What’s That Noise? (Part Four)

Concepts are revisited unlike family reunions in 2020 because of the coronavirus,  it doesn’t surprise us.

Cons visited the White House, moved in!! some tried to warn us like Hillary Clinton , outcomes  proved them right!! damn!! the advice was priceless..

The response? insight dropped “all up in the house / all up in the spot!! thought and fashion police spot us, heard asking what’s that noise?

The response? Trump kept tweeting law and order, soon he dropped boots on the ground in Portland, now threatening Chicago! I guess that’s “how it go” when you lose your poise..

..among other things but this brotha brings the noise like Public Enemyas digital crate digging continues in conjunction with this good word..

Now naysayers try to slow a players roll, making him lose his poise?   a hostile entity will plot a takeover check the menus as a fool like Trump tries to rule by executive orders and decrees, you heard?

Check this out at What’s That Noise? (Part Four)

Mr Raoul K – The African Government

It’s going down!! Trump headlined the RNC while Hillary Clinton reigns supreme at the DNC

It’s going down!! thumped upside the head by reality? so what will the choice be?

Poise needed to run the government, but drama? some are loving it, it’s an extravaganza!!

Mr Raoul K  plays  The African Government per this Afrobeat / house music / world music track, part of the #HumpDayExtravaganza..

The world is losing it!! understand a brotha? drama goes down from France / Germany to #BatonRouge to here in the #ATL…

The music? I’m choosing it!! somebody understands this / it’ll work for me!! a coping strategy that won’t fail…



Blue Collar: Hard Work Is Put In PT.6

We’re blue collar with it; hard work is put in!!  we’re not wasting time like and money the Benghazi Committee!! we’re building, check the mechanical engineering……..

Some think its about a dollar, they’ll sell the city out like Katina Powell / Rod Ni Powell vs Louisville; now what’s the deal? check out the social engineering.

Constituents are loathing and fearing!! the situation is foul like the Czech Republic jacking refugees from the Middle East for their *paper* aka their money..

Constitutions guaranteed it? please!! loathing and fearing is the business!! what’s up with it? it’s like RushCard customers asking where’s the money?

O-Dog? he’s cold crushing but also asking where’s the money? like the Valentine Brothers money is too tight to mention…

Stronger than the Simply Red version!! meanwhile we keep putting hard work in, blue collar style! we do enough to pay attention…

Saw how some are flowing: some were misled / waiting in the dark or  dipping into the  treacherous waters with the sharks and piranhas!! all up in it, trying to interpret symbols / signals…

Trying to catch what they can’t understand?  oh yes!! they’re trying to see how the river flows…

The Euphrates / The Nile:  chilled near The Ohio River / Louisville / Cincinatti, but understand me the flows are international…

Actually?  the flows are universal!!  the mothership just landed back down on earth: drama  is going down from US Troops vs ISIS in Iraq to sleepy Secret Service agents in DC;  who’s acting irrational?

Check the status quo: *it’s like this and like that and a* I wasn’t a flashy bro!!  I was blue collar / hard work is put in…

Check the status quo: we continue to fight this and that, but some will accept the trick bag they’re put in..



The Mission Statement: Once Again It’s On!!

So what’s really going on?  I’m trying to use a fresh view / fresh vision as I see this hot mess play out in front of me.

*Random Thoughts From A Brotha*  are expressed after those supposedly funky fresh in the flesh stressed;  the *New Style Gangsters*  tried to front on me.

Meanwhile some play me like Hillary Clinton per her e-mails!! they say they’re done with me, because I didn’t go with the flow.

This mission statement? it’s dropped by a veteran in the game; funk is like George Clinton’s plus this scientific scripture is dropped; at the end of the day? I had to go for what I know.

So whats the real deal? like Cheryl Lynn it’s got to be real!!  that’s the main focus of this mission statement!!  the status quo?  some hate it while others might have it made and don’t know it.

Some fronted on me like it was Tom Brady vs Roger Goodell,  said I had a golden opportunity but actually wanted me to fail;  I act like I know it.

