Character And Passion (Part Six)

 We’re trying to get over the hump!  the usual business handled per this HumpDay Extravaganza!

Trying to get over that hump like Clayton County put Rev. Raphael Warnock over in the Senate race against Herschel Walker down here in Georgia; somebody will understand a brotha.. character and passion are shown; Brotha O is focused but not a firebrand energized by the ongoing firestorm. 

Brotha O is trying to chill while some like the reign / rain / thunder and fire, oh yes! to them it’s the norm. 

Listening to Fire by the Ohio Players though its not Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday even though they’re  haunted by memories of old, those burned bridges?

A stubborn character and a passion is exhibited enhanced by this Full Moon in Gemini but they’re still haunted by the Sagittarius new moon; dealing with old shadows? yes, he acknowledges. 

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It All Falls Apart (Part Two)

What’s that noise I hear? it all falls apart!!  it seems like the foundation is shifting along with priorities; a new normal in hostile territories?

Losing our poise due to the instigation? Black Lives Matters protests from Australia to Minneapolis? who’ll be with us /  “holla at us”?  some mentioned agent provocateurs   and hostile takeovers!!

….movements co-opted? as it all falls apart this black man lets the masses know, he’ll “holla atcha” with the sound, he cosmic slops it!! the hostile takeover was mentioned in the mix..

Check this movement: science? we dropped it like Jefferson Davisconfederate monuments in Richmond!! rich with it son!! we’re still getting breakbeat scientific!!

Checked the movement, signs and signals interpreted as it all falls apart!  some misbehave with this and that like Trump and his so called reopen America plan even though Covid -19 is still on the rise..

Checked the movement, signs and signals interpreted; that herd immunity strategy? they’re trying to work it as they continue their pursuit of the prize…

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Deep House Mix 2020 · Summer Is Coming · Grau Selection

Digital Crate Digging Continues check these menus!! check us out, this HumpDay Extravaganza is going down!!

O-Dog Day Partying earlier, rocking these venues!! from your neck of the woods to Atlanta it’s going down!!

In the heart of this thing is where you found me, any respect in these hoods? some will understand a brotha and what he’s dealing with from Minneapolis to Atlanta to Louisville..

George Floyd / Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery aren’t here to deal the story but their episodes let us know the deal…

…as we deal with Covid – 19 also on the scene even though Trump acts like it’s gone,  reality is obscene but we’ll fight back when we drop this good word and the funky drummer is drumming all up your section..

We’re trying to chill, back back on the scene with beats that bump!! check out the playlist and the mix from Deep House Mix 2020 · Summer Is Coming · Grau Selection

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We’re Not Quitting / Stopping!! (Part Five)

Check us out!! we’re typing these good words on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can play out either way…

Check it out, the madness isn’t stopping so we’re praying then taking action!!  we’re not quitting / stopping, this is how we’ll play!!

Reflex type of actions taken after we see how the system will play; perAhmaud Arbery / Breonna Taylor and George Floyd episodes systematic racism is exposed..

Complex situations? another pandemic in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic while the  CDC  and the WHO discusses who’s asymptomatic or pre- symptomatic?  it’s automatic that this good word is composed..

Coming with the next, check these instigations! rebuking the devil who’s not sympathetic so per Public Enemy no sympathy is shown towards him!! we’re not quitting / stopping!! check us out as we proceed and continue..

Coming with the next,  though caught up in these unpleasant situations!! we’re not quitting / stopping!! this good word and good music are on the menu..

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It All Falls Apart (Part One)

I  was looking at the structure; damn!!  it all falls apart!! noticed the foundation was weak, nothing can stand on it.

Like GOP members still rolling with Trump (well some Bush and Romney said they aren’t)  those that said they had a heart were faking, now corrupt ones! whats up son? we’re doing the knowledge as the mothership takes off to another planet that’s a safe haven /  safe harbor; I’m trying to land on it!

Whats up son / daughter? what’s heard? what’s seen?  for one thing, we’re in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic but O-Dizzle is still trying to jam on it like Newcleus.

One man band on the run like Paul McCartney!!  it didn’t surprise us that jokers were trying to start with me like Trump vs Colin Powell as some jokers were rolling foul /  acting brand new with us!

Some understand now!!  it all falls apart as they’ll lash out like George Floyd protests around the world!! black lives matter is heard as we move on to the next..

Some don’t understand; defund the police a political trap? others will get pimp slapped by reality, soon having a meltdown because endeavors are null and void!! soon waiting in the dark hoping to make the simple complex!

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We’re Not Quitting / Stopping!! (Part Four)

Check us out!! we’re all dealing with bad breaks and setbacks, borrowing a phrase from Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues…

“It makes you wanna holler, the way they do my life” ; borrowing another phrase these days paying dues…

We’re not quitting / stopping! paying the price, not just dollars but using other resources due to no other recourses now we’re dealing with twin pandemics…

“It ain’t nothing nice” ; no reality divorces while dealing with Covid -19and also racism as we drop these mathematics..

“It ain’t nothing nice” ; feeling it from here in Atlanta to Louisville to Minneapolis and all points in between..

We’re not quitting / stopping! others understand that’s the real deal they feel us!! worldwide they’re on the scene..

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Updating The Captain’s Log PT.7 (This Is How It’s Going Down)

This is how it’s going down!! this curator had to take time to update the Captain’s Log…

Oh!! we continue to take this Mystic Voyage!!  a hater will try to discourage but check out the scriptures and mixtures; this good word is provided by O-Zone and the beats by O-Dog…

Oh!! we continue to work this in the smoke and mirrors / the fog / Oh!! we told you about the Grey Area Scenarios!!

