This Is How It’s Going Down : But I’m Just Saying!!

This is how it’s going down / this is what it do; but I’m just saying.

This dude is still down for the cause,  but meeting opposition like Vladimir Putin as  ISIS in Syria is  attacked by Russia; this brotha felt the pressure, so I’m just praying.

Mentioned earlier my battle cry was Lord Help! Lord Help! That’s how I’m playing this.

Who paid attention? I was trying to help the masses with this breakbeat science, check out how I’m saying this..

Who paid attention to what was going down or were they too broke due to economic conditions?

Companies supposedly hired more employees in September but we’ll see how that works out:  meanwhile GOP Presidential Candidates said give me the rock like the Nike T-Shirt but they were  just a bricklayer;  I’m just saying!

Dude said *gimme the rock, the heroin or the go fast*  he was just a suburb dweller dealing with the wannabe goodfellas over in the Bluff in Atlanta.

…Soon the home of Atlanta Falcon constituents due to Arthur Blank money, he’s rollling with the real  goodfellas,  understand a bruh?

Did dude / G Money understand a bruh? who did he think I was?  while giving thanks to the Lord  he walked up on me asking me did I consider myself a good person?

Where did the mothership land this brotha?  was he some kind of guide or messenger? dude seemed to have good intentions but he was interrupting me, while I was writing this sermon!!

Dude seemed to be preaching to the choir like the Seventh Day Adventist that came knocking at the door this morning,  or maybe like Kim Davis vs Pope Francis? I told them God is still working on me, he’s not through with me yet..

We’re all out here approaching that last hour!! this is how it’s going down, I’m just saying!! we kept it moving even though we had to sacrifice:  we didn’t stop and we didn’t quit


Updating The Captain’s Log PT.7 (This Is How It’s Going Down)

This is how it’s going down!! this curator had to take time to update the Captain’s Log…

Oh!! we continue to take this Mystic Voyage!!  a hater will try to discourage but check out the scriptures and mixtures; this good word is provided by O-Zone and the beats by O-Dog…

Oh!! we continue to work this in the smoke and mirrors / the fog / Oh!! we told you about the Grey Area Scenarios!!

Seasons / reasons change, especially since Election 2016 is here; for immigration and health care GOP Presidential candidates present different scenarios!!

Seasons change some;  Hillary Clinton was asking Negroes about #blacklivesmatter as the crowd scatters due to ear shattering gunshots exploding!!  I was *Going In*  but damn!! I had to fall back..

Gathering thoughts while updating this Captain’s Log;  George Clinton type funk plays in the background!! street coded / discreet moded!!  I was all up in the spot, but ISIS like characters take over due to the exit strategy in Iraq..

Gathering thoughts per being a *hit dog that will holler* but I get up and get back in the game!! I’m  racking the balls up on the pool table;  now it’s time for the break…

Battles are fought;  I *holla atcha* about the strategy that falls on a fool’s fable;  damn!! now that’s a bad break…

Battles are fought;  situations weren’t natural  like so called space elevators!! so now the fake are backing up due to the *Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position*

Battles are fought: we *holla atcha* after contemplating the *Dark Mystery Of Time and Space*  what it do?  what it does?  Hunger Games Peacekeepers sweat a brothas mission…

Battles are fought:  some lost and some won; we keep on pushing like an Impression; Jerry Butler / Curtis Mayfield…

Battles are fought: We update this Captain’s Log letting you know the outcome;  dealing with glitches in the matrix plus snitches fake it; but we Play On Player;  like Willie Mays we keep playing the field…

Updating The Captains Log PT.4

It’s going down!!! I’m updating this Captains Log, but it’s a little later than usual!!

But it’s going down!! I’m down here in Atlanta where GOP Presidential candidates are at the Red State Gathering; any math dropped in that thing? per Donald Trump haters are acting unusual!

Who’ll understand a brah? extraterrestrials told me how the funk show go during intergalactic gatherings now beats will rumble, they’ll  thump!!

Who’ll understand a brah as I update this Captain’s Log?  pedestrians stumble through the Smoke and Mirrors, the Fog!! they’ll trip over a stump!!

