voyage!!  a hater will try to discourage but check out the scriptures and mixtures; this good word is provided by O-Zone and the beats by O-Dog…

Oh!! we continue to work this in the smoke and mirrors / the fog / Oh!! we told you about the Grey Area Scenarios!!

Seasons / reasons change, especially since Election 2016 is here; for immigration and health care GOP Presidential candidates present different scenarios!!

Seasons change some;  Hillary Clinton was asking Negroes about #blacklivesmatter as the crowd scatters due to ear shattering gunshots exploding!!  I was *Going In*  but damn!! I had to fall back..

Gathering thoughts while updating this Captain’s Log;  George Clinton type funk plays in the background!! street coded / discreet moded!!  I was all up in the spot, but ISIS like characters take over due to the exit strategy in Iraq..

Gathering thoughts per being a *hit dog that will holler* but I get up and get back in the game!! I’m  racking the balls up on the pool table;  now it’s time for the break…

Battles are fought;  I *holla atcha* about the strategy that falls on a fool’s fable;  damn!! now that’s a bad break…

Battles are fought;  situations weren’t natural  like so called space elevators!! so now the fake are backing up due to the *Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position*

Battles are fought: we *holla atcha* after contemplating the *Dark Mystery Of Time and Space*  what it do?  what it does?  Hunger Games Peacekeepers sweat a brothas mission…

Battles are fought:  some lost and some won; we keep on pushing like an Impression; Jerry Butler / Curtis Mayfield…

Battles are fought: We update this Captain’s Log letting you know the outcome;  dealing with glitches in the matrix plus snitches fake it; but we Play On Player;  like Willie Mays we keep playing the field…


Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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