Seasons / reasons change, especially since Election 2016 is here; for immigration and health care GOP Presidential candidates present different scenarios!!

Seasons change some;  Hillary Clinton was asking Negroes about #blacklivesmatter as the crowd scatters due to ear shattering gunshots exploding!!  I was *Going In*  but damn!! I had to fall back..

Gathering thoughts while updating this Captain’s Log;  George Clinton type funk plays in the background!! street coded / discreet moded!!  I was all up in the spot, but ISIS like characters take over due to the exit strategy in Iraq..

Gathering thoughts per being a *hit dog that will holler* but I get up and get back in the game!! I’m  racking the balls up on the pool table;  now it’s time for the break…

Battles are fought;  I *holla atcha* about the strategy that falls on a fool’s fable;  damn!! now that’s a bad break…

Battles are fought;  situations weren’t natural  like so called space elevators!! so now the fake are backing up due to the *Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position*

Battles are fought: we *holla atcha* after contemplating the *Dark Mystery Of Time and Space*  what it do?  what it does?  Hunger Games Peacekeepers sweat a brothas mission…

Battles are fought:  some lost and some won; we keep on pushing like an Impression; Jerry Butler / Curtis Mayfield…

Battles are fought: We update this Captain’s Log letting you know the outcome;  dealing with glitches in the matrix plus snitches fake it; but we Play On Player;  like Willie Mays we keep playing the field…

The Truth Game Is Still Being Played PT.2

Funk is sprayed as we land this Mothership;  like North Korea vs Japan missiles were shot at us..

Or sites will get hacked like Sony; we kept on running even though it got lonely;  no peace / no justice it was just us..

No Justice No Peace?  old Civil Rights cliche reintroduced by Rev. Al…

Please!!!. no peace for a brotha from Ferguson to NYC;  conditions are foul!!

What’s the style? The Truth Game Is Still Being Played!!  it’s at an all time high..

What’s the style? Truth Or Reality As We Know It;  Please!! it’s real,  it’s no lie..

I’m Still In Conflict With The World;  Survival Is Difficult If Not Impossible…

Shady Characters playing The Truth Game?  from Nathan Shady Deal to Ted Cruz!! Please!! they wont stop what they do!!

Especially now!!! it seems the game is taken up to anotha level….

The specialty now? hearing more Belligerence from anotha devil!!

Wearing boots and packing a shovel please!!!..we’re walking in deep doo doo…

Business suits on one level / white tees and Air Force Ones on another; what it do?

Ill disputes from Pluto to Mars; from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg; from Boko Haram in Nigeria to Tanzania and the Albino Magic Murders; so what’s up man?

So whatcha know? you heard us man? some are trying to heal scars from Iraq to  Afghanistan..

What’s up man? somebody asked me but I told them nothing;  they might be Part Of The Conspiracy…

That’s what’s up man!!! Out In The Mainstream Of Mathematics?  I studied the Conspiracy Theory…

Somebody said something about a Project For A New American Century; but they might be busy playing the Truth Game with Shady Characters..

We hit them up with this Sonic Assault; letting them know that in Love Or War? they won’t be fair with ya!!!



Satellite Station Transmissions

It’s going down like this!! Broadcasting live from other “satellites” in the universe!!  My other blogs are like *Pillars of Creation* spotted by the Hubble Telescope.

Scattered thoughts are collected like after holiday debt per the Collection Activities Have Escalated PT.9 (The Atermath)  ….after we did the math!!

Did a little traveling / mystery unraveling per the The Humpday Extravaganza: Back At The Scene Of Crime / Caught Up Once Again PT.2  …went through familar territory but with a different perspective.

Check out these satellite station transmissions as we pot it down like this!!


Total Chaos; Due To The Elaborate Fantasy?

It all falls apart like rescue attempts in Yemen by Navy SEALS; my folk are victimized by shady deals!! dealing with the Elaborate Fantasy…

Check out this blog;  What’s Really Going On?  so you can understand me..

Where did the mothership land me? check out my other blog so you can understand me after my intergalactic travels;  it’s Random Thoughts From A Brotha…

A brotha gets scientific while the plot or scheme implemented by a fanatic unravels!! meanwhile O-Dog’s Podcast is bumpin!!  the funk is dropped by this brotha…

Hot Message from a brotha considered a hot messenger?  I’m letting my folk know about the Elaborate Fantasy...

Was it meant for us to take a loss? Total Chaos? per Trayvon Martin; maybe Michael Brown or Eric Garner;  who’s the next fatality??

The American dream an elaborate fantasy? please!!   it’s easy to become a fatality in spiritual warfare;  or we can easily be Caught Up In An Unpleasant Situation!!

Some continue to dream waiting in the dark!! but the Total Exclusion Of Reality will lead to Total Chaos!! the confusion!!

Next level plans aren’t plots and schemes by a nefarious one!! O-Dog uses the fusion of funk, hip-hop and jazz to fight back!!

The next devil stays plotting and scheming like North Korea vs Sony!! or the system vs Bill Cosby; what will the cost be? who’s outraged by the destruction / justice obstruction?  we had to fight back!!!

We came right back with anotha funky track;  check The Sonic Assault as we put it down…

*Harvest For The World* planted in fertile soil; This Is How We Get Down!!!

My folk were in a state of despair and turmoil;  Caught Up In Total Chaos!!

But we proceed and continue;  we’re Movin Forward;  refusing to take a loss!!!