This mission statement is used to tell the story, as the madness plays out in front of me; please!! you’ll get jacked like the Texas referee!!  beauty?  I wasn’t beholding,  it was ugly.

This mission statement is used to tell the story; I’m intergalactic but I’m trying to dodge the space junk / trash that’s *Out There*   that’s where a brotha will be.

This mission statement? from space we bring the funk, plus due to cashing reality checks I’m able to bring these clearance rack epiphanies..

Just in time for back to school sales; one who will act a fool fails to entertain me,  I refuse to be distracted by those and these…

The NSA will track a fool out here trying to swerve!! they just provide entertainment for the Capitol, now Hunger Games Peacekeepers swoop in..

Class is in session; after the Labor Day Holiday? it’s back to school, as we do what we do!! hunger and thirst is exhibited in this game!! we’re on a mission!!

Clearance Rack Epiphanies: Another Back To School Sale 2015

What’s really going on? seasons change / reasons change,  especially here at the end of the summer

Back to school time!! meanwhile  authorities track a fool doing the crime,  but O-Dizzle is back on mine!!  work is put in by this funky drummer.

Hard times stack up on a fool!! like Jared Fogle plans fizzled!!  some got what was coming to them.

I blow the horn or bugle!! these clearance rack epiphanies are just in time for the back to school sales or what’s left of them.

Some blow their horn or bugle like Donald Trump  or Hillary Clinton on the bully pulpit or stump!! seasons / reasons have politicians to the right and left of him, but O-Zone ignores the rhetoric.

Horns blow, the bass plays and funk is dropped per George Clinton on the pulpit!! but I see how others work it!! even treasons occur at the mall, as  clerks abandoned their post;  duties?  they were derelict.

Horns blow, alarms ring; per Bill Clinton and NAFTA? in a perfect world they wouldn’t be working at the mall with the college degree.

Out here in the mainstream of mathematics? they’re out here stocking merchandise on the clearance rack just like me.

You heard me?  but this merchandise is of a different variety,  check these scriptures and mixtures.

It’s going down!! sometimes? *ain’t nothing nice* about  this work we put it in, even though this artist will paint pictures.

Clearance rack epiphanies are here, just in time for the end of the summer, or back to school…

Somebody might feel these; word from this funky drummer!! I wasn’t trying to act a fool!!


Who’s Trying To Start With Me?

Who’s trying to start with me? they’re trying to make a brotha flip but I’m too cool for that..

Visualized The Sequence; this brotha did the knowledge on the street; plus I practice Mechanical Engineerng; I went to school for that..

Peep this; it’s all game like Hillary Clinton’s presidential election to lose; there’s no true oppostion from  the Republican Party..

Who else acted a fool with that? their defense? said they were bi-polar;  I told them to don’t start with me..

It’s easy to fall off or fall apart after being cool / cold like a  polar bear;  at the end of the day?  nobody wins,  it’s easy to take a loss..

We’re going off, showing heart as the Smoke and Mirrors show is in full effect; others take the loss, they’re unable to win like American Pharoah  due to the mayhem / the chaos..

Those trying to front, fake and floss like Jeb Bush  trying to be an american pharoah will  get caught *Out There*  on tangents taking trips..

Out There!! like being in the backwoods of Georgia / Carolina!!  dry kush / weed and ice used to take trips..

Out There!! smoking backwoods; drinking Icehouses or even cold Budweisers..

Out There!!  in the backwoods ; creeks full of black water per the Doobie Brothers plus  moves made by Blackwater didn’t surprise us…

O-Zone?  trapped *Outside The Box*   prayed to the heavenly father; who else will help? politicians lie to us…

The drama goes down!! those that don’t have closure will cry to us…

This brotha sizes it up; now we fight back, so who’s trying to start with me?

Random Thoughts Are Expressed By A Brotha; all up in the heart of it is where you’ll find me..

I Was Told To Play On Player PT.5

Play On Player is the catch phrase; as we proceed and continue…

Chilling out on some I-20 Chronicle business; out on I-26 in North Charleston No Justice No Peace is the business; so  what’s next on the menu?

