DJ Steve Adams Presents… Alli’s Mix Vol. 1

Digital Crate Continues on another rainy day in Atlanta, somebody but will understand a brotha when I tell them the temperature is rising..

…in more ways than one, plus I mentioned it’s a cold world confirmed from here in Atlanta to Ukraine; worldwide my people feel the pain but it’s not surprising..

Plots / schemes some are devising then try to threaten you if your opposing while corporations continue mooching off the treasury..

Rotten teams revising the rule of law? that’s what O-Zone saw, he mentioned he sees everything moving now he’s showing / proving letting you know what the deal will be..

….letting you know what the real will be concerning this music; per this Fabulous Friday type of business we’re coming through listening to DJ Steve Adams Presents… Alli’s Mix Vol. 1

Flashback Friday vibes are also exhibited; somebody will feel me! check the playlist and the mix for these prime example so you can “see what I’m saying”  / see what it do!! once again it’s on!!

1. DINKS – Disco Drain (Club Mix)

2. Fond8 – I’m In Love

3. Tete De La Course – Feel

4. Norty Cotto – Keep Making Me High (Sky High Club Mix)

5. FormulaK ft Tess Leah – I Pray (Peter Brown Extended Remix)

6. DAN:ROS vs AVA (It) – Nobody

7. Mark Knight, Beverley Knight, London Community Gospel Choir – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

8. Husky ft Tasha LaRae – Good Life

9. Rick Marshall – Never Gonna Get It (My Lovin’)

10. SuSu Bobien & Ron Carroll – Set Free (Original Praise Mix)

11. DAN:ROS – Tell Me

12. DAN:ROS & T.Markakis – Can’t Get Enough

13. Stuart Ojelay ft Amy G – Get Up

14. Boris Smith – Never

15. Bronx Cheer – My House (Vacuii Club Remix)

16. Discoslap – Lovely

17. DJ Cem ft Freda Goodlett – The Last Dance (Ray Paxon Deep Vocal Remix)

18. Chocolate Puma ft Colonel Red – For Your Love

19. Rob Hayes – Let It Be Alright

20. BK Duke & Yves Murasca ft Angie Brown – Move Your Body (Bongoloverz Remix)

21. Sentinel Groove & Galluzzo – I Like It

22. Ray Paxon & Alec Sun Drae – Freedom

23. DJ Cem ft Chinua Hawk – It’s Alright


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