Clearance Rack Epiphanies: Another Back To School Sale 2015

What’s really going on? seasons change / reasons change,  especially here at the end of the summer

Back to school time!! meanwhile  authorities track a fool doing the crime,  but O-Dizzle is back on mine!!  work is put in by this funky drummer.

Hard times stack up on a fool!! like Jared Fogle plans fizzled!!  some got what was coming to them.

I blow the horn or bugle!! these clearance rack epiphanies are just in time for the back to school sales or what’s left of them.

Some blow their horn or bugle like Donald Trump  or Hillary Clinton on the bully pulpit or stump!! seasons / reasons have politicians to the right and left of him, but O-Zone ignores the rhetoric.

Horns blow, the bass plays and funk is dropped per George Clinton on the pulpit!! but I see how others work it!! even treasons occur at the mall, as  clerks abandoned their post;  duties?  they were derelict.

Horns blow, alarms ring; per Bill Clinton and NAFTA? in a perfect world they wouldn’t be working at the mall with the college degree.

Out here in the mainstream of mathematics? they’re out here stocking merchandise on the clearance rack just like me.

You heard me?  but this merchandise is of a different variety,  check these scriptures and mixtures.

It’s going down!! sometimes? *ain’t nothing nice* about  this work we put it in, even though this artist will paint pictures.

Clearance rack epiphanies are here, just in time for the end of the summer, or back to school…

Somebody might feel these; word from this funky drummer!! I wasn’t trying to act a fool!!



Author: omanxl1

just a brotha dabbling in music, sports, politics and other spices of life...

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