Some know what the deal is;   but like Obama meeting Castro dynamics changed while others weren’t looking /  weren’t paying attention…

Like General Electric check out the drama due to cash flow disputes; like ceramics?  things were shaped and molded!!  how cold did it get due to attrition?

Life is hectic!! these fanatics couldn’t escape the drama; spiritual malnutriton will get the best of them..

Testimonies are taped; the flipside? some didn’t back away from the buffet!!  obesity will get the rest of them..

Gluttons for punishment with the ride or die philosophy? told to Play On Player but soon facing karmic repercussions..

*That’s What’s Up With It*  while Hillary Clinton or Rand Paul wants to be prseident  O-Dog has the Sonic Assault; he’s got the percussions.

O-Zone? I was told to play on player, so I wasn’t through dealing!!  these discussions are from a metaphysical basis;  Random Thoughts From A Brotha..

Work is put in;  Blue Collar Style / Mechanical Engineering from a brotha…

I was told to Play On Player while loathing / fearing from anotha was the business; even if you were number one like Kentucky..

Karma caught up with them now folk are full of confusion / frustration; that’s how dealing with gamblers out for a fast buck will be..

I Was Told To Play On Player PT.2

I  had to holla back at them; I had Random Thoughts From A Brotha; plus Sonic Assaults  are conducted; plus I bring an alternative broadcast…

* All Up In The House*  jazz,rock,funk, hip-hop and house dropped at the O-Dog Podcast..

The bomb blast is still heard in  Tikrit Iraq per ISIS; please!!  so much for that surge…

How were some of these folks trying to act during the ongoing crisis?  shaky like Andreas Lubitz the Germanwings co-pilot or maybe like Serge?

….Or forces merge like John Boehner and Israel joined by Michele Bachmann; meanwhile this brotha’s top priority is rocking! the Mothership has landed!! I’m  taking notes from George Clinton….

Parliament Funkadelic thing when we do the damn thing!! no e-mails deleted like Hillary Clinton..

Back in the day?  Riding in the Jurassic / old school  Relic / Buick Regal   listening to Earth Wind and Fire ways of the world explaining this ball of confusion…

Per the Temptations as we try to yield not,  but like Roy Ayers everybody loves the sunshine!!  even if they go from winning to losing!!

Play On Players we were told by these ATLiens down here in Atlanta; but backstabbers have sharp knives…

Saying prayers; dealing with snitches, wannabes; and even Atlanta Housewives.

O-Zone?  this brotha continues to strive; trying to make it to a better day; taking the Express Route…

Told to Play On Player!!  so we proceed and continue; we’re *Going All Out*

Satellite Station Transmissions PT 5 / Still Outside The Box



What’s the deal?  a brotha is still operating  Outside The Box. Check out  PT.9; We’re Back With It / Going Through It. Check out how it’s going down at THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Outside The Box PT.9; We’re Back With It / Going Through It.

Skills To Pay The Bills?

What’s really going on?  in this danger zone? the masses were victimized by shady deals.

…Like they were in Georgia dealing with Nathan;  jokers are misbehaving!!  this past winter? Winter Storm Juno or even  Winter Storm Thor gave us the chills.

Some thought they were escaping the madness like Hillary Clinton but they’re caught up in it!! who’s keeping it real compared to what per Les McCann?

Eddie Harris helped him while The Roots and John Legend had their version; so at the end of the day who did the math?  did anybody understand?

A crook rapes,  loots and pillages the village!!  they said something about being down with ISIS or Boko Haram or maybe both of them.

They said they had the *skills to pay the bills*  but at the end of the day there’s no hope for them.

Old girl said God didn’t like ugly while she scratched off lottery tickets at the Citgo station.

…Over on Candler Road in Decatur Georgia;  it’s not odd that she tried to warn you about the confusion.

But jokers are acting brand new again!!  saying something about having the skills to pay the bills.

I didn’t fool with them;  I’m out there / outside the box;  a Brotha just chills.

I had the skills to pay the bills but I didn’t front, flex  and floss like I was all this and that…

Shady deals have this brotha staying on point and in the hunt; I realized the cost!! now dropping knowledge on those that are lost!! breakbeat science is what you can call this and that!!