The I-20 Chronicles (Pulling Up On 2022)

Once again it’s on!  check us out as we drop another episode of the I-20 Chronicles on the last Friday of 2021. 

We’re pulling up on 2022 acting like we knew, we refuse to come undone!

Showing gratitude of course, it’s already a blessing to be here making this a Fabulous Friday!

We’re ready to move on to the next, coming to peace with previous episodes / the aftermath reflected upon on this so called Flashback Friday!

New Year’s Eve, what’s up time’s sleeve as we move on to the next? do you believe in magic or miracles?

Trying to achieve, check us out as we put it down like this, but Tina Turner said we didn’t need any more heroes!

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Tech House Mix 2020 | Best Club and Tech House Music Vol. 15

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out as we set this HumpDay Extravaganza off early!!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on / toil and strife goes on, as I keep reiterating on and on!! so who’ll work with me?

Check these menus meals are appropriate no need for opioid, check the epidemic!! no need for barbiturates / opiates ..

Rocking these venues so my people can cope with it during this Covid 19 pandemic; maybe this music is where the hope is..

Rocking these venues, O-Dog Day Partying listening to Tech House Mix 2020 | Best Club and Tech House Music Vol. 15

Rocking these venues per the Rhythm Republic while in the heart of this thing / the ongoing madness!! check out the playlist and the good music playing!

1. Sanchez (UK) – Sour Pear (Original Mix)

2. Manu Fuentes – Smack My Bitch Up (Original Mix)

3. Bassel Darwish – Breath (Extended Mix)

4. Iglesias – Been A Long Time (Extended Mix)

5. Sanchez (UK) – El Chido (Original Mix)

6. Francesco Dinoia – Give Me (Original Mix)

7. Chris Hartwig – Bang The Groove (Format:B Remix) 

8. Jensens & Senzala – Take Me Away (Original Mix)

9. Oscar L. – Black (Original Mix)

10. Sanchez (UK) – Sombrero (Original Mix)

11. Francesco Dinoia – Listen To Me (Original Mix)

12. Paul Cart – You Need Some (Original Mix)


The I-20 Chronicles (Back to Regular Scheduled Programming)

Check out these I-20 Chronicles, it’s going down on this Monday Morning after the Thanksgiving Day Holiday weekend..

It’s back to regular scheduled programming; streets / roads? my constituents are jamming!! I mentioned being stuck in traffic earlier!  no work to do? that argument? it’s a weak one..

The streak can be a winning or losing one; O-Zone? I’m stuck doing these mathematics while some will point fingers like Nick Saban after he get out- maneuvered..

The bleak outlook was caused by a crook saber rattling like Trump per his impeachment; at the moment?  out- maneuvered..

Havoc wreaked out here by a crook!? oh yes!!  guns were rattling from the streets of  New Orleans to the Mexican border!!  knifes were  pulledon the London Bridge..

O-Dizzle? he had his own  hook lines and his own beats!! he’s jamming!!  during the ongoing ordeal / toil and strife?  O-Zone is responding by doing the knowledge…

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