Who’ll understand a brah? there wasn’t any rest for me!! side eyes and sideways glances were recieved like I attended cartel gatherings with the drug dealers, hustlers and players!!

What’s up Holmes, but not James out in Aurora? feeling like I’m serving a life sentence but elders encouraged me and others; they told us to Play On Players!!

What’s up Holmes? horror and terror during this reign will have us all saying prayers!! circumstances are debatable!!

Being built or torn down? society didn’t turn the level of scorn down, check out the latest controversy!! egos are deflatable!!

I was out there but now the Mothership has landed back on earth where they’ll hate on a dude, but a brotha will be claiming territory!! might even create my own time zone like North Korea…

I was out there!! a brotha gets scientific, while these wannabe players in Atlanta were like the Chi-Lites asking have you seen her?

Meanwhile?  O-Dog will hook up bars and hooks;  we’re Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch..

Once Again It’s On!!  The Captain’s Log is updated by O-Zone!!  our response to the hell we catch..

That’s Where They Lost Me PT.8 (Now I’m Holding On)

*I hear chain saws underneath this limb I’m holding on*

Hanging On A String, like that joint from Loose Ends I heard on KISS 104 here in Atlanta…

Hanging On A Limb!!  Morris Day and The Time’s Oaktree? I hear buzz saws!! is this the end for a brotha??

Once hanging out with them or those players that played on, but this is where they lost me; a hater even  plans to call the search off!!  Lord Have Mercy!!!!

Just Trying To Hold On!!  just trying to maintain!!  like Obama with his trade bill I’m trying to find somebody to work with me…

What’s really going on? I heard the belligerence  as the South debates the Confederate flag, but some are sold on it due to heritage; so who will inherit the throne??

Intergalactic Drama  , local, national, international; on all fronts? another fronts, they were agents of the Federation!!  meanwhile I search for the perfect beat like Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force; adjusting bass, treble and tone…

Mathematics are dropped by my alter ego known as O-Zone;  just trying to hold on, but it’s getting rough…

Fanatics  flip flopped up in the spot like Republican presidential candidates!!  that’s where they lost me!! I left that spot loaded with punishment glutttons who can’t get enough…

They Can’t Get Enough Of That Funky Stuff per Kool and The Gang, but jokers were faking the funk!! they press buttons and turn dials…*Scheduling The Pain and Pleasure of life*

The Suburban with blacked out windows rolls up; you’ll get gaffled, but misery loves company;  in your back goes the knife…

Who hacked out windows?  I was dealing with technical difficulties!! now I’m peeping game like  peeping through blinds and windows like Malcolm X...

I’m holding on!! some lost me by operating *Shady Like Grady* who’s realizing the sport is complex?

Who’s Trying To Start With Me?

Who’s trying to start with me? they’re trying to make a brotha flip but I’m too cool for that..

Visualized The Sequence; this brotha did the knowledge on the street; plus I practice Mechanical Engineerng; I went to school for that..

Peep this; it’s all game like Hillary Clinton’s presidential election to lose; there’s no true oppostion from  the Republican Party..

Who else acted a fool with that? their defense? said they were bi-polar;  I told them to don’t start with me..

It’s easy to fall off or fall apart after being cool / cold like a  polar bear;  at the end of the day?  nobody wins,  it’s easy to take a loss..

We’re going off, showing heart as the Smoke and Mirrors show is in full effect; others take the loss, they’re unable to win like American Pharoah  due to the mayhem / the chaos..

Those trying to front, fake and floss like Jeb Bush  trying to be an american pharoah will  get caught *Out There*  on tangents taking trips..

Out There!! like being in the backwoods of Georgia / Carolina!!  dry kush / weed and ice used to take trips..

Out There!! smoking backwoods; drinking Icehouses or even cold Budweisers..

Out There!!  in the backwoods ; creeks full of black water per the Doobie Brothers plus  moves made by Blackwater didn’t surprise us…

O-Zone?  trapped *Outside The Box*   prayed to the heavenly father; who else will help? politicians lie to us…

The drama goes down!! those that don’t have closure will cry to us…

This brotha sizes it up; now we fight back, so who’s trying to start with me?

Random Thoughts Are Expressed By A Brotha; all up in the heart of it is where you’ll find me..