Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this O-Dog Day Party!

This is our Thankful Thursday / Throwback Thursday edition, at the moment this is how your dude is living so don’t start with me…

…pulling up with negativity; your dude is not having it! no weapons formed will prosper! the plot / scheme? we’ll unravel it!

Letting y’all know what the deal will be? of course we’re getting mathematical with it!

Breakbeat scientific with it, hitting up your district with this HOUSE MUSIC MAY 2022 NEW PRODUCTIONS CLUB MIX courtesy of Stefano Dj Stoneangels Channel Two

Check out the playlist and the mix as we weaponize the sound to fight the ongoing corruptions from naysayers working angles; this is what’s up / what it do!!


B Beat Girls – For The Same Man (Nic Fanciulli Extended Remix)

Discoplex – Come Back (Extended Mix)

GhostMasters – Work it 2 The Funk (Extended Mix)

Keyano – Una Hora (Extended Mix)

Mark Armitage – Feel It (Original Mix)

Secret Agenda – Rushing (Remix) (Stereotype Remix)

Sentinel Groove, Robin Moog – Bang 2 Da Boogie (Original Mix)

Babert, Zsak – Friday Night (Extended Mix)

Bahl.Co – Coming Down (Extended Mix)

Cheesecake Boys, Betty Love – Holiday (Original Mix)

Sean Finn & DJ Wady & Moondark – Pasilda (CASSIMM Remix)

Kai Shibata – Don’t You Do It (Original Mix)

DJ Steve Adams Presents… Alli’s Mix Vol. 1

Digital Crate Continues on another rainy day in Atlanta, somebody but will understand a brotha when I tell them the temperature is rising..

…in more ways than one, plus I mentioned it’s a cold world confirmed from here in Atlanta to Ukraine; worldwide my people feel the pain but it’s not surprising..

Plots / schemes some are devising then try to threaten you if your opposing while corporations continue mooching off the treasury..

Rotten teams revising the rule of law? that’s what O-Zone saw, he mentioned he sees everything moving now he’s showing / proving letting you know what the deal will be..

….letting you know what the real will be concerning this music; per this Fabulous Friday type of business we’re coming through listening to DJ Steve Adams Presents… Alli’s Mix Vol. 1

Flashback Friday vibes are also exhibited; somebody will feel me! check the playlist and the mix for these prime example so you can “see what I’m saying”  / see what it do!! once again it’s on!!

1. DINKS – Disco Drain (Club Mix)

2. Fond8 – I’m In Love

3. Tete De La Course – Feel

4. Norty Cotto – Keep Making Me High (Sky High Club Mix)

5. FormulaK ft Tess Leah – I Pray (Peter Brown Extended Remix)

6. DAN:ROS vs AVA (It) – Nobody

7. Mark Knight, Beverley Knight, London Community Gospel Choir – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

8. Husky ft Tasha LaRae – Good Life

9. Rick Marshall – Never Gonna Get It (My Lovin’)

10. SuSu Bobien & Ron Carroll – Set Free (Original Praise Mix)

11. DAN:ROS – Tell Me

12. DAN:ROS & T.Markakis – Can’t Get Enough

13. Stuart Ojelay ft Amy G – Get Up

14. Boris Smith – Never

15. Bronx Cheer – My House (Vacuii Club Remix)

16. Discoslap – Lovely

17. DJ Cem ft Freda Goodlett – The Last Dance (Ray Paxon Deep Vocal Remix)

18. Chocolate Puma ft Colonel Red – For Your Love

19. Rob Hayes – Let It Be Alright

20. BK Duke & Yves Murasca ft Angie Brown – Move Your Body (Bongoloverz Remix)

21. Sentinel Groove & Galluzzo – I Like It

22. Ray Paxon & Alec Sun Drae – Freedom

23. DJ Cem ft Chinua Hawk – It’s Alright